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MEF Personal Data & Identity White Paper ‘Identity & Authentication Today’
As the second instalment of the Personal Data & Identity Programme’s White Paper ‘Identity & Authentication Today’ is released Wednesday 14th October 2020, we have a MEF Briefing webinar taking place where our guests xconnect, Mvine and Trunomi and MEF drill down to some detail in the document that tries to define the Identity ‘problem’ as we understand it, examines and explains the relevant rudiments of today’s Identity & Authentication sector that businesses need to understand to enable them to optimise their existing IAM processes to best effect,  as well as supplying practical, real-world steps and advice on how best they might achieve this.
November 11, 2020
The MEFcast: Omnichannel in the contact centre - real world lessons
Ominchannel is sweeping through the business world. Every company knows it has to give customers the full range of communications channels – and to make sure those channels are linked. Last week’s MEF webinar looked at how this revolution is changing the contact centre.  MEF hosted a webinar on the topic. Taking part were: Mathias Muehlfelder, Senior Director of Product Management, Syniverse Tom Barkan, Director of Product Management, Voice & Conversations, Vonage Tim Green, MEF
June 4, 2020
The MEFcast: What can companies do to optimise Identity Management?
Iain McCallum, mobile industry veteran and MEF Advisor is joined by MEF and PD&I Working Group Members Boku, Boloro and xConnect to discuss online identity and the practical steps enterprises can take to optimise the balance between security and a streamlined UX. Speakers Stuart Neal, the Chief Business Officer,  Boku Karl Kilb the CEO, Boloro  Lee Suker, the Market Development Director, xConnect
May 6, 2020
The MEFcast: Covid-19, Personal Data and Privacy
On April 14th 2020, MEF hosted a webinar – Covid-19, Personal Data and Privacy – to discuss the challenges and the opportunities the mobile ecosystem is facing during this unprecedented and deadly world crisis. The three experts sharing their insights were: Julian Ranger, Chairman and Founder –; Daniele Mensi, MEF Blockchain Advisor, EU president – Blockcerts; Andrew Bud, MEF Chairman, CEO – iProov.
April 29, 2020
The MEFcast: The resurgence of SIM SWAP? Fighting Back
MEF hosted a webinar to discuss SIM Swap and the best ways to tackle it.   The speakers were:  Allister Fraser – BT/EE, Senior Product Manager Fabien Delanaud – Myriad Group, CEO Willem Marais – Bank security consultant based in South Africa
February 20, 2020
The MEFCast - Setting a roadmap for VAS in the 20s
The potential of e-sports. The rise of B2B2C. The challenge of balancing regulation with the freedom to innovate. There was much to discuss in a webinar that looked ahead to the future of mobile VAS... In this MEF  webinar hear from an expert panel consisting of : Anzelle Robertson, Business Development, Sam Media Bola Afuye, Head of Digital Services, 9 Mobile Christopher Henseler, Operations Director Central Europe, Telecoming Teniola Stuffman, Business Development Director, VAS2Nets Group Tim Green - MEF
February 10, 2020
The MEFcast: Machine learning in enterprise communications
Industry stakeholders are fighting a war against spam and other traffic that undermines the messaging channel. Their traditional weapons are firewalls and filters. Could artificial intelligence offer a new line of defence? MEF convened a webinar to discuss the topic. MEF is leading the charge against fraud and spam in messaging. To explore the potential of AI to tackle the problem, we scheduled a webinar titled: “The role of machine learning in enterprise communications.” The two speakers were: Surash Patel, General Manager Messaging and VP, RealNetworks Chris Galdun, VP of Messaging Solutions, Syniverse Find out more
January 28, 2020
The MEFcast - Mobile ad fraud: the scale, the scams, the fightback
Global app install ad spend could hit $51 billion this year. Fraudsters want some of that money. Regrettably, they will succeed. Is there anything the industry can do to defend itself? In a MEF webinar, two experts from Oordeoo and Freenet Digital assess the scale of the problem and the best ways to counter attack… Visit site
January 28, 2020
MEF IoT Podcast: Mobile IoT Security and Roaming
IoT is among us already, and mobile use cases are also becoming more common. However, the industry agrees that some fundamental issues still need to be understood by enterprises or solved by the industry.  MEF IoT advisor Andrew Parkin-White explores the issues of international connectivity and security with an expert panel comprising Graham Hart-Ives, Head of IoT Sales, JT Global, Stephen Fitzpatrick, VP IoT, Cellusys and Gerrit Jan Konijnenberg, advisor to MEF.
January 28, 2020
MEF IoT Podcast | Maximising the Opportunity for Global IoT Connectivity
International IoT connectivity is emerging as a key requirement for global enterprises and is set for strong growth over the next five years. Key verticals including automotive, aviation and transport and logistics are looking to MNOs and MVNOs to meet their connectivity needs across global markets. Network technologies are evolving to offer better IoT solutions but it is not yet clear whether these technologies are optimised for IoT roaming. In this webinar, we will explore a number of issues relating to the opportunities and challenges of offering global connectivity for IoT. Andrew Parkin-White, MEF Advisor on Mobile IoT will be joined by an expert panel including Tata Communications and Pod Group to explore these issues.  Key questions:  What are the evolving needs of enterprises for global connectivity and where is the market opportunity?  How are MNOs and other players facing the challenges in offering IoT roaming solutions? Are they able to exploit market potential? Do we have the right network technologies in place to deliver seamless IoT roaming?  Are Embedded SIM and Remote SIM provisioning solutions an alternative to roaming?  Speakers: Alistair Elliot - CEO Services Pod Group  Andrew Parkin-White - IoT Advisor MEF  Kim Bybjerg - VP IoT and Mobility, Tata Communications  Sam Barker - Senior Analyst Juniper Research
January 28, 2020