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Men Are Nuts

By Men are Nuts
Men Are Nuts a podcast about mental health in society. Mental health the causes the effects the remedies. Let’s bring men together to talk, as you never know we might just save a life
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John Arenburg mental health advocate, and writer talks about being a firefighter and mental health

Men Are Nuts

Soni Panda - Hosiery and Heels Stylist & Reviewer - Healing after bullying My Story
On the Men Are Nuts Podcast Show today we have Fashion icon, hosiery and heels stylist Sonipanda. Soni born and bred in Leicester in UK. We chat about her upbringing coming from a strong family, which helped her through the darker days of her teenage life of being bullied. She opens up about how the bullying affected her and how she was able to overcome it through faith and belief in her family unit. She reflects on her life and how she has learned to grow from the girl that likes to dress up to the woman that does. Her love of hosiery and fashion encapsulates her story. Soni instagram is @SoniPanda and @bysonipandax
July 19, 2022
Rehanna Kauser, a Psychological Psychotherapist a member of BACP and BPS.
Men Are Nuts Podcast welcomes Rehanna Kauser. She is a Psychological Psychotherapist and member of BACP and BPS. Rehanna who is based in Birmingham UK has always been passionate about applying psychology to help clients not only better manage mental health, but to cultivate fulfilment and joy. She has founded her own practice, Phinity Therapy, which has allowed her to nurture her passions, which are working with clients, learning and writing. We chat about how she always wanted to work with others from a young age. Yet circumstances leading to depression seem to derail that ambition. Rehanna had to dig deep and decided to use the power of the human spirit. she knew she had to overcome dark thoughts and feelings. This is her story… Rehanna kauser - Linkedin. Phinity Therapy
May 09, 2022
Levi Weddle entrepreneur who was raised in midland, Texas. Now rebuilding his life in Austin
On the show today we have Levi Weddle who was raised in midland, Texas. Levi moved to Austin about 6 years ago. He has gone through physical and mental abuse. Levi was addicted to drugs for awhile and ended up having a failed suicide attempt as well as 2 brief rounds of rehabilitation. Throughout his childhood he struggled daily with anxiety and depression but through trials and tribulations, He has worked on rebuilding and through loss, He has managed to build himself up and kept strong through the years. Levi knows he is a work in progress and this is his first time opening up on podcast. Lets give a big welcome to Levi! instagram - leviwilliamweddle
April 20, 2022
Stewart mitchell is a Brooklyn born animal rights/human rights activist. He is a poet and an author.
On the show today we have Stewart mitchell is a Brooklyn born animal rights/human rights activist. He is a poet and an author. Stewart has written two books, Liberation Summer and Kayla The Vegan to help children understand the importance of going vegan and having compassion for animals. Stewart also created voice4change, and all inclusive, collective liberation advocacy group that uses poetry to convey the message of animal rights and animal liberation. Stewart has won awards with PETA for his continued work towards animal rights and currently sits on the board for Voters For Animal Rights. Stewart can be found on instagram as vigilante_vegan
April 20, 2022
Amina Wynne Registered Nurse talks about the wall of denial & coping with Ulcerative Colitis Crohn’s
On the show today we have Amina Wynne who is a Registered Nurse specializing in hospice palliative care hailing from Coconut Creek Florida. Amina is a Single mom of 1 daughter and has been Vegan 4 years. Amina talks about dealing racism living in West Virgina and moving to Florida to blend in. Amina struggled at a young age which lead to bulimia. She talks about not having anyone to turn to and trying to escape her realities. Listen to Amina’s inspiring story of beating the odds and how we should parent in the modern era.
April 01, 2022
David Baker Life Coach and Host of Positivity Rocks Podcast - Positivity and Abundance
On the show we have David Baker a Life Coach and the Host of Positivity Rocks Podcast. Its always a pleasure to have David on the show. He comes with smile and wont let anything get him down. If you listen to his previous shows he has come a long way. We chat about his love of life and how it has impacted his growth and everyone around him. David can be found on Instagram positivityrockscoaching
March 14, 2022
Jill D’Arpino Author & Mental Health Advocate - Life after Suicide
Jill D’Arpino is a Mental Health Advocate and Author of Aftermath of Suicide, You Are Not Alone and also a website Jill comes on the show to talk about her son a veteran and how he struggled with grief and not being find another way out.
January 30, 2022
Frank Soonius Author Speaker - Trapped In A Dream Never Lose your Drive. Frank is The Dream Driver
Frank Soonius born near Amsterdam Holland. Is the Author of the book Trapped In A Dream Never Lose your Drive. Frank is The Dream Driver looking to help others step out of their dream, to live their dream. We chat about deep waters, finding the ‘real me’, having to survive in our lives and why we all have a purpose
January 22, 2022
Jim Boyce Director of Education - talks immigration family life and new beginnings
Jim Boyce is a successful Director of Education from Seattle who has worked in several countries. He has a number of awards and was invited to the White House. On the show Jim gives us an update on how a life changing decision is keeping him busy. We chat about the immigration process, his son‘s development having being diagnosed with autism. Also how he handles his ‘me time’.
January 20, 2022
Laura - Integrative Counsellor & Mindfulness Teacher at Thrive Wellness
Laura is a Integrative Counsellor & Mindfulness Teacher at Thrive Wellness. She is proud Mum of 3, a Liverpool girl who is passionate about all things wellbeing, balance & growth through the journey that is life. Conscious parenting & self compassion always. We chat about how she felt neglected by not having a dad around. Laura talks about blaming herself and having a eating disorder. This show is her story about tears and triumphs of a Liverpool girl. Instagram Laura_thrivewellness
January 20, 2022
Nico Lagan Vegan Podcaster Vegan Life Coach - Refusing to live in fear
On the show we have Nico Lagan the Vegan Podcaster. Nico hails from Canada and is a Vegan Life Coach and Martial Artist. Nico talks about not having his dad in his life, the anger it created and seeking affirmation from the streets. A troubled teen Nico turned his life around with one single phone call from his mum. Listen to his story! Instagram Nico Lagan| Vegan Podcaster
January 19, 2022
Joan Bailey Entrepreneur & Founder of Queens Walking Group - Being in control of our own minds
On the show we talk to Joan Bailey. Joan is a Entrepreneur and also Founder of Queens Walking Group. She is also managing the African Caribbean Market. We chat about the pandemic and how it helped to push her into creating a walking group which has grown exponentially. We talk about mental health and how her enthusiasm has been the driving force for the various projects.
January 18, 2022
Dave Gibson The sleep Guy Osteopath Hypnotherapist - becoming grateful to overcome addiction
Dave Gibson Osteopath and Hypnotherapist comes on the show to talk about his battle with numerous addictions. Dave felt that he had to achieve to feel thats what was needed to feel loved. We hear about him being a workaholic and a functioning alcoholic which ended up with him being put into a treatment centre.
January 18, 2022
Basketball star Nicholas Evans - Having a belief in god and impacting others
Nick Sampson Basketball star has played in 30 countries in the major leagues. Nick is a father to 4 children living in Canada. He now plays in Japanese professional league. On this episode of the podcast we chat about his life and his ethical compass. We talk about his internal battle between providing for his kids and being away from them.
January 18, 2022
Mike Murphy marine veteran - Traumatic brain injury sustained war in Iraq
Mike Murphy from Florida is a veteran of the Iraq war. Mike chats about his time in the marine being deployed to Iraq and dealing with survivors guilt. We talk about his alcoholism and accepting that he would be wouldn’t be alive past 40 years of age. This is his story how he was able to turn his life around and how life is rewarding now.
January 18, 2022
Marie Eyre- Mental Health Practitioner - feeling like a warrior after living in fear
Marie Eyre Mental Health Practitioner has been in the mental health field for a number of years. We chat about her strength in dealing with a multitude of of situations to help her son who’s father had died suddenly. Marie had to call on her previous young life experiences dealing with substance abuse and domestic violence to cope and reclaim back her life. Whilst she applied tunnel vision to help her family this was becoming detrimental to her health.
January 18, 2022
Professional Basketball stars Nicholas Evans & Robert Sampson talk Japan, covid and growing up
Nicholas Evans and Robert Sampson Professional Basket players come on the show today. We talk about their continuing development as young men playing in basketball in a country completely different from their own. We chat about their upbringing and how that has shaped their lives and love of basketball and travel.
January 18, 2022
Lauren Sette talks about her continuous battle with Crohns Disease and coping during the pandemic
Lauren Sette comes on the show to talk about how she has struggled to cope during the last year. Lauren struggles with Crohns Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Endometriosis and brain tumour. She talks about her fund raising and how she was stunned that so many people helped her to get treatment.
September 18, 2021
John Saintignon - NBA Scout and Head Coach in Japan Pro League - Coping with the pandemic
On the show today we have John Saintignon former NCAA top scorer, an NBA Scout and now a Head Coach in Japan’s Pro League. We talk about how he has been able to cope with the pandemic and not being able to coach or play basketball during the last year. He talks about his ability to challenge the players mentality. Jon looks at breaking down the barriers and helping the young players to not shift the blame.
September 18, 2021
Hope Change Inspire Certified Life and Spiritual Coach - Healing from divorce,abuse & bullying
On the show we have a lady who has set up a instagram account that is constantly growing. HopeFirst Life Coach comes onto the show to talk about her journey from childhood to adult. She walks us through her healing process dealing with abuse, parents divorce, being bullied and being the protector of everyone else. This is her story! Her page can be found on instagram @hopechangeinspire
September 18, 2021
Ethan Fergon Founder of Goldenhart - Living with a rare congenital syndrome Goldenhar
On the show today we have Ethan Fergon Founder of Goldenhart which he has set up to help others that are struggling with mental health, disorders and various syndromes. Ethan Fergon Founder was born with Goldenhar. Goldenhar syndrome is a rare congenital defect characterized by incomplete development of the ear, nose, soft palate, lip and mandible on usually one side of the body. Ethan talks about how he has lived with the disorder all his life with various operations bullying and also the support of his family. We talk about his love for basketball and the moment he came to realise his new path in life
August 27, 2021
Rebecca Adams mastering mindset mentor -
Rebecca Adams Ex Military is back on the show. She talks about childhood trauma and how it impacted her mindset. Rebecca always had a feeling that she was the black sheep of the family. Mouthy and bossy this was how she was known as a child but this has helped her to deal with the impact of poverty in her life. Rebecca is qualified in NLP, Belief Clearing and private coaching, which she uses in her daily life to help others. Rebecca is people focus and results driven She has appeared on TV shows podcast radio shows and is helping up to transform lives
June 23, 2021
Rebecca Adams Ex Military, Entrepreneur - Knowing that we are not in control
On the show today I talk to Ex Army Rebecca Adams, Now CEO of her company who lives in Liverpool U.K. Rebecca gives a heartfelt chat about the process of death of her mum. She talks about how she dealt with the decline of her mum and how she used mastery to focus. We look at the grieving process and how she deals with it. Knowing that we are not in control and that the universe watches everything.
June 23, 2021
Megan Gormley - living with Abuse Adhd and Epilepsy and how it impacted my mental health
My Name is Megan. I am from GTA area in Ontario. I am authentic, raw. humble and kind. This is a part of my journey that I’ve shared . Megan was on the show today to talk about how her life changed after her mum caught her husband (Megan’s dad) with another man. Megan opens up about how her dads partner would abuse her which left her struggling to come to terms with who she was.
June 23, 2021
Andy Vasily Coach, TedX Speaker - Reflecting on myself finding purpose after my brothers death
Andy Vasily has been around the world teaching coaching and consulting. He gave a TedX talk about his life and how it helped him to find purpose. Andy talks about living in a volatile home where is mother and father were both alcoholics. We chat about how he fell in love with American football which gave him a purpose and meaning in his life which helped to steer him away from home life. The death of his brothers. made him reflect deeply on what was it that god gave him that he didn’t give to them and why he was able to keep away from drugs and alcohol. This is Andy’s journey of figuring out his own purpose.
June 16, 2021
Lauren Sette Blogger - living with Crohns Disease, chronic illnesses and my mental health
Lauren Sette is a Blogger and a former Executive Assistant from Canberra, Australia. Lauren comes on the show to talk about her battle with misdiagnosis of numerous chronic illnesses. From a young age she has suffered from numerous pains and at age 21 doctors did the appendectomy and said it looked like Lauren had Crohn’s Disease. This meant she had to wait six long weeks till it healed to confirm. The reason Crohn’s Disease rang a bell with her, was when they said it was because of the diet pills Which she taken six months earlier. These were not allowed to be taken if you had Crohn’s diagnosed. Lauren has battled with Rheumatoid Arthritis, fibromyalgia, Endometriosis, Adenomyosis, and a Brain Tumour. She is here to tell you her story of her mental breakdown. This is her story of bravery and strength.
June 15, 2021
Nubian Red Musician - growing up in Jamaica & the impact of death of her mother on her mental health
Nubian Red is one of the hottest musicians hailing from Kingston Jamaica. On the show today she talks about losing her mother and grandmother and impact on her life. How she like many Jamaicans uses music to help cope with life. We also chat about the resilience of the Jamaican people.
June 09, 2021
Mel organiser of Men Against Mountains Work place bullying and how it affected me mentally
On this episode today I had Mel on the show. Mel runs and organises the group called Men Against Mountains she describes herself as woman building connections for like minded men with mental health struggles. She talks about her struggles over 10 years with depression. Which was caused by work place bullying, a breakdown of her marriage, being in a abusive relationship and being addicted to prescription drugs. This is her story of trying to get back what she lost.
June 07, 2021
Phil Fulllen Ex Royal Air Force talks about how serving In Air Force helped shaped his life
Today on the show we have Phil Fullen Ex Royal Air Force. He has worked in the Prison Service and he is currently in Qatar Safety Manager in construction. Phil always wanted to be in Air Force and he had a great role model to help which was his dad. We chat about his time serving and how close he was to his dad. Who he saw as his hero!
June 05, 2021
Sindy Casanova Real Estate Agent, Spiritual Healer, Finding the real me after a abusive relationship
Sindy Casanova Real Estate Agent by day, Spiritual Healer, Mum, Photographer and Painter. She is on a spiritual journey rediscovering herself after a abusive relationship which caused anxiety and panic attacks. Sindy talks about her journey of using mindfulness, meditation which is helping to her heal and make connections along the way.
May 29, 2021
Noah Blakeslee Legal Operations Assistant and Podcast Host - The Law and Me
We have Noah Blakeslee on the show today. He is a Legal Operations Assistant at an immigration law firm in Framingham, MA. He also runs a podcast called On The Beat which is a topic based criminal justice history show. We chat about his strong feelings that surround injustices. This was further compounded after his anxiety and heart palpitations shot through the roof after being caught with marijuana, knowing that he could face prison. We chat about his upbringing and how he champions justice
May 21, 2021
Ali Deuso Life and Career Coach Spiritual Cheerleader - Self Love is the Secret Sauce
Ali Deuso lives in New England USA is on the show today. She talks about her lack of self love, being insecure about her weight and getting counselling for bulimia. Ali never felt like she fitted in and as a child she tried her best to make friends, This lack of self love was further compounded when she was bullied for her weight. In her words Compare and Despair and self love is the secret sauce. Ali now life coaches clients and she is meant to be here and wants to help people.
May 20, 2021
Annie Kaszina Coach & Award Winning Author - Living with Narcissistic Abuse
Abuse Healing with Coach Annie Kaszina. Annie Kaszina is an award winning Author and Narcissistic Abuse healing Coach she is on the show today to talk about her life living with narcissistic parents. She talks about the way she was treated and how that impacted on her mental health and how it impacted on her relationships We talk about what a narcissist is and how we can recognise the signs.
May 18, 2021
Pete Cohen Author TV Presenter Coach - The relationship I have with myself and feeling accepted
On the podcast I chat with Pete Cohen Humanitarian, best selling Author, TV Presenter, Coach, PE Teacher. He talks about growing up and feeling the need to fit in. Having been diagnosed with severe dyslexia and behaviour issues at age 10. This led to Pete hating school. He struggled with his own insecurities and was always comparing himself to others. After burning out with chronic fatigue which went on for ten years Pete decided that he needed to change. He has appeared on TV for a number of years and written several books. Pete now coaches and inspires others to be a better version of themselves. He now feels that it is important to be inspired about where you are going and what’s in front of you.
May 12, 2021
Kerry Mears - Guide To Inner Freedom Creating space for individuals to discover who they really are
We have Kerry Mears on the show today. Kerry lives in Maidstone Kent in England. On the show she shares her journey of being bullied and being a people pleaser. In her teens she had an injection to help her periods. Kerry then ended up with depression crying all the time, ending up in a black rabbit hole and trying to take her life. She talks about leaving the door open for someone to come in and show her some love. Her journey is one of finding self love!
May 12, 2021
Victoria Hardy Author Podcast Host Chronicles of a Messy Mind - My 19yr Battle with Endometriosis
On the show today we have Victoria Hardy also known as Gingeunhinged host of the podcast Chronicles of a Messy Mind. She talks about being bullied as a child by other children. Then at 15 years old being rushed to hospital with a ruptured cysts on her ovaries. This was only the beginning of her long and painful journey. Having been diagnosed with Endometriosis which included having 12 ruptured cysts and 19 operations between the age of 16 and 34 years of age. Victoria knew she had build resilience and take on her dads mantra ‘Adapt and Overcome’. She now uses her journey to help other work colleagues and people that may be struggling with endometriosis and menopause. Listen to Victoria Hardy as we unpack her thoughts. ‘Adapt and Overcome’
May 12, 2021
Frank Soonius Speaker and Author of Trapped In A Dream Never Lose your Drive
Frank Soonius born In Amsterdam Holland. Is the Author of Trapped In A Dream Never Lose your Drive. He had a dream about being a top gun pilot after having his dream crushed he ended up seeing a psychiatrist and psychologist after falling into depression. After getting the help he needed He took up his second passion of teaching basketball and tennis to children. Frank being the man he his took on a well known government drug project which was set up to help people with drug problems. He talks about breaking down mentally and not being able to cope in his role after hearing all the stories. He opens up about landing in Australia, being framed for drugs and ending up being sentenced to 11 years in jail. This is his story of an innocent man fighting back.
May 11, 2021
Dr Abraham Gerard Meyer CEO The international Mental Wellness Society - to be conscious of the mind
On the show today Dr Abraham Gerard Meyer CEO The international Mental Wellness Society and CEO Mindful Choice. Abraham is a Cognitive Psychologist he has a PhD Physiology and psychology. One of his main focus is to help people to be behave/ act on their mind not on their emotion.
May 05, 2021
David Baker is certified Life Coach - How to take your every day life & turn into something amazing
Listen to the latest episode as myself and David wax lyrical about life. On the show today David Baker talks about how he tries to overcome procrastination. He talks openly about beating depression and being inspired to not procrastinate. From procrastination to motivation. David is currently penning his first book.
May 05, 2021
Delroy Hall Counsellor, Psychotherapist - How writing a journal helped with mental health
Delroy Hall Senior Counsellor Well-being Advisor & Chaplain at Sheffield Utd is a trained Psychotherapist. Delroy at a young age was one of the best 400 metres hurdlers in Britain. He talks about how the training has helped him in his life. Learning to swim at the age of 57 in training for a triathlon. We chat about his time in the church as a pastor and questioning the restrictive nature of the old school way. He talks about racism and how it made him stronger. Delroy talks about the power of the journal to help with his mental health
May 02, 2021
Shavanna Spratt Host of the Da Hood Talks Podcast Impact of police brutality on the black community
Shavanna Spratt On the show today we look at the mental and psychology impact of racism and police brutality on black people. On the day of the conviction of the police officer killing of George Floyd. We look at why black people still question the American justice system. Shavanna hails from Ferguson a city in St. Louis County, Missouri. She is the Host of the Da Hood Talks Podcast. A podcast aimed at helping her community the empowerment of the every day people and providing a voice for voiceless.
May 02, 2021
Seleta Harvey Author, Artist, Co host of Black Women Heal Podcast - how therapy saved me
Seleta Harvey Author, Artist, Co host of Black Women Heal Podcast. Seleta comes on the show all the way from USA to give us her perspective on life. We discuss the death of DMX and Seleta met him. Growing up with parents and having a great life . Yet it wasn’t until she hit her early teens that she started to see ugly side of humans. Being called racial slurs and bullied by other children led to Seleta finding solace in books and studying. She talks about her mental toughness and dealing with weight issues. She opens up about how a culmination of miscarriage, boyfriend leaving her whilst also having to deal with the situation on her own lead to depression and attempted suicided. Seleta gives us an insight into how therapy saved her life. She has written a book ‘Life, Love, God… And All The Other Bullshyt’ currently available on Amazon Barnes & Noble plus more.
May 02, 2021
Trent Reese Master Sergeant 29 years in the U.S Army - Looking for a male role
Trent Reese was a Master Sergeant who served 29 years in the U.S Army. Stage Manager and Load Master (ground and air) for Sergeant Major of the Army U.S.O. Annual Hope and Freedom tour in Iraq. Performed all stage management activities while in Iraq from 2002-2005. ➢ G8 summit, Sea Island South Carolina (2001). Responsible for welcoming each Head of State. ➢ Stage manager from 1993-1997 in support of President Gerald Ford's Birthday celebration in Vail, Colorado where Bob Hope was the Master of Ceremonies. ➢ Stage manager and protocol coordinator from 1991-1997 for the Annual Holocaust Remembrance Ceremonies held in the Rotunda of the U.S. Capitol. ➢ The 1991 National Christmas tree lighting with guest artist Patti LaBelle. ➢ Crew Chief, Recruiting Command Exhibit Team toured the country 11 months of the year setting up at various event venues such as Daytona 500 and Mardi Gras USA. Travelled throughout the U.S. driving and managing an 18-wheel tractor trailer multimedia van. ➢ Facilitated and participated in burials and ceremonies at the Arlington National Cemetery from 1981 to 2006. Trent Reese 4 ➢ Stage manager for eight Annual Veterans Day Ceremonies at the Arlington National Cemetery. ➢ Assistant to the flag officer while assigned to the 3rd Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard). ➢ Escort of VIP for General (five-star) Omar Bradley funeral procession, April 1981. ➢ Detailed to the office of the Honorable Clifford Alexander, Secretary of the Arm Trent grew up in a single parent household but always felt something was missing. He talks about meeting a army recruiter within the school and how he looked up to him. Trent chats about his first days within the base and getting Drill sergeants call 5 o’clock on Monday morning. He talks about being shot in the leg and being scared to death. Calling his dad who had zero compassion. Compassion was shown by a drill sergeant who helped him back to fitness. 9/11 brings about a major traumatic experience in his life and changed the way he looked at life.
May 01, 2021
Marc Agboka Wellness and Recovery Specialist in USA. Mental Health impact of racism as a black man
Welcome back Marc Agboka Wellness and Recovery Specialist for Mental Health. He is a Motivational Speaker Musician and YouTube Blogger he is a Canadian living in USA. On this episode we chat about how Racism has a massive impact on the mental health and well-being of a black man in the USA. As the the verdict police officer who George Floyd is announced we take a look at the how and why black men are still being targeted by police officers on a daily basis. Marc talks about how he was treated by a police officer and being stunned by the police officers accusations
May 01, 2021
Shavanna Spratt Host of the Da Hood Talks Podcast talks about her struggles living in Ferguson USA
Shavanna Spratt hails from Ferguson a city in St. Louis County, Missouri. She is the Host of the Da Hood Talks Podcast. A podcast aimed at helping her community the empowerment of the every day people and providing a voice for voiceless. On the show she talks about being black in America and the ongoing segregation. Her struggles growing up in St Louis started at a young age having been sexually abused and having to come to terms with what happened, on her own. Listen to her story as she battled through adversity to becoming the voice of the voiceless
April 12, 2021
Building resilience after growing up in Adversities, with Dr. Aisha Alsheikh
Dr. Aisha Alsheikh is a medical scientist & researcher turned therapist, coach, mentor & business entrepreneur. She is most passionate about healing, influencing and transforming peoples’ mindsets, motivating, educating, and empowering them. Her diverse educational background and personal life experiences and struggles put her in a unique position that relates to people from all walks of life and to help guide. In this episode she talks about her story and struggle with childhood abuse and how these experiences changed her to become who she is today.
April 11, 2021
Vinny Wagjiani Detective, Trainer, Coach, Mentor talks about coming to terms with his dads death
Vinny Wagjiani is Detective in the Surrey Police Force, Trainer, Coach, Mentor. He is also a School Governor, Director of Kardia Coaching. We chat about how the police have had to handle the changes within the last year during the pandemic. Vinny talks about the layering effect that was being built up internally over the years from all aspects of his life. It wasn’t until his father died and he was able to get counselling that he realised how much things where building up inside. He talks about being racially bullied as a child and how he has turned that round to now helping others. He now helps others through his company Kardia Coaching
April 10, 2021
Ryan Grossett Nutritionist, Actor - Melanated people & struggling in the euro centric school system
Ryan Grossett is a plant based nutritionist an actor and martial artist talks about deconstruction of the melanated people. He looks at the school system and how we have come away from ancestral knowledge. The diet, the lack of sunlight, and not being connected to the earth. We must try to unlock the knowledge that has been taught to us in the school system. Ryan brings knowledge gained from is life and how melanated people need to understand who we are and start to unlearn what we have learned.
April 10, 2021
Delroy Hall Senior Counsellor Well-being Advisor & Chaplain at Sheffield Utd - Coping with the virus
Delroy Hall Senior Counsellor Well-being Advisor & Chaplain at Sheffield Utd is a trained Psychotherapist. He comes on the show to talk about the past year and how we can deal with the pandemic. He speaks extensively on how we can deal with our thoughts during a a time of panic and stress
April 10, 2021
Kim Rutherford Psychotherapist, Mental Wellness Coach Author of a brand new book
On this episode this is a celebration of Kim Rutherford and her brand new book... 8 Wise Ways To A Healthier Happier Mind. Having gone through so much then going through therapy for depression and anxiety. Kim bounced back to become a psychotherapist and having a private practice in Liverpool. She has created a 8 Wise program to help people with mental health. Kim now has her own radio show and has big plans for a tv show.
April 10, 2021
Graeme Errington Coach Healer Author talks about being a Police Officer and the demands of the job
Graeme Errington Coach, Healer, Author and a former Police Officer. He comes on the show to talk about his desire to help people and the challenges that came with being in the Police force. Graeme grew up in Hartlepool and later worked in the area. He talks about the traumas both physical an mental that affected his time in the uniform. He talks about the lack of internal help with coping with trauma and mental health. Upon leaving force he was offered a Community Support Officer which he did for 12 years. He has now set up a business as Coach and Healer. He has now written a book. ‘Tell Me Less’ the shortcut to abundant well being without talking to a stranger. The book can be found on Amazon. Listen to his journey from struggling with mental health to becoming a healer and author.
April 06, 2021
Jim Boyce retired Director & Educator - Success in the education system & having a child with Autism
Jim Boyce is a successful Director of Education from Seattle who has worked in several countries. He has a number of awards and was invited to the White House. He has been a teacher a principal, Assistant Director and Director of several programs. He has worked in USA and even as far as UAE at the no1 ranked university there. Jim gives us an update on his health after catching COViD and believing that his time was up. We chat about his back injury which made him suicidal because of the pain and not being able to pick things up. He eventually took steps to recovery by carrying his child longer distances each time which lead to him becoming a marathon runner, we chat about His time in Qatar and how it became a time of healing. Jim opens up about having twins and how he copes with his son who has Autism whilst living in the Dominican Republic
April 03, 2021
Scott Ward MBA Ex Pro Footballer Luton Town FC his battle with mental health and heart surgery
On the show today we have Scott Ward a ex Professional Footballer with Luton Town FC. Scott was goalkeeper and comes from a family of footballing brothers that play professional football. Elliot and Darren. We chat about how he always wanted to be a footballer and achieving the dream. He talks about his debut saving a penalty with his first touch of the ball and then years later having to retire from football at age with a injury whilst no longer in love with the game. The instant gratification and how his mental health was affected during his time as a footballer and how he was struggling to cope with a different life after football. Becoming a refuse collector which lead to him looking at his life and being selected to go on course. At 30 years of age he had a near death experience with being rushed to hospital with pre stroke cardiac arrest phase. Having heart surgery and fighting back. Scott let’s us know about the life changing experience of the last year and being diagnosed with Sleep Apnea. Listen to this episode here on the Men Are Nuts Podcast
April 03, 2021
Graham Frost Speaker and CEO of Heart Shaped Decision chats about growing up in church background
Graham Frost Speaker and CEO of Heart Shaped Decision chats about growing rebelling against is upbringing. In religious church based background. We follow his life being in Borstal(youth offending institution having testicular cancer and turning to counselling which was a catalyst in helping to turn his life around. Graham has given numerous talks which have been called inspiring and mesmerising. He gives talks to colleges, universities and business.
March 30, 2021
Peter Kelly Senior Psychologist/ Expert Advisor on Mental Health talks about Dyslexia and Dysprax
Peter Kelly Senior Psychologist and Expert Advisor on Mental Health. A member of the International Scientific Committee comes on the show. Using his life experiences being diagnosed with dyslexia and dyspraxia and being told he wasn’t going to be anything. He talks about working on a ward and being asked for his thoughts which helped him to become a psychologist. He talks about being real, authentic and telling the story.
March 30, 2021
John & Marcus of Real Talk with Jam Podcast - The Perfect Storm and What are our identities?
John & Marcus of Real Talk with Jam Podcast based in California USA. John and Marcus are close friends that have stuck together and looked out for each other for many years culminating in creating the successful Podcast Real Talk with Jam. We talk about the George Floyd protest, the presidential election and COVID pandemic as the perfect storm happening at the same time. John and Marcus spoke on identity and what it means to deal with sexuality and mental health. Listen to their Podcast Real Talk With Jam
March 30, 2021
Martin Carruthers Former Professional Footballer chats about dealing with fame and mental health
Martin Carruthers Former Professional Footballer and now Education Manager at Notts County Football in the Community. Comes on the show to talk bout his struggles growing up in single parent household. We chat about his life and how he was able build up the resilience to become a footballer and cope with racist abuse, a broken leg and and a number of rejections. We chat about his daunting debut playing against Wimbledon FC Crazy Gang which included Vinny Jones Jon Fashanu and Lawrie Sanchez. Martin had an illustrious career spanning 13 clubs scoring 147 goals in 500 games.
March 22, 2021
Judith Jacob Actress TV & Theatre talks about how she was able to cope with anxiety grief and fame
On the show we have Judith Jacob Actress of TV and Theatre. She has appeared in famous British TV shows such as Angels, No Problem, The Real McCoy, Eastenders, Holby City and Doctors. On the show we chat about her life growing up of wanting to be an actress at a young age. How she was able to cope with anxiety from her new found fame and not riding the bus. Also judith talks about how she kept her grief bottled up. At the untimely death of her mother which coincided with her big break into TV.
March 16, 2021
Paige Linga Artist and Blogger talks about PTSD and her healing from traumatic past
Paige Linga Artist and Blogger comes on the show on International women’s day. She talks about growing up in cult and being diagnosed with PTSD she talks about her self destructive behaviour and the need to embrace mental and spiritual health. We chat about her healing from a childhood traumatic past. Paige has had to come through addiction to drugs, sex and a eating disorder and being told not speak.
March 14, 2021
Hameed Al Qahtani Mechanical Engineer in Qatar talks about his journey with Bipolar
Hameed Al Qahtani Mechanical Engineer comes on the show in Qatar. I chat to Hameed on his birthday so happy birthday to Hameed. We talk about his roots and being a Qatari being bullied as a child and being told to Man Up. He mentions going to university in Newcastle and how he changed over to Lincoln university where in his first year he had his first mental breakdown. Hameed talks about trying to please the Qatari and Arabic community and how during whilst in his job he recognised that he had a mental health problem We chat about going to therapy in Qatar and being diagnosed with Bipolar type 2. Hameed is passionate about mental health and is looking to implement his plan to tackle mental health here in Qatar.
March 14, 2021
Toni Hughes is a Curriculum Writer and on the show talks about glandular fever and fibromyalgia
Toni Hughes is a Curriculum Writer comes on the show from sunny Wales. She talks about the dangers of labelling children with ADHD. She talks about having very bad glandular fever. Autoimmune diseases that have stemmed from her getting glandular fever which has led to depression. She has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia,CFS, GAD and IBS. Having been through preeclampsia with giving birth to a premature baby and a breakdown marriage. Toni is on a mission to get doctors to look into the connection between autoimmune diseases, pain and depression.
March 13, 2021
Marc Agboka Wellness and Recovery Specialist talks about overcoming Anxiety Disorder
Marc Agboka is a Wellness and Recovery Specialist and is on the show to chat about overcoming Anxiety Disorder. He talks about his 2 year journey which included 30 emergency room visits, full work up of test, multiple physicians and psychotherapist. He talks about the clarity he had when he finally got the answer to his mental health. After going on a program he finally had something to aim for. This is his journey to becoming a Wellness and Recovery Specialist.
March 13, 2021
Imani Speaks Radio Host, Podcast, Accredited Life Coach - Self love and Other Relationships
Imani Speaks ConsciousRadio Host, Podcast, Spiritual Coach and Accredited Life Coach And Love and Relationship. Imani comes with a wealth of knowledge and lived life experiences. On this episode we chat about life. How our mental health can be soothed by music. The impact of music and words impacting our vibrations. We chat about why there is breakdown in marriage and relationships particularly in the black community. Whats happened to communication between men and Women and how we can get the love back to help our mental health
March 06, 2021
Tawnya Davidson Therapist, Licence Clinical Social Worker - Abuse and witnessing domestic violence
Tawnya Davidson Therapist, Licence Clinical Social Worker and Host of the T-Side Podcast.She talks about her life at a young age witnessing domestic violence, being abused and being around drugs. She talks about her dad a Vietnam Vet who suffered with PTSD and her relationship with him. Tawnya is a remarkable woman and throughout her life she has fought back to help children young people and adults. Listen to her on the episode of the Men Are Nuts Podcast.
March 04, 2021
Kim Rutherford Psychotherapist,Mental Wellness Coach Increase in mental health in society
Kim Rutherford Author 8wise Ways To A Happier Healthier Mind Psychotherapist,Mental Wellness Coach, CEO of Daltonwise Coaching and 8Wise. Kim comes on the show to chat about the increase in mental health in society during the last year and the wider impact it is having on the society. We chat about how she has developed her business and how she is helping many people from around the world. Kim announces her first book and being a radio show host
March 04, 2021
David Baker Certified Life Coach and Motivational Speaker - Depression Survivor
David Baker is a Certified Life Coach a Motivational Speaker, Mental Health Advocate, a Blogger and Writer. David talks about his life and how he has struggled with depression and anxiety for a long time. After losing his dad to suicide at a young age and feeling abandoned. David struggled to come to terms with who he was and why he was feeling the way he did. A light bulb moment years later gave David the chance that he was looking for to change his life. It’s not been until the last couple of years that David now sees a blue sky every day! Also he gives tips on a depression free lifestyle.
March 02, 2021
Coffee with Carly Mental Health Blogger and Advocate talks about why we should practice self care
Coffee with Carly Blogs Mental Health Blogger and Advocate on this episode she talks about why we should practice self care. Why don’t we look after ourselves? Why don’t we practice self love and self care. Carly hails from Long Island New York. We chat about life and how weather and lack of light can affect our moods
February 28, 2021
Ryan Grossett Actor & Nutritionist - How mental health is affected by food, and lived experien
Ryan Grossett is a Nutritionist, Actor and martial artist. He is also a plant based advocate and has changed not just his own life but many others. He has grown his social media so much in the last year to the point people are asking him for help. On the show we chat about being what it means to be a black, a teenager and young man. Ryan talks about his journey and how his mental health was tested at a young age by teachers and how he just wanted answers to questions that they were not providing. Ryan wants to help others and change lives. With his knowledge and confidence there will be no stopping him.
February 23, 2021
CoffeewithCarlyblogs is a blog that talks about all things mental health and well being egg
Coffee With Carly Blogs. Is blog about all things mental health. It was started by Carly from Long Island New York. She started the blog five years ago and the it has gone from strength to strength. On the show she talks about anxiety and mental health around Christmas festive period. How it’s important that we don’t get lonely.
December 27, 2020
Andrea Harkins Podcaster at The Martial Arts Woman talks positive mindset to make a situation better
Andrea Harkins Podcaster at The Martial Arts Woman. She is a author of several books including How to Create Your Own Martial Art Program and Martial Art Inspirations for Everyone book. Andrea has been a columnist for Martial Arts Illustrated, The Guardian Magazine to name but a few. She is wife, mother and inspirational person. On the podcast we chat about how she uses martial arts in her everyday life. Her positive mindset combined with spirituality helps her to overcome life and helping the world become a better place. .
December 27, 2020
Paul Odle Chair of Black Asian Minority Ethnic &BAME BELIEF at Police Federation talks RACISM
On the show today we have Paul Odle Chair of Black Asian Minority Ethnic &BAME BELIEF at Police Federation of England and Wales. He is a member of the Police Federation, a Federation Representative & MBB Diversity sub committee and also national and metropolitan Black Police Executive member. Having had first hand experience with the National Front (far right group) in his teens. Paul had to be street wise and learn to deal with racism head on. From being chased through the streets of London to then facing racism in the police force. Paul talks about how racism in the police force and from members of the public affected his a mental health. At one point he started to suffer with anxiety often waking up in cold sweats. It wasn’t until meeting another black man did he open up and speak about what he was going through. We chat on this episode about him tackling a bank robber and tackling soul food on his beat. Paul wants to bring about change in the police force and society. This is Paul Odle!
December 22, 2020
Rhonda Glover Reese Former FBI now focused PhD and law enforcement training
On this show Rhonda Glover Reese former FBI Agent Author mentor and coach chats about her vision for future. Wanting to help other women to step up. She talks about her involvement in the Sandy Hook case and how she has had to deal with different aspects of life both in the FBI and her life.
December 22, 2020
Flo Awolaja MCCT Education Consultant & Artist talks about Intervention Strategies for young people
Flo Awolaja MCCT Education Consultant & Artist. Supporting the well-being of young people in education through creative practice. She is a content Creator and writer. Flo has had over 10 years teaching experience in challenging and urban environments. She has a PGCE In Art and Design and a Masters in Education. She talks about growing up in London to parents who came to England from Nigeria. Her positive Interaction and communication with students has helped her forge strong positive relationships in the education sector. Having been a graphic designer she uses the power of art to help with early Intervention Strategies for young people.
November 20, 2020
Carly is a writer of Coffee With Carly Blogs. On the show talks about anxiety and mental health
Coffee With Carly Blogs. Is blog about all things mental health. It was started by Carly from Long Island New York. She started the blog five years ago and the it has gone from strength to strength. On the show she talks about anxiety and mental health. She also talks about struggling. at school and at home. Bridging the gap with the blog sharing her personal stories.
November 16, 2020
Rhonda Glover Reese FBI and Certified mentor talks about struggles of being black in America
Rhonda Glover Reese has 34 years in the FBI and is a certified Mentor for Law Enforcement. She is an Author International Speaker and Instructor. Rhonda being the midst of what is happening in the USA talks about the impact of the 2020 presidential election on people’s mental health. She talks about the struggles of black men and women and the impact of racial divide. She also looks to the future of a having potentially the first ever black female president.
November 12, 2020
Matthew Bartolo Sex and Relationship Therapist.- talks about his new project Man Up Malta
Matthew Bartolo Sex and Relationship Therapist. He is Counsellor based in Malta and the founder of Willingness a multi disciplinary team. Matthew has presented in international and National conferences. He has given talks on parenting, family, sex, and sexuality. On this show we talk about mental health and his new project Man Up Malta. He has created this project as a safe space for men to come, engage, connect and open up.
November 12, 2020
Phil Walker counsellor coach Entrepreneur - struggling mentally and not understanding who I was
Phil Walker counsellor coach Entrepreneur from Stockport but has been living in New Zealand for the last 12 years. On this episode Phil talks about struggling mentally in the past and not understanding who he was. Phil has set up his practice New beginnings Therapy in New Zealand.
November 08, 2020
Mel Thomas Sergeant Leicestershire Police - Dealing with racism and being resilient
Mel Thomas is a Sergeant in the Leicestershire Police and has been in the police force proudly for almost 30 years. Born in Leicester to parents from Antigua a Caribbean island. Mel joined the police force in 1991 at age 22. And has subsequently gone on to wonderful satisfying career in Tactical Support, Armed Response Vehicle and Tactical Firearms Unit. He has been a Specialist Trainer at the National Police Training Centre. He has been trained as a Public Order officer and took up duties at major events such as carnivals EDL marches, 2012 Olympic Games. He was alas tactical advisor at festival attended by almost 200,000 people and the famous 5000-1 premier league winners Leicester city fc victory parade attended by almost 300,000 fans. He is also a personal fitness trainer and has competed in boxing for the police. Yet during those years Mel came across a lot of racism within the police force that affected his mental health. He talks about the need for the black community to challenge the narrative and join the police force otherwise the police force will remain for ever having racist views This is Mel Thomas..,.
November 06, 2020
The Anxious Fireman Mental Health Trainer & therapist - Anxiety and panic attacks
Jonny Ward otherwise known as the The Anxious Fireman is.highly experienced mental health trainer, Therapist, Public Speaker and Firefighter. He is MBACP, Pg Dip and BA certified. He offers Mental Health Training including Mental Health First Aid. He has appeared on BBC Radio 4 on The Male Room and involved in launching the Minds Blue Light Program. On the show he talk about being a Firefighter and his resilience to help him cope with his work. We talk about how his ill mental health having to deal with loss of friend through suicide and how it culminated in panic attacks and anxiety. Here is the The Anxious Fireman
November 06, 2020
Rachel Sewrey Mental Health integrative Counsellor - from depression to Counsellor
On the show we have Rachel Sewrey who is a Mental Health Integrative Counsellor from Surrey in England. Rachel is a member of BACP and has set up her own private practice. She has been working with addiction clients and cancer patients and carers. She specialises in trauma, Life changing events, stress, anxiety and depression. Rachel talks about her life of domestic violence and having to cope with a son with ADHD and another son displaying behavioural issues. She talks openly about battling back from depression to becoming a Integrative Counsellor.
November 06, 2020
Marcia Martins da Rosa Peace Ambassador Artist Changemaker - Humans rights & mental health
Marcia Martins da Rosa Peace is a Ambassador Multicultural Multimedia Visionary Artist. A former NHS Manager who is experienced in Equality, Inclusion, Community And Engagement, Health Care and Human Rights. Marcia talks about her Brazilian background and growing up and being a child of the world. She talks about her time in politics and helping to defend the rights of humans peacefully. We chat about her being a Multicultural Mimesis Artist able to speak and sing simultaneously to people in any language.
November 04, 2020
Deanne Walsh Mental Health and Well-being Consultant - talks about Paranoid Schizophrenia
Deanne Walsh is a Mental Health and Well-being Consultant. She is the Founding Director of Dewa Consulting which helps managers by providing well-being resources and mental health training. She is a HR consultant and a volunteer Counsellor for various charities. On the show Deanne talks about her first time coming across someone with mental illness. She talks about meeting someone with Paranoid Schizophrenia and how not understanding it left her feeling guilty. We talk about how she now has set up her consultancy to help people struggling with mental health.
November 04, 2020
Gale Glassner Twersky Renowned Hypnotherapist talks about the power of the subconscious mind
Gale Glassner Twersky Renowned Hypnotherapist, Trainer, Pioneered Reprogram You Subconscious Health. No1 Author and for Audio books. Talks about the subconscious mind and how we can all change our conscious mind for the positive
October 30, 2020
Amani Kaite Gut Health Practitioner & Speaker talk about positive mindset and gut health
Amani kaite is a gut health practitioner and speaker. She has set up her own business helping people to heal their gut, so they can experience more body confidence and a peace of mind. On the podcast we chat about how she has coped during the last 6 months of restrictions. She talks about the stress of moving and how she created a positive mindset to help her through it. She talks about her business which is going well and how we can heal the gut
October 30, 2020
Matt Hazelton Motivational and Safety Speaker - emotional resilience to overcoming personal tragedy
Matt Hazelton is a Motivational Safety Speaker and proud to be working with Jason Anker and P2bs. Matt joins me for a emotional chat about his personal experiences. Having lost brothers and friends in a accident Matt struggled for a number of years to come to terms with guilt. Spiralling downhill Matt knew he had to change his mindset. Here we chat about his personal experiences and his will to help with prevention of industrial accidents and help support families that may have had family members involved in industrial accidents. This is Matts story..
October 30, 2020
Leroy A. McConnell Service Manager of BEAM - surge in mental health problems in young people
Leroy A.McConnell is a Service Manager at BEAM. He has worked for The Children’s Society as Mental Health Youth Worker, a Youth Work Participation Manager and Development Co-ordination for 0-25 Mental Health Programme. He as also been a Youth Justice Officer. On the show Leroy talks passionately about the need for more to be done about mental health issues surrounding young people and children. We chat about his own strict upbringing and using ways to cope when his mental health has been tested. Listen to a man who continues to work with and wants to help young people.
October 29, 2020
Judy Bullimore Queen of Interviews talks about growing up poor and creating her business
Judy Bullimore is the Queen of Interviews, creator of the Interview Story Impression Technique, Expert CV Writer and Dream Job Coach. She has appeared on TV and Media. We chat about her journey and upbringing living on a council estate in Nottingham with her mum who has bipolar. She talks about limiting mindset and how she had to overcome it, Judy has now found her calling in life working for herself empowering others. Always bring the TRUE YOU to interview.
October 29, 2020
Kat khosrowyar former Head coach Iran U19s football team - building a bridge using football
Kat khosrowyar played for and eventually managed the Iran u19s woman’s national team for a total of 14 years. She became the first woman representing Iran to receive the FIFA/AFC A Licence, she was also nominated Best Coach of Asia. she has two Masters Degrees a TEDx speaker and has had many documentaries and publications charting her career. She talks about her passion and mission to champion for women’s rights to play football and sports. We talk about the challenges she faced and how her mental health was affected from burn out. Listen to kats story and her meteoric rise.
October 21, 2020
Richard Pryor Mental Health/Wellness Advocate - Being mindful about what we say about mental health
Richard Pryor is a mental health wellness advocate and is very passionate about his work. On this episode we talk about why we need to be mindful about what we say and how we say things when addressing mental health. Richard has a had a varied career and has worked with Dr Chris Steele a TV personality, talent scouting for Kerrang Radio as well as hosting his own radio show. He has also secured senior political leadership support and high profile celebrity ambassadors for social projects including animal welfare where he is a big advocate. He is an avid Aston Villa FC supporter and is hoping the glory days are back around the corner. Richard is extremely grateful for working in the field or mental health.
October 20, 2020
Roisin Wood OBE ex Chief Executive Kick it Out - growing up in N.Ireland and tackling diversity.
Roisin Wood comes onto the show to talk about her journey growing up in Northern Ireland. She talks about her family not being accepted in society and being a catholic in a loyalist town. They were subjected to physical and verbal abuse on a daily basis and had to learn to run to cope. Roisin always wanted equality and fairness. She eventually worked with the reintegration of ex political prisoners as part of the Peace protest in Northern Ireland. Losing people she loved who were killed which affected her mental health but still kept the passion for wanting change. She talks about the need for change and being a CEO at Kick it Out. Roisin is very passionate about life, humans and what makes us say and do the things we do. Listen to her story!
October 19, 2020
Rhonda Glover Reese 34 years in FBI and. certified career coach for law enforcement
Second part in a series of chats with Rhonda Glover Reese who spent 34 years in the FBI and who is now a certified career coach for law enforcement. In this show she talks about the need for change in the wake of George Floyd murder. The changes the FBI and other organisations should be making in terms of diversity and employment for black men and women. We talk about mental health in the community and how politics at the local level can help tackle the stigma.
October 15, 2020
Ryan Anderton Founder of Recycle Yourself talks about suicide and rediscovering himself.
The Founder of Recycle Yourself and #ItsWorthTalkingAbout peer support groups Ryan Anderton talks about suffering with depression and suicide. Ryan struggled as young man to come to terms with who he was. After years playing football, it came to an end and he still didn’t know how or where he fitted into this world. Two failed suicide attempts later Ryan decided that enough was enough. Listen to Ryan story of rediscovery through the love of cycling which has taken him world wide.
October 14, 2020
Kay Downie kinetic Shift Therapist, NLP coach talks about battling depression to feeling great.
Kay Downie has had her fair share of knocks in life and always questioned why me. She fell into depression early due to bullying and not seemed to be meeting expectations. After attempting suicide Kay learned to cope with mental and physical abuse knowing how much she loved her son. Now several years later Kay is a kinetic shift Therapist NLP practitioner and coach, A tarot card reader and mentor. Kay Downie is a an example of someone who really has been through it all and come through it and grown to love herself. This is here story.... She is The Soul Mechanic. her website is
October 13, 2020
Steve Appleton Head Coach of Real Mack FC of Sierra Leone - mental health during this virus
Steve Appleton talks about being stranded in foreign country with no money and no one to turn to during the 2020 virus season. We chat about his mental health during that time and how his belief that everything will be alright helped him get through, We talk about the mishap with U.K. government with the virus and also his new found venture overseas. Now appointed as the Head coach for a professional football team Real Mack FC in Sierra Leone. Steve looks to happier times of emulating Liverpool FC manager Jurgen Klopp.
October 12, 2020
Andy Campbell former pro footballer for Middlesbrough, Cardiff - his mental health during his career
On this episode Andy Campbell one of the youngest players to play in the Premier League at age 16 for Middlesbrough FC and England u21 International. Chats about his tough upbringing in his home town of Middlesbrough. Now a family man with children We chat about how his upbringing shaped him as person growing up and being thrust in the limelight at a young age. He chats about the highs and lows of not just being a footballer but of being a teenager, a young man trying to get a foothold in the sporting world. How mental health struggles impacted him during times of highs scoring for Cardiff FC in the final and lows of loneliness and injuries. Listen to his thoughts on life!
October 11, 2020
Rhonda Glover Reese Former FBI Agent,Certified Coach/Mentor for Law Enforcement
Here we have Rhonda Glover Reese Retired FBI Agent,Certified Coach/Mentor for Law Enforcement, Author and international Speaker. Here Rhonda talks about her years as a FBI agent and being a one of a handful of black female recruits. I also ask the question did you ever say “FBI freeze”
September 11, 2020
Liam Llewelyn Digital TV and Showbiz Reporter at The Sun talks about dealing with mental health
Liam Llewelyn is a Digital TV and Showbiz Reporter at The Sun. He talks about his life at university and how he struggled to get work afterwards. He talks about his upbringing how it helped to shape his life. We chat about about his success at landing his dream job as a journalist the Sun.
September 04, 2020
Michaela Johnson Executive Director at Herts Schools Outreach. We talk about her anxiety and success
On the show today I chat with Michaela Johnson about her passion of working with people and trying to tackle mental health. We talk about why she started the company and how it has given her a spring in her step to be able to help others. She speaks openly about her being on the streets from 14 to a young woman and also her attempted suicide. This is her story and how she has grown from strength to strength with support from various groups friends and partner.
September 04, 2020
Mick Webb Area Director and Educational specialist talks about the need for reform in education
Mick Webb has noticed mental health in schools has been growing. Identify individuals and don’t push people into universities. Creativity has been crushed in children. The younger generation is struggling with not knowing who they are. The system is letting young people down. From the age of 5 Mick new he detested school and the education system and grew to work for himself. We need to get back to basics and getting children to be self sufficient. Mick is writing a book which will stir emotions.
September 04, 2020
Carolyn Fitzgibbon & Julie O Sullivan Occupational Health Therapists talk about Sensory Modulation
Both Carolyn and Julie are Occupational Therapist and have been working in the field for over 20 years. Both working in Brisbane, Australia in mental health. They have struck up a good bond and friendship which has helped them set up a practice Sensory Modulation in Mental Health. They have also co-authored a book ‘The Sensory Modulation Manual’ which can be found on Amazon. They have just launched ‘Using Sensory Modulation’ an online course. We chat about “icy water” and other techniques.
June 18, 2020
Nigel Beckles Radio Host, Dj & Podcast Host talks about racism & being a victim of Domestic violence
Nigel Beckles comes on the show to talk about his journey. Nigel has been a radio host for Choice FM and a DJ all around the country. He was a Unison Rep tackling discrimination of numerous kinds and now he has his own Podcast ‘In Conversation’ a series featuring a wide variety of guest. He has also written a book ‘How To avoid The Big Relationship Mistakes!’. On the show we talk about Nigel’s journey as a child dealing with his mums domestic violence and moving from one area to another facing racism for the first time. Nigel is a big advocate for relationships and tackling domestic violence towards both women and men.
June 17, 2020
Alice Bromage MBA BSc Empowering Success Ltd swam with orcas and looked into eyes of lions
Alice Bromage is no stranger to the world having been in the army for 20 years and been around the world in many countries. She has swam with orcas and looked into the eyes of lions and tigers. She is a U.K. ambassador and motivational trainer for the worlds first female anti poaching unit She is also on the advisory board for International Disaster Response and also mentor for supporting wounded veteran. We chat about her her deployment in numerous countries and and coming back to the world that was and is still alien. We talk about her dyslexia and her fears of billboard marketing. This is Alice Bromage
June 15, 2020
Debora Luzi Author keynote Speaker - Her journey and passion for empowering women
Debora Luzi is a wife, mum of three, a Author, Content Strategist, Author, Keynote Speaker and Host of Women Who Dare To Desire Global Conference and the Take the 5 day Global Writing Challenge. With all these things she has achieved and is achieving you might wonder how, why and what makes this women so passionate about helping others. We chat about her struggle to time to terms with who she was, having grown up in a household with where both parents where alcoholics. She takes us on a journey to her home country. The scenic picture of Italy and it’s calming beauty. She also talks about her personal journey of depression and really coming to terms with life. This is Debora Luzi...
June 10, 2020
Kari Sutton Speaker Author and Mental Fitness Expert - Impact of mental health on children
Kari Sutton is a Speaker, Author and Mental Fitness Expert based out in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Having worked with thousands of parents, and educators helping them to empower the children. She is raising awareness of the impact of what we say and do on children and offers resilience in kids training. She talks with passion about how we should give children the tools and coping strategies to deal with negative thoughts and experiences. We talk about the devastating effect of the 2019 drought, the bush fires and then coronavirus. How it has impacted the people of Australia and their mental health.
June 09, 2020
Khalil Sikander AAU Coach Teacher Educator talks about having PTSD & turning into a positive
Khalil Sikander is educator Coach teacher SCHAPeDucation going into schools educating students on the 6 keys of Dignity to building a winning culture to overcome adversity. He is also a husband and father. He grew up in Brooklyn New York and is now living in Utah. Khalil talks about his childhood growing up poor, the struggles that his mum was going through being a single mum of 5. Listen to his inspirational story! Khalil can be found on Twitter @coach4thakids5 LinkedIn
June 07, 2020
Sandra Ruiz Moriana Project coordinator for Migrant Women Opportunities for Work
On this episode Sandra Ruiz Moriana talks about leaving Spain and moving to Ireland. We talk about her struggles of being a migrant and how it affected her mental health. Sandra is passionate about social justice, inclusion and diversity as well as equality.
June 07, 2020
Reshie Joseph Psychologist at Living Free chats about overcoming his drug addiction
Reshie Joseph began his career as a doctor and has a long line of doctors in his family. After watching his father from a young age at work he felt that this was what he wanted to be. Reshie has a history of working in most sectors of Mental Health in various countries around the world. We talk in depth about his past growing up, his drug addiction and how it nearly destroyed him. He is now based in Bali surfing the waves and working as a clinical practitioner. Specialising in psychological trauma. PTSD, addictions and other trauma related disorders.
June 02, 2020
Rachel Pink Well-being & Resilience Coach Lotus Development - Having suicidal thoughts at age 6
Rachel Pink is a Well-being and Resilience Coach at Lotus Development and Learning in the Midlands. She developed Lotus D&L after years of on going mental health. Lotus D&L believes in a holistic approach to supporting individuals and groups to achieve their highest potential in life. A series of creative based workshops exploring neuroscience and positive psychology. Rachel over the years has developed a resilience having had a childhood of suicidal thoughts and depression. Her journey from those tender years have been a constant battle with her thoughts as well as a battle with bulimia. This is Rachel pink and her story of becoming blooming Lotus
June 02, 2020
Lisa Boucher is Award winning Author Raising the Bottom Making Mindful Choices in a Drinking Culture
Lisa Boucher is a recovering Alcoholic who has been 31 years sober. Her mum was a alcoholic and also overcame it. Lisa is very passionate about the awareness and connection of mental health and alcohol. We talk about her drive to help others through her book and her social media platforms.
May 30, 2020
Dr Howard Rankin Author, presenter of How Not to Think Podcast talks Neuroscience and health
Dr Howard Rankin is a bestselling and award nominated Author and a documentary health movie co produced won a ‘medical Oscar’. He has co or ghostwritten 7 self-help books, 4 neuroscience books, 5 business books and 8 inspirational memoirs.. He has appeared on a number of TV networks including CNN as well as ‘the View’ and ABC’s ‘20/20’. We have an extensive chat about his psychology background and how we can tap into our brain to change the proverbial narrative.
May 30, 2020
Clint Adams Speaker and Author of Lighting the Blue Flame - looks at suicide prevention
Clint Adams grew up in South Africa and knows a thing or two about the diversity of people. Moving to Australia Clint and becoming a police officer. He knew he wanted to help people and help make a difference. We talk about the his book and his passion to help people rewire their brains.
May 30, 2020
Jake Coare Gooner Fanzine TV & Arsenal FC fan. We chat about impact of coronavirus on mental health
Jake Coare has been diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome, depression and anxiety. He chats about his experience of living in lockdown due to the coronavirus. We chat about the long term impact this pandemic will have on people’s mental health
May 29, 2020
Michelle E.Dickinson owner of Trifecta, TEDx speaker,Author talks growing up with a mum with bipolar
Michelle E.Dickinson having worked at pharmaceutical giants Johnson & Johnson and becoming skilled in coaching and empowering individuals and teams. Michelle knew something wasn’t right. She was diagnosed with depression and having grown frustrated with the lack of empathy she decided to use her experiences and knowledge to go it alone. We chat about her growing up as an only child, with a mother with bipolar. Get to learn about what drives her passion for helping others and her drive to help people struggling with mental illness. She has written a book Breaking into my life out now on Amazon and a website
May 29, 2020
Alyssa Poggioli EQ Coach, Speaker and Author talks about balance of mental health & human connection
Alyssa Poggioli lives in Chicago and enjoys living in the ‘windy city’. Having grown up on farm she has had taste of both worlds. On the farm she was able to be in nature, eating healthy and being and empath lead to her wanting to help people. We chat about being a personal trainer, working in the corporate world and how it has helped her to help others. The disconnection between humans is apparent and Alyssa is try to bring back that human connection.
May 29, 2020
John Arenburg mental health advocate, and writer talks about being a firefighter and mental health
John Arenburg is a father husband and son. He was also a Firefighter and Care Worker. Both lines of work gave him an opportunity to help others. We chat on this podcast about the impact of trauma affected him. We talk about being diagnosed with GAD PTSD, MDD and how he has become a mental advocate for those with mental illness and being on his way to wellness. Currently writing a book and has a website listen to his inspiring story.
May 28, 2020
Kieran Glyndwr Gething Welsh Boxing Champion, Father Husband Author of ‘Insight’ talks mental health
Kieran Gething is no stranger to mental strength. A welsh Boxing champion and represented his nation in international tournament Kieron is constantly striving to be the best in all that he does. We chat about his dads suicide and how it affected him and his family. The mental health issues that are affecting the welsh community and also his passion for helping the community.
May 28, 2020
Iona Jay media studies student talks about dealing with anxiety and pressures of social media
Iona Jay says ‘it’s okay to not be okay’ and is on a drive to help raise awareness of mental health. She has seen people from a young age suffering from depression and other mental health issues. She has also seen the problems that social media can cause on mental health in young people. No she wants to make people aware by using the platform for good
May 26, 2020
Zahra Butt ABA Boxing coach talks domestic abuse and running for charity to help stamp out stalking
Zahra Butt first hijabi ABA boxing coach, mental health advocate, and training. Facilitator for women’s rights. We talk about running for Paladin a U.K. charity aimed at stamping out and helping victims of stalking. We talk about the need for greater reforms and for stalking to be taken seriously. We also talk about her being inspired to keep going even when things have been tough
May 25, 2020
Jon Salmon writer for MetroUK mental health. Talks about his losing his dad to suicide.
Jon salmon writes for the MetroUK and works on numerous mental health projects including @heads_Together and @speakerscollect. From a young age Jon saw the effects of depression on a man he truly admired...his dad. Jon alongside brothers and mum have had to come to terms with losing their dad and husband to suicide. For almost 20 years jon never really came to terms with it getting on with life working. Things came to head one day when Jon couldn’t get out of bed. Here is his life and how he now sees it as his calling to help others.
May 09, 2020
Amani Kaite Gut Health Nutritionist talks about how her near death experience changed her life
Amani Kaite a Nutritional Therapist and entrepreneur with a passion for all things nutrition science, technology and mindfulness. Grew up in Belgium and as child always had this passion for helping others. After leaving Belgium for Ireland to be part of a international company. Amani realised to help cope with the move she would need nature’s help. So would often go for walks to contemplate. Little did she realised that those walks in nature would help her in the future. email:
May 04, 2020
Ben Steele MBA & Business Analyst - how depression and a gambling addiction affected his life
Ben is a successful masters student and business analyst having worked in Finance for a number of years. With strong communication and stakeholder management skills he has been able to manage that side of his life. On the other side of his life growing up Ben has never known who he really was or why he existed. That underlying thoughts of no fitting in led to him developing a gambling addiction and a acknowledgement of depression. This is his inspiring story.
May 03, 2020
Sophie Coulthard co founder of Fidleaf, Speaker & Podcast Host. We chat about wellness at work.
Fidleaf is the brain child of Sophie and Adam it is a platform that is being developed as a work place well being tool. Her belief the personal wellbeing and workplace wellbeing go hand in hand. Using research and data to help and track what are the contributing factors to what makes us human and well.
May 01, 2020
Dr Sam Manger Host of The GP Show Podcast at Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine
Dr Sam Manger is living and working in Australia as GP. He is also researching and looking into lifestyle clinical programs which include food, movement, connection to land connection to each other and social determinants of health. On this episode we go in depth talking about how the mind and body are connected. How some doctors still don’t see a mind body connection. We also talk about helping the indigenous aboriginal people and Sam’s determination to bring about change with fact based research.
May 01, 2020
Matthew Bartolo Sex & Relationship Therapist & Counsellor talks about celibacy, sex and relationship
Matthew Bartolo is Therapist and Counsellor specialising in sex and relationships. Growing up in Malta Matthew seemed to have a gift of helping others and giving advice. He would often get friends coming to him talking about girlfriend boyfriend issues. He is founder of Willingness Malta ( a multi-disciplinary team working together to offer professional services related to family, sex and health. On this episode we talk about celibacy and modern day attitudes towards sex and relationships.
May 01, 2020
Anastasios Traianos Pro Basketballer and Coach talks about a need for sports psychologist in sport
Having had 15 years as a professional Greece and UK Anastasios came to a point in his life where he felt he needed a change. He thought long and hard about his decision but he knew it was the right one. Going into the unknown there would be an element of fear. With the right support and strength of mind he made his decision. Listen to his story of playing against NBA star Giannis Antetokounmpo and travelling from sunny Greece to wet UK. Below are his contact details :@ttraianos on Twitter , @trai_16 on Instagram and Anastasios Traianos on LinkedIn
April 29, 2020
Orla McKeating TedX Speaker, Diversity & Anti Racism Campaigner talks about racism and equality
Orla mcKeating is a anti racism campaigner she is also training for international accreditation life coaching specialising in coaching women from the BAME community. She is also a mum bringing up her son of colour in a country that is predominately white. After leaving Belgium and coming back to Belfast Northern Ireland she found that racism was rife amongst the community. She also felt that she would be frowned upon for being a single parent. Orla was struggling mentally to cope with work/life. She suddenly found herself on the verge of a breakdown. Listen to her empowering story
April 29, 2020
Rob Shenton Ex Military & charity runner of worlds toughest races talks coping with the pandemic
Rob Shenton is back on the podcast and here we chat about the corona virus pandemic, how he copes with it. Also how you can develop coping mechanisms to keep your mental health intact.
April 28, 2020
Zahra Butt 1st Hijabi ABA Boxing Coach & Business Dev Executive talks about postnatal depression
After having a baby Zahra Butt ended up with postnatal depression. She struggled to come with terms of birth and motherhood. When she had her second child she knew what was going to happen but due to her first experience she was able to cope. Feeling lost and struggling to cope with who she was. Zahra took to exercise as a coping mechanism. This helped her to deal with the her mental health but something still wasn’t right. The light bulb switched on and she decided to become the 1st hijab ABA trained boxing coach. Listen to Zahra Butt and her story.
April 26, 2020
Rabbi Mendel Kastel Commissioner at National Mental Health commission of Australia
As part of his upbringing and childhood looking out for others in the community was always part of Mendel Kastel life. Growing up in Brooklyn Mendel felt that he had a passion for helping others and he used to instinct to help him on his journey. His student exchange took him to Sydney, Australia where he has continued his mission to help others. We chat about his driving passion and continued work in helping whilst fighting for the cause of others. We talk about the alarming suicide rate and the need to help the aborigines(Australia’s original people).
April 25, 2020
Imani Speaks is a DJ and Host at Concious Radio. We chat about mental health and relationships
Concious Radio host and DJ Imani Speaks always imagined being a artist but never quite knew why. From presenting in the mirror to an audience to now presenting on radio to millions of listeners her journey wasn’t smooth sailing. Imani is also a spiritual health coach we chat about this and much more on the Men Are Nuts Podcast
April 25, 2020
Kim Rutherford Psychotherapist,Mental Health Coach talks about recovering from a breakdown.
Kim has been a witness to other family members having Meath health and seeing the inside of mental Health institutions as child. She decided that she needed to do things to help her get away from it and this meant putting her head inside her books . On This episode we talk about her thoughts on overcoming so many facets of mental and also what mental health means to her
April 23, 2020
Nate Gladdin Senior Enlisted Aviator in US Air Force opens up about being physically abused
On this episode Nate Gladdin talks about opening up for first time to a person (myself) he has never met. Nate has been in the US Air Force for 19 years and is the creator and host of the Inheriting Manhood Podcast. Having grown up a family environment Nate never had a father figure. After his dad gave up on him he questioned why? With the love of his mother and positive interaction from his grandfather. Nate decided he was going to lead a normal life of a young boy. Here is his story of dealing with being abandoned by his dad and being physically abused at the hands of someone he saw as a role model. How he lived with that for many years until he finally opened up about it.
April 18, 2020
Cathryn McIntyre Author Spiritualist. Talks about her natural psychic abilities as a child and adult
Cathryn McIntyre always knew she had something when she could have envisage something before it happened. From a very early age she was able to have supernatural experiences. She would have paranormal and UFO experiences. We talk about her life growing up and how she tried to deal with not knowing if this was her calling.
April 17, 2020
Ellie Cruickshank Mental Health Trainer talks relationships, her journey and helping others
Having done extensive work training mental health to the police, mental health professionals, charities, ambulance service and NHS. Ellie is passionate about spreading the word about mental health. Her positive outlook came from her mum which is now helping her to be able to work with others.
April 15, 2020
Alice Dartnell Life and Success Coach talks about her battle with bulimia and depression
A life and success coach with a passion for empowering individuals and organisations to reach their potential. Alice Dartnell specialises in time management and productivity. Ever since she was 15 Alice has wanted to be an entrepreneur and help others but never knew in what capacity. We chat about her life, her resilience and her love for life.
April 13, 2020
Prof Paul Miller psychiatrist & psychogeriatrician(specialising In mental health of over 65’s)
Having trained in Northern Ireland and having worked as a psychiatrist from 1996. Prof. Paul W Miller is one of a small number of medical doctors who are trained as EMDR Europe accredited Consultant Therapist. Having worked in NHS for a number of years he would have first hand experience of what the first responders and nurses are likely to have gone through. We talk about the current situation with the corona virus pandemic. How it can and possibly will affect those closes to the patients. Also some of the techniques they can use to help with their mental health.
April 11, 2020
Xavier Hamilton member of the National Coalition for Men Chicago and Mankind project
Xavier Hamilton growing up in Chicago has seen both the good and side of his city. He has witnessed first hand what the destruction of man and men’s rights. He is a political activist and has a website the x man Theorem which goes into detail about his activism , political philosophy . He is also a volunteer contributor for gay men Smart recovery Mankind project and National Alliance of Mental illness. We talk about the difficulties of black men growing up and men not having the voice to talk
April 11, 2020
Inspiring chat with Stu Skinner Mental Health First Aid Provider, well-being consultant & Adventurer
When we started the conversation Stu Skinner had just done another round of food bank delivery. He had literally just got in. In a time of the coronavirus pandemic this showed the positive attitude of a man ready to give up his time to help others. Having had his fair share of traumas, self harming and suicidal thoughts. Stu took off on a bike ride which would inevitably change his life.
April 09, 2020
Georgia Boston is a Health & Life Coach helping leaders to manage stress whilst building resilience
For Georgia Boston from a young age she has always been a perfectionist. After working in an environment where it was high powered and pressured things came to a head. She ended up with recognising that what she was going through was stress. Her light bulb moment came one day at home when she was washing up.
April 08, 2020
Deepa Mann-Kler Artist, CEO of Neon TedX speaker talks about using Ai for the good of humankind
Deepa Mann-kler is proud wife, mother and a author of the first report on race discrimination with policy recommendations in Northern Ireland “Out Of The Shadows”. Having been back and forth to India as a child. Her parents settled in Leicester and had to go through horrendous racism for a number of years. They never gave up and that determination from her parents was instilled in her. She has supported several business by implementing sophisticated business plans over the years. We chat about unethical use of technology, the death of her father and how that impacted her life.
April 08, 2020
Steve Mackie - BusinessStartUpQatar talks about the ups downs & determination to see a job through
We have a chat with Steve Mackie who is now based Qatar. He leads a team of professionals at BusinessStartUpQatar where they tailor company formation and business development solutions. He is also the host of “In the Game” Qatar’s first sports podcast. We talk about life’s ups and downs, his journey from the forces to the beautiful country of Qatar.
April 08, 2020
Rodney TS Help Now Group and Social Work TV passionately talks about his drive for social care
Rodney TS having lost it all in past. Decided to see a therapist who told him he needs to try his hand at social work. This was his light switching on moment. Having worked with people in America and having that never say never attitude. He decided to move to Australia. He talks passionately about helping people and fighting for a human cause. This is the lion that roars...
April 05, 2020
The Naked Professor Coach, Mentor, Writer and Public Speaker talks mental health and masculinity
Ben Bidwell gives us insight into his life of trying to find himself. He talks about trickery of the mind can leave us with a void and left unfilled can be a recipe for disaster. Ben challenges the taboo of how mental health is viewed. It's time to set out mind and bodies free.
April 04, 2020
CORONAVIRUS UPDATE with Adrian Weatherill
Coronavirus in the UK a weekly chat with Adrian Weatherill. Ex Police and now radio host
April 01, 2020
Patrick Fox A life coach and Speaker. We talk about alcohol and how it impacted his life.
After having a taste of life coaching at 18. Patrick Fox has managed to come full circle to become a life coach and trainer. We talk about growing up around the culture of drinking and how it managed to impact his life. He talks about coming full circle and to become a life coach setting UP Helping Dad's To Quit The Booze & Drop The Weight.
March 26, 2020
Bianca McCall Subject Matter Expert, Suicide Prevention talks about her passion for prevention.
Bianca McCall set up her own organisation to help suicide prevention. We talk about her continued efforts to help others. Her Desert Rose Counselling Group has become a place for people to get help both face to face and online.
March 26, 2020
Matthew Henson a Psychotherapist talks about life and human connection.
Matthew Henson is an Existential Psychotherapist and Escopsychologist. Group facilitator and trainer. We talk all things psycho babble, not wanting to go therapy and humans connecting back with each other.
March 25, 2020
Lorraine Pargeter a psychotherapist and online Counsellor talks about being diagnosed with Bipolar
Lorraine Pargeter is a counsellor has had a passion to work with children and young people for a long while. She helps children to overcome a range of emotional issues . We talk about her being diagnosed with bipolar and how she has come to terms with it by helping and giving back to others.
March 25, 2020
Mark Knight Movie Director and Creator of Video talks about using film to connect with people
Mark Knight has come through the different ages of movie making. Having been a movie buff since a kid, Mark has always wanted to make movies. We talk about the ups and downs of the behind the lens world and the realisation of content creation for the modern world
March 25, 2020
Brad Kohler UFC veteran MMA World Champion and CEO of Combo Hitter takes us through his journey
Brad Kohler a former wrestler and UFC fighter talks about inspiring people and trying to be a better person. Having made mistakes that have turned his life upside down. Brad is now a CEO of Combo Hitter which is making its mark on the fitness industry.
March 24, 2020
Joshua Pelland Para Athlete, Commando, Mountain climber. speaker talks about cheating death.
This episode I talk to Joshua Pelland a Para Athlete. He talks about his need for adventure, his journey travelling through Africa at 16. His experiences of seeing the beauty and harsh realities of life there. He talks about his time in Afghanistan as a commando . Yet his biggest battle was yet to come. This is the Joshua Pelland story.
March 24, 2020
Liam Masters Marketing (Advertising & PR) student talks about overcoming depression
Liam Masters is at Birmingham University studying Marketing. We talk about coronavirus how it impacted his studies abroad. We also talk about his past battles with depression. Liam has always been a deep thinker and himself as a perfectionist. We talk about his journey through that to where he is at now.
March 23, 2020
Simon Buckden Mental Health Speaker and Campaigner talks about PTSD and running Marathons
Simon Buckden has been through a lot in his life. Growing up in and out of care for all his young life. This took him to the army where again he was the subject of bullying and abuse. Ever since he was young he wanted to run and since then has never looked back. We talk about how he was is able to run long distances without training. How he has run marathons in so many countries in the world. He has been speaking out and campaigning for mental health, all whilst living with the with PTSD
March 23, 2020
Resha Erheim Mental Health Counsellor talks about the rise of regional and world mental health
Resha lives in Dubai having been brought up in Canada she now lives in Dubai. She talks about the rise of mental health and awareness in the region. How it differs from the countries in that reason and the rest of the world. She is skilled in individual Counselling, Crisis Intervention, Relationship and Grief Counselling. She is also fluent in Arabic and English. Resha has drawn on her passion and instinct to help others which she sees as her chosen path. She has appeared on TV and has a website.
March 23, 2020
Lynn k Russell expert Near Death Experiences, Author, speaker talks growing up and spirituality
Lynn K Russell knows a thing or two about life and was 7 at end of last war. Since childhood she was always told that she was mentally challenged by teachers. Her spirituality at a young age helped her through some hard times. One day after being married and having kids a psychiatrist told her she was never mentally challenged Lynn never looked back. This is her story!
March 18, 2020
Tom Hickson President of the World Dodgeball Association talks about and wellbeing and family
World Dodgeball Association President & Partnerships lead at Cal Om Hickson speaks about his journey to leading the association. We talk about how his love for dodgeball has taken him around the world promoting it and it can help your mental health and well-being
March 18, 2020
Ian Timothy of LizianEvents Well Being and Lifestyle Shows talks about bipolar, finance and life.
Being In Nottingham Ian has seen his and wife’s crystal business flourish. Having grown up watching his father in business he learned the tricks of the trade. We talk about growing up, been told he was bipolar to recovering to build a business with his wife. He is now at peace with life and looks to the future
March 18, 2020
Louise Sam Medical Herbalist, Crano-Sacral Therapist chats about mental health in Barbados
Having Lived in London, Louise decided to move to sunny Barbados to help her with mental health. She also found that by moving overseas it was a great opportunity to work with the natural herbs and remedies. She understands how stress and excessive workloads can have a negative impact on your life.
March 16, 2020
James Roberts 2 x Paralympian Host of The Mindset Athlete Podcast talks suicide & mental health
James is a 2 x Paralympian a transformation Coach for fellow amputees and the host of The Mindset Athlete Podcast plus a speaker. He has been around the world and competed in numerous competitions in various sports. He took his disability in his stride but his real battle with mental health came after the death of his friend. Listen to his inspiring story
March 16, 2020
Ruth Edensor is a Child Behaviour Consultant and talks about her work helping parent be their best
Parenting is important and Ruth has a driving passion to make sure parents work together in the best interest of the child
March 16, 2020
Flavio Ballerini Author,Master Hypnotherapist talks about being a victim of domestic violence
Flavio Ballerini having grown up Brazil, now resides in Miami. He is an author of several books, Master Hypnotherapist and a Relationship Life Coach. Flavio talks about his life from growing up in Brazil and being hit by parents. To growing up and being violently beaten up by his wife. Flavio talks about the connection between trauma as an adult and trauma as a child.
March 15, 2020
Adrian Weatherill former Police and now Radio Show host talks Coronavirus in the UK
Adrian Weatherill 12 years in the police force and teacher of English. Now a radio host talks about the coronavirus and it’s impact on society
March 15, 2020
Graham Wettone Police analyst for sky News, TV and Radio. Talks Coronavirus and panic in the UK
The coronavirus is causing mass panic in the UK and people are anxious. The panic buying is a major worry. Police and emergency services maybe about to come under threat
March 15, 2020
Alastair Mordey Co Founder of Alpha Sober Living in Thailand talks about drug and alcohol addiction
Alastair Mordey is a pioneer of addiction treatment and behavioural health in Asia. Having been a founding shareholder, programme director of The Cabin Group. Alastair’s journey hasn’t been a pretty one. Having grown up in a middle class home he lost his way and started to take drugs and alcohol which then lead to him becoming an addict. He talks about his family eating off cardboard boxes and trying to find money for his addiction. Then the lightening bolt moment...he found a mentor that helped to turn his life around.
March 15, 2020
Charmaine Quailey Founder of The Why Event. Talks about her past dealing with domestic violence
Charmaine talks openly and honestly about having been a victim of domestic violence over a number of years. She talks about love and finally plucking up the courage to walk away. Starting a new life getting her degree and creating the Why Event. A on stage spectacle of dance and drama looking at Domestic abuse enlightenment. Listen to her story of how she fought back to find peace.
March 14, 2020
Tommy McCarthy WBC International Cruiserweight Champion growing up Irish and Jamaican
Boxing is a tough sport some would say the toughest but from the age of 12 Tommy McCarthy has a dream and drive to be The World Champion. We chat about his boxing journey, his mixed background of Irish and Jamaican roots. What it was like growing up in Belfast and going through the boxing rankings. After losing a fight he knew he should of won Tommy tells all about that low moment of wanting to pack it all in. This is Tommy McCarthy’s journey to becoming the world champion. Black Irish!
March 14, 2020
Dan Tatton Co Founder and Author of Seven Movements talks healthy body healthy mind as one
Dan Tatton lives in the valley in a village in the Rocky Mountains of Canada. Having seen the deterioration of his grandmother. He decided to make a connection between the mind and body. Society has led us to believe that they are separate when in fact they are together. Dan talks about the changes and evolution of the health and fitness industry. The importance of tiny healthy habits to help your mind and body.
March 14, 2020
Johnny Nelson former cruiserweight World Champion now Sky Sports presenter talks about his journey
Johnny Nelson a British retired professional boxer who currently holds the Guinness world record for having the longest reign as Cruiser Weight World Champion. Talks about growing up in Sheffield and how he never wanted to be a boxer. Having fond memories of Brendan Ingle and how Brendan would take him under his wing and become his mentor and confidant. Johnny never wanted to fight, would cause them but never actually wanted to fight. We chat about fear and how that fear made him not have the confidence to be a boxer. His light bulb moment came at his lowest point standing in the rain...the rest they say is history.
March 13, 2020
Chela Rodriguez Founder of Own it & Rock It! Talks bullying, mental health and just being you!
On this episode we talk about being bullied and how it is important to combat issues by ‘Just Being You’ Living in and growing up in Netherlands Chela Rodriguez is about standing firm within your convictions. Using the world of social media particularly LinkedIn to help tackle real world issues. She is the founder and owner of Own it & Rock it a branding organisation that aspires to place emphasis on powering up your business authenticity and voice to match social demand.
March 12, 2020
Erika Fernandez a Reporter for Black Sports Online chats about impact of mental health in USA
She is a resident of Greater New York area in USA. She has worked for DAZN as a bilingual social media editor. Now currently working for Black Sports online. Erika Fernandez gives us a snapshot of her struggles after being laid off and getting back on her feet. We also talk about the struggles that are affecting thousands of people in USA. Which is add to the mental health problems.
March 12, 2020
James Hansen an inspirational story of his life. His journey from the streets of London.
James Hansen has had to battle all his life. His father was a alcoholic and he was on the mean streets of London at 15 taking drugs and involved in gangs. This is his story of how he has to overcome a number of mountains to get to where he is now, culminating in him having children and meeting royalty to receive his degree. James is a addiction therapist, ADHD life coach/DART Practitioner at HMP. James has a vast knowledge of working in a 12 Step Approach. His areas of expertise are in group facilitation, behavioural therapy, family therapy, motivational interviewing, mutual aid groups assessment, and care planning . This is James story...
March 08, 2020
Fire fighter first responder, author and badass PTSI survivor Linda Green
Linda Green California USA talks about being a female fire fighter. We get to talk about the traumatic day that started the PTSD and how she learns to cope. She is the author of the book ‘Solving the Post Traumatic Stress Brain Injury Puzzle’ available on Amazon.
March 06, 2020
Matt Janes author ‘Saving Dad’ talks about his family generational battle with depression in males
Mental illness and ill health has run in Matts family for a number of generations. After seeing his dad being cradled in his mums arms crying at three years old. His dad was later diagnosed with bipolar. That was the first time Matt had witnessed a breakdown. With Matt suffering with his first bout of depression he set out on a mission to help find a solution to his dads mental health illness. He has found that you can resolve depression without medication using nutrition. What you eat greatly influences your mental health. Matt’s drive for helping his dad and others with mental health is a major passion.
March 06, 2020
Emmy award Actor and stuntman Loren Avedon talks about what he had to overcome mentally to make it.
Loren Avedon of star of 'No Retreat, No surrender 2' and many other Hollywood martial arts films. Used martial arts as his coping mechanism when he was struggling and feeling low as an actor. He became a stuntman and has worked on some of the most dangerous sets and in some of the most dangerous stunts. Loren now works for refugee groups and works with children.
March 04, 2020
Anxiety and panic attacks why it still affects me - Hamad Saleem
Hamad Salam talks about anxiety and panic attacks what started it and his coping mechanisms to help him cope with it.
March 03, 2020
Bonita Raisbeck Managing Director BN SHE Consultancy talks about abuse and her resilience
Bonita talks openly about her life growing up and how she managed to get through the early stages by joining the army. She talks about how her mental toughness and resilience has helped her to cope with life and battling mental health issues.
March 03, 2020
Daniel Pressello Founder of "The Courage & Strength Games" talks having bipolar and coping
I have cried, I have been afraid and alone I have been scared of not knowing I have wanted to give up and die. Daniel talks openly and with strength about being abused having anxiety and bipolar. He talks about having the strength to fight through. That depression isn't always going to be there. He is the founder of "The Courage & strength Games" for mental health and Facebook's Daddy's Day Care. He is now a staunch advocate for mental health.
March 01, 2020
Graham wettone 30 years in police and an author talks about mental health in the force
Author of How to be a police officer Graham wettone served as an officer for 30 plus years in London. He is a Police Analyst for Sky News, TV and radio commentator. Also a father football fan and now golfer.
March 01, 2020
Award winning poet/writer AdeTheTruth how you will be locked up for havin bipolar in South Sudan
Ade talks about living in South Sudan. How you can be locked up for having bipolar disorder and other mental health. How he has turned his life around since feeling Suicidal by using his love for poetry to help himself and others. He is a mental health specialist and author of Lemonade Love, Stranded Lullabies and Passionate Elixir on Amazon.
March 01, 2020
mental strength of a boxer and my time with Mike Tyson by Steve Lott
Steve Lott COO OF Boxing Hall of Fame Inc. Talks about how he went from playing handball to making films of some of the greatest boxers and Co managing 10 boxers including 5 World Champions.
February 26, 2020
"Fear" and how it causes anxiety talk with Stephan Charidge
The Metaphor Man online psychotherapist tells us the reason why we fear things and what can we do to rectify some of the fears
February 26, 2020
Gambling addiction and me by ex Stoke City star Tony Kelly
Tony Kelly had the world at his feet and played alongside some of the biggest names in British football. He also played for former England World Cup winner Alan Ball at Stoke City. Tony takes us through a journey of his young life playing semi pro to then signing a pro contract. Being a young man with time and money on his hands. He started to mix with the older pros and that's when he started to gamble. With no one to turn to and money readily available Tony's career which was on the up started to take a downward spiral. Tony talks openly about his thoughts at the time his bond with his twin close family ties and how he overcame his gambling addiction. He has written a book 'red Card the soccer star who gambled away a glittering career '. He has now set up Red Card Gambling Support Project.
February 24, 2020
Bobby Umar 5x @TEDx Inc mag top 100 speaker HuffPost writer TV host talks about mental health
Bobby Umar talks candidly and openly about his mental health as a child man husband and father. His battles with anxiety, diabetes and family pressure to becoming a successful speaker. His talks can be found on YouTube and online.
February 23, 2020
Professional basketball player Anastasios Traianos talks about pressures and stress as an athlete
How different stressors around Pro sport/basketball affects the mental health of athletes
February 23, 2020
Rob Shenton on Mental Resilience talks us through his battle with depression and PTSD
Robs inspiring chat about his life as an Army Officer. His ultra marathons the toughest and highest in world and how running helps him cope with his thoughts.
February 21, 2020
Jen Tiller, The Breathing Coach, founder of the Healerzone Academy talks about anxiety and asthma
Having overcome decades of Asthma and anxiety Jen knows it can be reversed with breathing techniques
February 21, 2020
Love and Relationships with Natasha Aylott
When a man loves a woman. Love and relationships. Why love is the most important spiritual entity that creates such spark when two hearts collide.
February 20, 2020
Talk with Jon Simons mental health advocate and Suicidal Ideation Speaker
Inspiring and uplifting chat with Jon who's vision is "Reach in" to those too low to reach out!
February 19, 2020
Paul Stretton-Stephens A Future Mindset Coach talks power of mind to overcome a serious back injury
25 years coaching and teaching experience. He works internationally with CEO's, Military Personnel, and entrepreneurs to overcome setbacks.
February 19, 2020
Ches Moulton The Stress Master bestselling author is an international expert in stress management
Mental health and stress management expert and much sought after psychotherapist Ches talks about how to deal with stress
February 19, 2020
Inspirational story of VaShaun Jones who never let his disability stop his dream.
Visionary of CEO of Fedora Outlier LLC an exclusive assisstive tech firm for the blind boasting 7 international offices.
February 13, 2020
Derek Mills Speaker, Actor, Author, mentor from a dark place to millionaire
Derek Mills talks about being your true self will make you happy. Author of the bestseller The 10 Second Philosophy
February 13, 2020
How being in the police force affected my mental health a chat with Adrian Weatherill
Adrian Weatherill gives us his side of the story of being In the police and why he left after his friend a fellow police officer commited suicide
February 12, 2020
'Bionic is a process' Shona Hirons talks about her Battles with panic attacks and surviving cancer
Award winning life & mindset coach and inspirational speaker wife and mother. Listen to her story of overcoming so many hurdles to become the person she is today
February 12, 2020
YouTube sensation Jake Coare of GoonerFanzineTV has Aspergers syndrome, depression and anxiety
YouTube Star Jake Coare talks about being bullied, school system in a mess, depression and his love of Arsenal FC which has helped him become more confident
February 11, 2020
Certified life coach Suzie Welstead talks about abuse and her successful business
Having come through traumas of her own Suzie draws on her back ground to have successful marriage with two sons whilst becoming a life coach
February 11, 2020
Growing up in South Africa getting stabbed how idai Makaya overcame the challenges
Ultra endurance Guinness World Record Breaker. Director of Bodystreet Idai Makaya talks about his drive for endurance racing
February 10, 2020
Looking for love in all the wrong places Natasha Aylott
Natasha Aylott talk about finding love and how it's important to find love. How to love yourself and find that magical love connection.
February 10, 2020
Lee Adams Founder of WalkAndTalkMMH spreading mental health awareness by arranging walks
From breaks up to suicide to creating walks with football fans. Lee gives us a fascinating insight to his passion and why the walks can help bring people together
February 09, 2020
Stephen Gillatt Author and Speaker talks about gambling addiction and mental health
From the age of 14 he struggled with peer relationships and expectations. Overcame drugs and gambling addiction with the help of family to write a book and become a speaker
February 09, 2020
When Actor Vicente Saintignon feels low he turns to Buddhism and martial arts
Vicente Saintignon chats about being a young man and dealing with emotions of being an actor by using Buddhism martial arts and opening up.
February 07, 2020
Child abuse and the devastating effect Marilyn Hawes CEO of Freedom from Abuse
Marilyn Hawes talks about finding out her best friend physically abusing her three sons. What she and the boys went through in the darkest of times
February 06, 2020
Loneliness and mental awareness with John Saintignon NBA scout Former NCAA leading scorer
Los Angeles Clippers scout John Saintignon talks about The wins and losses, the ups and downs of a professional athlete. How he now teaches others to cope with the pressures of the modern game of basketball
February 06, 2020
You can overcome mental health -James Woodworth Best selling Author and Thrive Programme Consultant
James Woodworth from anxiety to becoming a teacher, a mentor and advocate is on personal quest to make young people believe in themselves and you can do it.
February 05, 2020
Police constable Sean Burridge and dealing with PTSD
PTSD and mental health in the police force is becoming a common issue. Police constable Sean Burridge talks about his battle with PTSD after a head on collision. The police force always seen as protector but no I need of protection from mental emotional health
February 05, 2020
Mark Escott bestselling author of One More Life Chance chats about his troubled past
Mark Escott CEO of Life Chance a therapeutic eduction provider gives us an insight into his near suicide attempt, drink, drugs and drug dealing. Turning his life around and helping children, young adults and men
February 04, 2020
Men, Love and Mental health with Helen Nachintu
As it is the Month of Love, Valentines Day this month and Mental Health Awareness Day Here is an episode about love what it means to men and how can we show love
February 04, 2020
Gut microbiome and mental health talk with TedX speaker Sarah Parkes
The link between mental emotional health and what you eat. Optimising your health, energy and mental clarity.
February 04, 2020
Pete Bell talks about the loss of his child, anger and prison
Part 1. Being a in a dark place and seeing the light
February 03, 2020
Men need love too - Natasha Aylott Get Blissed self mastery consultant
Natasha tells us that the life expectancy of Men living on their own is shortened and why men should still be masculine but be able to find balance. Men are needed in society and play an important role.
January 31, 2020
An introduction to our core emotions with Stefan Charidge aka 'The Metaphor Man'
Stefan Charidge Author of Penny Model(an explanation of where depresssion comes from and how to overcome it)
January 31, 2020
Mood swings and feeling down how Stuart uses Reiki and self help techniques
Welcome back Caroline Steininger with her guest Stuart. After splitting from his wife. The subsequent divorce left Stuart down and despair. Now Stuart is on the mend bike riding and about to start his Reiki business
January 31, 2020
Self harm, ocd, depression and the lamp post with Marc Jaytin
Owner of Mental Help Marc Jaytin speaks openly about the dark time in his life and how he's changed his life by opening up and speaking out
January 28, 2020
Welcome to Helen Nachintu founder of the Venus club providing natural solutions for a healthier mind
As we remember Kobe Bryant his daughter and several others that died. In today’s episode we look at death and how we as men deal with it in comparison to women. What we often turn to in times of bereavement. Why we don’t talk about death
January 27, 2020
How David Johnson Raynor uses sport as tool to tackle mental health
I talk to David Johnson Raynor CEO of KOI Sports about his past battles with mental health and how he has turned things around to develop a company that uses sports to tackle mental health awareness
January 27, 2020
Andy Bishop founder of Man Gang opens up about suicide depression and armed forces
Welcome Andy Bishop to the show. Is helping men by inspiring then to talk without fear. Whilst serving in the arm forces he felt something happening to him but didn't know what. I'l let Andy tell his story.
January 25, 2020
Men do talk! Caroline Steininger gives us her perspective on mental health in men
Caroline Steininger CEO of health and fitness program and a barber of 30 years. Says that men do talk once you are close to them
January 24, 2020
Ashley Reading - Depression and bouncing back
CEO of Bounce Life Ashley Reading talks about how he was able to overcome depression. To become CEO of Bounce Life Insurance Brokers
January 23, 2020
Interview with Qatar National team footballer Abdulrasheed
Abdulrasheed a young footballer with al ahli and the Qatar national team. gives us his thoughts on the pressure of coming back from a career threatening injury. He talks about his Muslim faith, belief in god, his family, and himself.
January 22, 2020
The dangerous world of opioids
A chat with Richard Lofgren on the dangers of opioid abuse and misuse. Richard is an advisor to Kevin Harrington is the original shark on ABCs hit show the shark tank. He is also doing the 'Pull up Challenge' to hell raise awareness of opiods and its destruction on the human psyche.
January 21, 2020
Urinary tract infection causes mental breakdown and confusion
Urinary tract infection uti gives extreme dementia like system in the elderly
January 18, 2020
Introducing Liverpool fan Steve Appleton
Steve Appleton from Liverpool gives us an insight into his brief thoughts on mental health
January 18, 2020
Living with dementia
How do you live with someone with dementia? What do you do when you find out someone is “talking crazy”
January 18, 2020
January 18, 2020
January 18, 2020