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Med Dose

Med Dose

By Science Tidings
med dose is a medical podcast by an anonymous medical student at It is made for medical students hopefully to help them and play a role in their success.
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Important dyes used in Ophthalmology

Med Dose

Important dyes used in Ophthalmology
Transcript for this episode is also available as a blog post: Dyes and stains are important diagnostic tools in ophthalmology. This podcast is intended to help medical students who are studying ophthalmology to remember a few high yield dyes in ophthalmology. The dyes discussed are fluorescein, rose bengal, lissamine green, trypan blue, indocyanine green and triamcinalone acetonide. The procedures for few ophthalmological procedures is also discussed.
August 24, 2021
Abnormal Morphologies and inclusions of RBC
This episode along with transcript is also available as a blog post:
August 15, 2021