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YOUR SLEEP: Find Answers in Dreams
“Nothing happens unless first we dream.” Carl Sandburg may have been talking about dreams in an aspirational sense but this is true of your actual during-the-night-while-you’re-asleep dreams too. Nothing happens unless we dream — or at least, unless we have time to dream. Sleep is crucial for our physical and mental health but it’s also incredibly important for our ability to generate ideas, follow up on them, and stay motivated. Not only that, but dreams actually give us an opportunity to see things from a different perspective. That thing that’s been weighing on your mind for days suddenly presents itself in some fantastical formation while you’re asleep and suddenly you understand it, or can see through it, or you realise that it’s not so heavy after all. Relax and look forward to those hours of rest. You never know what you might discover!
February 10, 2019
Yesterday we touched on taking care of yourself to stop short term stressors leading to poor health in the long term. So today we’re giving you a simple meditation exercise for stress relief that you can integrate into almost any moment in the day. Sit down on a chair. Shift your weight into your seat bones and feel grounded and heavy and solid. Allow your feet to become lighter and lighter — until they float up away from the ground. Hold here and notice the way your muscles contract and shift and pull to keep your feet away from the ground. And then shift the weight forwards and let your feet float to touch the ground again. Notice the connection between feet and floor — how it feels. How the muscles change. And repeat as many times as you wish. This can be a really subtle practice to play with, even when there are other people around — taking the feet an inch off the ground is as effective as lifting them higher.
February 10, 2019
STRESS RELIEF: Tip for Avoiding Long Term Stress
What’s the difference between a short-term problem and long-term stress? Challenges, failures and losses don’t have to lead to poor mental, physical and emotional health. But they often do. When we don’t take care of ourselves during times of immediate stress, that stress can build — and before we know it we’re suffering from real conditions that have come about as a result of exposure to extended stress. But what does it mean to take care of yourself? Unfortunately there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. But give yourself time to breathe and think. Get outside and walk or run. Talk — seriously. Talk. And listen to those voices in your head that tell you “I need a break!” or “I need a little help to get through this one.”
February 10, 2019
YOUR BODY: A Man’s World
Male bodies in the mainstream media are…confusing. Our bodies are less sexualized and less criticized than female bodies, and yet still sexualized and criticized a lot. And at the same time there are less messages out there encouraging us to love our bodies — to appreciate them for what they are, and not to buy into false perceptions of how we should and shouldn’t look. Does it go against your masculine instincts to appreciate and love your body? Do you have a tendency to push and punish and force? That’s fine, to a degree. But if you can bring it into balance and appreciate as much as you push; love as much as you challenge and train; and accept that your body will change with the seasons, with external stressors and influences; then those hours of pushing will be for personal improvement and not personal punishment.
February 10, 2019
Do you aspire to a creative career? Three words: Hone Your Craft. The people who can help you make a good living out of your passion will be interested in working with you if that passion is blindingly visible to them — and your skill is unmissable, too. So take the time. Put the work in. Dedicate every minute you can to getting better at what you do, and learning everything you can about your work and its history and intricacies, and developing yourself. Boundaries are important, of course. But an intense period of immersion into your craft will drive you forwards and set you apart from the crowd. You’ll learn exponentially and set yourself on the path to creating the career you want; the one that allows you to spend the rest of your life exploring the thing that inspires you the most. What can you do to hone your craft today?
February 7, 2019
YOUR MINDSET: How to Increase Good Opportunities
When you have a new idea — or when someone suggests an idea to you — look at how it could work before you think about why it might not work. Lots of us are programmed to look at the negatives first; to be cynical about new ideas and reject them with the assumption that they’re doomed to failure. But what if they’re not? Practice focusing on why an idea is good before you start exploring why it might be bad. Approach it with an attitude of curiosity and see how you could make it work. What would you need to do? What would you need to change? Who could you get to help? Not all ideas will lead to success, but having an open mind will lead to more and more good opportunities.
February 3, 2019
HUMAN CONNECTION:Is polarity is affecting your love life?
Love and sex are intertwined, but they don’t always go together. The difference between love and sex lies in acceptance. Genuine love is complete acceptance of another person. Sex — particularly the deeper attraction — is about polarity; the masculine and the feminine coming together in a powerful way.  This polarity is something to respect and protect. Masculinity and femininity, when they interact with respect and love — with acceptance — can change the world. Masculine energy cannot be complete without feminine energy, and vice versa. But together they are balanced.  When those two energies come together in a relationship, each person can become who they really are. Instead of fighting to fulfill every role in life, each person can develop in the areas they’re drawn to and trust, unconditionally, that the other half of their partnership will take responsibility for their part in the whole. 
January 29, 2019
NEED SLEEP? Read This!
Struggling to sleep? You could be deficient in magnesium. This essential mineral helps you to fall asleep, as well improving the quality of sleep. It aids the function of a number of other physical processes too, and it known to lower blood pressure and lift low moods. Magnesium is an ingredient in lots of the foods we eat every day, and it’s one of the most common minerals on the planet — and yet many of us don’t have enough of it in our bodies. Try picking up a magnesium supplement to top up your levels. It balances melatonin levels and supports the nervous system in settling down so that you feel relaxed and sleepy before you drift off.
January 23, 2019
No time to meditate today? Not true! Do this right now to incorporate a moment of meditative work into your day: Place the palm of your hands again a textured surface. It could be a tree, the fabric of your chair or clothing, a wall, or any other surface available to you. If possible, close your eyes — but if you’re doing this practice with other people around, it’s fine to keep them open. In that case just allow your vision to soften and become slightly hazy. Focus your awareness on the sensations you feel in the palm of the hand. The connection between the hand and that surface, and the different elements of texture that you can identify. Become aware of the landscape of the texture beneath the hand. And keep this focus for 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, take the hand away from that surface and rest it on something with a smoother texture, like your desk or even the back of your phone. Notice the change in sensation. And then take one deep breath and carry on with your day.
January 23, 2019
HUMAN CONNECTION: Relationship Key
In a good relationship you don’t have to feel restricted. You don’t have to feel as though you’re sacrificing your freedom in order to be with that person. In fact, it’s the opposite. The support of a loving and trusting relationship makes you free. It gives you the space to pursue your dreams and to seek meaning in life with the knowledge that this person — this amazing, beautiful, strong, nurturing and inspiring person — is there to back you up. When you are invested in the happiness of your partner, and they are invested in your happiness, something kind of incredible happens. You don’t feel insecure and neither does she. You don’t feel scared and you don’t feel limited, and neither does she. You feel as though nothing is beyond your reach and…life is good.
January 23, 2019
YOUR BODY: What’s Spiritual Connection Matter?
In the words of the Terminator himself, “training gives us an outlet for suppressed energies created by stress and thus tones the spirit just as exercise conditions the body.” What Arnie is getting at is that our spiritual health is improved through exercise just as our physical health is. When you don’t move your body your energy gets stuck. You feel slow, static and low. And training your body moves that energy so that you are lifted and revitalized. A number of ancient traditions also suggest that a fundamental truth of spiritual progression is that the body must be trained along with the mind — and whether you’re listening to movie heroes or spiritual gurus, this wisdom should not be ignored.
January 13, 2019
PURPOSE & MEANING: Don’t Miss Your Community
As social creatures, humans crave — and thrive within — community. But many of us don’t think about this in relation to our careers. Actually, considering the kind of community that would give you the most motivation, support and inspiration and then figuring out how to create that for your self can have a huge impact on your success. It could be that the community you need is within a company, or it could be broader than that. For example, a community of people who are connected because they share a trade or skillset, or an online community of freelancers who offer one another their advice, conversation and mentorship. Whether you work alone or within an organization you can enter into, or build from scratch, a community of likeminded professionals who will lift you up on the tough days and celebrate your victories with you. It’s good for your mindset, your development, and for networking opportunities.
January 9, 2019
MINDSET: Avoid This Esteem Killer
Admitting when you’ve made a mistake is important. And saying sorry when you’ve hurt someone is crucial for healthy and loving relationships. But apologizing when you haven’t done anything wrong, or saying sorry just to make yourself more likable, can have a negative impact on your self esteem. Do you say “I’m sorry to bother you, but…” when you’re asking for help? Do you include get-out statements in your requests, such as saying “Don’t worry if you’re too busy, but…” or do you use body language that makes you smaller or places you outside of the centre of focus? Practice asking for things without using any apologetic language or behavior. It might feel uncomfortable to start with. But persevere and you’ll experience a shift in the confidence and respect you feel and receive.
January 9, 2019
HUMAN CONNECTION: “Properties Perspective” Explained
Philosopher Baruch Spinoza suggested that we should look at each other’s characteristics and perceived faults “not in the light of vices of human nature, but as properties…” — with all of those properties being part of the human organism as a whole. He argued that all actions have a cause which can be discovered if you look for it. Thinking of people in this way can help us to be a little bit more understanding when their actions don’t live up to our expectations! Make your first steps into this new year with compassion and curiosity. The next 365 days are waiting to be filled with love, open communication and deep connection. This is the perfect time to let go of how you think your relationships should be, and embrace the potential of what they could become. Welcome, 2019!
January 4, 2019
SLEEP: Is Your Foundation Solid?
Sleep may not be at the forefront of your thoughts on the eve of the new year — but how about making 2019 your Year of Better Sleep? Actually, it’s an all around life hack. If you commit to improving the quality and duration of your sleep throughout the year, any other resolutions you want to stick to will become easier. Why? Because sleep makes you more productive, more resilient, and increases your chances of making good decisions. The effects of even mild sleep deprivation cannot be underestimated, but lots of us place the blame on other aspects of our lifestyle before we consider whether the hours we spend (or don’t spend) asleep might be responsible for some of our day to day problems. So — happy new year and happy snoozing!
January 2, 2019
MEDITATION FACT: What Does Harvard Say?
Do you struggle with tense personal relationships, or find yourself getting frustrated frequently at work? If conflict and irritation is the norm for you, it’s worth considering that other people might not be to blame. You don’t have to be impatient and irritable. Research from Harvard University shows that a regular meditation practice — even for just a few minutes a day — can make you behave more kindly towards other people. This is because meditation heightens your sense of compassion and empathy; it becomes easier for you to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and realize that they’re not trying to annoy you. And the more you meditate, the more likely you’ll be Teflon to negativity. The result for you? You’ll feel better about yourself and you’ll connect better with other people. Source:
January 2, 2019
STRESS RELIEF: #1 Anecdote That Works!
STRESS RELIEF: Feeling stressed? A lot? Every day? Every hour, even? Don’t worry — you’re not alone. But you don’t have to feel this way. A simple solution for stress which works in the short term but can actually have long term positive implications for the levels of stress hormones in your body is: laughter! Head to YouTube and watch some standup — if no comedian springs to mind, we recommend Judah Friedlander or Dave Chapelle. Or download comedy podcasts to your phone and listen on your way to work. Studies show that laughter reduces stress, promotes good health and even helps to manage physical pain. It stimulates the production of chemicals in your brain which make you feel happier; and by laughing at least twice a day, even when you’re not feeling great, you can use these chemicals to counter the effects of stress hormones in your body. Source:
January 1, 2019
YOUR BODY: Short vs Long Term
YOUR BODY: It’s easy to think about health and fitness in terms of right now. In terms of how our bodies look, how attractive we are, and how much weight we can lift. But what about the long term? Thinking about your body in the future is less popular because…well, who wants to think about their bodies in 40 or 50 years time?! But actually, focusing on sustainable and long term health can motivate you to create habits which will stay with you for the rest of your life. Is the food you’re eating now really giving you the fuel you need to function well long term? Are you focusing on a short, intense period of working out or dieting to achieve a short term goal — or do you want to build a diet and exercise regime that will make you feel and look good for years to come?
December 31, 2018
YOUR CAREER: This Principle Pays Back
YOUR CAREER: Billionaire entrepreneur Charlie Munger says that the “safest way to try and get what you want is to try and deserve what you want.” What does that mean? In essence, it means you need to give before you receive; be generous, share what you can with the world, and in doing so you’ll win the trust and respect of the people you come into contact with. And that will come back to you. Those people you helped will be happy to help you when they can, and they’ll think of you when opportunities arise that they know you’d be perfect for. Whether you call it karma, the law of attraction, reaping what you sow or just common sense — it doesn’t matter. Help where you can and you get back as much, if not more than you give. Source:
December 31, 2018
YOUR MINDSET: Why Clarity is Important
YOUR MINDSET: What does clarity mean to you? Clarity is important in a short term, micro sense and in a long term, macro sense. In this moment right now, conscious awareness helps you to see things as they are. It cuts through delusions and illusions and gives you the space to recognize what’s working and what isn’t. And in the long term, clarity allows you to see what you’re aiming for, what you want to achieve, and develop a solid plan for getting there. Being clear about what you want means that you can take purposeful steps into the future. So get clear! Use the tools available to you, including meditation and writing, to identify what’s most important to you and plan your route to success in all areas of life.
December 26, 2018
Happy Holidays from Meditate.Awake! What is this time of year really about, if not love? Forget about the daily grind today. Relinquish responsibility for the pressures in your life, whatever they may be. And love the people you’re with. This can be easier said than done — lots of us struggle as we reunite with rarely-seen relatives today and negotiate undercurrents of tension. But whether you are spending the day with people you get with easily, or whether you’re dealing with more difficult relationships; love them. Love the people you’re with. Drop the conditions and just love them. Know that you can disagree with them and still love them. You can be the one who steps up and sees beyond past conflict and stress. You might find that you feel some of that love being directed right back at you.
December 26, 2018
YOUR SLEEP: What You Need to Know About Your Sleep Cycles
You’ve probably heard that there are different stages of sleep — but do you know what those stages are and why each one of them is important? The five stages are build one on another starting with light sleep; then deeper sleep, when eye movement reduces and the brain waves slow down; then even deeper delta sleep; then continued deep delta sleep; and finally, REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. All of these stages make up a complete sleep cycle which usually takes between 90-120 minutes to complete. Good quality uninterrupted sleep is vital because each stage plays a unique part in restoring the body’s energy and promoting healing processes. A good night’s sleep typical include 4-5 complete cycles! Get to know your sleep cycles and give your body the time it needs to rest.
December 26, 2018
MEDITATION PRACTICE: Affects on the Brain
Studies which use brain imaging to look at what happens to the brain while meditating have shown that meditation can actually change the brain physically in a number of different ways. One such change is an increase in tissue in the brain region that regulates impulse control and concentration. Seriously. The part of your brain that helps you focus and make good, considered decisions gets bigger when you meditate. That gives a whole new meaning to personal growth, doesn’t it? Meditation doesn’t just help you grow on an emotional level, it expands important brain areas physically too. If you struggle to commit to a meditation practice, there’s some concrete motivation straight from the research labs of neuroscientists! Source:
December 26, 2018
STRESS RELIEF: How to Break Through Your Comfort Zome
Sometimes, to get out of a stressed, anxious headspace, the best thing to do is something completely out of your comfort zone. Think of it like this: our stress is relative. People who are financially secure, for example, might be more likely to worry about the details when people on the poverty line might be worried about how they’ll put the next meal on the table. This isn’t meant to minimize the validity of your stress, but just to point out that the things that get to us are relative to our overall security, health, and comfort in life. So if you’re struggling with stress, do something that scares you. Gain perspective by going beyond your current level of comfort. You might have experienced this kind of perspective before; for example, traveling in a country where you don’t speak the language, and realizing that getting by at home in your own language is actually very simple in comparison.
December 26, 2018
YOUR BODY: Is Food Important?
A vast number of men try to exercise their way to fitness, thinking that by training hard they can override the importance of healthy eating. This was the preferred method of Kevin Curry — now a men’s nutrition guru — before he realized that it just wasn’t possible to get the body he wanted without changing what he ate. “Our bodies are built in the kitchen,” he says, and “sculpted in the gym”. And if you avoid eating well because you think it won’t taste as good…you couldn’t be more wrong. By educating yourself on food, just as Curry did, you can enter into a whole new world of eating in which you can become healthy and fit and eat tasty, nourishing food — instead of tasty almost-but-not-quite-food devoid of nutritional value. Source:
December 26, 2018
YOUR MINDSET: Use this Concentration Technique!
MINDSET: For those moments when you need to regain your focus and mental clarity quickly, use this practice — inspired by a traditional Indian technique called Trataka. You’ll need a flame; it could be a match, a lighter, or a candle. Light the flame and then place it down or hold it at arms length in front of you. Focus your eyes on the flame. Don’t look away, and don’t blink. Keep your gaze on the flame until your eyes are watering and you really have to close them. And then when you close your eyes spend a few moments noticing the colors and shapes that you see in the darkness behind the eyelids. As well as improving concentration this technique is thought to help keep your eyes healthy, and it has a calming effect on an overstimulated mind.
December 26, 2018
YOUR SLEEP: Why to Avoid Common Disruptors
In today’s world there are many things affecting our sleep, hear some of them and why it’s important to avoid them!
December 26, 2018
MEDITATION PRACTICE: How Attachment Holds You Back
In this episode you’ll hear the effect of attachments and a practical way that you can harness more gratitude through simple awareness!
December 26, 2018
STRESS RELIEF: Practical & Effective Tip
In this episode you will hear how the power of choice can break you out of that stressful and repetitive loop. Try it the next time you’re in a stress loop!
December 26, 2018
YOUR BODY: Express vs Suppress
Hear how expressing your natural emotion and inclinations differ from suppressing them and how finding outlets can be positive things in your life!
December 26, 2018
STRESS RELIEF! Hold On vs. Move On :)
Move on instead of holding on. When we’re stressed out we hold on tight to everything we can. We create more and more tension in our minds and bodies — it builds, and builds, and on and on; and we get wound up so tight that we can’t see anything clearly. So instead of holding on, move on. Take a deep breath and make the conscious decision to let go of physical tension. The body relaxes. The chest opens and expands. Take another deep breath and make the conscious decision to let go of mental tension. Moving on is very different from giving up. By deciding not to hold on to your stresses and struggles you move yourself into a more flexible state of mind and from there, you can assess the challenges you face with calm and clarity.
December 26, 2018
CAREER: The Shame Effect
Shame is one of those things that can be underlying our limits. So whether we seek to have a better career, make more money, or find a deeper purpose that serves humanity - hear how shame can play it’s part to hold you back!
December 26, 2018
MENTAL CLARITY: Affect of Quiet
Often times the understanding we seek can come in different ways. Hear how “quiet” can be the gateway to a deeper understanding!
December 26, 2018
LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS: Affect of Waiting
Often we wait for things to change before we make decisions that will improve our relationships with others. Here are the effect of waiting and what you can do to bring about what you want most!
December 26, 2018
SLEEP: Food Tip
The foods we eat I have a direct effect on our sleep and I sleep influences the food to eat. What do you need to know to feel better in your daily life!
December 26, 2018
You were meditation practice is yours. Trying to fit yourself into somebody else’s habits and routines may not always work, that’s why you will benefit from finding the meditation practice that works for you. Meditating in the morning is often beneficial so see what time, what style and what way meditation can help support your life!
December 26, 2018
STRESS RELIEF: How laughter helps
It’s easy to get absorbed in our lives and focus so much attention to our thoughts, this is one way that you can snap yourself out of it and come back to the present moment with laughter.
December 26, 2018
CAREER: Is this holding you back?
In this episode hear how failure can be used as an asset and fear can be used as fuel for your future!
December 20, 2018
LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS: Insight for you
In this episode you’ll learn how mindfulness can arm you with certain “superpowers” that allow you to have more for filling and loving connections with those about you!
December 20, 2018
SLEEP: How To Lucid Dream (Tip)
In this episode you get a very practical tip on how to start being aware that you’re dreaming and experience seeing the benefits of lucid dreaming for yourself. Try it tonight!
December 20, 2018
MEDITATION INSIGHT: What it is... and isn’t.
In this episode you’ll learn what meditation is and is not, and pick up a practical way to apply it in every day life!
December 20, 2018
MENTAL CLARITY: Your Insight for Success
For mental clarity and the ability to focus, you’ll learn why less is more!
December 20, 2018
PHYSICAL HEALTH: What’s Food For You?
Asking yourself a few simple questions can really help with your relationship with food, which will have many benefits to your overall!
December 20, 2018
STRESS RELIEF: Practical Tip
How being around others can actually help you reduce stress!
December 20, 2018
The right foods go a long way to feeling healthy. How to figure out the foods that are right for you.
December 17, 2018
CAREER: Two Tips For Success
What Creativity and Risk have to do with your success.
December 13, 2018
MENTAL CLARITY: A practical tip to improve your clarity in everyday life
I was walking down the street and was practicing a technique I use quite often to soften my perspective and increase my awareness, so I thought I’d record it for you. Please forgive the background noise as I wanted to capture it in the moment, and at the moment I was walking through Santa Monica :)
December 9, 2018
Some easy ways to reduce your stress and get back in life.
December 5, 2018
Relationships: crack codependency and bring curiosity into disagreements to free yourself.
Taking a step back and asking the right questions can stop a bad situation from getting worse and set yourself up for healthier conversations with your partner.
December 5, 2018
SLEEP: What You Need To Know
Being aware of this aspect of sleep can greatly improve your performance and quality of life. Enjoy!
December 2, 2018
This simple daily practice will help you focus and achieve better mental clarity so YOU can unlock your life and tap into deep purpose and connection.
December 2, 2018
Sleep Better and Wake Up Easier With These 2 Tips!
Sleep is such an important part of a balanced & awake life. Here i touch on two things you can do today to help you unplug and fall asleep faster as well as wake up easier in the morning. Try it today!
November 28, 2018
Feeling stressed?? This quick exercise will get you back on track.
We all get knocked off center sometimes. This is a quick and effective way to reset. Find a place where you have 2-3 minutes to not be bothered and give it a shot... what do you have to lose besides stress??
November 27, 2018
Unlock Your Career With This Tip
Today’s clip combines insight and action to help you unlock your career with deeper purpose.
November 26, 2018
This is key to your physical health.
Balance is important to help your body stay fit and healthy!
November 24, 2018
ACTION: Change Your Reality in 5 Min!
Gratitude in action. Notice what happens when gratitude fills your awareness in just 5 minutes!
November 22, 2018
This Secret Unlocks Success!
Malcolm Gladwell writes that “Practice isn’t the thing you do once you’re good. It’s the thing you do that makes you good.” To get where you want to go in life you have to start practicing now. Today. If you save your dedication and focus for when you are successful, you’ll never be successful. Listen to hear more!
November 21, 2018
How Living Awake Works for YOU
Often times I say “Bring meditation to life” and this story illustrates just how that looks like in life. Meditation is the foundation, one side of a triangle, with the other to sides being “insight” and “action”.
November 18, 2018
One Of The Greatest Challenges Men Face
In this episode I talk about the challenges and opportunity for emotional growth and the effect it has on mental health and personal relationships.
November 12, 2018
What you need to know about awake living!
Today’s message explains what awake living is and offers some insight to help you relax and reframe your experience to approach life more fully.
November 10, 2018
Negative thoughts? Listen to this!
Do you get swept up in negative make believe you create for yourself? We all have some version of hypnotic thinking that takes us away.
October 18, 2018
Meditation is more than this
Why to look at meditation as more than an escape from daily life.
September 9, 2018
This is the Key to Happiness
Sorry for the Santa Monica background noise, but I was feeling inspired by the moon!
August 23, 2018
Why I created Meditate Awake
Why Meditate Awake was created and the Network of Awakening Minds
August 20, 2018
What you need to know about Peripheral awareness
I tell you how peripheral awareness opens up your practice and share an old saying that transcends time!
July 7, 2018
3 Freedom Tips on July 4th
In honor of Independence Day, I offer 3 easy tips to make your day more free.
July 4, 2018
What is Awake Living?
The blueprint for awake living.
May 15, 2018
Tip for the Negativity Trap
Something to remember in this world full of messages, not all of them positive. Keep this in mind and you'll be free!
April 30, 2018
Feel stressed? Try this!
A quick tip to try when you’re feeling stressed!
April 19, 2018
How Not Complaining Will Change Everything
In as little as 20 days you can turn from negative to positive, it’s simple but not easy. But the impact on your inner life will be worth it.
April 4, 2018
The #1 secret to your success
Negativity can be destructive to success. Hear how to be free and rise to the top!
March 26, 2018
Top tip to unwind
Learn these tips to prevent sleepless nights and recharge your batteries night and day
March 8, 2018
How to cure negativity
In this episode I share with you a little bit about my past and how meditation has helped me dissolve negativity.
February 8, 2018
Creating space creates balance
In this episode I share what’s happening in my life and how creating space gives me the balance I need to have a productive day.
February 7, 2018
Nighttime sleep helper
Listen to this to help get to sleep or just relax after a long day
February 2, 2018
How Being Boring Benefits You
in this episode I share how telling the boring daily things of your life will connect you to your friends and open up a new relationship with how you communicate.
January 27, 2018
Success consciousness debunked
Success consciousness debunked
January 24, 2018
Power of emotional detachment
In this episode I talk about the secret of emotional detachment and why it holds the key to freedom in your life.
January 24, 2018
Power of a positive mindset
After listening to this episode you’ll understand the power of a positive mindset and how to apply it to your life to get more out of every situation.
January 24, 2018
Successful people habits for u
In this episode I share the habits of successful people and their morning routine that you can do to bring success in your own life.
January 24, 2018
12 Tips to overcome laziness
Here I share 12 tips to overcome laziness, feel free to use one or all of them. It’s really helped me - even in the creation of meditate awake. I know it will help you, give it a try!
January 23, 2018
Simple but not always easy, I share with you four things that I did that help me be Teflon for today.
January 22, 2018
20 Minutes Changes Everything
20 minute mornings change everything
January 20, 2018
HOW TO MEDITATE: keeping focus
In this episode I answer the question of how to keep focus and attention when meditating, what that means, and some practical tips to save you from drifting during your meditation.
January 14, 2018
Have you ever wondered how to breathe during meditation? Well, take a listen and find out more.
January 11, 2018
TIME SAVER: Top Passages
TIME SAVER is a series that brings you top passages from the best books so you can experience the highlights of some of the best authors. Passages will be thought provoking, motivational, funny, educational, and always with the purpose of supporting a positive, awake life.
January 4, 2018
January 3, 2018
In this episode Erik shares how and why to create a point of reference so you don’t miss out on what’s happening now.
January 3, 2018
Happy NYE, thanks for 2017!
Have a safe and fun New Year
December 31, 2017
December 29, 2017
5 Reasons Goal Setting Is Important
December 30, 2017
H.A.L.T. For The Holidays
Hungry Angry Lonely Tired... four filters to scan your experience and get calibrated during the your day. Get the extra support you need when you’re around family, friends, or coworkers by supporting yourself with the H.A.L.T. test.
December 22, 2017
Holiday Season Serenity Tip
This way of looking at holiday family interactions will help free you from unmet expectations and hurt feelings.
December 21, 2017
Watch for these 5 hindrances
These 5 obstacles may try to stop you, so being aware of them can help you move on and practice.
December 20, 2017
Should I meditate before bed?
So does meditating at night make a difference, what if I already meditate in the morning, does doing it before bed have benefits? This will answer that question and more.
December 18, 2017
6 To-Do’s For Every Meditator
The 6 Things To Do Before Meditating • The 6 Things To Do Before Meditating • The 6 Things To Do Before Meditating
December 8, 2017
5 Meditation Myths Busted 4 U
5 Meditation Myths Busted For You • 5 Meditation Myths Busted For You • 5 Meditation Myths Busted For You
December 8, 2017
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