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The Mindful Podcast

The Mindful Podcast

By Meghan DiRenzo
"Focusing one's awareness on the present moment, especially as part of a therapeutic or meditative technique."
This podcast is a space where we talk about all things beauty, fashion, current events, and more!
~Tune into your body and be mindful~
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49. It's Time to Start Thinking About Your Higher Self
In this weeks episode Meghan gives you a huge life update on where she's been and what she's up to. She is TIRED of stressing herself out and feeling anxious in situations she doesn't have to feel. Meghan gives you some advise on how to avoid stressful times by thinking about your future self. In other words, what would your higher self want you to do/feel? Listen to this episode to find out more on what this all means! Instagrams: @the_mindful_pod and @megdirenzo
May 16, 2022
48. How to Set Your Week Up For Success
In this episode, Meghan brings you along her Sunday routine that sets her up for success throughout the rest of the week! Taking control of your Sunday will help you avoid those Sunday scaries and enter a week of motivation and drive. Instagram: @the_mindful_pod and @megdirenzo
April 04, 2022
47. Unhealthy Habits I'm Leaving Behind
In this episode, Meghan talks all about the unhealthy habits she is leaving behind! These habits range from insecurities, health, and confidence.  Instagram: @the_mindful_pod and @megdirenzo
March 21, 2022
46. What is Toxic Positivity?
In this episode, Meghan shares her experience with toxic positivity and ways to avoid it. She shares about the times that she has experienced it in her personal life and when she has experienced it with others.  Instagram: @the_mindful_pod @megdirenzo
February 28, 2022
45. 10 Healthy Habits That Have Changed my Life
In this weeks episode, I tell you about some of the healthy habits I have established in my life that have truly helped me! From drinking more water to cutting out negativity in my life, I will tell you the most important habits I do every day.  Instagram: @the_mindful_pod and @megdirenzo
January 24, 2022
44. My Sunday Reset Routine
In this weeks episode, I walk you through my Sunday Reset check list. This is crucial in my Sunday routine. This is the best way to set my week up for success! These are one of my favorite podcasts to listen to because they inspire and motivate me so much and I hope this episode does the same for you too!  Instagram: @the_mindful_pod and @megdirenzo 
January 10, 2022
43. My 2022 Goals + Create My Dream Board With Me
In this weeks episode we are manifesting love, positivity, health and wellness for 2022! I talk all about my goals for 2022 and how we can create our dream boards.  Instagram: @megdirenzo @the_mindful_pod
January 03, 2022
42. Lessons I've Learned from 2021
In this weeks episode I told you 10 lessons I've learned from 2021. These are lessons that have made me into the person I am presently and they have taught me so much about myself. What lessons have you learned this year? Instagram: @the_mindful_pod @megdirenzo
December 14, 2021
41. Is Self-Identity Determined by the Perception of Others?
In this weeks episode, I spoke on my thoughts and opinions of how self-identity can be determined by the perception of others. I know we can all fall into this mindset but I shared a few of my experiences and tips of how I started to stop caring about the perception of others and focused on what makes me, me. Instagram: @the_mindful_pod and @megdirenzo
November 29, 2021
40. How to Adapt to Change
In this weeks episode, I talk all about how we can adapt to difficult change that may be inevitable to happen! We have all been there when we feel like we are stuck or our lives are at pause, but changing our perspective on change can be super beneficial in how we live our lives.  Instagrams: @the_mindful_pod and @megdirenzo
November 15, 2021
39. Prioritize What's Important
In this week's episode, I talk all about why we should prioritize ourselves and what matters to us! I come up with three different ways we can find out what we need to prioritize and how we can work on those things within our every day lives.  Instagrams: @the_mindful_pod and @megdirenzo
October 25, 2021
38. 7 Tips to Become the Main Character|Be the Best Version of Yourself
In this episode, I give you 7 tips on how you can become the main character in your life because YOU ARE the main character in your life! It is time for us to become the best versions of ourselves that we have always dreamt of being. Listen to this episode whenever you need a reminder that you ARE the baddest main character. Instagrams: @the_mindful_pod @megdirenzo
October 11, 2021
37. 24 Things I’ve learned in 24 Years
In this week's episode, I tell you 24 things I've learned in 24 years. These are personal things that I have learned about myself or just about life in general. These are my favorite episodes to listen to, and I hope this one is your favorite too!  Instagrams: @megdirenzo @the_mindful_pod
September 27, 2021
36. Don't be Afraid to Quit With Mallory Defeo | College Athlete, Advice, + More!
In this episode, we chat all about making life choices and why quitting and trying something new can be intimidating and beneficial! Having confidence in making the best decision that works for YOU is important. Yes, outside opinions will be there, but it is up to you to do what's best for you! Instagram: @the_mindful_pod and @megdirenzo
September 06, 2021
35. Success is a Mindset
In this episode, I talk all about why success is just a mindset. I believe success is not based on materialistic items like, what kind of car someone drives, how big their house is, or how much money someone makes. I believe success is measured on how happy you are in your present stage in life and if you are truly enjoying what you are currently doing. Success can mean so many different things to so many people, but listen to this episode to listen to what my definition of success is! Instagram: @the_mindful_pod and @megdirenzo
August 23, 2021
34. Stop Worrying About the Uncertainty
In this weeks episode, I talk all about why we need to take a rest and stop worrying about the uncertainty. This can stop us from living our lives and only hold us back with anxiousness and stress! Let's chat about how we can teach ourselves to rest and be proud of ourselves!! Instagram: @the_mindful_pod and @megdirenzo
August 02, 2021
33. It's OK to Take a Mental Health Day
In this episode, I chat all about why it is so important taking a mental health day. We need to start loving ourselves more and doing what makes us the happiest when we most need it. I listed 6 things that I do when I am dealing with anxiety. These 6 things have helped me so much and I hope this inspires you to take a mental health day and feel good!  Podcast Instagram: @the_mindful_pod Instagram: @megdirenzo
July 05, 2021
32. Life Updates + Current Favorites
In this episode, I chat all about my current favs and some exciting life updates! This types of podcast episodes are always my favorite, so I thought it would be fun for all of you to listen to. Let me know what your current favs are! xoxo Instagrams: @the_mindful_pod and @megdirenzo
June 14, 2021
31. My Summer Bucket List
In this week's episode, I share all of my fun summer bucket list ideas! I don't know about you guys, but I am so excited for summer and spending quality time with my loved ones! Listen to this episode to get inspired by fun and affordable ways to have the best summer. Instagram: @the_mindful_pod and @megdirenzo
June 07, 2021
30. Create a Healthy Lifestyle That Works For YOU!
In this episode, I talk all about what is the foundation in creating the best healthy lifestyle for you. A healthy lifestyle can have many different definitions! Listen to what I think is the most important thing to establish for all healthy lifestyles. Instagram: @the_mindful_pod and @megdirenzo
May 31, 2021
29. My Top 10 Summer Goals | Let's Get Motivated!
In this episode, I talk all about my top 10 summer goals. I love the summer. It truly inspires me and motivates me to try new things and get creative! I hope as you listen to this episode, you are inspired to create your own summer goals list and work towards something that you've always wanted to! instagram: @the_mindful_pod and @megdirenzo
May 23, 2021
28. Meet Talya Pimentel | Working for First Aid Beauty, Side Hustles + More!
Talya and I chat all about her small Etsy business and working as a Junior Packaging and Print Designer at First Aid Beauty. Her inspirations has truly shaped her into the ultimate Girl Boss. Listen to hear all about her artsy life! Talya's Etsy: @bluedisco Talya's Instagram: @talyapimentel My Podcast Instagram: @the_mindful_pod Personal Instagram: @megdirenzo
May 17, 2021
27. Finding Balance + Avoiding Burnout
Finding balance and avoiding burnout is so crucial to a happy life. I know I can struggle with burnout sometimes so I decided this episode on what helps me will be a great listen for you guys! Let me know what you think! Instagram: megdirenzo and the_mindful_pod
May 12, 2021
26. How to Let Go + Move On | Learning the Lesson Behind it
In this episode, I talk all about how to let go and move on from a situation that could potentially be holding you back. I promise you will end up having the strength and courage to let go and move on from anything that doesn’t have a purpose in your life anymore. Remember that everything in your life had a purpose at one point and with that comes a life lesson that you will take with you to your next step / path in your life. instagram: @the_mindful_pod and @megdirenzo
May 03, 2021
25. Who Cares What Others Think!! | Live YOUR Best Life
In this episode, I talk all about the importance in why living the life YOU want!! It can be so easy to care about others perceptions and opinions but what truly matters, is how we percieve ourselves.  Instagram: the_mindful_pod + megdirenzo
April 26, 2021
24. When You Feel Lost | Not Giving up, Motivation, + Tips
In this episode, I talk all about the phrases and quotes that have helped me get through the toughest challenges in my life. My biggest take away from this episode is to not give up on yourself, believe that the universe has the best intention for you, and you WILL reach your end goal. I promise. Instagram: the_mindful_pod and megdirenzo
April 19, 2021
23. Body Positivity | "Instagram vs. Reality"
In this episode, I chat all about why body positivity is so important. We need to remind ourselves that we are BEAUTIFUL! I share my body image story and how that lead me into the process of almost reaching complete body positivity and body confidence.  Podcast Instagram: the_mindful_pod Instagram: megdirenzo
April 12, 2021
22. What I Wish I Knew Before College
In this weeks episode, I talk about some things I wish I knew before college. We all know college is a huge transition point in our life, so here is some of the things I wish I knew before my freshman year! Let me know what you think. Instagram: the_mindful_pod Personal Instagram: megdirenzo
April 05, 2021
21: My ~Socially Distanced~ Spring Bucket List
In this episode, I talk about some fun and cool things to do in the spring time! I wanted to make sure everything I mentioned can be done while socially distancing because it is so important to keep you and everyone around you safe. Try some of these things out and let me know what you think! Instagram: megdirenzo Podcast Instagram: the_mindful_pod
March 29, 2021
20: From Suburb to City, Meet Courtney Gagner! | Working for Gucci, NYC Internships, + More!
In this episode, Courtney joins me to talk all about her fun and fashionable life in NYC. We chat about her internships that have taught her so much about the different aspects of the fashion world and what it's like moving from a small suburban town, to New York City.  Courtney's instagram: @courtneygagner My instagram: @megdirenzo Podcast Instagram: @the_mindful_pod
March 22, 2021
19: 6 Habits That Have Changed My Life
In this episode, I talk about the habits that have changed my life. Establishing habits into my every day routine has made me a happier and healthier person. Let me know which habits you have established into your every day routines! Podcast Instagram: @the_mindful_pod Personal Instagram: @megdirenzo
March 15, 2021
18: Meet My Twin Sister Brianna! | Funny Stories + Q&A
In this episode, Brianna and I talk about our twin relationship, funny stories, and answer some of your questions! This was a fun one to record and it was a great way to have you guys get to know me and my sister more!  Podcast Instagram: @the_mindful_pod Personal Instagram: @megdirenzo Brianna's instagram: @briannadirenzo
March 08, 2021
17: Girl Talk With Mallory, Talya and Andrea! | Body image, Confidence + More!
In this episode, Mallory, Talya, Andrea and I discuss all girl talk topics. This was such a fun episode to record. We laughed, cried, and had the best time. I hope when you are listening to this episode, you feel as if you're in the room with us and drinking your favorite wine!  Mallory's instagram: @malxena Talya's instagram: @talyapimentel + @talyastudio Andrea's instagram: @andreafreitas_
March 01, 2021
16: My Top 3 Life Lessons | Stories, Updates + More!
In this episode, I talk about a few of the most important life lessons I have learned so far. Of course this list will grow as I continue to experience life, but these are the most important ones to me that have helped me in every difficult situation. Follow my instagram to let me know what your most valuable and important life lessons are! Instagram: @the_mindful_pod
February 22, 2021
15: Current Favorites + Social Media Rant: Skincare, Clothing, Podcasts + More!
In this episode, I wanted to record a fun one! I love listening to these podcasts episodes because they are so fun to listen to. I talk about all my favorite skincare, clothing, podcasts and more. Let me know what your current favorites are! Instagram: @the_mindful_pod 
February 15, 2021
14: Channeling Your Self-Doubt into Motivation | Personal Stories + Accomplishments
In this episode, I talk all about how self-doubt can be a huge distraction in accomplishing some of our biggest goals. I know we have all fallen into this cycle, but it is so important to channel this into motivation! I talk about some personal stories when I struggled with self-doubt + how it has motivated me into becoming the best teacher I am today.  Instagram: @the_mindful_pod
February 08, 2021
13: How Healthy + Unhealthy Relationships Impact Our Lives
!Trigger warning! I do talk about toxic traits in a relationship.  In this episode I talk about what different reasons and characteristics on how healthy and unhealthy relationships impact our lives. I mention many different characteristics and definitions as well as personal experiences. I hope you all enjoy this heavy episode and thank you all SO much for listening! Instagram: @the_mindful_pod
February 01, 2021
12: Productive Morning + Night Routines That Work | Steps, Tips + Tricks
In this episode, I talk about my morning and night routines that create a very productive and positive day for me. I cannot go a day without following the steps in my routines because they truly have changed my life! What routines do you have during the work week and/or school week? Are they different from your weekend routines? Let me know! Instagram: @the_mindful_pod
January 25, 2021
11. Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back
In this episode, I talk about the fear of starting something new. It is definitely something we all go through. I want this episode to be your reminder and motivator to just do it! Once you get started, it's going to get easier, I promise. Sometimes our worst critic can be ourselves! Let's stop the self-doubt and get started on something that makes us super motivated and happy! Instagram: the_mindful_pod
January 18, 2021
10: A Chat with Amanda Kalamvokis RD | Diet Culture, Health + Fitness, Body Image + More!
*Trigger Warning*  In this episode, we discuss eating disorders and mental health. In this weeks episode I chat with Amanda who is a Registered Dietitian. We talk about all things nutrition, college, relationships, her fitness journey and more. Amanda works with Fear to Fit, an amazing community who has helped so many people start their fitness and health journey. Listen to the episode to get inspired and learn a little more about health and fitness! (:  Check it out! Amanda's Instagram: amandanicole_rd Fear to Fit instagram: ftfcommunity My instagram: the_mindful_pod coaching: sweet potato brownies: $5 off static nails: free nutrition & training info from my email list ! :
January 11, 2021
9: Plan 2021 With Me | Resolutions, Goals, Routines + More!
In this episode I chat all about my 2021 resolutions, goals and routines. I love hearing about others' resolutions and goals because it motivates me to do more and challenge myself! Let's start of 2021 with positivity and the right intention that this will be a year of growth, empowerment, and strength. Let me know what your 2021 resolutions are! Instagram: @the_mindful_pod
January 04, 2021
8: What I am Manifesting for 2021 | What is Manifestation + How Can I Use it?
In this weeks episode, I talk about manifestation. I know everyone's definition of manifestation is so different to everyone but I thought it would be fun and interesting to hear what I am manifesting for 2021. I know 2020 has been hard for so many people, but let's set the right intention walking into 2021 and manifest beautiful new beginnings! Let me know what you think of the episode by leaving a review or following my instagram. Instagram: @the_minfdul_pod
December 28, 2020
7: Why You Need to Love Yourself | Self Love + Staying Positive
In this weeks episode, I discuss why it is so important to love yourself. As I go through all the self love mantras in this episode, say them with me! If this means writing it down or saying out loud, these are important steps to take to love yourself! Follow me on instagram to tell me some of your self love tips! Is it wearing a face mask every night? Making your favorite meal twice a week? Or shutting your phone off for a whole day? Let me know! Instagram: the_mindful_pod
December 21, 2020
6: Meet My Best Friend Mallory Defeo | Confidence, College Stories, Life Lessons + More!
In this episode, Mallory and I talk about how we met, fun college stories, and life lessons we've learned so far. When you listen to this episode, it will feel like you are having a conversation with us! Thank you for listening! Mallory's Instagram: @malxena Podcast Instagram: @the_mindful_pod
December 14, 2020
5: Anxiety Sucks but Here's How I Deal With it | Stories, tips + tricks
In this weeks episode, I talk about a time when I was dealing with anxiety. I share different tips and tricks that could help you cope with any anxious challenges you may face. I hope this episode teaches you something great and if you have any different coping mechanisms that I did not share in this weeks episode,  please let me know on my Instagram, I would love to hear your tips and tricks! Instagram: @the_mindful_pod
December 07, 2020
4: My Love/Hate Relationship with Social Media
In this weeks episode, I share my perspective on social media. I discuss a few things I love about social media and a few things I can't stand about social media. I hope after listening to this episode, you fill your mind with productive and positive energy which drives you for the rest of the week. Follow my instagram to let me know your perspective on social media! My Instagram: @the_mindful_pod Amanda RD Instagram: @amandanicole_rd
November 30, 2020
3: Let's Chat with Camryn Jewel | Youtube, Balancing a Social Life, Confidence + More.
In this weeks episode, I am joined by a special guest, Camryn Jewel! She has a lovely YouTube channel and uploads videos all about beauty, fashion,  vlogs and more. We talk about all things YouTube, relationships, confidence and more. Come chat with us! Cam's YouTube Channel: Camryn Jewel Cam's Instagram: @camryn_hatstat
November 16, 2020
2: How to Practice Daily Mindfulness & Why Everything Happens For a Reason
In this weeks episode, I talk about how to practice daily mindfulness and why I believe everything happens for a reason. I hope while you listen to this episode, it teaches you a different perspective on how to shine light on difficult challenges and opticals you may face!
November 09, 2020
1. Who am I and Why Mindful?
This is a mini introduction of who I am as your host and why I decided to create this podcast!  Cover art credit: @talyastudio on instagram
October 31, 2020