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State Your Name For The Record with MCNadzzz

State Your Name For The Record with MCNadzzz

By MCNadzzz
Welcome to "State Your Name For The Record" with MCNadzzz - Radio Personality on VIBE 105.5 FM in Toronto, Digital Host of "The Zone" for Planet Soca and Event Host/Master of Ceremonies. This Podcast is meant to explore topics within Music, Entertainment, Love, Life, etc. Every conversation is a start of something great!!

Hit me up @mcnadzz on all social media platforms for more great content: :)
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Podcast Update/Check-in
So you seen some changes eh? Well I'm here to tell you wassup!! #MCNadzzz
March 25, 2021
The Zone Season 3, Ep.2 w/ Jadel from Trinidad
Welcome to The Zone, Season 3, Episode 2. We’re rocking with the ladies this month and episode 2 sees @jadelmusic and @mcnadzzz talking about Jadel’s journey in the music scene, her growth, sexuality, motherhood and so much more. Follow 'planetsoca' on Twitch, YouTube and/or Facebook and tune in every Saturday for the Month of March 2021 at 2pm (EST) / 3pm (AST). #TheZone #Season1 #Season2 #Season3 #SocaMatters #PlanetSoca #RiddimStream #MavertCustoms #DJSimplySmooth #WizRecords #MCNadzzz #Caribbean #InternationalWomensDay #WomensHistoryMonth #CelebratingWomen #WomenInMedia #Artiste #Soca Sponsored By: RiddimStream @riddimstream Mavert Customs @mavert.customs DJ Simply Smooth @dj_simplysmooth Wiz Records @mistaroots_wizrecords JADEL INFO: Subscribe Here: ​Buy/Stream: ​ Follow Jadel: ​Instagram | ​Facebook | ​TikTok | ​ Stream Jadel: YouTube |​ Spotify |​ Apple Music |​ iHeart Radio |​ Audiomack |​ Soundcloud |​ For Bookings, Interview Inquiries | #CallMeJadel​ #JadelMusic​ #JPMusicGroup
March 20, 2021
The Zone Season 3, Ep.1 w/ Soca Artist Faith Callender from Barbados
Welcome to The Zone, Season 3, Episode 1 It’s all about the ladies for the month of March and first up we have @faithcallender and @mcnadzzz 'pun de screen' (see what we did there). They’re talking about Faith’s begging’s in the Soca scene, her current musical career, the affects of Covid-19 and how that’s turned into outside interests, as well as new music and what’s to come for 2021.    Follow 'planetsoca' on Twitch, YouTube and/or Facebook and tune in every Saturday for the Month of March 2021 at 2pm (EST) / 3pm (AST). #TheZone​ #Season1​ #Season2​ #Season3​ #SocaMatters​ #PlanetSoca​ #RiddimStream​ #MavertCustoms​ #DJSimplySmooth​ #WizRecords​ #MCNadzzz​ #Caribbean​ #InternationalWomensDay​ #WomensHistoryMonth​ #CelebratingWomen​ #WomenInMedia​ #Artiste​ #Soca​  Catch up on Season 1 & 2 of "The Zone" on YouTube: Sponsored By:  RiddimStream @riddimstream  Mavert Customs @mavert.customs  DJ Simply Smooth @dj_simplysmooth  Wiz Records @mistaroots_wizrecords
March 15, 2021
Work, Life & Snitch Balance.
Working in the corporate world is hard enough as it is. But working in the corporate world as an entrepreneur is even harder, especially when you work with people who are genuinely unhappy with your progress be it corporate or personal success or both.
November 11, 2019
Goodbye to Apartment 414
After 30 + years of being in apartment 414 it was finally time to say Goodbye. In my time of reflection I was able to enjoy my nostalgic moments as I drove away and also realized that when one door closes another one opens - always.
November 1, 2019
Rejection - It Is What It Is!
Rejection is merely a redirection; a course correction to your destiny. Don't you EVER forget it!!!
October 2, 2019
Be Mindful Of Your Mouth
People just be out here saying all kinds of insensitive stuff to others and not being mindful of what they're saying OR what the person to whom they are speaking too might be going through! Here's my rant for the day! Hit me up on all social media platforms @mcnadzzz or drop me an email at - have you fallen victim to something like this? Lord knows I have too many times!
May 24, 2019
I dedicate this one to ALL my ladies. If you're a female listening to this OR you know a female that NEEDS to hear this....I thank you for listening and/or sharing. I love you and you got this. Keep your head high, your past may guide you to your future, however, it DOES NOT define you. Don't let all the noise in your life cloud you. Remember, it's just unnecessary noise. #MCNadzzz
April 29, 2019
Talk Yourself UP
I talk about my podcast hiatus and my daily struggles with my own creativity #MCNadzzz
April 20, 2019
Nappily Ever After
Nappily Ever After is out now on Netflix and is powerful imagery for black womem, which I believe can translate to all females no matter your race. Listen now!!!!
September 29, 2018
Gender Biases
I made it to Episode 9 or so the apps tells me! This one is about Gender Biases and the reason I think this is bullshit...all sparked by a unwarranted convo at my place of work.
August 29, 2018
Why can't I have LOVE?
Seriously, why do women in media suffer so much when it comes to finding a 'secure' man to be with? Cha!!! I'm not able with tired ass dudes who can't be with an independent woman! Bun that! I can have love...and I will. We all least I hope so!!!
August 8, 2018
I love Birthdays. Many people hate it. This is something I still can't wrap my head around. My birthday is coming (Aug 5th) and I want to get excited, but lately I have no one to do that with...sigh.
July 25, 2018
Commuter Woes
Lawd jesus I had one hell of a ride in Transit today. So hell-ish in fact, it felt like I was sitting with Satan. Having no AC on a popular Toronto Transit system should be a crime!!! Check out my commuter woes podcast now. If you have a horrid or funny Transit story holla at me and let me know where you're from. Hit me up: - note the new email. #MCNadzzz
July 11, 2018
I Finally Wanna Be Alive
Let's talk about mental illness, anxiety, depression, etc. Sorry for the ramble, but I think it's important to share my experience and no longer hide what I have been through and dealing with things daily. Hopefully this helps you in your journey onto mental wellness. Continue to live. You are worth it. Message/email me if you want to talk. #MCNadzzz
May 23, 2018
Dating Woes Part 1: No Talking Please!
I totally winged tonight's super short Podcast. It's about dating and often times, some of my personal experiences, as well as those of my great friends. I have no answer(s) other than to say, "different strokes, for different folks" when it comes to dating. to me and let me know how you're feeling about what I said. Email me now:
May 8, 2018
Nice For What?!?!
Episode #3: I definitely rambled on this one but, I won't give away any secrets. Check it out and send comments to
April 17, 2018
Be Unapologetic About Being You
The title says it all. Take a listen and tell me your thoughts via email at
April 5, 2018
Intro to MCNadzzz
Welcome to my world!!! I'm a radio personality on VIBE105.5 FM in Toronto and I'm venturing into Podcast land to talk about any and everything especially when it comes to Media, Entertainment, Music, Life and Love!!! We're keeping it REAL!!! MORE TO COME... E: @MCNadzzz on all social media outlets. #MCNadzzz
March 30, 2018