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By Melody A.M.
With Melody A.M. Chris and Doron celebrate the music of and musicians from the Nordics.
We delve into life in the region through the lens of the artists who know it best. Join us on a musical journey through these fascinating, beautiful countries.
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Swedish singer-songwriter, producer and filmmaker Jonna Lee started her music career as a fairly unassuming folk musician. Her big international breakthrough came when, in 2009, a series of mysterious videos started appearing on YouTube - and quickly went viral. Speculation as to their creator was rife - was it Christina Aguilera? Could it be Goldfrapp? - but it eventually turned out to be iamamiwhoami, Jonna’s electronic music and audiovisual project in collaboration with Claes Björklund. Jonna founded her own record label, to whom it may concern, and three beautiful electronic albums followed, with iamamiwhoami’s music ranging from glacial soundscapes to pounding electronic beats and pop behemoths, all accompanied by spectacular visual counterparts. Long before anyone had heard of covid-19 and lockdowns, iamamiwhoami were at the cutting edge of online concerts, creating immersive experiences which fans all over the world could enjoy. 2010’s In Concert, the first iteration of their live shows, was not only a musical art installation but also an effective way for a new act to perform to fans internationally, through an online shared experience. In 2017, Jonna embarked on a solo project under the moniker ionnalee, although she maintained the same ethos, releasing a visual film alongside the album Everyone Afraid to be Forgotten. The follow-up, Remember the Future, featured collaborations from Röyksopp, Zola Jesus and fellow Swede Jennie Abrahamson. And now, in 2022, Jonna is back with Claes as the pair release their latest iamamiwhoami album, Be Here Soon. We caught up with Jonna just a couple of weeks before its release - due on the same day as the birth of her first child - to discuss this latest project. Check out our artist playlist with a selection of (a modest) twenty of our favourite iamamiwhoami and ionnalee tracks at
May 20, 2022
Episode 7 - EFTERKLANG
Danish band Efterklang formed in Copenhagen in late 2000 and have been bewitching audiences with their blend of atmospheric pop and lush orchestral rock ever since. No strangers to worldwide critical acclaim, as well as commercial success in their native Denmark, their career has seen them form their own record label, start several side projects, as well as travel to an abandoned Russian settlement near the North Pole to record sounds in and around the decaying industrial sites. In 2021 the trio - Casper Clausen, Mads Brauer and Rasmus Stolberg - released their sixth studio album, Windflowers. The isolation of recent years allowed them to refocus on the essential, reconnecting with each other and nature, and embody change through the symbolic titular flower, resulting in one of the most beautiful records to come out of the collective trauma the world endured thanks to the pandemic. We caught up with Casper to look back on two decades of Efterklang, reflect on the band’s illustrious live career, and discuss his own recent critically-acclaimed debut solo album, Better Way. ​Check out our Efterklang-inspired playlist at
May 03, 2022
The Sound of Arrows are a Swedish electropop duo - often compared with Pet Shop Boys at their dreamiest - comprising of Stefan Storm and Oskar Gullstrand. They broke through in 2011 with the album, Voyage, which quickly became a cult hit for the Popjustice generation with its hopeful lyrics, soaring melodies and euphoric hooks. They followed this eventually in 2017 with the album Stay Free, which built on their sound and added a stellar cast of supporting characters, including Annie and Niki and the Dove. With Oskar focusing on work in film, it’s fair to say that Stefan is the lead player in The Sound of Arrows and he has his fingers in multiple musical pies, having written with the likes of British legends Richard X and Xenomania, and, in 2020, co-writing and producing Norwegian icon, Annie’s long-awaited comeback album, Dark Hearts. We caught up with him to chat about his work with The Sound of Arrows and Annie, as well as the many other collaborations he’s done or has in the pipeline. We’ve also built a playlist of his top tunes, which you can find at
April 12, 2022
ABBA need no introduction. Agnetha, Benny, Björn and Anni-Frid are four of the most famous Swedes of all time and one of the world’s biggest bands ever, with hundreds of millions of album sales and their ubiquitous Greatest Hits collection, Gold, having spent more than 900 weeks in the UK charts. No one will have missed their recent comeback after 40 years, with the album Voyage and their upcoming Abbatar residency in London. But ABBA haven’t always been viewed with the reverence they are today, though, often being sniffed at by critics and forgotten by audiences until a resurgence in interest in the 1990s, spearheaded by Erasure, Australian films Priscilla Queen of the Desert and Muriel’s Wedding, and the group A-Teens, led them back to where they are today - helped in no small part by the show and film Mamma Mia, of course. So it makes perfect sense that, in Stockholm, the place where it all began, these pop behemoths should eventually get their own museum, which opened in 2013. It quickly became a staple part of any tourist’s visit and has maintained its huge success ever since. We wanted to find out a little bit more about this cultural Mecca and in this episode we Are speaking to Museum Director, Caroline Fagerlind, not only about the museum itself, but also about ABBA’s Stockholm, their new music and the ABBA VOYAGE shows.
March 21, 2022
Faroese musician, Janus Rasmussen, has many strings to his bow and, alongside his own solo music and a multitude of collaborations with other artists (as producer, engineer and songwriter), he is also famous for his highly-celebrated work with Ólafur Arnalds as KIASMOS. Now based in Reykjavik, Rasmussen’s discography has spanned multiple genres. The electro-pop elements of his early career with the band Bloodgroup have evolved into a rich, predominantly instrumental techno-tingle soundscape and his prowess as a producer has also brought about a successful side-career as a host of a series of production tricks videos on Youtube. Rasmussen’s debut album, Vin, was nominated for the Nordic Music Council Prize and we’ve included tracks from that record together with other highlights on our Janus Rasmussen playlist which you can check out on our website at
March 03, 2022
Episode 3 - PURE SHORES
What do you get when you combine two of Sweden’s hottest songwriters and performers in a duo? Musical magic, of course. And magic is something which Pure Shores, made up of Ji Nilsson and Marlene, provide with everything they release. The pair have always worked together behind the scenes, co-writing and producing on each other’s solo hits. Both burst into the scene around 2014, with Marlene’s instantly iconic Bon Voyage, and Ji’s Heartbreakfree. They continued releasing gorgeous solo hits throughout the years, but it’s when they duet together that they truly shine. First up came a one-off release for International Women’s Day, Love You Anyway. The pair then treated us to a couple more duets over the years, until they decided to make things official in 2019, launching Pure Shores - yes, they are named after that legendary All Saints song. Each pop nugget provides three minutes of sugary joy, always recognisable with the “Pure Shores” tag at the top of the track. 2022 sees them release their first EP, as well as continuing to work on music for other artists. We caught up with Marlene and Ji to geek out over our collective love of pop music and get their guide to the coolest hangouts in Stockholm. We’ve also put together a playlist of some of their choicest jams, so check it out on our website at
February 16, 2022
Episode 2 - JENNY WILSON
Award-winning singer, songwriter and producer, Jenny Wilson, is a fighter. And a resilient fighter, at that. An alumnus of First Floor Power, a late-90s Swedish pop band whose live shows inspired The Knife’s ‘You Take My Breath Away’ (to which Wilson contributed vocals), Wilson released her debut solo record, Love & Youth, back in 2005 on The Knife’s own record label, Rabid, and with each subsequent album release she has documented a life crowded with incident and challenges, from the changes brought about by motherhood, through recurring battles with cancer and, subsequently, the aftermath of sexual assault. Wilson is a phenomenal live performer and, despite the rescheduling of several gigs in the run up to (and during) the pandemic, she managed to harness the energy she exudes in her shows and channel it into her most recent album, Mästerverket, which was recorded predominantly through complete live takes with her entire band in the studio. Aside from Mästerverket, 2021 also saw the release of a two-track erotic horror ambient record Wilson created with her boyfriend Christian Ekvall, under the joint moniker DRIFTEN, as well as Nicole Saboune’s latest LP, Attachment Theory, which Wilson co-wrote and produced. In allowing her vulnerability to show and, at the same time, remaining powerful, strong-willed and honest, Wilson boasts a discography that is simultaneously upsetting, moving, inspiring and galvanising. For this episode of Melody A.M. Chris and Doron had the opportunity to meet Wilson backstage at Stockholm’s Södra Teatern before a soundcheck. We are grateful that Wilson has also provided us with an exclusive home recording of her track, Rapin*. This interpretation of the song was originally devised for her subsequently-rescheduled solo tour in 2020. When she posted video footage of her rehearsing this version on Instagram back in November 2020 she explained: "To have the courage to tell this horrendous story I originally had to dress it in an extremely hard costume. Now I am undressing the song and [trying] to make it as beautiful and sad as I can."
February 02, 2022
Episode 1 - ASBJØRN
Asbjørn is one of Denmark's best musical imports of the past decade.  He is, in a way, a precursor to what Troye Sivan has become and the consistent, unifying thread running through all of his releases binds honest lyrics, catchy melodies and unpredictable beats that instantly make you tap your foot and think about dancing. His debut album, Sunken Ships, from 2012, was a beautiful coming of age record. The brilliant 2015 follow-up, Pseudo Visions, was an ambitious, predominantly audio-visual self discovery pop monster and his newest long-player, BOYOLOGY, is a contemporary look at what it means to be a human being in the year 2022.  All of Asbjørn's discography combines accessibility with quality and his humour, which you'll get a taste of from our interview, shines through his lyrics as well. Chris and Doron caught up with Asbjørn at the end of 2021, when he was putting the finishing touches to the new album in Denmark's Jutland peninsula. With this being our very first episode proper, Asbjørn also kindly agreed to record a special performance of his recent single, "Be Human", for Melody A.M. and you can catch it at the end of this episode.  If you head over to our website atørn, you'll find an Asbjørn playlist in which we've gathered our favourite tracks by the Danish pop kid, for your further listening pleasure.
January 19, 2022
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With Melody A.M. Chris and Doron celebrate the music of and musicians from the Nordics. We delve into life in this region through the lens of the artists who know it best. Join us on a musical journey through these fascinating, beautiful countries.
December 10, 2021