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Melanated Spark Podcast

Melanated Spark Podcast

By Verlaine Quinniey
The Melanated Spark is a conversational podcast to help spark change in your life. Join host, Verlaine Quinniey, each month to spark open and honest conversations around business, relationships, and work life balance.

This podcast is an extension of The Connect 757 community and an opportunity to hear from her and her special guests to spark conversations to help each other learn, grow, and win at this thing called life.
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Developing A Strong Power Circle with Ramone Pierce
As the premiere episode, I wanted to discuss the importance of having the right people around you. My power circle has been a blessing and has definitely contributed to my progress and success personally and professionally over the years. If you are trying to figure out how to develop a strong power circle, join me as I sit down with Ramone Pierce to define what it looks like, the roles played, and why you need a power circle in 2021. Ramone is a Senior Contract Specialist for the federal government, experienced networker, a military veteran, public servant, and recently launched Pierce Legacy Group, a small consulting firm to help small businesses do business with the government. Listen in and enjoy our first episode of Melanated Spark!
January 4, 2021