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Media Insider is a bi-weekly podcast that dives into the nuts and bolts of media management – product, business models, managing talent and leading organizational change.
Hosted by The Fix, Media Insider features innovative thinkers, experienced leaders, and various experts from the world of media management.
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When memes come in handy: what publishers need to know to flourish on TikTok
TikTok came a long way from being perceived as a place for teenagers to becoming one of the most influential platforms in the world, surpassing 1billion annual users in 2021. The platform's growth presented new opportunities (and challenges) for publishers. In the latest episode of Media Insider, we talk to Gabriela Campbell Gómez of Ac2ality, Johanna Rüdiger, and Erika Marzano of DW about the most effective ways publishers can mark their presence on TikTok, the strategies to be used, and the importance of knowing trending TikTok songs. Guests: Gabriela Campbell Gómez, Co-founder and COO of Ac2ality Johanna Rüdiger, Head of Social Media Strategy at DW Erika Marzano, Project Manager of audience development at DW Hosted by: Jakub Parusinski, editor at The Fix The Fix: Our Twitter:   Subscribe to The Fix Weekly Newsletter
January 27, 2022
A look back at stories that shaped the European and global media landscape in 2021
2021 was a special year for the world of media. The COVID-19 pandemic continued to hit media businesses in many different ways. While a lot of media were devastated by the pandemic, others continued to grow and flourish mostly thanks to the subscription boom. Notably, many smaller and medium-sized newsrooms have witnessed more success with reader revenue. In the new episode of Media Insider, The Fix sat down with Jacob Granger, senior reporter at to discuss 2021’s subscription and membership success stories, major trends in podcast and audio as well as how newsletters and the creator economy have shaped the media landscape. Speakers:   David Tvrdon, Media Correspondent at The Fix, Subscription growth specialist at Dennik SME   Jacob Granger, Senior editor at The Fix website: The article with stories featured in the episode:  Our Twitter:   Subscribe to The Fix Weekly Newsletter
December 23, 2021
More than Pandora Papers. How to create collaborative investigative journalism that stands out?
October 2021 was noted by one of the biggest journalistic collaborations to date. The release of the materials of Pandora Papers was the result of the joint effort of more than 600 journalists from 150 media outlets around the world, working through 12 million documents. In the new episode of Media Insider, we are talking to Fergus Shiel, Managing editor of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists that was coordinating the Pandora Papers investigation, and Brigitte Alfter, Director for Arena for Journalism in Europe. We are talking about the behind-the-scenes of journalistic collaborations, the challenges that come with that and how we can maximize the effects of investigative journalistic collaborations. Guests: Brigitte Alfter, director for Arena for Journalism in Europe Fergus Shiel, managing editor at ICIJ Hosted by: Jakub Parusinski, editor at The Fix The Fix: Our Twitter:   Subscribe to The Fix Weekly Newsletter
November 18, 2021
Tackling the Pan-European media space (and living to tell the tale)
The dream of conquering Pan-European media space is passed from generations to generations of ambitious media managers. So appealing, yet so hard to achieve. What’s happening, who are the players (read warriors) and how are they building their pan-European audience. In the new episode of Media Insider, we are talking to the three media managers about what they’ve learned from building pan-European newsrooms. And yes, we'll even look at the Eurovision to see if we have something to learn from it. Guests: Mick ter Reehorst, Co-founder and Managing Director of Are We Europe & Collective Paul Ostwald, Co-founder of Paul Salvanès, publisher & co-founder VoxEurop Moderated by: Jakub Parusinski, Business Editor at The Fix Daryna Shevchenko, Editor at The Fix The Fix:   Our Twitter:  Subscribe to The Fix Weekly Newsletter
September 30, 2021
Newsletters are on the rise. How can publishers make the most of it?
While social media compete with ever more sophisticated algorithms, email has been one of the most promising tools for publishers. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be improved upon – both from the perspective of readers and publishers. What features and models can make email more useful for audiences, helping avoid subscription fatigue and inbox overload? In the new episode of Media Insider, our guests dive into the discussion on subscription fatigue and its effect on the media managers, the reason behind the spike in newsletter popularity, how to turn fans into paid subscribers, and the best metrics to use. Guests: Sarah Ebner, Head of Newsletters at Financial Times Jason Bade, Co-founder & President of Pico, platform for creators. Moderated by: Jakub Parusinski, Editor at The Fix David Tvrdon, Media Correspondent at The Fix, Subscription growth specialist at Dennik SME The Fix:   Our Twitter:  Subscribe to The Fix Weekly Newsletter
September 16, 2021
Perspectives: What's next for reader revenue?
After years of scepticism and half-hearted attempts, reader revenue is now mainstream. Paywalls and membership models are going up across the media industry.   But the solutions themselves have not evolved much. Is this the "end of history" for subscriptions?  The Fix's guests dive into what's next for reader revenue, how paywall models will evolve, and how to monetise the majority of readers already suffering from subscription fatigue.  Guests:   ▪️ Alan Hunter, Head of Digital at The Times group  ▪️ Abhishek Dadoo, Co-founder & CEO of Fewcents  ▪️ Sonali Verma, Deputy Head of Audience at Globe and Mail  ▪️ Matej Borko, Head of Innovation & Marketing Technology at Fatchilli for Publishers, REMP 2030 The Fix:  Our Twitter:  Subscribe to The Fix Weekly Newsletter
July 18, 2021