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A pop culture commentary smorgasbord including games, TV, movies, comics, and online media, all served up on a fresh baked slice of audio.
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Ep. 28 - In the Pocket

Media Sandwich

Ep. 31 - Out of Respect
Happy video game news arrives in the form of this last week's Nintendo Direct, and not so happy news in the form of one of the most massive data leaks in the video game industry's recent history. Meanwhile, Columbia Pictures/Sony Entertainment is doing the release date shuffle on some of their biggest films in the next two years, Harvey Weinstein tries to do more dirty business from his prison commode, and this week sees the premieres of some intriguing new television programs along with the triumphant returns of some newly coronated Emmy winners.
September 20, 2022
Ep. 30 - Disney Double Decker
It's a two-man sandwich this week, with the return of Chris Pranger! The guys try their very best to touch on every single item announced at Disney's D23 event, along with some spooky special screenings coming to Regal Cinemas, a legendary comic book artist's recent passion project, and Anna Kendrick's first time behind the camera to chronicle a game show psychopath.
September 13, 2022
Ep. 29 - Steamy and Spicy
The long Labor Day weekend results in some of Kyle's saltiest commentary yet. After a brief sidebar about the Steam Deck, we get some good news/bad news situations for Halo: Infinite and Splatoon 3, followed by a very Shia LaBeouf filled briefing on the Venice Film Festival. A hefty case against J.K. Rowling's newest stack of toilet paper scribblings transitions nicely into some vindication for the graphic novel Gender Queer, and what in the name of Tom Bombadil is going on with Amazon's television budgets?!
September 06, 2022
Ep. 28 - In the Pocket
Rumors about EA being absorbed by even bigger business fish are less substantial than the rumors of Big Chungus becoming playable in WB's Multiversus. Meanwhile, Matt Shakman beams away from Star Trek 4 to helm another Marvel project, DC Comics trips over a bag of tamales while trying to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, and Kyle pauses his love affair with the latest movie from Laika long enough to remind everyone of a bygone rallying cry...#SixSeasonsAndaMovie.
August 29, 2022
Ep. 27 - Just One More Thing
This week on the podcast, the reviews are in on the Saint's Row reboot game (a thing that apparently exists), Ezra Miller's reign of terror comes to a conclusion, David Zaslav is a very old man who likes very old things, several milestone anniversaries are coming up for the comic book world, and is Rian Johnson finally making Kyle's dreams come true by casting a certain redhead as a certain rumpled detective? Oh, and uh...just one more thing...thanks to Jeremy F. for our final TV news tip! Listen in your browser or subscribe to the show on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, or via our RSS feed in any podcasting app of your choice. Remember to write us a review and send any pop culture news of the week to or on Twitter @media_sandwich and we'll talk about it!
August 23, 2022
Ep. 26 - Full Day At the Business Factory
From deep inside a subterranean bunker where he's perfecting his Pepe Silvia bulletin board, Kyle dishes on the latest in entertainment headlines. On the cutting board this week: delay announcements for Hogwarts Legacy, a movie reboot of a fun 1980s TV show, the steady decline of a once-proud comic book publisher, and hot off the panini presses today, the sale of a major television network to one of those local news conglomerates that help shape your parents' political opinions like so much Silly Putty. Listen in your browser or subscribe to the show on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or any old podcatcher using our RSS feed. Write opinions or news tips to the show at twitter @media_sandwich or b email at!
August 15, 2022
Ep. 25 - Warner Blows Discovery
One big, infuriating headline (you know the one) threatens to engulf the entire show while Kyle touches on Pokemon Presents, Gotham Knights, the Tomb Raider movies, a beloved actor's television debut, and a whole lot of nonsense caused by the corporate desire to feed failing platforms smaller, more successful ones in order to absorb their, their subscribers. Listen here or subscribe to the Media Sandwich podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or directly through your app of choice with our RSS feed!
August 08, 2022
Ep. 24 - New Recipe! The Media Sandwich podcast returns with a more pop culture news orientation as Kyle skims the headlines for a quick look at all the entertainment coming your way in the near future. Topics include: Grand Theft Auto 6, DC's Death of Superman 30th Anniversary issue, Phases 5 and 6 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and all the upcoming television shows coming to you in August on DisneyPlus, Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu. Listen in your browser right now! Subscribe to the show in your podcast app to get every episode when they drop, and don't forget to follow us on twitter @Media_Sandwich. Write to the show at with any comments or topics you'd like to chat about, and hey...thanks for hanging out!
August 01, 2022
Ep. 23 - The Junior Novelization
The guys have a spoiler-filled conversation about The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, after some serious talk about what is and isn't canon in Space Jam. Dan is able to play Half-Life: Alyx! The Sonic the Hedgehog movie gets a quick review, and then lots of Star Wars talk from the point-of-view of Chris's small children who just saw the Saga for the first time. Then Kyle says "literally" the wrong way at least a half dozen times while revealing a hastily-crafted surprise...the first ever Media Sandwich game! Listen in your browser right now! Subscribe to the show's RSS feed to get every episode when they drop, and don't forget to follow us on twitter @Media_Sandwich and submit some new entries for our new trivia game. Email the show at and drop us a line.
May 04, 2021
Ep. 22 - Jelly of the Month Club
Recently thawed out from their stint frozen during the winter storms, the Sandwich Heads are all buzzing from Marvel's WandaVision and all the possible directions the MCU can go. Fantastic Four? Mephisto? Black Panther 2? There are so many possibilities! And speaking of possibilities, has Dan unlocked an accidental perpetual power loop in his house, or is he on the path of going "full Griswold" and electrocuting himself? But of course, the real meat of this sandwich is Chris breaking down the latest Nintendo Direct, which was...definitely loaded with stuff. Listen in your browser or subscribe to the show's RSS feed via your favorite podcast app! And don't forget to email the show at or find us on Twitter and Facebook.
February 25, 2021
Side Order - We Were Pirates Once
Chris and Kyle tell a bit about playing pirates in high school theater, in a time when Linkin' Park was playing on the radio and suddenly pirates were kinda, sorta a thing for a while? Weird energy, that 2004 had. Listen in your browser or subscribe to the show in your pod-catcher!
January 28, 2021
Ep. 21 - Schrodinger's Gun
This is so gonna be our year. You, us, everybody. We swear. Chris, Dan, and Kyle return to your ears with some mixed reactions to Wonder Woman 1984 and Pixar's Soul. But Kyle living in a van down by the river? Also, Chris gives a review of indie game Thimbleweed Park and everyone is reminded to play Hades, one of the brief shining bits of goodness that came out of that wretched year we just finished. Listen in your browser or subscribe to the show via Stitcher, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, or via our RSS feed in your app of choice. Also, hey, subscribe to our new Youtube channel why don't ya?
January 15, 2021
Side Order - Silly Pirate Anime for Children
 Just in time for his birthday this week, Chris receives an unwelcome message of encouragement from advertisers and chooses to spend nine minutes explaining his most recently viewed arc of "One Piece." Dan and Kyle can barely contain their confusion. Happy birthday, Chris! Listen in your browser to this value menu episode of the podcast, or simply subscribe to the show via your podcast app.
November 25, 2020
Ep. 20 - Using a Jet Engine to Make Grilled Cheese
After a medley of retail purchase tales from Chris, Dan, and Kyle, the new co-op feature of Untitled Goose Game gets a great review from Chris's kids. The new Xbox Series X machine looks great, but what games does it have? Does it have Banjo-Kazooie, or what? Dad-pride kicks in when all three watch Star Wars with their children, which provokes Kyle to go "full Star Wars mode" and babble about The Mandalorian and Star Wars: Squadrons. Listen in your browser or subscribe to the show on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, or wherever you get your audio on.
November 18, 2020
Episode 19 - Support Your Local Brendan Fraser
The sandwich boys survived the fires and are now trying to survive distance-learning with their kids. Chris gives the rundown on the next generation of Xbox and PlayStation consoles. Kyle laments the loss of his laptop. "Harley Quinn" is a confirmed Darn Good Choice (and thankfully got a Season 3, despite our predictions). Which anti-superhero misfit team had a better Season 2, Amazon Prime's "The Boys" or the DC-on-HBO "Doom Patrol"? HBO's "Lovecraft Country" gets some ruminations, along with the hard, hard fall of J.K. Rowling.  Listen here or subscribe to the show in your podcasting app of choice, and don't you forget to send some pop culture topics or questions to for us to talk directly at you, maybe!
September 24, 2020
Side Order - Beer and a Haircut
On this teeny bumper episode, the gang acknowledges a new dark era of hair care, and the merits of of drinking alcoholic craft ciders instead of beer. Are we slowly losing our minds, or is it just the Doc Brown hairstyles and grizzly beards? Listen here or find all the Media Sandwich morsels in the main show feed!
July 17, 2020
Episode 18 - Intro to Fragmentary Animation
Chris talks about his forays into the world of jigsaw puzzles. Kyle finishes his re-watch of Community. Dan gives an impassioned review of some sugary cereals. Somehow, all of this leads into a discussion of the much beloved anime series One Piece, and why American live-action adaptations of anime never, ever work. Listen in your browser or subscribe to the show on a podcast app, and send any discussion topics or questions to or find us on Twitter @media_sandwich and get a shoutout on our next episode, which will arrive as soon as sandwichly possible.
June 25, 2020
Episode 17 - Serious Cheeseburgers
On the foodiest episode of the podcast yet, Chris and Dan and Kyle take the advice of Twitter friends and talk about cheeseburgers and cereal. And...and...and booze. Also, who else is rewatching "Community" since it dropped on Netflix? What video game or movie would you want to experience through fresh eyes again? When the world feels like it's burning down around us, we like to ask the big questions, cloned meat technically kosher? Listen in your browser or subscribe via your podcast app, and while you're at it follow us on twitter and suggest a topic!
June 06, 2020
Side Order - Old Sitcoms and Frozen Facts
Feast upon the cut morsels of a Media Sandwich bumper episode! Featuring lots of talk about decades-old sitcom episodes, and then Chris dropping some knowledge about Disney's Frozen II soundtrack decisions. Consider this a little toothpick-size sample, and come back for the whole hoagie.Listen here, or just subscribe to that main show feed!
May 01, 2020
Media Sandwich Ep. 16 - Low Stakes, Results Oriented
Chris and Kyle play a classic game of "Whatchoo been watchin' and playin', dude?" and talk about their preferences for murder-free crime documentaries, chilled out television shows, and charming indie games on the Switch. Also, Kyle finally embarks on watching "The Wire" and Chris gives a breakdown of Animal Crossing! TV discussions: Nailed It! McMillion$ The Wire Better Call Saul Ozark Games: The Messenger Fortnite Animal Crossing: New Horizons Untitled Goose Game Listen here or subscribe to the feed, and be sure to email us at if you're feeling lonely.
April 25, 2020
Side Order - The Political Portion of Our Show
On a completely aimless tangent, Chris and Kyle discuss the best use of the F-word in their opinions, how real world politics has completely kneecapped political satire, and what's going on with the Muppets? This is one of our bite-size bumper episodes, but if you want the whole combo platter, subscribe to the show! Listen here or find us on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play, or any podcast app via RSS feed.
April 02, 2020
Media Sandwich Ep. 15 - Dan (Not) in Real Life
In the midst of isolation, Chris and Kyle welcome Dan to the show to discuss all the movies, video games, and television to keep you busy until you can stop working from home in your bathrobe. "Harley Quinn" on the DC Universe app gets some praise, as well as Syfy's "The Magicians" and Disney's new, fan-oriented "Ducktales" reboot. Along the way, Chris spirals out of control with his Fire Emblem: Three Houses compulsion, Kyle drones on and on and on about Star Wars, and Dan discovers how terrific HBO is, with some talk about "McMillions" and "Avenue 5." Listen here in your browser or subscribe to the show on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play, or wherever you find your discarded audio logs from before the apocalypse happened.
March 26, 2020
Side Order - Not Quite As Deviant Art Dot Com
Take a mere two minutes and listen to two old men talk about social media sites the way confused aliens might. This Side Order is a bumper episode, look forward to new full-length episodes of Media Sandwich coming down the pike, along with some other audio projects! Listen here or subscribe via podcast app.
September 27, 2019
Media Sandwich, Ep. 14 - Rise of Speculation
On a big ol' super-sized Sandwich, Chris and Kyle discuss the upcoming cataclysmic nerd events on the horizon. Spoilers right from the top on all the following subjects: First, Kyle hijacks the opening of the show to talk Star Wars Celebration's many reveals, including the title and teaser trailer for Episode IX and all the popular theories regarding those. At 00:26:00, the fellas make wild predictions about Avengers: Endgame. But Kyle still talks about Star Wars. At 00:55:00, Chris finally gets to share his anticipation for Detective Pikachu. in between callbacks to the Star Wars discussion. Then, mercifully, finally, at 01:05:00 Chris spills a bucket of random predictions for the final season of "Game of Thrones". Listen here in your browser or subscribe to the show on your Apple or Android podcast app, and give us a rating and review if you like the cut of our gib.
April 15, 2019
Media Sandwich Ep. 13 - That Was Very Direct
Here's a late valentine for you, Sandwich-Heads! Apologies for some dodgy audio quality, but Chris and Kyle wanted to get on some of these big news items. First, we follow up on some Super Smash Bros predictions before talking EA's surprise launch of Apex Legends. The boys give a short review of Respawn's new battle royale darling, and some much deserved love for Titanfall 2, before catching up on the slew of new movie trailers for Frozen 2 and Captain Marvel. But then, suddenly...the episode really beefs up when Chris dives through the expected and unexpected news out of this week's Nintendo Direct. Happy listening in your browser, or you can subscribe to the podcast feed via Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play, and most third party apps.
February 15, 2019
Media Sandwich Ep. 12 - Netflix is On Spec
Chris and Kyle kick off the podcast's brand new year with some Oscar preview chatter, and an ongoing development in Sony's slow-mo car crash handling of the Ghostbusters property. Also, is the Big Lebowski returning only to sell us crappy beer during the Super Bowl? Speaking of weird Super Bowl stunts, Netflix is playing price wars with themselves, while Hulu drops the price for their basic sub. Chris recommends HBO's anthology series "Room 104," and Kyle confesses newfound love for a weepy teen soap opera. Listen here in your browser or subscribe to the podcast on Apple podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher, or any mom n' pop podcast app.
January 27, 2019
Media Sandwich Ep. 11 - Bumping the Lamp
Chris and Kyle marvel at the Avengers: Endgame teaser after gaping in shock at the teaser posters for the Sonic the Hedgehog movie coming soon. After Kyle gives a final verdict on Red Dead Redemption II and the onslaught of pay-to-win multiplayer housed therein, Chris takes everyone on a journey through his first (of many, many) weeks of Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Listen here in your browser or subscribe to the show via iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, or wherever you get your podcasts!
December 20, 2018
Media Sandwich Ep. 10 - I Tell You What
Kyle and Chris catch up on some of the news, including Fallout 76 presale gifts, Red Dead Online, movie trailers for Detective Pikachu and Captain Marvel, and some quick opinions on Pokémon and anticipation of Super Smash Bros Ultimate on the Switch. Listen here or subscribe via iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, or any third party podcast app.
December 06, 2018
Media Sandwich Ep. 9 - Youtuber Liaison
Chris talks about his experience at Portland Retro Gaming Expo, including his panel on Localization. More game news, including the Red Dead Redemption 2 "crunch time" discussion, a quick reminder that Star Wars Battlefront II ain't great, and right up enthusiastic endorsement of Spider-Man PS4. Also discussed are Jon Favreau's "Mandalorian" Star Wars show, the cancellation of "Iron Fist" and "Luke Cage" on Netflix, and Chris might be known as "pie guy" to at least one famous Youtube personality. Listen here or subscribe to the show via your favorite podcast app!
October 26, 2018