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Croí - heart centred living in life and work

Croí - heart centred living in life and work

By Croí
Alison Murphy and Melanie Clark Pullen share the real, true and beautiful about the work they offer to people. Both licensed facilitators of Danielle LaPorte's The Desire Map and her new Heart Centered programme, they bring their own Irish flavour to this inspirational work. They also like swimming in the Irish sea year round and they're mad about dogs. So yeah, great craic.
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Introducing Croí

Croí - heart centred living in life and work

Episode 4 - Heart Centered Membership Doors open
EPISODE 4 Doors are open this week for Danielle Laporte’s Heart Centered Membership community and today, Alison and Melanie talk about what they are loving about being part of it. We discuss in what kind of content is involved, what we’re learning and developing in our own spiritual journeys and how we are integrating everything into our lives and work. Melanie also shares a little about how she uses her Young Living Oils to complement and support her practises and has a unique affiliate link for anyone wishing to sign up for those as well. The Membership is open until the 30th of June and if you click on either Alison or Melanie’s links at their websites below they’ll take you directly to the sign up page.
June 25, 2021
Rest - or 'Alison's superpower and Melanie's nemesis'
Alison and Melanie discuss new haircuts, Melanie's recent health stuff and the idea of REST. It does seem that Alison has a kind of superpower when it comes to being able to rest well, largely informed by her lurchers Ted and Sophie. Melanie? Not so much. So we talk about what REST is and what it isn't and how we can be functioning human BEINGS and not human DOINGS. As always, get a cuppa and have a sit down while you listen to us yarn on and send us your own thoughts on REST to
June 11, 2021
Alison and Melanie use Danielle LaPorte's Desire Map Exercise Sensations of Positivity to share a bit more about themselves. We share what the colour, smell and sound of joy is to us, what appreciation FEELS like in our bodies. There's also a lot of chat about our dogs and our love of the sea, so yeah, get used to us waxing lyrical about that! As always, you can share your thoughts and comments direct with us at and follow us both on Instagram - @alisonmurphyblog and @strutandbellow
June 2, 2021
Introducing Croí
Welcome! This is our first podcast episode! We introduce ourselves and all things Desire Map!  How we each came to desire map, becoming facilitators, selling planners and our first chats together which have grown into what feels like a lifelong friendship.  We talk about learning to sit with all of the feelings and discovering your core desired feelings, as well as upcoming workshops, one to one offerings and how much we both love this work. Mentions:  Gabbie Bernstein, Marie Forleo, Taryn Brumfitt, Body Image Movement, Unstoppable, White Hot Truth, Desire Map.
May 23, 2021