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By Media Architecture Design Edmonton
Welcome to MADEcast. Season 2 out now: The Digital Takeover of Design, Are we Doomed or Gloomed? How does the immediacy of social media affect design?

This semi-annual podcast exploring the role of design, and architecture in Western Canada. Produced by MADE -, Edmonton’s not-for-profit design advocacy voice.

This series we will investigate the doom vs gloom potentialities we face with increased digitization of our world. Team: Cody Johnston, Stephanie Pollock, Jordan Ast, Ankit Gongal, and Tahsina Ahmed.
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EP 2.05 Communities, good design, and leveraging our grassroots identity
In this week’s episode, Episode 5, titled “Communities, good design, and leveraging our grassroots identity” with Michael Rivest and Jonathan Lawrence. Michael Rivest, is an Architect and Associate at HCMA Architecture and Design. Jonathan Lawrence is an Urban Planner, who is active as the Community Planning Advisor for Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues (EFCL). In this episode, we discuss how design shapes communities, and how humans must be the focus. We discover grassroots organizations in the city of Edmonton, such as the High Level Line ( and the EFCL. And we dive into the difficulties and sensitivity required around gentrification and inclusive design in communities.
December 29, 2021
EP 2.04 Preservation and Re-Imagining Historic Buildings
In this week’s episode, Episode 4, titled: “Preservation and reimagining  historic buildings”, we chat with Beljan Development’s Croy Johnston and local historian Dane Ryksen. In this week’s episode we discuss the Preservation of historic buildings, and how to inspire community cultural history through social media. We talk about Beljan’s ( preservation approach to revitalization developments. We get into the fundamental differences between adaptation versus demolition. And we tap into Citizen Dane’s (@_citizen_dane_, modern take on making history fun again - through social media.
December 21, 2021
EP 2.03 The MEAT of design, spaces are for people, not digital consumption
In the third episode, we chat with City Architect Carol Belanger, and Architecture critic Trevor Boddy. In this week’s episode we discuss Carol and Trevor’s introduction to and fascination with architecture at young ages, the role of architecture in defining a city, tools in architecture, the role of social media interacting with design and architecture,  branding or non branding a city, and great spaces for the public in Edmonton. Importance of remembering design is for people and not for digital digestion. Quality and dangers of hyper realistic renders vs the proportionally scaled designs associated with hand drawing and model building.
December 14, 2021
EP 2.01 The Front Lines: Social Media’s influence on design today.
This, first episode, titled “The Front Lines: Social Media’s influence on design today.” We chat with NY design critic and author Alexandra Lange. In this episode our conversation moves through the topics of informal use of social media by architects. The feedback loops embedded within social media. As well as trends and globalism in interior design. We conclude by briefly touching on the role of the mall and Alexandra introduces us to her new book, scheduled to be released in the Spring of 2022 - “Meet me by the fountain”
December 07, 2021
EP 2.02 Historical Disruptions: How the photograph changed design
In the second episode, we chat with Architecture professor and historian Peter Sealy, and photographer James Brittain.  In this episode we get a well rounded view on the history of the photograph, the role of photography today, digital vs analog photography and design publishing, innovation in design representation, relationship of the of the architect and the photographer, viewing how the user interacts with the space vs the intended use of the space from the architect.   We encourage listeners to hop on over to James’s website to view his work.
December 07, 2021
MADE w/ Cruz Garcia + Nathalie Frankowski (WAI Think Tank) Ep1.06
This week MADEcast features Nathalie Frankowski and Cruz Garcia of WAI Thinktank - architects, artists and activists. Nathalie and Cruz join MADEcast to discuss entering their architectural careers during the economic crisis of 2008, moving halfway around the world to China where they opened their intelligentsia gallery, teaching at different schools across the United States and living globally. Cruz and Nathalie explore what roles racism, education and politics play in the realm of architecture. This is the final episode in MADEcast's season 1, see you soon with another round.
March 23, 2021
MADE w/ Dara Humniski Ep1.05
This week MADEcast hosts Dara Humniski - wood worker, artist, and founding member of Loyal Loot Collective. Dara joins MADEcast to discuss being a student in a predominantly male classroom, working at Studio Bramble, her curiosity in learning about raw materials and how this has led her through her artistic career. Dara has been an influential part of the Edmonton art community and shares intimate details about being an artist and carpenter in Edmonton.
March 16, 2021
MADE w/ Sam Oboh Ep1.04
This week MADEcast interviews Sam Oboh - Architect, Principal of Ensight+ Architecture, and former President of the RAIC. Sam joins MADEcast to talk about immigrating to Canada mid-winter, meeting Justin Trudeau and his experience with the redevelopment master plan for the Alberta Legislature. Sam discusses some overarching themes within the revitalized legislature grounds and how this connects with other components in the City of Edmonton.
March 09, 2021
MADE w/ Tiffany Shaw-Collinge Ep1.03
This week MADEcast features Tiffany Shaw-Collinge - Architect, Artist and Maker. Tiffany shares her experience completing her Masters of Architecture at the SCI-Arc in Los Angeles, and how she weaves in her making, creating and Metis heritage into building places. She discusses Architectural process, a Metis Crossing Architectural project, and her own personal work – pehonan, which is featured in River lot 11 Indigenous Art Park in Edmonton's river valley.
March 02, 2021
MADE w/ Amanda Lwanga (Linger Design Studio) Ep1.02
This week MADEcast interviews Amanda Lwanga, founder of Linger Design Studio, Licensed Engineer, interdisciplinary master and community advocate. We discuss where Amanda finds inspiration, starting a furniture line, working with other creatives in the city, and her exhibition at the Vignettes Festival in 2019. Amanda graciously shares what the Black Lives Matter movement means to her and her experience of being a minority women in a traditionally male dominated field. Bonus this week: We sit down with Magdalena Warshawksi of Dialog.
February 23, 2021
MADE w/ Shafraaz Kaba (Ask for a Better World) Ep1.01
This week, MADEcast in conversation with Shafraaz Kaba. Shafraaz is the founder of ASK* for a Better World, founding member of MADE, Architect, and director member of Energy Efficiency Alberta. Shafraaz joins MADEcast to discuss Architecture in Edmonton, the supportive architectural community and sustainable design. He began his career in Edmonton with a LEED project and discusses how this experiences carries through his career.
February 16, 2021
MADEcast Trailer
Welcome to MADEcast. This is our Trailer. Listen to find out why we're doing what we're doing, and have a sneak peek at some of the cuts we've got coming for you this season. Hosted by Cody Johnston and Stephanie Pollock. Cuts and edits by Ankit Gongal. Music, mixing and mastering by Jordan Ast. Support from Katelynn Schultz. 
February 09, 2021