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Let's Process This with Melinda Hill

Let's Process This with Melinda Hill

By melinda hill
Comedian Melinda Hill chats with her creative friends about overcoming/processing trauma and how that informs their creative process. Because we're not defined by what happens to us but rather by what we do with what happens to us.
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INAPPROPRIATE conversation with Mary Lynn Rajskub & Melinda Hill
Mary Lynn stops by Melinda's virtual screening to discuss her new comedy special "Inappropriate" now avail at
October 29, 2020
Stephen Kramer Glickman: Porn Credentials
Stephen of Big Time Rush fame discusses how he turned a devastating deadbeat dad debacle into a network TV show and his Tik-tok formula for attaining 1 million followers. He finds OnlyFans inappropriate and longs for the days that porn stars needed actual credentials + reminisces about a commercial that he did with Melinda and Fabio.
October 3, 2020
Margaret Cho: Cancel Culture & Wet Ass Pussy
Margaret reflects on Cardi B's WAP, where cancel culture makes cancelled people go, and overcoming invisibility as an Asian woman in comedy on the route to finding inner peace. Plus she shares a new recipe!
September 7, 2020
Grey DeLisle-Griffin: Fixing Up Houses Instead of Men
Grey is a prolific voice actress, comedian, Grammy-winning singer-songwriter and super manifestor. The little girl whose mom forgot to take her to Disneyland grew up to voice a myriad of Disney characters in addition to Prince Puppycorn from Unikitty, Daphne Blake in the Scooby-Doo franchise, Sherri and Terri from The Simpsons, Betty Rubble and more. She discusses how growing up with addiction made her into a chameleon focused on fixing others and how she's now refocusing that energy. Plus we address dating on Raya, dating during Covid and her psychic's predictions for the 2020 pandemic and election. ***Please note this is Part 1 of Grey's interview. For part 2, a special exclusive bonus episode with even juicier nuggets, go to to access. Enjoy!
August 27, 2020
Ant: Primary Purpose
Fresh off of Tinder, comedian Ant has been many things: a flight attendant who became an overnight comedy sensation, a judge on LAST COMIC STANDING, and a TV star with a secret drug habit but today he is clear that his primary purpose is staying sober and helping others do the same.
August 20, 2020
Brianne Davis: Secrets of a Hollywood Sex and Love Addict
 "SECRET LIFE OF A HOLLYWOOD SEX AND LOVE ADDICT" author Brianne Davis is also known as a series regular on History’s SIX and Netflix's LUCIFER. She discusses healing the toxic shame of secrets by processing a childhood sexual assault and subsequent sex and love addiction. She now feels empowered by sharing her truth on her podcast SECRET LIFE, and in her book and pilot of the same name co-written by her husband Mark- talk about a prolific power couple! Check out Secret Life podcast:
August 13, 2020
Mark Gantt: Secret Life of a Model Citizen
Mark Gantt, Co-creator and star of Crackle’s THE BANNEN WAY and director of MODEL CITIZEN on Lifetime, chats about his new podcast SECRET LIFE with his wife Brianne Davis Gantt, overcoming limiting beliefs about self worth and the importance of creating your own door to walk through. His cute baby/and or dog makes an appearance in the beginning of the episode because that's the charm of taping the show live. Secret Life podcast:
August 13, 2020
Tara Strong: Listen to Your Inner Voice(s)
Ray of sunshine Tara Strong chats about the extreme positivity that saves her, bullying, the #MeToo and #BLM movements, activism, veganism, voice acting and her solid creative process. Tara is known for her beloved characters “Bubbles” in The Powerpuff Girls, “Timmy Turner” in The Fairly Odd Parents, “Dil Pickles” in Rugrats, “Raven” in Teen Titans, “Twilight Sparkle” in My Little Pony, and so many more but most importantly she’s using her voice to fight for real change. 
August 6, 2020
Dwayne Perkins: CAKE
Dwayne Perkins chats about his process for staying positive & prolific with his unique CAKE system which helped him write, produce and star in a movie (DYING TO KILL) and comedy special (TAKE NOTE) all in the same year. He also stresses the importance of knowing what to do with yourself when others aren't able to figure it out & choosing to fill the mind with PBS over people getting punched in the face. Oh and he wrote a book called ZOMBIE RUN! What can't he do?!
July 29, 2020
Tom Stern- The Self-made Struggle is Real
Tom Stern, filmmaker, writer, director known for FREAKED,  KEVIN HART'S GUIDE TO BLACK HISTORY, ANDY MILONAKIS SHOW, CRANK YANKERS and more, discusses overcoming depression, self medicating induced psychotic breaks, and toxic shame on his journey to writing on a major commercial franchise & spearheading the Butthole Surfers documentary.
July 22, 2020
Billy Morrison--Punk Pilates
Billy Idol guitarist/Royal Machines co-founder/ fine art painter Billy Morrison discusses his journey from a heroin addiction that had him pushing a shopping cart on Hollywood Blvd. to a morning ritual that includes waking at 5 a.m., transcendental meditation, and pilates-- or *"Punk Pilates" as IG live listener Kerry Stranman labeled it. 
May 19, 2020
Michelle L'amour--Truth is Beauty
Fabulous Michelle, prolific burlesque superstar who was banned from YouTube, overcame the heartbreak of alopecia when she stopped hiding and realized that beauty is embracing one's truth.
May 19, 2020
Myq Kaplan--Feeling is Healing
Vegan activist comedian Myq Kaplan (from Conan and Comedy Central) walks us through overcoming divorce and high school hardships with the healing modalities of meditation and ayahuasca, arriving at full acceptance of all the feels.
May 19, 2020
Yassir Lester-- Self Awareness is Key
Yassir Lester from Showtime's BLACK MONDAY and GIRLS talks about the hustle that brought him from door man at Hollywood Improv to TV writer & how he's using the pandemic downtime to create new work.
May 12, 2020
Kate Miller--Power of the Ugly Cry
Kate Miller from HIGHTOWN for STARZ discusses her journey fm NYC go-go dancer to Broadway actress, her upcoming appearances in film & TV like Hightown & how she found her husband John Dimaggio (he was always there!) 
May 12, 2020
John Dimaggio: Go With Your Gut
John Dimaggio, best known for Futurama, Adventure Time, Disenchantment and Better Call Saul talks about the importance of not questioning your intuition.
May 12, 2020
Liz Feldman--The Creation of DEAD TO ME
Liz Feldman, creator and showrunner of Netfix's DEAD TO ME, discusses her trajectory from child comedian to head honcho of one of the hottest shows in Hollywood and how she moved through grief by using reframing and gratitude to rewrite the story of her life.
May 6, 2020
Rebecca Cutter--From Chasing a High to Creating HIGHTOWN
Fabulous Rebecca Cutter (creator and showrunner of HIGHTOWN) shares her writing process and secrets for creating a hit show.
May 1, 2020
Overcoming Perfectionism in a Pandemic
"Some trauma survivors become perfectionists, perpetually working to prove worthiness. I hope in this mandatory season of stillness, we come home to the truth that we are enough. We have nothing to prove. Any moment we catch a glimpse of this truth is freedom. #Breath" --by @DrThema
April 28, 2020
Mary Lynn Rajskub: The Power of Six Minutes
Mary Lynn Rajskub, actress and comedian best known for playing  Chloe O'Brian in 24  and Elizabeth in Paul Thomas Anderson's Punch-Drunk Love, reflects on surviving unsafe situations in the early days in LA and shares what helps her have creative fulfillment and productivity during the pandemic (six minute focus intervals) and what hasn't helped so much (wine.)
April 28, 2020
Brian Dannelly--Save Yourself
The great Brian Dannelly (writer/director SAVED, WEEDS, IN THE DARK) discusses the importance of humility, overcoming evangelical trauma, second chances and working with strong women. 
April 28, 2020
Neda Disney--Happy
Wonderful Neda Disney graciously rolls with the trauma of our technical difficulties to discuss how happiness affects ambition,  her writing process, her novel PLANTING WOLVES and her bestie Brian Dannelly.
April 28, 2020
EG Daily: RIGHT NOW is the show
Dear friend EG Daily is a singer & actress best known as Tommy Pickles in Rugrats and Buttercup in The Powerpuff Girls.  We've had many fun-derful collaborations including our web series "Melania Trump's Cousins" and her TV show "Beverly Hills Broke" also starring Tara Strong. She explains how the sudden death of a lover illustrated that the present moment is the award everyone's really been waiting for.
April 21, 2020
Tracy McMillan--Marry Yourself
Tracy McMillan is television writer whose credits include Mad Men and Good Girls Revolt, a relationship expert whose Ted talk “The Person You Really Need to Marry” has more than 12 million views and host of the relationship reality show FAMILY OR FIANCE on the OWN network. 
April 21, 2020
Bridget McManus--Brushstrokes With Bridget
Bridget McManus had a MeToo moment but she didn't let it stop her from becoming a television host, screenwriter, producer, director and award-winning performer who created and hosted two television shows for the Logo Network: the award-winning comedy talk show, Brunch with Bridget, and Bridget McManus Presents: That Time of The Month. She shares her inspiring and artistic journey from her first and her process of becoming a TV star from her a project she made in her single apartment in Hollywood.
April 15, 2020
Greg Behrendt--Don't Take BS From Fu**ers
Greg Behrendt, New York Times bestselling author, comedian, musician, life coach and and positivity trainer who’s sold over 4 million books and hosted two talk and reality shows bearing his own name shares how overcoming cancer and a subsequent opioid addiction inspired his spiritual enlightenment and his new book “Don’t Take Bullshit From Fuckers.”
April 15, 2020
Danny Zuker--Love Me Daddy
Hilarious Danny Zuker is best known for his Emmy Award winning work as a writer and executive producer of ABC's Modern Family. He discusses his fascinating journey with overcoming cocaine addiction & how daddy issues can be a comedian's greatest asset.
April 15, 2020