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Along "The Way"

Along "The Way"

By Melissa Milbourn
We know that God spoke to us in Bible days, but does He still speak to us today? I believe that He does. In the New Testament, following Jesus was often referred to as “The Way”. Join me as I share some of my adventures that I’ve had with Jesus Along “The Way”. I will give modern day examples of how I feel that He has spoken to me through His Spirit, Through the Bible and through other Christians. The purpose of this podcast is to share things that have happened Along the Way in my Christian walk, in hopes that they might help you Along the Way in yours.
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In His Time
Today's culture is one of immediate gratification, we typically want things now rather than later. But the things that God wants to do in our lives don't always happen immediately. Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you.  Plans to give you a hope and a future Romans 8:28 "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who[a] have been called according to his purpose."
October 22, 2021
Episode 6 "I Want You to Quit Your Job"
Over the years I have felt God "transition" me from one place to another.  Maybe you have felt that in the past too, or perhaps you feel like he's leading you to a new place now.  Here's what that looked like for me.  I pray that it helps you along the way.
September 03, 2021
Episode 5 - Fear, Pride, and Obedience
Sometimes we have to push through fear in order to be obedient...
August 27, 2021
Episode 4 - Accuser of the Brethren
Taking a look at Revelation 12:10 where satan is called the "accuser". 
August 20, 2021
Walk It Out
Sometimes what God calls you to feels right and makes perfect sense, and sometimes it doesn't.  But if you feel Him calling you to something, AND it's in line with His word and with His character, walk it out...
June 30, 2021
Tell Her You Love Her
Do you feel called to full time ministry?  Then start right where you're at.  Some of my best God stories have come from when I worked in the secular world.  Here's a story of a time that God asked me to tell a complete stranger that I loved her...
June 21, 2021
The Magazine
What do you do when you feel like God is asking you to do something, but you have no idea how to do it?  Listen as I tell of a time that happened in my life and how God showed Himself faithful.
June 09, 2021