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Me & Paranormal You with Ryan Singer

Me & Paranormal You with Ryan Singer

By Ryan Singer
Stand up comedian Ryan Singer interviews people possessing paranormal abilities or experiences outside the ordinary. He sits down with people from all walks of life to discuss their experiences as empaths, mediums, UFO experiencers, cryptozoologists, and members of secret societies in an attempt to better understand the paranormal experiences of his past. Please call the hotline 818-839-0593 with questions, comments, suggestions, or your experiences and stories.
Twitter/Insta: @RySing @MeParanormalYou
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We Are The Paranormal - 3rd Ear Bonus 228
Have you thought about what you're thinking lately? Is it even possible to really do so? Why are so many paranormal phenomena happening alongside each other in recent reports and what does it mean for the big picture of the research world. I am really on one tonight as I try to get a grasp on what I think about the connectivity of all the reports and what our role in all of it means. I mean, if we are all connected, then it is just as likely that we are the paranormal as anything or anyone else.  Thank you to the patrons!
December 1, 2020
Experience 331 - Greg Feinman & Mama Sue, Part 2 of UBD's, The Greys & A Missing Spirit
Greg Feinman joins me with psychic Mama Sue as they tell me more about the unfolding investigation on a cattle ranch out West. We dive deeper into what is happening and how the events are leading up to quite large possibilities and discoveries about the nature of reality. More conversations are coming in the near future as this continues to unfold and some of the revelations are very impactful as we follow along in very near-time with them as they search for answers and clues.  Find Greg at: Thanks for listening and patrons can sign up to support the mindcast monthly at:
November 24, 2020
Experience 330 - Greg Feinman, UBD's (Unusual Bovine Deaths) & The Investigation of His Life
Retired police officer and medic, Greg Feinman of UOR Investigations joins me to talk about his immersion in what has become the investigation of his lifetime. Always interested in the unusual occurrences of cattle mutilations during his time on the force, upon retirement he has gone all-in on trying to uncover the truth of these strange events. What he has found, with the help of a psychic, has blown his mind and the truth may blow yours, as well. This is the first part of an on-going interview series we are conducting detailing the origins and up-to-date findings of his current investigation. He's decided to lay it all out on the table and tell us everything. A fascinating start to what is already a remarkable conversation.  Find Greg at: Thanks for listening and patrons can sign up to support the mindcast monthly at:
November 20, 2020
Experience 329 - Abigail Moss, Ayuahuasca, Teaching & Healing
The wondeful Abigail Moss, teacher, healer and host of the Mind Body Free Podcast joins me to chat about her journey into healing and the awakening she underwent to get to where she is now. A very insightful chat about what it means for a person to try and integrate the new awareness of self and of the world after waking up to the higher self. What if consciousness becomes the new gravity? These are some of the things we chat about! Follow her and her podcast here: Thanks to the patrons! Hope you are well and staying safe! 
November 17, 2020
Experience 328 - Chris Fairbanks, Painting the Paranormal & Believing What We Don't Believe
Chris Fairbanks joins me for a really fun conversation about his first experiences with the things he didn't think he believed were real. We go back to his days as a young comedian in Austin, Texas and end up with the strangeness that occurs at his current home in Los Angeles. Can we ever believe what we don't believe? We discuss what it is like to try and figure out the unknown on the fly and many other things along the way.  Check out Chris' stand-up special "Rescue Cactus" available on Vimeo and Amazon Prime. You can listen to Chris' podcast each week, "Do You Need A Ride" that is available everywhere podcasts are heard. Give him a follow on social:
November 13, 2020
Experience 327 - Dan Lindholm, Purgatory - An Investigation of Cattle Mutilations & A Psychic's Clues to a Missing Woman
Wow. Buckle up for this amazing conversation with my buddy Dan Lindholm as he walks me through some details of a current paranormal investigation he has become a part of recently. We have an emotional and fascinating chat about the events that are unfolding that are incredible and smash all ideas of what is possible. Check out Dan's channel on Youtube to watch the doc he's put up: thanks to the patrons! Your support is greatly appreciated!
November 6, 2020
Experience 326 - Mark Barone, Election Day & The Roles of Healthy Masculinity In Our Lives
My buddy and one of my therapists, Mark Barone joins me for a great chat about distinguishing between the healthy and the toxic masculinity in our lives and how it plays out in the world around us. A great chat about identifying the external stresses of the world and the internal anxiety we feel otherwise. Hope you enjoy the chat and are well today. Thank you patrons!
November 3, 2020
Un-Disclosure & Reasons To Keep Paranormal Mariginalized - 3rd Ear Bonus 227
Let's dig into what we don't know and why that is important in disclosure. Also, more from George P. Hansen's book The Trickster & The Paranormal on how and why the mainstream will try to keep the paranormal in the margins. I try to do 50 different voices in this episode and let's see if I made it. Thanks to the patrons! See you at a show sometime in the future! 12/18 - 12/19 at Wiley's Comedy Club in Dayton, OH
October 30, 2020
Experience 325 - Cid Gardner, The Strange & Superstitious Road
My buddy Cid Gardner joins me to tell me about his journeys on the open road and the tales, superstitions, and stories that professional drivers know. We discuss Cid's journey to trying to find the spot to "listen" to the universe. We have a great time sharing our experiences chasing down that long, white line. Follow Cid on Instagram: @cid_hereand_there Thank you to the patrons!
October 27, 2020
Experience 324 - Mike Fedotowsky, The Physics of the Paranormal
Mike Fedotowsky joins me to discuss his journey as a young paranormal experimenter and student of Nuclear Physics. He tells me about different theories he has that could possibly use Physics to explain some if not most paranormal phenomena. We recently met while I am back in Ohio through my family and we've had so many great chats in the short time we've known each other, I know you're going to enjoy this. Don't forget, Patrons can watch the video of the interview!
October 13, 2020
Experience 323 - Alfie & Stoneflower, The Alien Amongst Him
Alfie joins me to discuss his deeply personal journey into discovering Stoneflower. We travel though his story as an adopted child, suicide attempts, and the discovery of the alien named Stoneflower that is a large part of his life. In what will be the first of coming conversations, Alfie opens up in a deeply vulnerable way to discuss what his life has been like in accepting and/or discovering that he is not alone. You can reach out to Alfie at: and follow his tiny letter at: Unfortunately the power went out where I was recording so the ending is a bit abrupt, but it seems to work out. Hope you enjoy!  Thanks to the patrons!
October 6, 2020
Egregores - 3rd Ear Bonus 226
Let's talk about Egregores and Thoughtforms. I also get into what kind of child-athlete I was after watching my niece play soccer this past weekend. There's a lot to consider in the world Egregores and their tie-ins to many other types of paranormal phenomena. It is fun to think about how our thoughts can create entities and even gods.  Thanks to the patrons! I'll be live-streaming every Wednesday starting 10/7 at 930pm!
September 29, 2020
UAP vs UFO & Why Disclosure Now? - 3rd Ear Bonus 225
Is there a reason why UAP was introduced as an alternative to UFO? Why is Disclosure starting to happen now? Is there a connection between UFO sightings and major cultural change? We discuss this and more on today's episode. Here's link to website I mentioned for UFO reports: Thank you to the patrons! Support the mindcast here:
September 22, 2020
Experience 322 - Daniel Noah, Paranormal Shame and Normalization
Daniel Noah, Writer, Producer, Creator, Director and co-founder of Spectrevision joins me for a very candid and wonderful discussion the shame surrounding talking privately and publicly about unexplainable experiences. This conversation spans a lot of areas, but one thing anchors it - Daniel's extreme candor about what it means to tell people we know and we don't know about the paranormal events in our lives. Don't forget to check out his work and watch Color Out Of Space, the movie that had me terrified until 4:30am the other night when loud bangs occurred in the hallway. Thank you to the patrons! Only $1 or $3 per month, baby! Follow my new project for updates about its impending release:
September 18, 2020
Experience 321 - Nic Aguirre, Hypnosis & Changing Our Stories
Nic Aguirre ( joins me to chat about his journey into hypnosis and the depression he overcame to get there. We chat about how we can change our stories and the impact hypnosis can do to supercharge that. Then we get into mass hypnosis and the effect its had on all of us. Thanks to the patrons for your support! @Rysing on Twitter and Instagram
September 11, 2020
Paranormal Anarchy - 3rd Ear Bonus 224
Let's get into how the paranormal can tear down or challenge the structures of our world and why people are compelled to fight against it because of that. Also, maybe it is mere days or weeks before I see some of you outside doing stand-up comedy again...we shall see. I didn't buy a house (yet), but I got pretty damn close. Thank you to the patrons! Be safe and well! 
September 8, 2020
Experience 320 - Jessica & Oscar, Interview With An Alien
Jessica reached out to me regarding my standing call for any aliens to come on the show and have a chat. I'm so glad because I got to meet Oscar! Jessica and I go into the personal journey that led to Oscar arriving and what life has been like ever since. Then Oscar takes the wheel and I ask questions directly to him. Sit back and enjoy! You can follow Jessica on Instagram at: And you can check out her podcast Good Medicine here ---> Thank you for listening and to the patrons! I love you! Be safe out there! Follow my new project that is coming soon!
September 4, 2020
The Quantum Bigfoot & Paranormal Prediction - 3rd Ear Bonus 223
I finish Ron Morehead's book The Quantum Bigfoot and talk about some key points that I really enjoyed. I also get into making a paranormal prediction for the next year or two that I truly believe is unfolding around us, although I'm well aware that any prediction I have made in past never came to pass. But, why should we let something like that stop us?? You can find more info on Ron's book here: Follow my new project here ---> Become a patron here & support the mindcast here --->
September 1, 2020
Experience 319 - Sarah, Precognition Dreams & Family Hauntings
My dear old pal Sarah joins me for a wonderful chat that spans her experience with precognition dreams and the ghosts that haunt the family house where she currently lives. I love having chats with people about their predictive dreams! I know you will enjoy this candid and honest conversation that will make you smile.  Thanks for listening and thanks to the patrons! Follow my new project at
August 28, 2020
Experience 318 - Mark Barone, Mental Health During A Pandemic
My buddy and therapist Mark Barone joins me for a great conversation about taking care of our mental and spiritual health during the pandemic. We go through all kinds of ways that we are being challenged and various outcomes that await us in the future. I know how lucky I've been to have a great couple of therapists during this trying time and wanted to share some of the insight I've gotten with everyone. You can find more info all about Mark here ---> Thank you for listening and the patrons! I love you! Patreon here ---> Follow my new project here!
August 25, 2020
Experience 317 - Karen Rontowski & The Astrological Sh*tshow
BFF of the show comes by to discuss all the things that are happening right now and how she was telling people back in January to buckle up for the wild ride that was going to come our way. Did I fully listen to her when she said that? Not nearly enough it turns out! Always a treat to have Paranormal Karen join the program, so much sure you give her a follow and check out her great podcast Paranormal Karen everywhere podcasts are found! Thank you patrons! You know I love for your continued support! Join up over at:
August 21, 2020
Mind Changing DNA & Lying Hikers - 3rd Ear Bonus 222
Let's talk about just how powerful the mind actually is by discussing a common experience and what the implications possibly are moving forward. I believe at least for this moment that intention is frequency, baby and I'm sticking with it - at least until something better seems to make sense (that's my intent).  Thanks to the patrons!
August 18, 2020
Experience 316 - Julie Ryan, Medical Intuitive & Stories of Helping People Heal Through Psychic Abilities
Julie Ryan joins me for an amazing chat about using her psychic abilities to help people heal and get answers in their lives. Julie is a medical intuitive, psychic, author, radio and podcast host who is a talented as she is charming and you're going to love our chat. You can get all the information you need at her website: Thank you to the patrons! Follow my new project!
August 14, 2020
Physical & Soul Realms of Science - 3rd Ear Bonus 221
Can science ever prove there is a soul realm? If not, what does that mean moving forward? Thank you to the patrons who are supporting the mindcast each month and to everyone else for listening! You can follow my new, upcoming project on Instgram: Patron page here:
August 11, 2020
We Are The Unknown & New Rules Of The Paranormal - 3rd Ear Bonus 220
I'm so excited to bring to you the ideas that Now - The Physics of Time by Richard Muller  have been giving me this week. It has made me try to think about everything in life in whole new ways and what I mean by that, new ways of thinking at a fundamental level, not just new ideas. How I think, not what I'm thinking about. Also, let's embrace who and what we are and love by no longer seeking validation from those who are not qualified to do so.  thank you to the patrons! Also, follow my new project!
August 7, 2020
Other Galaxies As Parallel Realities & The Arrow of Time Gets Broke? - 3rd Ear Bonus 219
Let's discuss whether or not other galaxies we can see in space could be parallel dimension including other versions of you and me. We also get into Richard Muller's idea that Eddington was wrong and that Astrology was debunked.  Thank you, patrons!
August 4, 2020
Experience 315 - Stephen Williams of Memphis Ghost Investigations & Spirit Rescue, Responsibility To The Other Side
Stephen Williams joins me for an illuminating chat about what it means to go further than just investigating the paranormal. Do we all as investigators have a responsibility to be more human that the dead can remind us of? We dive into his spirit rescue work and I really enjoyed having this chat as it opened my mind to other possibilities about my own field work. Find more info here --> thank you to the patrons!
July 31, 2020
Reality Loops & Phases of Disclosure - 3rd Ear Bonus 218
Let's talk about truth, what our reality is to us and how it is different for other people, and the coming phases of Disclosure that we are living in right now! Thanks to everyone listening and hope you're well out there! Thanks to the patrons!
July 28, 2020
Experience 314 - Jim Perry, Unified Paranormal Theory & The Desire To Search For The Unknown
Jim Perry is here! I love it so much when Jim stops by to discuss all things paranormal, esoteric, and occult. We dive into the chances of there ever being a unified paranormal theory, his origins of exploration of the world and the mind, and the effects of fractured media on what we believe is our reality and narrative. Wow...a great chat.  Check out Euphomet and Nite Drift - Jim's awesome shows!  Thanks to the patrons!
July 24, 2020
Power of Now & Hail Suson! - 3rd Ear Bonus 217
The real juice and energy of Now! and I dive into what you'd be willing to do or what it take for you to "Hail, Suson!" Thank you to the patrons! Love you and hope you love yourself,  ryan 
July 21, 2020
Multiple Simultaneous You's & Home Libraries - 3rd Ear Bonus 216
Are there multiple you's that sometimes pop into this dimension that we mistake for "other" visitors? Oh goodness me oh my... Thank you, patrons!
July 17, 2020
Auras & The Poison of the Protocols - 3rd Ear Bonus 215
 My Mom tells me some great ideas for auras and I discuss a small part of the poison of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion (the fraudulent, fictional, plagiarized, and bullshit document at the heart of so much conspiratorial thinking and Anti-Semetism) thank you patrons! Hope you're well and taking good care of yourself out there :) 
July 14, 2020
Experience 313 - Dave Stone, Paranormal Experiences in Yuma, AZ & Giving Your Life for Bigfoot
Co-host of The Boogie Monster and also the new podcast Ask the Stonebergs, Dave Stone is back! Always love chatting with one of my best buddies Dave and we dig into his paranormal experiences and his future outlook for encountering Bigfoot. Don't forget to find Dave Stone's Gravy Boat out there when you're hiking or driving for some great tunes.  Hope you're well and much love - Ryan 
July 10, 2020
Experience 312 - Ed Brown, Florida Experience & Skinwalker Ranch
I sit down with my buddy Ed Brown again to discuss our experiences in Florida last year, his recent trip to Skinwalker Ranch and much more!  thank you to the patrons! much love to you - Ryan
July 3, 2020
Can We Change The Past With Our Minds? - 3rd Ear Bonus 214
Let's dive into a discussion that includes Now: The Physics of Time by Richard Muller, The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot, and the TV Show Dark available on Netflix, and how it may be possible to travel and change the past with our consciousness. It is A LOT to try and think about for sure. Thank you to the patrons! This ep is available on early release for those who signed up over there. much love - Ryan
June 30, 2020
Past Lives, A New Bigfoot Song & The Skinwalker Ranch - 3rd Ear Bonus 213
Are people using past lives as an excuse to do things in this life? I debut a new song about Bigfoot that I made with Dan Lindholm that I hope you like, and we talk about some movies that are related to the paranormal and the Skinwalker Ranch. Hope you're well and thanks to the patrons!
June 26, 2020
Experience 311 - John Tenney, Playing with Magick & the Paranormal
John E.L. Tenney is a beautiful, esoteric madman and I'm so happy to bring this interview with him in which we go all kinds of ways with our thoughts. It is always a treat to sit down and pick his vast mind about all things paranormal and otherwise. Find him on the internet all over the place, but at these places, too: thanks to the patrons and to everyone who is listening! I love you and hope you love yourself, Ryan
June 19, 2020
What is Now? - 3rd Ear Bonus 212
I've started reading Now - The Physics Of Time by Richard A. Muller and I'm LOVING it so far. Let's dive into what it even means to say "now" and what it may or may not even be. Also, a quick note to clear up the myth about "Irish slaves" in American history.  thanks to the patrons! @rysing & @meandparanormalyou on Instagram/Twitter
June 16, 2020
Experience 310 - Alex Mistretta, The Future of Ufology & the Unprecedented Mainstream Step
Alex Mistretta, author, researcher, and good buddy joins me for a great discussion on the future of Ufology and how the world has fundamentally changed and yet many of us aren't even talking about it. Hope you are well and taking care of yourself! Video is available for patrons at: follow on Instagram: @Rysing & @meandparanormalyou
June 12, 2020
George Saunders, Puzzle Pieces & Connectedness - 3rd Ear Bonus 211
We dive back into with an excerpt of George Saunders' Civilwardland in Bad Decline and I talk about moving forward, battling the want to solve it all at once and how we're connected.  This week's ep is sponsored by my buddy Gary's new video game Psyckd - available on Mac, PC and Android. I've been having a ton of fun playing this trippy, dreamland escape game and you will, too! Follow him on Instagram: @insightful_productions find game here: support indigogohere: Thanks to patrons and for everyone listening! Instagram: @rysing and @meandparanormalyou
June 9, 2020
Experience 309 - Becky Satathite, Astral Projection & Seeing the True Nature of Reality
Creative wanderer and artist Becky Satathite joins me for fun chat about her experiences with astral projection and understanding the true nature of reality. A fun chat with someone who has been all through the universe without ever physically traveling all that far by her own standards. You can reach Becky to inquire about her artwork at: I also have a message up top to ensure all my listeners understand where I proudly stand during these times of social and emotional change. You can find the #blacklivesmatter charity I mention at their website: I love you and hope you love yourself - Ryan 
June 5, 2020
Civil Unrest & Spectral Sex - 3rd Ear Bonus 210
A great change is happening all around us and what would you do if quarantined alone and a ghost wanted to get frisky? The big question are tackled here. @rysing on instagram & twitter @meandparanormalyou on instagram
June 2, 2020
Miracles vs Paranormal Experiences - 3rd Ear Bonus 209
What's the difference between miracles and paranormal experiences? I try my best to stay focused on this discussion to no avail. Also, ALERT! I'm doing a patron-only live stream interaction of comedy and paranormal next Wednesday night at 6pm PDT (7/3/2020). Jump over to patreon for $3 a month to join in the fun on Zoom! @RySing on Instagram and Twitter @Meandparanormalyou on Instagram
May 29, 2020
Experience 308 - Noah Lampert, Swapcast 2!
Noah Lampert joins my again for a swapcast! Listen to part 1 here and part 2 over at We cover a lot of ground since we went deep into Tombstone Pizza 2 months ago about what we're up to and other things. Don't forget to give him a follow on Instagram/Twitter at: @noahlampert to gets card readings and much, much more!
May 26, 2020
Experience 307 - Becca Williamson, The Cambre House & Farm & Families' Combined in the Afterlife
Becca Williamson, owner of the historic Cambre House & Farm joins me to discuss the history and haunted history of the house and property. We've got the whole spectrum here from kids to shadow people and you know when people start talking about the woods I get creeped the f*** out nowadays. We had a really fun chat about her journey into owning a place that her grandparents took over from the family who built in the 19th Century. You can find our more info here --> @RySing on Instagram and Twitter 
May 22, 2020
UFO Crash & the Future in Your Mind - 3rd Ear Bonus 208
Quick news bit from the last week and discussion on what is it that this future may look like in the world and in our minds. Some new person shows up trying to get their voice heard toward the end and I'm not sure if they're good or bad. @RySing on Instagram and Twitter Interview videos available on the patreon page at the $3 level! 
May 19, 2020
Experience 306 - Myq Kaplan, Possibilities of Self & the Unknown Future
The wonderful Myq Kaplan comes back to discuss all things that are happening inside that beautiful head of his. He just released a new album last week A.K.A that you should listen to ASAP. Myq is one of my most favorite comedians and his output is epic and always brilliant. You'll love him. Go get you some Myq inside your head, you'll thank me! Video of interview available for patrons at $3 level and above! Much love.
May 15, 2020
The Death of Dreams - 3rd Ear Bonus 207
Why do dreams no longe hold any scientific and cultural importance? I try to get the bottom of what started this trend. Hope you're doing well out there and thank you to the patrons! @RySing on instagram and twitter
May 12, 2020
Experience 305 - James Fritz, Wanting to Believe in Ghosts & The Conspiracy Takeover
James Fritz is a comedian with a great album (I was in audience when recorded) entitled Still Together and one of my great buddies who sits down for a long chat about why he wants to believe in ghosts, the conspiracy takeover by the extreme "right" and a whole lot more. We had a great time hanging out and chatting about a hundred things and James' skepticism is the believer's best friend. @Fritzisdead on Instagram and Twitter.  Patrons can watch the interview as I'm doing my best to transition 5 years after the world demanded video podcasting :) @Rysing on Twitter and Instagram
May 8, 2020
UFOs and Sad Rat Poop - 3rd Ear Bonus 206
Let's talk about the implications of sad rat poop, recent UFO news, and the hypocrisy inside all of us. Hope you're doing well and hanging in there. Big thanks to the patrons and you can jump onboard for $1 or $3 per month. @RySing on Instagram & Twitter 
May 5, 2020
Experience 304 - Oscar Creston, Divine Moments of Truth (DMT) & Animal Run-ins
My buddy Oscar joins me to discuss his wide experience with psychedelics, DMT, strange occurrences that keep happening while "in there" or soon after, and trying to figure out if there's a thread thru it all. We have a really fun, sprawling talk and he gets me going with some of the old school lingo that I haven't heard in a minute but was prevalent during my early, formative drug experimentation years. I think you're going to enjoy this chat as we dive into one person's strange happenings in conjunction with their mindful exploration. Oscar is on Instagram at @T.tv__ @RySing on instagram & twitter
May 1, 2020
Supernatural Treasure & Anarchy of My Personalities - 3rd Ear Bonus 205
Some follow up on the Hounds of Hell, Carl Jung's Red Book excerpt, and total anarchy of my personalities - some old and some new. I had a lot of fun doing this one and what is it inside all of us that makes us need to see, hear, touch, feel, understand things that may lead to the creation of gods, creatures, other tangible entities? Let's go a little bit crazy and see if there's any insight.  Thank you to the patrons! Hope I got your names right on my shout-outs! @rysing on Instagram & Twitter! 
April 28, 2020
Experience 303 - Brent Gill, Personal Tragedy & Paranormal Awakening
My buddy Brent Gill joins me to discuss his personal tragedy that led to an intense and profound paranormal experience. It is often times that we don't even know an experience of the supernatural is about to occur to us, even if we believe it is possible that jars us the most. Brent's honesty, openness, and sense of humor make him a damn lovable guy and I am excited to share his story with you.
April 24, 2020
The Hounds of Hell & Implications of Paranormal Evidence - 3rd Ear Bonus 204
Today's episode we talk about the need for a savior/hero, my very vivid nightmare, and what the implications are when the world accepts the paranormal evidence of ghosts as truth. These three things are all deeply connected for me and maybe they are for you, too. Hope you are doing great and I hope to see you at the watering hole in the real world soon enough! @RySing on Instagram & Twitter
April 21, 2020
Experience 302 - Shane Torres, Thoughtfulness in Comedy & Personal Ledges
The wonderful and inherently lovable Shane Torres joins me to talk about comedy, where thoughtfulness plays its part in his life, and the personal ledges he holds onto when he feels like he needs something to grip in his life. Our talk is sprawling, funny, and Shane is one of the best. We first got to really know each when we shared a hotel room in Denver on the road and we were off to the races after that weekend. Make sure to check out his stand-up for an hour of incredible laughs and original thought. Find him at @SyrupMountain on Instagram and all things Shane Torres on the internet. Hope you're great out there wherever you are! Love ya! @RySing on Instagram & Twitter - Thank you patrons! I love love you! 
April 17, 2020
Paranormal Gets Dark Sometimes - 3rd Ear Bonus 203
Let's talk about how the paranormal can get dark because of its sibling the conspiracy theory and how that is affecting our current affairs. I usually don't tolerate name calling, etc on social media feeds but when I posted about an article about the facts on Covid-19 it almost predictably when there with the conspiracy-minded POV discussing "what is really happening" right now. It plays out the way it always does and is a great example, although on a much smaller scale of how people react and attack instead of listening and informing. We will move forward and be okay, let's all keep it together and remember we are in this together. People only attack when they feel like they need you to hear the truth because at their core they care about you, but the messenger sometimes falls into simple traps, myself included.
April 14, 2020
Experience 301 - Darcy Staniforth is BACK! Empaths, Good vs Evil & a Paranormal Investigation
In a pre-quarantine world, my buddy and yours, Darcy Staniforth joins me to have a sprawling and fun chat about what it is like tapping into the intense energies of being an empath, our paranormal investigation in SoCal last year before my life went sideways in Florida, and much more! Her new podcast Mysteries Decoded will be coming out sometime soon! - Thank you, patrons! Wow! You're amazing @RySing on Twitter and Instagram
April 10, 2020
Thoreau & the Time Slow - 3rd Ear Bonus 202
Let's dig into what Henry David Thoreau wrote about isolation in the 19th Century in his famous book Walden and I also had a real moment of time that sparked by something a radio DJ said last week. Are you experiencing time differently? It would seem that almost everyone is and I am not sure that it wasn't all our doing. Thanks so much taking the time to listen and I hope that you are doing well. Much loves - Ryan Special thanks to the patrons! You are all so amazing and appreciated! @RySing on Instagram and Twitter
April 7, 2020
Experience 300 - Dan Lindholm, Bigfoot & Our Experiences in Florida for Documentary
Dan Lindholm of BigTruth joins me for an awesome chat about all things Bigfoot and our time at the property in Florida last June for an investigation. This is a fun one and Dan is wonderful guy, author, and investigator who helped give me a crash course in being out in the field looking for Bigfoot. Thank you to all the patrons who support the me and the mindcast! I know uncertainty surrounds so much right now and your support is not expected, but it is appreciated very much. I love you.
April 3, 2020
500th Episode, Dispatch From the Road, Interview w/God & The A**hole Test - 3rd Ear Bonus 201
We did it! This is the 500th episode of the mindcast and although my timing was slightly off as I wanted it to be 200 3rd Ear Bonuses and 300 Experiences, we got close enough! Thank you so much for listening! In this one we have: - Interview with God - Dispatch from the road w/Cid - The A**hole Test I devised - Mountain Thoughts - vintage 3rd Ear stream of consciousness I love you and can't wait to do 500 more! Thank you to the patrons for all your support and to those who just started listening, I hope you enjoy the show! Love you - Ryan @RySing on Instagram & Twitter
March 31, 2020
Interview With a Shapeshifter - Re-release of Experience 76
I'm re-releasing the interview with my ex who could shapeshift to celebrate our 500 episodes and also to make it easily available to those who are newer to the mindcast and unaware of the backlog of all previous eps being available at  I will also be releasing the 500th episode that is new, but wanted people to have access to the interview with the person who started my paranormal journey. This talk happened over 10 years from the time we dated and we had not seen each other once in that time - we had sporadic and limited emailing back forth, but had not seen each other. It was like we were only apart for a week once we got back together and I hope you find this conversation engaging and entertaining, but at the end of the day remember that it is this woman's life. I'm forever grateful she let me record this and it remains one of the most listened to episodes I've ever released and for good reason.  Thank you for being here for how many episodes of the 500 you've been here and hope you are well. I love you much.
March 31, 2020
Experience 299 - Gab Cohen, Saturn Return, Shadow Work & Isolation
I'm so excited to have Gab Cohen on the show to talk about her Saturn Return, the world doing shadow work, and what it is like for all of us in these times of isolation. You're going to love her and this chat as much as me, I just know it.  Gab is a yoga teacher, writer and speaker who shares her experiences through substance abuse, Saturn return, relationship shadow work, and healing modalities through herbalism, magic and Ayurveda. She is a cbd enthusiast And speaks openly about her journey of mental illness, auto immune disease and how she navigates through physical and emotional.  Read her articles on elephant journal How to get through isolation and quarantine : Read her articles on Check out her Modern meditations audio + creative writing course thank you to the Patrons! Much loves to you and yours! @RySing on Instagram & Twitter
March 27, 2020
Nonlocality, Consciousness & a Dispatch From the Road w/Trucker Cid Gardner - 3rd Ear Bonus 200
This 3rd Ear bonus is jam-packed (I think?) with all kinds of good stuff - my buddy Cid Gardner, a truck driver sends in his first Dispatch From the Road (an audio message he records out there driving) to fill us all on what its like out there in the country right now. I'm so thankful for all those who are working to keep us fed, clothed, and wiping our tushes in times like these. Then we get into some really cool stuff as I read an excerpt from The Porphet's Way by Thom Hartmann that discusses so much that ties into everything I've been reading and thinking about the last few months (years). I love you and hope you're well!  Thank you, patrons! Wow. We have more patrons now than ever and I'm humbled by your generosity. Truly. My new short film "Numera Sentia" is on and at Instagram TV @RySing Follow on Twitter: @rySing
March 24, 2020
Experience 298 - Noah Lampert Joins Me For a Cross-Pod Contamination 2-Parter!
Noah Lampert, frequent guest and friend of the show joins me for a two-part episode - 1st part and 2nd part on his amazing podcast Synchronicity! You can find it at as the 2nd part will go up very shortly after the 1st part.  Part 2 is here! We cover a lot of ground as we chat about what is on our minds as we are participating in the self-isolation part of this pandemic. Are we caterpillars walking into our cocoons? Is this the beginning of something amazing? We get into all of it, so make sure you listen to part 2 over at Synchronicity Podcast, on the Mindpod Network. Follow Noah on Instagram: Thank you so much for listening and I love you! Thanks to the patrons for their continued generosity! 
March 20, 2020
Morphic Resonance & Forced Slow Down - 3rd Ear Bonus 199
Let's chat about Morphic Resonance's possible connection to what the world is going through and how we all are being forced to slow down, even if its just a bit. Hope you are all being safe and have everything you need. Please reach out to someone for help if you are in a position of trouble, danger, or extreme lonliness. I love you. @RySing on Instagram & Twitter 
March 17, 2020
Experience 297 - Dan Donohue, a Reluctant Lifetime Student Goes Full-Circle Spiritual
Dan Donohue is a very funny stand-up comedian who I first met in Phoenix at the Soberish meetup weekend and then we were on a show together in LA soon after. You're going to love this chat as Dan may be young and look like he could be my child if impregnated a very beautiful woman, but he's go a deep knowledge of all things spiritual, esoteric, and occult. It's a great time and you'll love him!  follow him on Instagram: @notbaddan - Thank you patrons! I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!! @RySing on Instagram & Twitter 
March 13, 2020