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This Story is Nuts

This Story is Nuts

By Melissa Reece
True stories with plot twists, shocking endings, and unbelievable truths.
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Convicted Off a Dream- The Ryan Ferguson Case

This Story is Nuts

Stephen Melkey/The Blindfold Murder
Today's case is a case with hard any information on it- and yet it is one of the most intriguing cases I have ever heard. I am willing to bet you haven't heard it either. At around 3 am on the morning of December 22nd, 1939, Stephen Melkey wandered out into a busy highway and was struck by a car. Once officers arrived at the scene, they soon realized that this wasn't an accident- someone had bound and gagged Stephen and either had intentionally led him to the highway or sat back and watched as he stumbled helplessly into oncoming traffic. Today we talk about Stephen Melkey and a case that was known at its time as the Blindfold Murder. Join the Facebook group: Send story suggestions to: SOURCES: Stephen Melkey, South Bend, Indiana 1939. - Imgur (Also photo source) Stephen Samuel “Steve” Melkey (1895-1939) - Find a Grave Memorial (1) In December 1939, Stephen Melkey, 44, a factory worker, widow, and father of three, was killed when he stumbled onto a snowy highway near South Bend, Indiana. His hands were bound, and surgical tape covered his eyes and mouth. Labeled by the press as the “blindfold death,” his case was never solved. : UnresolvedMysteries ( This was an extremely good write up on the case and where most of today's story came from.
June 15, 2022
The Strange Disappearance and Death of David Glenn Lewis
In January of 1993 Karen Lewis and her daughter Lauren returned home to Amarillo Texas from a shopping trip the two had taken to Dallas. It was Super Bowl weekend and the two were expecting to see David, Karen's husband and Lauren's father-knowing that he, as a fan of the Dallas Cowboys - who had been playing in the Super Bowl that year, would more than likely be watching the game. However, they were shocked to find instead of David there were two fresh sandwiches in the fridge, the VCR tape still recording, David's wedding ring and watch on the counter, and David Glenn Lewis- missing. David Glenn Lewis's case would go cold for the next eleven years, but even when the family had answers to what happened to him the answers only actually led to a series of far more questions. This is one of the most baffling missing person cases I have stumbled across and I have a feeling you might feel the same way when today we ask the question what really happened in the case of David Glenn Lewis? Join the Facebook group to discuss theories or talk about this case: Send stories suggestions to: SOURCES: David Glenn Lewis (1953-1993) - Find a Grave Memorial The Bizarre Disappearance and Death of David Lewis ( The Trail Went Cold – Episode 177 – David Lewis – The Trail Went Cold (1) In 1993, a mother and daughter returned home to find their husband and father, David Glenn Lewis, missing. Hours later, a deceased hit-and-run victim was found thousands of miles away. It would take 11 years before the victim would be identified as David Glenn Lewis. How did he get there? : UnresolvedMysteries ( Photo Source: David Glenn Lewis (1953-1993) - Find a Grave Memorial
May 25, 2022
The Disappearance of Chance Englebert
25-year-old Chance Englebert would spend the afternoon of July 6th, 2019, golfing with a few of his in-laws. When he called his wife Baylee that day he seemed to be in a good mood. But, by the time Baylee arrived at the golf course however, Chance's mood had drastically changed. Though the two were visiting Baylee's family in Gering Nebraska Chance had insisted that Baylee drive him back home to Moorcroft Wyoming instead- no longer wanting to visit with her family. When Baylee took Chance back to her grandparents' house instead of driving back to Wyoming Chance would angerly get out of the truck and walk out into the night- never to be seen again. Today's case is one where we ask the question...what really happened to Chance Englebert? If you have any information on the disappearance of Chance Englebert please call:  The Gering Police Department at: 308-436-5088 Or: Crime Stoppers at (308)-632-7867. To discuss this case or any other case join the Facebook group: Send story suggestions to: SOURCES: Chance Leslie Englebert – The Charley Project (Photo source as well) Chance Englebert vanishes in a tiny Nebraska town ( More People Come Forward With Info About Missing Moorcroft Man | Cowboy State Daily Search still on for Moorcroft man | Local News |
May 18, 2022
YOU GUYS!! Today's episode is a super special episode- it's the podcast's 50TH EPISODE!! (It's kind of a big deal!) First, I want to thank all of you for pushing the play button every week- your support means so much to me! I wouldn't have gotten here without you.  For today's episode we are taking a look back on not only my favorite episodes but also yours! The best way I could think of doing that was to separate episodes by categories that were chosen by the listeners! Categories are as follows: Best Older Case Creepiest Case Most Disturbing Story Case We Wish Were Solved  Best Survival Story If you like what I do, please help share the show with your true crime loving friends as well as continue to leave reviews and of course 5 stars on whatever platform you listen on.  For story suggestions please send me an email at An all-new episode of This Story is Nuts will be back next week!! Source material on any of the stories featured in today's show is found on the original episode page.
May 11, 2022
The Mysterious Death of Henry McCabe
**WARNING**  This Podcast features audio that some listeners might find disturbing. The audio is about 22 seconds in length at the very beginning of the episode. If you wish to skip it fast forward until around 23 seconds in.  At 2:28 am on the morning of September 7th, 2015, Kareen McCabe received a phone call that would completely change her life forever. On the other line her husband, Henry McCabe is screaming out, he screams he has been shot, he is writhing in pain. Words turn to noises, growls and gurgles. It is the last anyone would hear from Henry McCabe, he would be found, weeks later, face down in a nearby lake. But what truly happened to Henry McCabe is still a mystery- how did he end up in the lake? How did Henry die? And possibly the most puzzling question of all- what was happening in that phone call? Want to talk theories? Join the Facebook group www.facebook/thisstoryisnutspodcast Send story suggestions to: SOURCES: The Trail Went Cold – Minisode 31 – Henry McCabe – The Trail Went Cold Henry McCabe Death: How Did He Die? What Happened to Henry McCabe? Update ( 'Disturbing' Voicemail Woman Got From Missing Husband's Phone May Hold Clues Into His Disappearance, Police Say - ABC News (audio source) Body found in lake is missing Mounds View man Henry McCabe - Hacker For Hire Murders Online Radio | BlogTalkRadio (Gregory Evans Podcast explaining his theory that he thinks Kareen is responsible) Photo Source: Vanished without a trace: What really happened to Henry T. McCabe? (
May 04, 2022
The Dinner Party Murder/ The Murder of Joe Cinque
When Joe Cinque met Anu Singh in 1995, he was immediately smitten with her, and why wouldn't he be? Anu wasn't only pretty, but she was also smart, going to the Australian University for her law degree. And although Anu was dating someone else at the time of their meeting, she would begin an affair with Joe that would turn into an actual relationship. Two years later however the relationship between Joe and Anu would begin to sour, and Anu would decide she needed to host a dinner party to say goodbye to her lover. But it wasn't a going away party, no, Anu had bigger plans for Joe- plans that included murder. Join the Facebook group: Have story suggestions or want to send questions for the 50th episode? Photo Source: Daily Mail Sources: Anu Singh's new boyfriend says she's served her time | Daily Mail Online Death of Joe Cinque - Wikipedia Anu Singh | Crimes That Shook Australia | S3E05 - YouTube
April 28, 2022
How to Kill Your Husband/The Murder of Dan Brophy
On the morning of June 2nd, 2018, as students at the Portland Oregon Culinary Institute filed in for their usual morning classes, they would make a tragic discovery. Beloved Culinary Instructor Daniel Brophy was dead, lying in a pool of his own blood, shot twice. His death would be a mystery, almost like something his wife of 27 years Nancy Brophy would have written about in her suspenseful romance novels that she was known for writing. But, UNLIKE her romance novels investigators would discover not everything in the Brophy home was lovey dovey. Could the motive for Dan Brophy's murder really be summed up as financial hardships? Or is this case still a mystery that hasn't yet been solved? To discuss this case or any others join the Facebook group Story suggestions can be sent at Please continue to rate and review this podcast! It really helps me out!! Sources: ‘How to Murder Your Husband’ writer on trial for allegedly killing husband - The Washington Post Romance novelist who wrote 'The Wrong Husband' is on trial in her husband's killing - CNN "How to Murder Your Husband" author Nancy Crampton Brophy goes on trial 4 years after chef spouse found dead in culinary school kitchen - CBS News Romance Novelist Murder Trial: Defense Opening Statement Pt. 1 - Bing video Photo Source: nancy brophy murder trial - Bing images
April 13, 2022
The Murder of Dorothy Donovan
Charles Holden was nervous when he saw the stranger lurking outside of his home on the evening on June 22, 1991. Fearing for not only his safety, but the safety of his mother- 70-year-old Dororthy Donovan, he rushed to the nearest payphone to call the police. When an officer arrived at the residence, she accompanied Charles to check on Dorothy, who had lived in a farmhouse behind Charle's trailer. It was there that the two would find Charles's elderly mother stabbed to death. Charles would quickly tell police he knew who had murdered Dorothy- a man he had given a ride to earlier that evening- who had quickly gotten violent with him-, but police were not buying Charle's outlandish story of a nightmare hitchhiker and suspected Charles as their killer. It would be another 15 years before DNA collected at the scene of the crime would finally reveal the shocking truth of who killed Dorothy Donovan. Join the Facebook Group: Have a story suggestion: SOURCES: CODIS description is via google Dorothy Donovan | Forensic Files Wiki | Fandom  Killer Hitchhiker: The Murder of Dorothy Donovan | by Verity Partington | Medium Dorothy Donovan | Unsolved Mysteries Wiki | Fandom Medical Detectives (Forensic Files) in HD - Season 13, Episode 11 - Stranger in the Night - Bing video PHOTO SOURCE: Dorothy Donovan | Unsolved Mysteries Wiki | Fandom
April 06, 2022
The Murder of Karen Navarra
Amber Ashfaq was growing concerned for her co-worker Karen Navarra. Karren, who had worked with Amber as pharmacy technician at Reginal Medical Center in San Jose California hadn't been known for missing days for even being late in her last 27 years of employment. And yet Amber hadn't heard from her friend despite both calling and texting her. So, on September 13, 2018, Amber would decide she need to go and check on Karen to make sure everything was ok with the 67-year-old. Instead, what Amber would walk into that afternoon was a horrific scene. Karen was dead. Karen's murder did not make sense, Karen was a kind woman without any known enemies, who could have wanted to kill her? The answer is one that would completely shock those working on this case- and like the case of Nicole Vanderheyden the answer would be found due to a Fitbit. Join the Facebook group: Have a story for the show or story suggestion: Please help bring more listeners by rating and reviewing!! I appreciate your support!! Sources: A Brutal Murder, a Wearable Witness, and an Unlikely Suspect | WIRED Caught in the Net - S1 E1 Heart Rate & Time - ID GO ( Photo Source: Caught in the Net - S1 E1 Heart Rate & Time - ID GO (
March 30, 2022
Harvey Marcelin and The Murder of Susan Leyden
When a human torso is found sitting in a shopping cart in the middle of New York City detectives are immediately aware they have a situation on their hands. They don't know whose headless body it is or who could have possibly put it there. Days later, a few blocks away, a leg from the same body would be found. The killer would quickly be identified, but who it was- was someone no one expected of such a heinous crime. Since this is still a breaking case new information is still coming out about this crime.  I will continue to keep you up to date by posting any other information related to this case on the Facebook page. If you have a story you would like covered on the show: SOURCES: Harvey Marcelin, 83, arrested in connection to woman's body parts found in Brooklyn, was previously convicted of killing 2 women - CBS New York ( Wheelchair no handicap for NYC serial killer Harvey Marcelin ( Harvey Marcelin: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know | She Killed Two Women. At 83, She Is Charged With Dismembering a Third. - The New York Times ( PHOTO OF SUSAN LEYDEN SOURCE: Wheelchair no handicap for NYC serial killer Harvey Marcelin (
March 16, 2022
Taylor Schabusiness and The Murder of Shad Thyrion
*WARNING*  Today's episode is graphic in nature, listener discretion is advised.  Taylor Schabusiness had several run-ins with law enforcement prior to February 2022. She also had an addiction, an addiction that would lead her to commit arguably one of the most horrific crimes in Wisconsin history since the 1990s.    It's a case unlike any I have covered so far on the show, and despite the fact that I try to tell stories that aren't splattered all over news headlines this one was too crazy not to tell.  Although I left some of the details out, I will tell you though, this one definitely was one of the most graphic cases I have researched so far. For that reason, listener discretion is highly advised. If you would like to donate to the Thyrion family, they have set up a Go Fund Me page after the loss of Shad. Funds will go to funeral costs and other arrangements. If you can help, please do. What a terrible loss for this family. Fundraiser for Tara Pakanich by Michelle Paulson : Living & Funeral expenses for Tara ( Sources: Taylor Schabusiness: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know | Taylor Schabusiness Allegedly Murdered Man In Drug-Related Sex Killing | Crime News ( Woman accused of decapitating man after drug-fueled sex act ( This is the criminal complaint: Taylor Denise Schabusiness - Criminal Complaint - DocumentCloud Photo Source: Shad Thyrion's Facebook page
March 09, 2022
The Staudte Family
When two family members die from natural causes and yet another one falls terribly ill it seems as though the Staudte family is under some sort of terrible curse. But the truth in today's case is something far FAR more sinister. Join the Facebook group: Have a story suggestion or personal story to share: Sources: Antifreeze Murders in Missouri: How a Mom and Daughter Planned to Kill Family | Diane and Rachel Staudte: The Antifreeze Murderers | by DeLani R. Bartlette | Medium '20/20' will feature Diane Staudte, Springfield woman who killed husband and son with antifreeze ( 20/20 A Family Plot | Mom & Daughter Poison Family [2020 FULL DOCUMENTARY] - YouTube The family in happier times- Photo Source: People Magazine
March 02, 2022
The Tragic Story of Helen Bailey and Diane Stewart
After the death of her first husband- teen author Helen Bailey struggled to deal. She found solace in a group aimed at helping people deal with their grief after the loss of loved ones. It was while in this group that Helen would meet Ian, a man she would later write about and call the "gorgeous grey-haired widower." Helen was certain she had finally found her happiness, but unfortunately, it was not to be. What Helen didn't know was that Ian wasn't her picture-perfect man, in fact, Ian Stewart was anything but. Join the Facebook Group: Story Suggestions: Sources: Helen Bailey - Wikipedia Helen Bailey killer is found guilty of murdering his first wife in 2010 | Daily Mail Online British killer jailed in the murder of author Helen Bailey also guilty in first wife's death ( 999 call made by Helen Bailey's husband reporting her missing - Daily Mail - YouTube Planet Grief (Helen's Blog) A few videos of Helen I wanted to share: When Bad Things Happen In Good Bikinis - Helen Bailey - YouTube HELEN BAILEY 0n Sky News - YouTube Photo Source: The Times
February 16, 2022
The Case of Susan and Jeffery Klungness
When Ronald Klungness arrived home that March evening after work, he found it strange that the door was unlocked, and the television was still on. This was strange because Ronald's wife of 15 years Susan's Toyota was gone. Ronald assumed that maybe Susan and the couple's 14-year-old son Jeffery had just left for the day and would return later. What Ronald had missed however was the trail of blood that led from the living room to the couple's bedroom.  it was there in the bedroom that hours later Ron would find Susan, dead from a blow to the head. What happened that March Day in 1996 also led a trail, a trail of unanswered questions and suspicion of who was responsible for the death of Susan Klungness and the disappearance of the couple's son Jeffery. If you have any information on the murder of Susan Klungness or the disappearance of Jeffery Allen Klungness please contact the Tacoma Police Department at: 253-591-5959 If you would like to discuss this case or any other case join our Facebook group: For story suggestions or for me to cover your story email me at Sources: (1) In 1996, Susan Klungness was brutally slain in her home in Bonney Lake, Wa and her 14 year old son Jeffrey has not been seen since : UnresolvedMysteries ( Search Halted For Boy Lost After Mom Slain | The Spokesman-Review Jeffrey Allen Klungness – The Charley Project Photo Source: Jeffrey Allen Klungness – The Charley Project
February 09, 2022
What Happened to Margaret Kilcoyne?
Dr. Margaret Mary Kilcoyne was certain she had recently made a medical discovery that was going to win her a Nobel prize. But even before Margaret could begin to celebrate, she would vanish. Margaret's brother Leo would claim that Margaret had been under a bunch of stress, but if she had her colleagues hadn't really noticed- stating her odd behavior in the days before she went missing as just Margaret being Margaret. Did Margaret Kilcoyne have a mental breakdown and take her own life? Did she simply walk away from her current life and start over somewhere else? Or could she have been a victim of foul play? It's a case that has left those in the small Nantucket town without any answers but with a whole bunch of theories. What happened to Margaret Kilcoyne? What do you think happened? Join the Facebook group: Have a story or story suggestion: Go rate this podcast!! It truly helps if you give the show a five-star rating!!  SOURCES: COLD CASE: The Disappearance of Margaret Kilcoyne, Nantucket's Greatest Unsolved Mystery - Nantucket Magazine ( (this is an excellent write up on this case- major props to the author and most of today's source material came from this article). Margaret Mary Kilcoyne – The Charley Project Dr. Margaret Kilcoyne 1980 - Southcoast Murders & Mysteries ( PHOTO SOURCE: Margaret Mary Kilcoyne – The Charley Project
February 02, 2022
The Impossible Murder of Julia Wallace
A locked room, a strange phone call, a brutal murder. Today we are going to cover one of the most notable cases in true crime history. A case that has baffled detectives and web sleuths alike for well over 90 years and that has also been labeled as the impossible murder- and just when you think you know the answer- you realize that you might not know anything at all. Today we are talking about the murder of Julia Wallace. Sources: The Murder of Julia Wallace | The Julia Wallace Murder Foundation ( William Herbert Wallace - Wikipedia Death of Julia Wallace: Did Her Husband Do It? - Historic Mysteries 2 Baffling Locked-Room Mysteries (Part 1 - Julia Wallace) - YouTube Join our Facebook Group Have a story suggestion Photo Source:
January 26, 2022
The Strange Case of Melanie Uribe and Etta Smith
It's 10:45 pm on the night of December 15, 1980, when Paul Woods sees it. Two men are rushing towards the black pick-up truck sitting idly at the stoplight. One rushes to the passenger side while the other pushes his way into the driver's side. The woman inside begins to scream in fear- but it is too late. They disappear into the night before anyone can do anything. The following morning at around 5 am in the 1100 block of Bromont Ave, local fire departments respond to a truck that has been set on fire, the only thing inside the truck is a nurse's uniform. It's when friends and co-workers of Melanie Uribe start to piece together that something has gone terribly wrong for their friend- a 31-year-old single mother and nurse who never showed up for work the night before. Miles away, a 32-year-old woman who has never met Melanie cannot shake the feeling that she knows what happened to the now missing woman after having a vision of her whereabouts, and despite having no proof, or any ties to her she sets on a mission to find her- knowing for too well that the story she has is going to tell will make her sound completely nuts. SOURCES: Melanie Uribe | Unsolved Mysteries Wiki | Fandom (also photo source) Etta Smith, the Psychic who Helped Police Find Melanie Uribe’s Body | by Nikki Young, Serial Napper | Serial Napper | Medium 'Psychic Vision' Woman Wins False Arrest Suit Against LAPD - Los Angeles Times ( Suddenly Psychic | Psychic Investigators Full Episode (True Crime TV Series) - YouTube
January 19, 2022
The Mysterious Disappearance of Laureen Rahn
** CAUTION- This episode does have brief mentions of child pornography and suicide. Listener discretion is advised. ** Laureen Rahn convinced her mom Judith to go to the tennis game without her- it was the first day of the 14-year old's spring break and she was old enough to stay home alone. She would spend her day being visited by family members, seen restocking wine coolers at the nearby convince store, and hanging with a male and female friend drinking a few beers that night. By the time Laureen's mother Judith returned home however, Laureen would be gone, leaving everything she owned behind. But Laureen wouldn't be gone without a trace- exactly- there would be mysterious phone calls made to Judith in the middle of the night- and reported sightings. At first authorities would believe that Judith was a runaway- maybe running off to sunny CA in order to start a career in Hollywood.  But even they would start to change their minds beginning to suspect that maybe something more sinister actually happened to the teen. You are going to want to buckle up for today's story. Not only is it creepy but it is also completely baffling and might make you want to yell what really happened to Laureen Rahn?!! If you have any information of the whereabouts of:  Rachel Elizabeth Garden  Denise Ann Daneault  or Laureen Rahn  Please call The New Hampshire Department of Justice at: 603-271-3658 SOURCES: Disappearance of Laureen Rahn - Wikipedia The Forty Year Search For Laureen Rahn — Murder, She Told: Maine & New England True Crime ( Laureen Ann Rahn – The Charley Project Denise Ann Daneault – The Charley Project Rachael Elizabeth Garden – The Charley Project Terry Peder Rasmussen - Wikipedia The Disappearance of Laureen Rahn (PART ONE OF TWO): On a spring night in 1980, a New Hampshire woman came home to find her 14-year-old daughter missing. Despite various traces, sightings, and phone calls possibly from the missing girl, she’s never been found. What happened to Laureen Rahn? : UnresolvedMysteries ( Photo Source: Disappearance of Laureen Rahn - Wikipedia
January 12, 2022
Mary Horton Vail, Sharon Hensley, and Annette Vail
Mary Elizabeth Horton Vail knew her relationship to her husband William "Felix" Vail- was in trouble- she even had thought about leaving Felix- but instead, she decided to stay. Not long after however, Mary, who was afraid of dark water, would end up in a boating accident that would end her life. Suspicions would fly about actually happened the night of Mary's death but, it would take another 50 years and the disappearances of TWO OTHER WOMEN before there would be any answers. SOURCES: Felix Vail Found Guilty of Murder in Wife’s 1962 Death, While Disappearances of 2 Other Women Remain a Mystery - ABC News ( Investigating America's Oldest Suspected Serial Killer | Felix Vail: How Mom of Missing Annette Craver Helped Bring Murder Conviction | PHOTO SOURCE:  ( If you haven't joined the Facebook group: For story suggestions or to submit a story:
January 05, 2022
Murder and Mystery on Phillip Island
On the night of September 22, 1986, Fergus Cameron and his wife Vivienne sit in the local hospital on Phillip Island. Fergus is injured- cuts to his back and ear- hospital staff aren't believing the story explaining away the cuts. They will soon find out that Fergus's strained marriage with his wife Vivienne had finally come to a head that night when Vivienne confronted Fergus about his affair with their employee- a 23-year-old named Beth Barnard. According to Fergus, Vivienne would attack him with a wine glass- and by the end of the night one person is this story would be brutally murdered, another would go missing, and questions would still be left what really happened that night on Phillip Island? Join the Facebook group to discuss this case: Have a story or story suggestion: Sources: Philip island murder: New twist in cold case killing of Beth Barnard | — Australia’s leading news site Phillip Island murder: Questions remain about murder of Beth Barnard | — Australia’s leading news site The Phillip Island Murder: Who killed Beth Barnard and what happened to Vivienne Cameron? : UnresolvedMysteries ( Vivienne Cameron, Beth Barnard & the Phillip Island murder ( Photo Source: Philip island murder: New twist in cold case killing of Beth Barnard | — Australia’s leading news site This Story is Nuts will return January 5th!!
December 22, 2021
Shannon Green and Dewayne Bell
When 16-year-old Owensboro Kentucky teen Shannon Green goes missing police are quick to suspect an ex-convict who also just happened to be a family friend. Suspicion runs even higher when Shannon's 18-year-old friend, a man named David Dewayne Bell also goes missing just five days later. The ex-convict, a man named John Reneer looks like the obvious suspect for the missing teens- but, 20 years later, John Reneer provides police with something that might just prove his innocence and prove that David Dewayne Bell might not have been innocent at all. Join the Facebook Group: Have a story suggestion: Sources: 14 News Investigates: Killer Confession Owensboro Mystery-Part 2 - Porchlight International for the Missing & Unidentified ( Shannon Rena Green – The Charley Project David DeWayne Bell – The Charley Project The Trail Went Cold – Episode 235 – Shannon Green & David Dewayne Bell – The Trail Went Cold Photo Source: Shannon Rena Green – The Charley Project
December 15, 2021
The Disappearance of Peggy McGuire
After a 13-year-old boy goes missing from Stidham Oklahoma in early 2021 attention is quickly brought to the case of the missing teens mother- a woman named Peggy McGuire who also went missing almost six years earlier. With the case previously cold the McGuire family hopes that new attention to the case can help bring Peggy home. If you have any information on what happened to Peggy McGuire please call: McIntosh County Sheriff 's Office: 918-689-2526 OR call: Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation: 918-423-6672  BRING PEGGY HOME!!!! | Facebook Sources: Law enforcement finds 13-year-old boy safe in McIntosh County ( The Missing 13-year-old That Opened His Mothers 5 Year Old Cold Case... - YouTube Case of Oklahoma Teen, Found After Going Missing, Puts Spotlight Back on Missing Mom, Who Vanished 5 Years Ago | Inside Edition Vote for This Story is Nuts for best local podcast! Voting goes until 12/12/21 Best Local Podcast - Best of the Chippewa Valley 2022 ( Join our Facebook page: Have a story suggestion:
December 08, 2021
The Yoga Twins- Accident or Murder?
Vote for This Story is Nuts for best local podcast! I would appreciate if you took a minute to vote for the show it helps me get the word out about the podcast!  Best Local Podcast - Best of the Chippewa Valley 2022 ( Twin sisters Alexandria and Anastasia Duval had a very popular yoga studio and were almost like local celebrities in their Florida home- Alexandria had a great big personality while her sister Anastasia was known to be sweet and kind. But, things for the twins would take a turn and their relationship, though close, would also end up violent. Within just a few years the two would go from well loved Yoga studio owners, to their story being splashed among the headlines, with one of them dead- and the other being charged with her murder. Join the Facebook group: Have a story suggestion or something you want to share: SOURCES: Alexandria Duval Not Guilty In Twin Anastasia's Accident Death | Crime News ( Alexandria Duval Found Not Guilty of Killing Her Twin Sister | Alexandria Duval, Anastasia Duval case: Hawaii woman charged anew in twin's SUV cliff-plunge death - CBS News PHOTO SOURCE: ABC NEWS
December 01, 2021
**BONUS EPISODE** The Survival Stories of Susan Walters and Michelina Lewandowska.
Today there isn't a new episode of This Story is Nuts- however, I didn't want to leave you without a story. So, for this episode I decided to combine TWO stories of survival from two bad ass women. I hope you enjoy!  All new episodes of This Story is Nuts will return Wednesday December 1st. STORY #1 Susan Kuhnhausen In Susan Kuhnhausen's own words she was a piece of cake. She was middle aged, overweight, and had two bad knees. But, what the intruder in her Oregon home in September of 2006 didn't know was that Susan was also trained in self defense. This is the true story of not only how Susan Kuhnhausen fought off her attacker, but she also fought for the rights of others who were victims of violent crimes. SOURCES: A Hitman Attempted To Kill Susan Kuhnhausen – She Killed Him Instead ( Susan Kuhnhausen Killed the Hitman Sent to Kill Her • Morbidology Police: Intruder strangled by nurse was hit man ( A Hit Man Came to Kill Susan Kuhnhausen. She Survived. He Didn't. - Willamette Week ( Case Companion - Case Companion ( VINELink - Empowering Victims of Crime STORY #2 Michelina Lewandowska. What was supposed to be a simple shopping trip would turn into a nightmare for Michelina Lewandowska. Michelina's quick thinking as well as something else would be the one thing to save her life. In this weeks episode we look at survival, and what one woman will do to stay alive. SOURCES: Michelina Lewandowska – I Can't Believe It's NonFiction ( Police tribute to buried alive woman Michelina Lewandowska - BBC News She Was Buried Alive by Her Own Boyfriend in a Cardboard Coffin | by Fatim Hemraj | Chameleon | Mar, 2021 | Medium Have you joined the Facebook group yet? Join to discuss this case and others! Have a story to share or suggest? I would love to hear your true stories:
November 17, 2021
The Murder of Nicole Van Den Hurk
When 15 year old Nicole Van Den Hurk was found murdered in a wooded area near her home in 1995 over 300 leads came in to detectives. But, despite the leads and a reward for any information Nicole's case would grow cold. That is until in 2011 when Nicole's step brother Andy would take a drastic risk in order to find the real killer of his sister Nicole. It's a quick one today folks. Life is crazy over here but come back next Wednesday for all all new episode!! Want to discuss this case- Have a story suggestion or personal story: SOURCES: Killing of Nicole van den Hurk - Wikipedia Nicole Van Den Hurk's Murder Went Cold, So Her Stepbrother Confessed ( QaafQalam - A Lie For Justice Photo Source: Killing of Nicole van den Hurk - Wikipedia
November 10, 2021
The Mortician and the Millionaire- The Bernie Tiede Case
Bernie Tiede was well liked in the small Texas town of Carthage. He sang in the church choir, could make a gourmet meal, and also was the town's local mortician who was known to work well with families- but especially widows. In 1990 Marjorie Nugent met Bernie after he had helped her arrange her wealthy husbands funeral. And though the two were 42 years apart in age they became inseparable. But, what everyone thought of Bernie they seemed to think the opposite of Marge- claiming she could be mean and hard to get along with. Bernie and Marjorie's relationship would turn from world traveling and having a good time- to- a murder case that would divide this small Texas town in two. Did Marjorie's alleged abuse actually drive Bernie to murder? Or was he a money hungry man who would do anything for Marjorie's millions? Listen to the end on this one folks! I added a bonus part after the credits.  Join the Facebook group: Have a story to share or a suggestion: Sources: The website Marjorie's family dedicated to her after her death: Articles | Marjorie Nugent Bernie Tiede - Wikipedia 48 Hours: The Mortician, The Murder, The Movie - YouTube Bernie - YouTube (2012 Movie) Photo Credit: CBS NEWS
November 03, 2021
The Atlas Vampire
**THIS EPISODE OF THIS STORY IS NUTS CONTAINS GRAPHIC CONTENT- LISTENER DISCRETION IS ADVISED** The 1930s was a time where the idea of a vampire was starting to become mainstream in movies and media. Dracula had just been released to audiences and Peter Kürten otherwise known as The Vampire of Düsseldorf- a serial killer with an obsession with blood- had just been executed in July of 1931. So, in 1932 when a 32 year old sex worker named Lilly Lindeström is found beaten and drained of all of her blood, the Stockholm media have a field day. Was Lilly's killer really a vampire who roamed the Swedish streets or did she just invite the wrong man in?? What really happened to Lilly Lindeström? Sources: Peter Kürten - Wikipedia Vampyrmordet – Wikipedia Atlas Vampire - Wikipedia The Weird Case of the Atlas Vampire | Mysterious Universe The Atlas Vampire Murder – The Death of Lilly Lindeström – Someone Saw Something ( Join our Facebook group: Have a story or a story suggestion:
October 27, 2021
The Denver Spiderman
When Helen Peters was sent to the hospital after she broke her hip in a fall her husband Phillip would have to stay home alone- in the house the two had lived in for over three decades. Phillip's kind neighbors made sure that he was taken care of too, by inviting him over for dinner every night his wife was away- so that he didn't have to eat alone. When Phillip didn't show up one night for dinner however, his neighbors concerned, would go to check on him- it was then they would find Phillip's lifeless body, beaten to death- but they would find no clues as to who murdered Phillip Peters. Soon neighbors would notice strange sounds and smells coming from the vacant home- and lights would seem to turn themselves on and off. By all appearances the murder of Phillip Peters seemed to have been committed by a ghost- and even newspapers reported the crime as the "Denver Ghost House Slayings." The truth in this case though is far more crazy than anyone could have ever saw coming. Join our Facebook group: Have a story suggestion or a personal story: Sources: The Tale of the Denver Spider Man | Denver Public Library History ( Theodore Edward Coneys - Wikipedia Theodore Coneys, the Spiderman of Denver, 1941 - Photo Credit: The Tale of the Denver Spider Man | Denver Public Library History (
October 20, 2021
*BONUS EPISODE* The Curse of Christopher Case
Today is an extra special bonus episode of This Story is Nuts! When a successful and healthy man goes on a business trip he soon will meet a woman who shares the same strange interest as him in ancient music. The two hit it off very quickly, but, what he feels is platonic, the woman, ten years his senior, feels is romantic. When asks him to come home with her for evening he politely declines. But, his rejection is soon met by anger- and the woman, calling herself a witch, places a curse on the man- claiming he will be dead within the week. When Christopher Case is found dead in his apartment a week later the question remains. Was his death caused by a curse? Or did he scare himself to death?   The Mysterious Paranormal Death of Christopher Case | Mysterious Universe Curse Of The Witch: The Death Of Christopher Case - Conspiracy Theories Heart Failure Killed Man Who Feared `Curse' | The Seattle Times What are your theories discuss them here: Have a story to share:
October 15, 2021
Teresita Basa- The Ghost Who Solved Her Own Murder
At 9 pm on the evening of February 21st, 1977 firefighters were called to an apartment in Chicago Illinois. Inside the apartment they would find a body hidden under the burning mattress. The lifeless woman was naked, a butcher knife still sticking out of her chest. Detectives were baffled by the murder of the Teresita Basa- a respiratory therapist- who had no known enemies.  There was no evidence and the case could have immediately went cold- until detectives would receive a strange phone call- and a claim that the people on the other end knew who the killer was because Teresita Basa told them- from beyond the grave. What to talk about this story join the Facebook page: Have a story or story suggestion for the podcast: SOURCES: Unsolved Mysteries Season 2- Episode 19 Teresita Basa | Unsolved Mysteries Wiki | Fandom (Also photo source) Did Teresita Basa Solve her own Murder? • Morbidology Stay Tuned! A bonus episode is coming your way Friday 10/15
October 13, 2021
Room 1046
So excited for creepy season! And that means all new episodes of This Story is Nuts with a creepy twist the entire month! Also, keep an eye out for BONUS episodes! They will be sprinkled in for the entire month of October! Today's Episode: Roland T Owen would check into the President Hotel in Kanas City on a Wednesday afternoon in 1935. The man himself wasn't strange- he was anywhere between 20-35 years of age, had dark hair, a noticeable scar, and a cauliflower ear.   The bellhop would notice that Roland hadn't brought any luggage - and only carried a few personal items- items he would remove from his pockets when he arrived in his room. A housekeeper would also note Roland's behavior as slightly odd as he seemed to prefer to stay in his dimly lit room- keeping mostly to himself except for the strange man who visited his room- the man with the gruff voice- who Roland was heard arguing with some time later.  Even though his actions as he entered the hotel were strange- the craziest part of this story was when Roland T Owen would end up dead- brutally murdered in fact, only three days after he had checked into the hotel room. It is a story that 86 years after it happened still gives people goosebumps. A story with very few answers and tons of questions- questions like what really happened in room 1046? Want to discuss this case? Join the Facebook group: Have a story or story suggestion: Sources: The Mystery Of Roland T. Owen's Gruesome Murder In Room 1046 ( The Unsolved Mystery of the Creepy Murder in Room 1046 | by Hdogar | Lessons from History | Medium The Creepy Murder In Room 1046 - YouTube Photo Source: 01The-Anonymous-Room-1046.jpg (1279×751) (
October 06, 2021
The Palmer Brothers
15 year old Michael Palmer was spending one of the first nights of summer vacation hanging out with a few friends. The night would end tragically however, when, after a graduation party Michael would disappear into the shadows, never to be seen again. A little over a decade later and Michael's older brother Charles Jr. "Chucky" Palmer would also go missing. This is the story of the Palmer Brothers. Join our Facebook group: Have a story suggestion or personal story for the podcast: Sources: The Trail Went Cold Podcast Michael Timothy Palmer – The Charley Project Charles Edwin Palmer V – The Charley Project Michael Palmer ( Youth still missing after seven years | Local News Stories | Picture Source: The Charley Project If you have any information on the disappearances of Michael or Chucky Palmer please contact: Alaska State Troopers at 907-451-5100 The name of the CNN Movie about Paul Joseph Fronczak is called: The Lost Sons  The Lost Sons - Wikipedia The link for the Q&A:  Q&A | foundlingpaul STAY TUNED NEXT WEEK FOR AN ANNOUCEMENT!!
September 29, 2021
Christina Kettlewell- The Eight Day Bride
Eight days after Jack and Christina Kettlewell eloped Christina would be found 150 feet from their honeymoon cottage- dead- in only nine inches of water. Christina's body showed no signs of violence- and police were baffled about whether or not foul play was involved in her death. It was a case that was shrouded in mystery and that left everyone scratching their heads. Did Christina Kettlewell take her own life eight days after she was married- OR- did Jack and his best friend who just so happened to join them on their honeymoon (RIGHT!) have something to do with her death? Have a Theory: Have a story suggestion or personal story to share: SOURCES: What happened to Toronto’s ‘Eight-day bride’? | The Star Murder or Suicide? Mystery of the 8-day Bride. | by The Mystique | Real Crime | Sep, 2021 | Medium The Mysterious Death Of The Eight Day Bride | BuzzFeed Unsolved Wiki | Fandom Photo Source: The Toronto Star *CORRECTION* In the story it is stated that Christina was found 150 yards from the cottage- it is actually 150 feet.
September 22, 2021
Roman Sosa- The Fight For His Life
When 40 year old Roman Sosa met LuLu DeLourdes at a dance club the two would quickly fall in love and Roman would propose within that same year. However, six years into their marriage the Sosa's relationship would sour- and Roman, a former professional boxer would soon find himself in a much bigger fight than one he ever had in the ring- it would be a fight for his life. Sources: Lulu Sosa Now: Where is Ramon Sosa's Wife Today? Is She in Jail? ( Ramon Sosa: Boxing coach marked for murder goes undercover to catch the person who wanted him dead - 48 Hours - CBS News Here is the link to Roman's Book: I Walked on My Own Grave: Sosa, Ramon: 9780578217659: Books Photo Credit: CBS NEWS Have a story suggestion for the podcast: Join the Facebook group:
September 15, 2021
The Disappearance of Colleen Orsborn
When Colleen Orsborn missed her bus on the morning of March 15, 1984 her mother Francis was understandably irritated at the 15 year old. Francis had just been getting over an illness and HAD to be on time for work that day. She left money on the table for Colleen and told her she would have to take the public bus to get to school.  But, when Francis returned home later that day the bus money was still on the table- but Colleen was gone.  Francis wasn't too concerned at first, after all her daughter had been known to skip classes. But when Colleen didn't return home Collen's family would realize that something was seriously wrong.  Unfortunately, the story of what happened to Colleen Orsborn would remain a mystery until 27 years later. SOURCES: Colleen Orsborn - Disappeared ( Colleen Orsborn Archives - TRUECRIMEGUY.COM Colleen Emily Orsborn – The Charley Project Christopher Wilder - Wikipedia PHOTO SOURCE- The Charley Project Have you joined our Facebook group yet? Have a story for the show?
June 30, 2021
The Mummy in the Closet
When Lois Taylor's good friend Dorian Corey died from AIDS related complications she was given access to Dorian's extensive wardrobe. As Lois and two male friends searched through the closet filled with sequins, and feathers, and leather for Halloween costumes Lois would notice something else in the back of the closet. A secret that had been tucked away for the past 20 years...  Today's episode is all about the mystery of the mummy in the closet. Join the Facebook group: Have a story for the podcast OR a story suggestion: SOURCES: A Famous Drag Queen, a Mummy in the Closet, and a Baffling Mystery - Atlas Obscura Dorian Corey - Wikipedia The Story Of The Mummy In Dorian Corey's Closet | Crime History | Investigation Discovery The Cadaver in the Drag Queen's Closet - YouTube
June 23, 2021
The Mercy Murder
In August of 1999 two friends on a trip across country stopped for a night in the Carlsbad Caverns National Park. The trip would soon take a horrific turn, and only one of the men would make it out of the park alive. Although the surviving friend admitted to killing his other friend was it in fact as he said it was- a mercy killing? Have you joined the Facebook group yet? Do you have a story and would like to be featured on the show: Sources: Death of David Coughlin - Wikipedia A Death In The Desert Sentence - CBS News Kodikian Sentenced In New Mexico Hiking Death - OutdoorPlaces.Com Mercy or Murder? Doubts About a Death in Desert - Los Angeles Times (
June 16, 2021
The Survival Story of Susan Kuhnhausen
In Susan Kuhnhausen's own words she was a piece of cake. She was middle aged, overweight, and had two bad knees. But, what the intruder in her Oregon home in September of 2006 didn't know was that Susan was also trained in self defense. This is the true story of not only how Susan Kuhnhausen fought off her attacker, but she also fought for the rights of others who were victims of violent crimes. Sources: A Hitman Attempted To Kill Susan Kuhnhausen – She Killed Him Instead ( Susan Kuhnhausen Killed the Hitman Sent to Kill Her • Morbidology Police: Intruder strangled by nurse was hit man ( A Hit Man Came to Kill Susan Kuhnhausen. She Survived. He Didn't. - Willamette Week ( Case Companion - Case Companion ( VINELink - Empowering Victims of Crime Join the Facebook Group: Have a story- I want to hear it! Photo Credit: Willamette Week
June 02, 2021
Michelina Lewandowska
What was supposed to be a simple shopping trip would turn into a nightmare for Michelina Lewandowska.  Michelina's quick thinking as well as something else would be the one thing to save her life. In this weeks episode we look at survival, and what one woman will do to stay alive. Have you joined the Facebook group yet? Join to discuss this case and others! Have a story to share or suggest? I would love to hear your true stories: SOURCES:  Michelina Lewandowska – I Can't Believe It's NonFiction ( Police tribute to buried alive woman Michelina Lewandowska - BBC News She Was Buried Alive by Her Own Boyfriend in a Cardboard Coffin | by Fatim Hemraj | Chameleon | Mar, 2021 | Medium PHOTO SOURCE: BBC News
May 26, 2021
The Disappeared of the Bennington Triangle
In an area in southwestern Vermont strange sightings and sounds are heard in the beautiful, and yet extremely dense forest. The Native Americans used to believe the land was cursed and would only venture there to bury their dead.  After the town of Glastenbury became a ghost town in the later 1990s several strange sightings- including UFO and Bigfoot sightings would occur in the woods, which would come to be called the Bennington Triangle. But, not only were strange things seen in this vast wilderness, it was also a place where people would go and never been seen again.   In today's story we take a closer look at those who disappeared in the Bennington Triangle.  Want to talk about this episode: I want to hear your stories or story suggestions: SOURCES: The Bennington Triangle - Glastenbury Mountain Bennington Triangle, Vermont – Legends of America The Chilling Story Behind Vermont's Bennington Triangle ( Bennington Triangle - Wikipedia The Bennington Triangle Unexplained Disappearances - Bing video
May 19, 2021
The Mystery at Foss Lake
This unbelievable story made headlines in September of 2013. It was a mystery that took 43 years to find an answer to- and yet- for some it only left more questions. Today we look at the mystery of what happened at Foss Lake. Need to discuss this case? Join the Facebook group: I really want to hear what you think happened on this one! Have a story for the podcast: Photo Credit: FWTV
May 12, 2021
Similar Strangers
Today's episode is an extra special one! We have not one but TWO stories for you today! When Miche Solomon meets Cassidy Nurse the two are immediately taken aback by how similar they look to each other. Miche even feels an odd connection to Cassidy despite the fact that Cassidy is four years younger. When the two become friends they begin to hang out regularly- and they even take a selfie together. Little would Miche know that this selfie would change her life forever.   In today's second story Bobby Shafran is attending his first day of Community College and is shocked at the amount of people who excitedly greet him as he walks around campus. He finds it even more strange that they begin to tell him they are happy he is back, despite the fact he had never been there before.  They also start calling him Eddy...  The pieces of the story would soon come together when Bobby meets Michael- what Michael would tell him would be unbelievable, but the story would only get more and more crazy from there.   Sources Story 1: Sources Story 2: Three Identical Strangers- Netflix Doc Join the Facebook group: Have a story? Email me:
April 28, 2021
The Body in The Trunk- The Forgotten Story of Emma LeDoux
In today's episode we go all the way back to the early 1900s! In 1906 when Emma LeDoux and her husband Albert McVicar travel to Stockton California only one of the them would return home- the other would be found stuffed inside of a 4 foot wide trunk. The story was as unbelievable then as it is today. This is the almost forgotten story of the body in the trunk.  Join our Facebook page! Have a story to share or a suggestion? Sources: Deadly Women- Vow to Kill Stories of the Forgotten : Emma LeDoux - The Black Widow of Amador County (Part One) ( Brief Case- Youtube The Untold Story of the Infamous Emma LeDoux | by Ruining All My Branding | Internet Archaeology | Medium -Photo of the travel trunk that is on display at the Haggin Museum in Stockton CA.
April 21, 2021
Taped Premonition- The Murder of Russ Stager
When a well loved family man and baseball coach ends up dead in a North Carolina town his wife tells police it is an accident. However, the lead detective on the case as well as the man's ex-wife suspect something more sinister happened.  In the end, the truth of what happened to Russ Stager comes from a very unlikely source.. Russ Stager himself. Have you joined our Facebook group yet? Join now for more stories and to connect with other true crime lovers!  Have a story for the podcast? Sources: Fatal Vow Episode- No Accident Forensic Files season 14 EP 5- Broken Promises
April 14, 2021
A Curbed Conviction- The Juan Catalan Story
It was no doubt that Juan Catalan loved baseball. So much so that in May 2003 he bought his mother tickets to the Dodger game for Mother's Day knowing full well that she wouldn't actually use them.  On the same night, 16 year old Martha Puebla would be murdered outside of her home.  Juan's ties to Martha would soon mean that he was the suspect in her murder. It would take a persistent lawyer, a baseball game, and an HBO sitcom to prove Juan's innocence. SOURCES: The Senseless Murder of Martha Puebla - The Crime Column The Long Shot- Netflix Documentary Man Cleared by TV Footage Gets $320,000 - ABC News ( LA gang member gets life for killing teenage girl. – Daily News Join our Facebook group! Have a story for the podcast? Send me an email:
April 07, 2021
What Happened To Hannah- The Strange Case of Hannah Upp
When Hannah Upp awakens in a shallow creek next to an empty shopping cart she is confused on how she got there. In fact, she couldn't remember anything from the last two days. But, this wasn't the first OR last time that Hannah Upp would go missing. Today's story isn't our usual true crime story, but that doesn't make this case any less crazy. This is the true story of Hannah Upp. If you have any information on Hannah Upp  contact - Investigator Steve Wagner: or 724-591-0675. Hannah's family also has set up a gofundme -to show your support:  The documentary on Hannah: Vanished in Paradise Sources: (4) Find Hannah Upp | Facebook Vanishings, Missing Time, and the Eerie Mystery of Hannah Upp | Mysterious Universe How a Young Woman Lost Her Identity | The New Yorker Join the Facebook group www.facebook/thisstoryisnutspodcast Have a story or suggestion for the podcast:
March 31, 2021
Talhotblond- Deception/Jealousy/Murder
When Marinesniper and Talhotblond meet in an internet chat room their flirtatious chats soon develop into a relationship. Little could anyone know that their love affair would soon be full of deceit, jealousy, and murder. But murder isn't the end of the story here. This story has a twist so shocking you'll never see it coming. Sources: Online Love Triangle, Deception End in Murder - ABC News ( A Pretend Web Romance, Then a Real-Life Murder - The New York Times ( Thomas Montgomery – I Can't Believe It's NonFiction Online Love Between Talhotblond and Thomas Montgomery Ends in Murder - Social Catfish
March 24, 2021
Vanished at the Truck Stop- The Michele Whitaker Disappearance.
By the age of 30 things aren't going too well for Michele Whitaker. Michele has already had three failed marriages, and she has started drinking heavily which for Michele leads to having some trouble with the law. In July of 2002, when Michele is arrested for a drunk and disorderly charge, she accidently get released early from jail. Within 24 hours Michele Whitaker would go missing. Would Michele's link to a known killer answer the question of her own disappearance? Or was the answer something no one expected? Souces and Numbers to call: Sources: The Last Truck Stop- Disappeared Episode If you or someone you know are struggling with abuse whether it is alcohol or drug abuse or domestic abuse it's ok to get help. Know that you are not alone and there are several resources to help. American Addiction Centers (AAC) may be able to help. Call us now at 1-877-297-4591  Need to Talk: 1 (800) 273-TALK (8255) Call 800.656.HOPE (4673) to be connected with a trained staff member from a sexual assault service provider in your area. Also, if you know what happened or have any information on what happened to Heather Sellers please contact the Spartanburg  County Sheriff's Office: 864-503-4500 Join the discussion: Photo Credit:
March 17, 2021
The Original Gone Girl? The Story of Joan Risch.
A woman disappears from her house and the only evidence left behind were the blood stains spread throughout the home as well as smears from paper towels. It's the plot of a novel called Into Thin Air- a novel that 31 year old Joan Risch had read shortly before her own disappearance in 1961. Was Joan's disappearance an elaborate setup? Or did something more sinister happen to the young mother of two? Sources: Morbidology The Charley The Line-Up And hours of reddit threads If you have any information on the whereabouts of Joan Risch- police are still accepting tips at: 541-553-2202 Join the conversation: Have a story for the podcast:
March 10, 2021
There's Something About Mary(s)- The Mary Morris Murders
When two women, both with the same name, with similar appearances show up murdered in the same town only 72 hours apart police are baffled. Although both women have families, successful careers, and lots of friends-there is nothing else that ties these women together. Were the murders of both Mary's a hit gone wrong? Or were all there similarities just a coincidence? Join the discussion Have a story to share: Sources: Mary Lou & Mary Mcginnis Morris - Unsolved Mysteries How One Hitman Killed Two Women Named Mary Morris ( Unsolved Mysteries Season 11- Robert Stack
March 03, 2021
Convicted Off a Dream- The Ryan Ferguson Case
When 48 year old Kent Heitholt is found bludgeoned and strangled next to his car the small town of Columbia Missouri is shocked. The case stays cold for two years until an anonymous phone call comes into crime stoppers.  The voice on the other end of line says they know who killed Kent. This new lead brings detectives to now 19 year old Chuck Erickson who says that he dreamt both him and his friend Ryan Ferguson had murdered the beloved sports reporter. Ryan and Chuck are convicted of murder- BUT- were Chuck's dreams real memories of a gruesome murder or did his dreams just send two innocent men to prison? Sources: Where Is Wrongfully Convicted Ryan Ferguson Today After Exoneration? ( The 48 Hours Dream/Killer Episode The 2015 Documentary Dream/Killer Join the discussion: 
February 24, 2021
Measurement Of Truth- The Murder of Nikki VanderHeyden
When Nikki VanderHeyden's murdered body was found on the side of a Wisconsin road detectives quickly suspect her boyfriend Doug Detrie.  And why wouldn't they? Doug has motive, opportunity, and a not so air-tight alibi. But, detectives would soon find out not everything is as it seems, and Doug Detrie's Fitbit might be the only thing to help solve this crime.  Sources for todays episode: And the Dateline Episode - Silent Witness Join our Facebook Group to discuss episodes and all things strange!
February 17, 2021
A Sister's Love and A TikTok Account- The Disappearance of Alissa Turney
When 17 year old Alissa Turney goes missing on her last day of school in May of 2001, she is originally thought to be a runaway. That is, until 2006, when new information about the case is brought to light.  Even with new evidence the case is at a stand still. Wanting justice for her sister Alissa, Sarah Turney will stop at nothing to solve the case, including taking all the evidence straight to TikTok.
February 10, 2021
Who Is Paul Fronczak?
In April 1964, Paul Joseph Fronczak was kidnapped from a Chicago hospital. 14 months later a baby was found on a New Jersey sidewalk. Paul was returned to his family, but, as Paul grew he noticed he looked nothing like his parents. He began to have questions, who was he?  Was he the real Paul Joseph Fronczak or had there been a mistake? It would take years, before Paul would find out the shocking truth. Episode Sources: 20/20 Episode Stolen at Birth The Thin Air Podcast
February 05, 2021