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Culture Conversations Podcast with MB

Culture Conversations Podcast with MB

By Melanie Booher
Sharing ideas from culture experts and business leaders to build a great workplace.
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Company Culture Strategies - Going Beyond Just Trusting Your Gut!
We are launching into the podcast space to help leaders share their ideas and wisdom related to workplace culture. This episode is an overview of what's to come - please join us for future podcasts with Culture Leaders across the US! About Melanie Booher and MB Consulting Solutions With 20+ years of HR experience, Melanie Booher is a veteran HR professional with expertise in creating engaged cultures and improving morale. Her T.H.R.I.V.E. Model and Cards for Culture game help leaders foster strong workplace cultures in order to impact retention, productivity and profit. Her motto is “When people matter… companies THRIVE!” MB Consulting Solutions helps leaders develop thriving cultures through discussions, gap analysis, implementation, and coaching. Join the elite 10% of businesses who are intentional about their culture and are rewarded with lower turnover, higher morale, improved productivity, and enhanced communication. When People Matter, Companies THRIVE! > Learn More 
April 28, 2021