Becoming Spanish

DELE Preparation

An episode of Becoming Spanish

By Meltem Naz Kaso Corral Sánchez
Hello 🙂 I’m Meltem.

I am an Istanbulite who is currently living in Barcelona, Spain.

I’m making content, from a foreigner’s perspective, about what it is like to live in Spain today, and in doing so, engage in the process of Becoming Spanish.

My goal is to provide information that would not be on the websites of various programs that are simply trying to market themselves.

Admittedly, I also write and podcast about random stuff about Spain that I find interesting.

Stop by and say hi!
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More places to listen

Getting your NIE
NIE refers to "Número de Identidad de Extranjero" (Foreigner Identification Number) and everyone who does not have a Spanish nationality should obtain it to reside legally in Spain. Drawn from my own experience, I discuss in this episode steps to get your NIE. 
March 13, 2019
DELE Preparation
DELE (Diplomas de Español como Lengua Extranjera) are official diplomas issued by the Spanish Instituto Cervantes on behalf of the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science. In this episode, I discuss different levels of DELE Diplomas, give recommendations on which ones to take, and offer suggestions on how to ace it!
March 13, 2019
Hello and welcome! Thank you so much for joining me in Becoming Spanish, where I make content - from a foreigner's perspective - about what it is like living in Spain today.  In each episode, I will discuss a topic I consider valuable for immigrants and expats living in Spain. I welcome your comments and questions so drop me a line on Cheers, Meltem
March 13, 2019
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