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Meet Me in Isaiah

Meet Me in Isaiah

By Marnie Clark
Meet Jesus in the pages of the Old Testament book of Isaiah. Hear how God’s story of redemption unfolds from the prophecy of Jesus, around 700 years before His birth.
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Isaiah 52 with Jenny Galey

Meet Me in Isaiah

Isaiah 40:31 with Life Coach, Taylar Posey
Join in our conversation with Taylar Posey, school administrator and life coach, who recently started Forty:Thirty-One Life Coaching and Consulting, LLC. We dive into Taylar's favorite verse, Isaiah 40:31.   For your own study: Isaiah 61 Philippians 4:13 Ephesians 2:4-10
September 02, 2022
Meet Jesus in Isaiah - Our Living Water
Highlighting Jesus in Isaiah 44:1-4, John 4:10, and John 7:37-39
July 20, 2022
Meet Jesus in Isaiah - Our Robe of Righteousness
Highlighting Jesus in Isaiah 61:10, Zechariah 3, and Luke 15:11-32. See also Isaiah 64:6.
May 26, 2022
Meet Jesus in Isaiah - Our Passover Lamb
Prophecies of the crucifixion in Isaiah 53:5-6 and Psalms 34:20 come alive in John 19:32-34. Read Exodus 12:46 and John 1:29 to see Jesus as our Passover Lamb.
April 16, 2022
Meet Jesus in Isaiah Devotional: “Don’t Cheat Yourself”
Highlighting Jesus in Isaiah 53:11-12 and Romans 8:31-34.
April 04, 2022
Isaiah 40 with Cathy Stolle
Cathy Stolle shares an encounter she has with Jesus after an excruciatingly painful season of waiting. See Isaiah 40:3-5, 11, 27-31
March 28, 2022
Meet Jesus in Isaiah Devotional: “If We Really Knew Him”
Enjoy this 5 minute devotional that highlights Jesus from Isaiah 55:1 and John 4:10.
March 18, 2022
Meet Jesus in Isaiah Devotional - “He Understands”
Meet Jesus in this five minute devotional that highlights the fulfillment of Isaiah 53:7 in Matthew 27:12-13.
March 03, 2022
Meet Jenny Waltman with Grace Klein Community
Do you ever feel like you are the wrong person for the task in front of you? Jenny Waltman, founder of Grace Klein Community and author of God Chose the Wrong Person, has some powerful encouragement for you!  You can purchase Jenny's book online at the If you want to be a food rescue hero then download the FeedBHM app to get started.  For your personal study:  Isaiah 50:10-11 Isaiah 42:16
February 26, 2022
Meet Brooke Gamble with New Chapter Life Coaching
Meet Brooke Gamble with New Chapter Life Coaching! Brooke is a life coach specializing in stress and anxiety management. She shares with us how she sees Jesus in Isaiah 40:27-31, especially in light of her COVID hospitalization. 
January 29, 2022
Meet Rachel Gunn with Seeds of Impact
Meet Rachel Gunn of Seeds of Impact! Rachel shares the hope of Isaiah 61 and encourages us to walk confidently in our calling as parents through the good news of grace. Learn how to support the Seeds of Impact effort by visiting For your own study: Isaiah 61 Luke 4:16-21
December 13, 2021
Meet Lisa Ripp with Grace Klein Community
Please enjoy this inspiring testimony from our good friend, Lisa Ripp, Event Coordinator and Community Liaison for Grace Klein Community. You can partner with Grace Klein Community and be a food rescue hero with #FeedBHM:  Download the app! Lisa shares how we can have sanctuary in the presence of God no matter where we are. For your own study: Isaiah 49:14-16 Psalm 139
December 01, 2021
Meet Anna Nash: Christmas and Isaiah
Meet speaker, author, coach and connector... Anna Nash! She is the founder and director of Beacon People and co-author of Christmas Matters with Katy Shelton. You guessed it...the birth of Christ is foretold in Isaiah! Anna highlights the references to Isaiah in her new book, Christmas Matters. Isaiah 9:6 Isaiah 40:3
November 11, 2021
Isaiah 52 with Jenny Galey
Are you overwhelmed? Tune in to this episode to hear Marnie's interview with her sister, Jenny Galey. She is the author of Designer's Prayer Closet. Jenny shares the heart behind her book, which is to help Christians walk out our faith, even when we feel stuck.  Isaiah 52:1-3
November 03, 2021
Isaiah 61 with Nicole Segars
In this episode, Marnie Clark talks with Nicole Segars as she shares her miraculous encounter with Jesus that changed everything.  For your own study: Isaiah 61:1-3
October 25, 2021
No Judgment Here
In this episode, Marnie Clark interviews a very special guest - her daughter! Ashley Brooke and Marnie discuss the challenge of withholding judgment in everyday life.  For further study:  Isaiah 11:1-4  Zechariah 3  John 4:5-42 Isaiah 53 Mark 15:21-39
September 18, 2021
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September 06, 2021