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Keeping up with the life of an average Nigerian youth

Keeping up with the life of an average Nigerian youth

By Mekamua
Life through Meka and Teni’s eyes
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Personal Growth ft FORTUNE

Keeping up with the life of an average Nigerian youth

Our Valentine Experience ft Tenny & Meka
After months of being on break due to certain reasons Meka and Teni could have controlled, they are back and this time they share their Feb 14 Experience. Have a great time Listening and don't forget to follow on Instagram @thekulanypodcast. Also share, like, favorite and leave a comment. LOVE AND LIGHT.
February 15, 2021
Self Leadership ft Parker Mayes
This episode entails an indepth conversation about self-leadership, the role of motivation and submission in self leadership. Join meka(host) and parker as they sail the world of leadersip on this episode
October 03, 2020
Personal Growth ft FORTUNE
On this episode, Meka and Teni featured one of Nigeria’s finest radio host Fortune of the voice of gold podcast to talk about personal growth. They all answer few questions to determine their level of growth. As always Teni couldn’t keep to her promise of minimum of six jokes or did she ????. Listen, share, send a voice message and of course engage with us on our Instagram page @thekulanypodcast
August 21, 2020
Life after NYSC.
The average Nigerian youth has to go for the mandatory National Service for a year. After this one year mandatory service, most youths are left confused on what to do. Some do not have things planned out others do. On this particular episode, Meka and Teni, dissects their experience after NYSC and also that of certain youths. Do they have their lives figured out or not?? Listen to find out!!!!!! This is the KULANY Podcast.
August 13, 2020
Nigerians and body shaming
More than 60% body shames either consciously or unconsciously. On this weeks episode we had a very special guest join us in sharing our experiences about body shaming.
July 10, 2020
Expressions of two random youths in dark times
The world is sure in times, we were not prepared for. Talk of the pandemic, racism, police brutality and all soughts. Listen as Meka and Teni express themselves concerning the times we live in especially concerning rape. On a lighter note tho, we have amazing business featured on the podcast. Kindly listen, share, favorite and leave a voice message. Also don’t forget to follow on Instagram @thekulanypodcast. Love and light youths
June 03, 2020
From colleagues’ obnoxious behavior to strangers’ inexcusable ways, we’ve polled youths to find out exactly what drives everyone crazy. Sleep better tonight knowing that your side-eye is not alone.
May 15, 2020
Increasing your level of productivity admist the pandemic
In this episode we dissect way to increase your level of efficiency in your businesses, workplace or whatever you do admist trying times.
May 06, 2020
Covid 19 and the lockdown experience
It’s no news the pandemic took the world by storm. Various organizations and institutions had to lock up, economic productive drastically reduced. In this episode we asked youth around lessons they have learnt so far from the lockdown. Listen for the rest of the gist😒
April 30, 2020
Introduction to the new phase of keeping up with the life of an average Nigerian Youth
After much restructure and procrastination, your favorite podcast is back and better. To get you familiar with the new phase, I had to create this episode before the first dropping on the 22nd of April 2020
April 12, 2020
December 13, 2018
December 13, 2018