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Media Buyers Manual

Media Buyers Manual

By Kevin Thompson
Host Kevin Thompson is joined by various Paid Ads specialists, aka Media Buyer's who have spent millions of dollars profitably for their clients.

Kevin dives into their mindset, strategy, and systems to help you reduce the learning curve to learn Paid Ads!
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Media Buyers Manual - Episode 2 with David Herrmann

Media Buyers Manual

Media Buyers Manual - Episode 13 with Nicholas Reed
Conversion Rate Optimization... as people who run ads, what happens post ad-click does impact our success. Add another layer to your skillset by providing clarity and feedback for your clients CRO.  Our guest today, Nicholas Reed, CEO of 253Media, he has worked on so many websites & landing pages that he's gifted us some of his secret sauce for optimizing e-commerce websites!!  This chat was an absolute blast... brief, yet bursting with actionable advice to better equip brands to succeed!   Enjoy the chat! - Kevin Thompson
March 01, 2022
Media Buyers Manual - Episode 12 with Dean La Grange
Hey there, hope your day is going well. We've got another episode of the Media Buyers Manual with Dean La Grange, here's how you can find him: On this episode we spoke Facebook Ads, Creative that's working & so much more. Throughout this conversation, Dean was so transparent and we had quite an insightful conversation. You can feel the authenticity of Dean, his story of where he's been - but also his trajectory working with DTC brands.  Enjoy this quick, insightful conversation between the pair of us.  If you've got any questions for us, find us on Twitter! @KevinThompsonn & @_bringsnacks  Thanks for listening! 
February 14, 2022
Media Buyers Manual - Episode 11 with Sam Tomlinson
Hey Media Buyers & E-commerce operators! Today's episode is featuring Sam Tomlinson (@DigitalSamIam on Twitter), he's spoken at Hero Conference, Search Marketing Expo & even at SEMRush events.  His expertise lays within Google Ads, so we're discussing the state of Google Ads - what you can do right now to improve performance... as well as what is coming in 2022 for Google Ads. We myth-bust some Ads practices, shoot the sh*t and enjoy Sam's perspective on Pay-Per-Click Advertising. I hope you enjoy our conversation as much as I did!  Have a guest you'd like me to speak with? Message me on Twitter @KevinThompsonn 
February 14, 2022
Media Buyers Manual - Episode 10 w/ Jeromy Sonne
Wow, I cannot believe it's been 15 months since our last episode of the Media Buyers Manual... I sincerely hope you're well, wherever you may be.  The Media Buying landscape has changed so much, iOS 14.5 (attribution fun), TikTok - but also, Audio ads. Like a proud kid at show-and-tell, I'd like to introduce our guest, Jeromy Sonne to the Media Buyers Manual tribe!  He's the Founder of Decibel Ads (, which can help you launch Audio Ads in minutes.  In this episode, I'll ask all the questions regarding Audio Ads including: • Who's it right for • What's working • Attribution (of course) • Scalability ... and so much more will be spoke of.  Now, let's get you listening (if you like the episode & just stumbled upon this - dig up some old episodes, some are evergreen)!
January 25, 2022
Media Buyers Manual - Ep. 9 with Dara Denney
Cyber Weekend Creative 2020!  Dara is an expert Marketer and has a keen sense of which creative works best in each aspect of the funnel/buyers journey. Enjoy listening to Dara's wisdom in this episode! More info to come... For the Newsletter: to sign up Talk soon, Kevin Thompson ------- Facebook Ad Cut-Off Flow - Eliminate Wasted Ad Spend On Sh*t Ads 👇👇👇
October 13, 2020
Media Buyers Manual - Ep. 8 with Dan Snow [Cyber Weekend Prep Checklist]
Welcome back to Season 2 of the Media Buyers Manual!  I'm so excited to be back with more great minds in Paid Media -- such as tonight's guest, Dan Snow!  Dan is a Founder of the The Snow Agency - in which he's helped eCommerce brands scale via Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Snapchat Ads, YouTube Ads, as well as Email Marketing. There is a wealth of knowledge that we are lucky enough to tap into for 15 minutes on this episode... Consider this episode your Cyber Weekend Prep Checklist --- but from someone whos managed over $50m USD in paid spend and counting whilst accruing $250m in revenue... You can find Dan on Twitter @iamdansnow &  👇👇 Want more from the Media Buyers Manual? Join the Newsletter for < 750 words of distilled insights from my guests in your email inbox - for free! Sign up 👉  Follow me on Twitter to get your questions answered: @KevinThompsonn Talk soon guys :)  ------- Facebook Ad Cut-Off Flow - Eliminate Wasted Ad Spend On Sh*t Ads 👇👇👇
September 21, 2020
Media Buyers Manual - Ep. 7 with Nicholas Kneuper
After a brief hiatus due to not wanting to combat the Social changes that are going on in the world... WE'RE BACK! I had the privilege to talk to Nicholas Kneuper, who is an awesome Marketer, Agency Owner, and just a genuine dude that you'd go for a drink with. Oh, and his Zoom background is a thing of magic LOL. This one kind of goes against the grain of what common knowledge is on Facebook Ads. Nick shares some Agency secrets (Tools, People Management and so much more) - We talk about the control aspect of ABO's vs. CBO's. - Google Smart Shopping = Dumb Shopping - Surfing Method - Ride the Waves - Facebooks Best Practices... but are they really? - Power 5; doesn't work for every account. - Macro vs. Micro  - Working with Machine Learning & Why you won't go out of a Media Buying job anytime soon. - SAVING MONEY ON THE LOGISTICS & OPERATIONAL SIDE - Investing in Stocks / Options Trading A raw, refreshing talk about Facebook Ads that you DEFINITELY should listen to. ------- Facebook Ad Cut-Off Flow - Eliminate Wasted Ad Spend On Sh*t Ads 👇👇👇
June 17, 2020
Media Buyers Manual - Episode 6 with Gil David
Welcome back! This week was a little different... I tweeted out on May 14th if people had questions for Gil. A few rolled in and we're grateful to them for their contributions! That's pretty well how we start off our episode with Gil David. Originally from London and now living in Belfast, Northern Ireland - he's run ads for over 6 years with a wealth of knowledge! In this episode we dive in on: - Actionable Tips: Scaling a Facebook Ad Account from $50 / day - What Are You Looking For When Taking on New Brands - Launch Structure: Smaller Accounts / Brands Beginning their Journey - Gil's Go-To Scaling Campaign - Using Stories for Brand Building - 1 Mistake Media Buyers Would Benefit from Getting Rid Of - If You HAD to Eliminate 1 Social Media Platform - Which one? Also, for the 2nd last-minute, enjoy my computer almost lagging out - but showing true diligence for our fandom to complete the task-at-hand.  Enjoy the 6th Episode! Follow Gil: @Gil_RunDMG on Twitter Follow Kevin: @KevinThompsonn on Twitter
May 18, 2020
Media Buyers Manual - Ep. 5 w/ Tony Christensen
"Get into the first time buyers mindset..."  Welcome back to another episode of the Media Buyers Manual!    This weeks guest has been featured on Social Media Examiner, Social Media Week, and more...   Tony Christensen is our honored guest!  Tony's helped start Black Rifle Coffee's Subscription Program.  He's worked with numerous Brands and has spent $10m+ on Facebook Ads profitably!   On this week's docket...   - The Research & Reverse Engineering Method  - Differentiating Yourself From Competitors  - Building Audiences Using Reviews...  Yea, we know what you're thinking ... how? You'll find out.  - One Product Websites / Landing Pages  - Getting into the First Time Buyers Mindset  - Why making cancelling easy is a GOOD thing for Subscription-based businesses  - Give Value - It has a way of coming back amplified  - Prospecting the Right Clients to Work Alongside ---- Keyword (Alongside)  - Benchmarking for Performance Marketing   Enjoy my friends! ------- Facebook Ad Cut-Off Flow - Eliminate Wasted Ad Spend On Sh*t Ads 👇👇👇
May 11, 2020
Media Buyers Manual - Episode 4 with Matt Lady
Wow, I really enjoyed having Matt on the podcast, he brings real joy and enthusiasm you can feel when talking about Facebook Ads. Matt has been in the Digital Marketing space for 4 years, but only doing eComm and Direct Response marketing for the past 6-8 months. He's got a real knack for scaling people from NOTHING to a tangible $5k-20k / month in ad spend - profitably. After only 6-8 months. That's why Matt is our guest for episode 4 -- who better to learn from, then someone who recently was 'green' and learning diligently to transition from ad agency (helping with a campaign that spent $1m in a day) to freelancer. On this episode we dive into: - Scaling a Client from $200 / month to $2000 / month -- The Barebones - The Consolidated Ad Structure - Specific breakdown of its methodology - Advertising based on SKU's in CBO’s - Avoiding Shiny Object Syndrome when Learning Ads - Golden Nuggets for Beginners -- Who to learn from & Why -- Choosing Mentors for yourself - Using Cost Cap's & How to Test Them - The mindset of Media Buying -- Separate yourself from outcomes - Setting expectations & the Asshole Tax. Find Matt: Find Gordon: Follow Kevin: ------- Facebook Ad Cut-Off Flow - Eliminate Wasted Ad Spend On Sh*t Ads 👇👇👇
April 27, 2020
Media Buyers Manual - Episode 3 with Danavir Sarria
Want to get the Key Insights without taking notes?   Sign up to the Media Buyers Manual Email - every Tuesday at 8:45AM - you'll get 750-words of concise strategies, tactics and mindset advice... with no fluff, no spam. Go to -- to sign up.   -------- Welcome back, this episode has come full-circle...   Over 5 years ago on my first ever podcast (which shall remain nameless), Danavir was my first EVER guest!    He's come a long way since -- his old info-marketing business, which is how I first heard of him.   Danavir essentially taught Copywriting through that for Direct Response Marketing - he had a FB Group, Email List etc. and I learned a lot from him back then...   Now, he's added more tools to his trade!    Danavir is an Email Marketing, Direct Response aficionado.   In the past he was working in numerous industries, now he's consistently working with 7-8 figure Food and Beverage Companies for their Email Flows - while transitioning to eCommerce Media Buying and Creative.  We dive into all things Email Marketing and Copywriting such as:  - Email Marketing Sequences  - Email Marketing  - Breaking down the Customer Journey  - Persuasion via Positioning Products and Brands  - Product Awareness vs. Problem Awareness   Find Danavir: &   Follow Kevin: & Find Adam: &  ------- Facebook Ad Cut-Off Flow - Eliminate Wasted Ad Spend On Sh*t Ads 👇👇👇
April 17, 2020
Media Buyers Manual - Episode 2 with David Herrmann
The Herrmann-ator joins us on episode 2 of the Media Buyers Manual - which really is all things a Media Buyer should know or can benefit from knowing!    David has managed over $100m in Paid Ad Spend, with his ecom clients typically ranging from 500k - 1.5m / month in spend - he know's what he's doing!    We talk about things like:   - Police Chases  - Interesting Projects (indie bands on MySpace to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation!)  - Facebook Ads -- Custom Conversions vs. Standard Conversions + UTM's  - Key KPI's he looks for to scale  - The 3 Levers and his #1 Lever of Control as a Media Buyer  - How to Test Creative effectively (it's an art!)  - Your Mindset as a Media Buyer  - Other Platforms like Snapchat, TikTok, Pinterest (very interesting!)  - Quickfire Round - Yes / No answers   You'll be entertained by this interrogation-style Q&A - with podcasts going forward we've added a co-host to intro more conversation instead of straight-up questions (although they will remain in a capacity).   Media Buyers, Digital Marketers, listeners, random people who're reading this - thank you and I hope you enjoyed David's insights!    Check him out at: for Police Chases and Facebook Ads Chat    P.S. I didn't even bring up how The Herrmann-ator has probably the worst FB Ads Dashboard luck in terms of Errors... maybe next time he comes on! ------- Facebook Ad Cut-Off Flow - Eliminate Wasted Ad Spend On Sh*t Ads 👇👇👇
April 10, 2020
Media Buyers Manual - Hosted by Kevin Thompson - EP: 001 - The Premise & The Promise
In the first-ever episode of the Media Buyer's Manual - Hosted by Kevin Thompson you are given a brief background on Kevin, as well as the premise of the podcast: Media Buyer's Mindset Determining Ad Platforms/Channels Determining budgets Recipe for great creative Scaling Ad Accounts from 0-100k+ / month profitably Tools of the Trade The promise of the podcast? You'll only get reputable Media Buyer's who've successfully spent more than $50,000 / month profitably for clients or their own businesses. Media Buyer's who have spent  MULTI-MILLIONS will be on this podcast, for free. This will be a weekly podcast, featuring the best in the business - so that you can cut your learning curve drastically. Tune in every week - you'll love the gems you unearth!  Best of all - you'll gain applicable strategies throughout the series which could take you from 5 to 6 figures, and from 6 to 7 figures and beyond. Talk soon, Kevin ------- Facebook Ad Cut-Off Flow - Eliminate Wasted Ad Spend On Sh*t Ads 👇👇👇
April 01, 2020