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Let Me Ask You Something

Let Me Ask You Something

By M. D. Pitman
Ordinary, everyday people have some extraordinary stories, and most times we don't know about them. Let Me Ask You Something is a podcast that explores these stories that have impacted people.
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Let Me Ask You Something, Kari Shafer
In this week’s episode of Let Me Ask You Something, we talk with Kari Shafer about her brain aneurysm that burst during surgery.  Learn more about brain aneurysms from the Mayo Clinic and the UK's National Health Service.
April 12, 2021
Let Me Ask You Something, Ian MacKenzie-Thurley
In this debut podcast, we talk with Australian-born Ian MacKenzie-Thurley about his American citizenship and the naturalization process.  Let me ask you something...  Have you ever recited the Naturalization Oath of Allegiance to the United States of America?  Can you pass the citizenship test? Citizenship Civics Practice Test  Citizenship stories: 2015 - 72 new American citizens take oath at Miami Hamilton  2016 - 86 people become new American citizens during Butler County ceremony  2017 - 85 take oath for citizenship at Miami University Hamilton  2018 - 99 become American citizens at Hamilton ceremony  2019 - ‘Now they are my people’: Army member from Dayton one of 99 to become U.S. citizen in Hamilton
April 5, 2021
Let Me Ask You Something podcast introduction
This podcast is about the stories of ordinary people, people we see every day but don’t realize it. They have extraordinary stories that changed their lives. This podcast will share some of those stories.
March 17, 2021