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Melbourne Reconnect

Melbourne Reconnect

By Beyond Rest
Melbourne Reconnect is a podcast dedicated to highlighting Melbournians journey of reconnecting to what’s important to them and what they value. Hosted by former AFL player Paul Medhurst with fellow Beyond Rest Co-hosts - Nick Dunin, Kye Murray and Andy Nugent. Each episode is recorded in one of Beyond Rest's chillout spaces.
Beyond Rest are dedicated floatation therapy centres with 4 locations throughout the city.
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11: Scott Alk

Melbourne Reconnect

12: Vijay Ravikumar
Vijay Ravikumar is the Float Guru, an international expert on Floatation Therapy and the studying of the inner self using the sensory deprivation tank. He's also an international trance DJ.  Vijay quit his engineering job of 8 years and dedicated his life to using floating as a tool for exploring consciousness and the nature of reality. Vijay has recently moved to Melbourne from London.
July 10, 2019
11: Scott Alk
Scott who is not unfamiliar with 70 hour work weeks. He came to floating for relief from a demanding job in construction, which he has since left to allow him the space to find his true calling in life...
May 10, 2019
10: Scott Shelton
Scott is a father, husband, architect and close friend of the centre. Scott’s passions are deeply rooted in the outdoors and design. Having suffered a stroke almost two years ago, Scott has been floating at Beyond Rest as part of his recovery. (Excuse the recording quality, we just wanted to jump at the chance to interview Scott's amazing story and inspiring mindset, so we worked with what we had. )
April 13, 2019
9: Emma Maidment
Emma is a yoga and meditation teacher while managing many mindful businesses. She values inspiring people to live an authentic connected life.
March 15, 2019
8: Nick Teulon
Nick is a serial startup entrepreneur sharing his beliefs on mental health in the startup scene.  Nick values finding projects that have purpose to make a difference.
February 28, 2019
7: Jared Hustler
Jared is a professional bodybuilder and elite personal trainer. Jared is passionate about promoting health and fitness with an emphasis on HEALTH while trying to dispel some harmful fitness myths of the past around bodybuilding.
February 13, 2019
6: Grant Eagles
Grant Eagles has gone from a high flying corporate to a multidimensional life coach and conscious business advisor, who  brings an extraordinary new light and multidimensional perspective to our understanding of spirituality and what it means to forge your own path.
January 24, 2019
5: Janelle Green
Janelle Green is a kinesiologist and intuitive healer, she has come from a busy corporate 'burning candles at all ends' background to running Element Wellness and Healing. She shares her passion for transforming your health and finding purpose in your life.
January 2, 2019
4: Gabriel Vargas
Raised on Aussie rules football, Gabriel Vargas has shifted from the path of organised sports to a path that’s truer to him, his solo music career. Gab tells of how music has helped him find meaning and a more authentic way of living his life. Gabriel aims to approach each moment with an open heart and mind and loves making new connections.
December 17, 2018
3: Jackie Alexander
Jackie is the owner of the unique Humming Puppy yoga studios. She shares how to be living an authentic life, following your dreams & offering yoga as a tool of self-discovery.
November 20, 2018
2: Tom Ahern
Tom is the Author of “Yes I’m fine just tired” and hosts his own podcast “The Mind Mate Podcast”. Tom pulled himself from the depths of his own mental illness with a blend of movement and mindfulness. Now he helps those in the position he was once in by telling his powerful story.
November 19, 2018
1: Asher Packman
Asher is the president of Meditation Australia and a qualified Wim Hof practitioner (among other things). Asher’s passion lies in the “fifth direction” and the healing properties that can be discovered by turning inward.
November 19, 2018