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👠👠REAL TALK - Keep It Real!

👠👠REAL TALK - Keep It Real!

By Melissa Swader
Look, I talk with my hands & say honest S#%*! out of my mouth that some people don’t wanna hear. 😜I’m not going to sugarcoat any topic because I’m gonna KEEP IT REAL! It’s ♦️REAL TALK♦️ about real life challenges & how you can get rid of toxic S#%* out of your life for good! Here you’re going to channel your energy into a happy, positive & successful future! Listen to interviews with Industry Thought Leaders & whatever comes up! #Realtalk #keepitreal
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Inside the Studio with Arizona Residential Realtor & YouTuber, Rick McHone
We have a great episode to listen to with well-known Residential Real Estate YouTube Livestream Rockstar.  eXp Realty's, Rick McHone is inside the studio with me to discuss some REAL TALK about the residential real estate marketing in Arizona.   With thousands of subscribers and daily listeners to his show every weekday morning, Rick gives you an explosive update every day on what is happening in the valley.  Check out the latest episode now!  Rick McHone - YouTube Channel -  #realtalk #melissaswader #rickmchone #residential #realestate 
November 28, 2021
#MarketingwithMelissa - "Answer the Dam#! Phone"
#MarketingwithMelissa I'M BACK! ☺   Bringing you another episode to break a few glass ceilings - OK, maybe just touch on a sensitive subject that I hear about all the time.  Why this simple action can change everything for #commercialrealestate advisors.  In fact, this concept and action applies to anyone in B2B.    If you want to create a respectable brand for yourself, then do not leave this out of your daily routine. Doing something is better than Doing Nothing!  #mondaythoughts #CRE #brand #b2b #cre #commercialrealestate #womenincre #womenincommercialrealestate #smallbusiness #marketing
October 05, 2021
Supporting Women in Commercial Real Estate
In this episode, you will hear me discuss real topics and discussion about Supporting Women in the Commercial Real Estate industry.  From my own personal stories, some good, some bad, and how this has an impact on creating a positive circle for your business. Surround yourself with positive people so you can create positive outcomes.  Introducing (once again) our amazing Facebook group, Women in Commercial Real Estate, bringing women together all across the country to inspire, motivate, encourage, elevate and support the Women in CRE. If you are a Women in CRE, join us September 22nd - 11:00AM (MST) - Check LinkedIn Events for Details 
August 26, 2021
Awesome feature on Linkedin to get YOU NOTICED!
⭐️ #MarketingwithMelissa ⭐️ Bringing you another #marketing tip to elevate your game on #socialmedia ☺ ➡️ Some of you on LinkedIn may use this feature, but some of you may not even know it exists. ***Watch the Quick Tip on YouTube*** Or LISTEN HERE!!! 🔸 How many of you use this Feature? 🔸 How many of you did not know about this? With a few simple clicks, this will help you keep your profile "Features" up to date. [Use it often] Check it out⬇️ #marketingwithmelissa #marketing #marketinginfluencer #linkedinfeature #linkedin #marketingtip #melissaswader
July 27, 2021
Real Talk: How to Create a Recognizable Brand on Social Media
⭐️INSIDE THE STUDIO 🎙️🎥 with Melissa Swader; a nationally recognized Award-Winner, Outstanding Women in Business, Published Book Author (One Yellow Brick), and Social Media Influencer.  Bringing you a NEW episode of my podcast show, 'Real Talk, Real Business, Real People' ☺ Be Sure to Follow me on Facebook HERE to get to know me and what I do everyday.  In this episode, I am talking about one of our favorite topics: ➡️ ♦️How to Create a recognizable brand on Social Media♦️ ⬅️ It is not just about posting to social media everyday, it is WHAT you are posting to social media everyday! Watch on YouTube here: #socialmedia #podcast #marketing #media #instagram #digitalmarketing #linkedin #facebook #brandstrategy #branding
July 20, 2021
Inside the Podcast Studio with Commercial Real Estate Tax Expert, Jamie Pope
⭐️ Real Talk, Real Business, Real People - Inside the studio with America's commercial real estate tax expert, Jamie Pope.    If you own commercial property or represent your clients in the CRE industry, then take some time to listen to some expert advice and information that helps commercial real estate industry professionals "Sell More Commercial Real Estate"  From CARES Act and PPP to the 1031 Exchange and Opportunity Zones, you will not want to miss this episode, as it can help you save your clients money that helps you sell the property.    #jamiepope​ #jpopetax​ #CaresAct​ #JPopetaxconsultancy​ #commercialpropertytaxes
March 19, 2021
Updating Your Social Media Profiles
Have you ever looked at someone’s profile and there’s nothing to look at it? C’mon y’all, get those profiles updated! We want to see your face! We want to see your projects! We want to know who you are!
January 31, 2021
Women in Commercial Real Estate: Facebook Group Open Discussions
Women Supporting Women is empowering! It’s okay that you do not always agree with others in an open discussion. Listening to others is also empowering them to be heard! It’s okay to agree to disagree.... Do you think it’s okay to post intentional cleavage pics to professional social media platforms?
August 11, 2020
Social Media Copycats! JUST STOP!
Have y’all posted to social media & find out that people in your industry are copying your content? Don’t worry because they’ll always be 2nd to your #1 game.... listen now!
August 10, 2020
Creating Your Weekly Short-Term Goals
Don’t let your crazy schedule get in the way of reaching your weekly objectives! Distractions will also you in the face so slap back by setting up your schedule with weekly goals to achieve.
August 03, 2020