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The Bill & Alison Mencarow Show

The Bill & Alison Mencarow Show

By Bill & Alison
We're sometimes wrong -- but we're always "right"! We've been called "The First Couple of Texas Radio." Tune in for things you won't hear on any other program, including the real news behind the fake news, Hill Country happenings, News of the Weird, Texas history, exclusive interviews with newsmakers -- and lots of laughs along the way!
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Bill & Alison Mencarow Show 1-8-22

The Bill & Alison Mencarow Show

Bill & Alison Mencarow Show 9-10-2022
* If you do business with Target, Hewlett-Packard, Wells Fargo or CitiBank, stop. They are sponsoring an event featuring children as young as 11 in drag performances. * Biden has made it crystal-clear that his handlers are coming for Christians and anyone else who disagrees with him.  * One of the founders of Greenpeace exposes the organization as simply a fund-raising organization "hijacked by the political left." * 17 states, lead by California, may be required to ban the sales of gas-powered cars in 13 years. Yet now California says not to charge electric vehicles to save energy.  * School districts ban giving failing students failing grades * Dept. of Veterans Affairs and the Dept. of Defens say they will provide abortions -- a clear violation of federal law. And much more, spiced with humor, news of the weird, and our usual skewing of leftists!
September 12, 2022
Bill & Alison Mencarow Show 9-3-2022
* Report from our friend in Kiev on the current situation in Ukraine * The worst sport of all time * Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell is bought and paid for by China * 10 Facts Electric Vehicle Advocates Don't Want You to Know * Local Texas prosecutors refuse to enforce Abortion laws * Most ridiculous boxing match * Man needs new battery for Chevy Volt, it costs over TWICE as much as the car is worth * And our usual laughs and merriment!
September 04, 2022
Bill & Alison Mencarow Show 8-27-2022
* Interview: A prominent attorney takes apart the raid on Trump's home * You'll be shocked to find out who is the highest-paid government employee (not the president!) * Audio of Biden saying blacks and hispanics don't own homes! * CA billboards warn, "Don't move to Texas." Alison and I want to contribute! * Student organization wants to end "human supremacy...Animals and people are the same." * Federal court rules people who think they are members of the opposite sex can legally enforce their demands on schools, companies, etc. * Obama's chief economic advisor says student loan forgiveness "reckless and inflationary" * New law paves the way for taxing you for every mile you drive * Males are joining sororities  And our usual jokes, News of the Weird and much more!
August 31, 2022
Bill & Alison Mencarow Show 8-20-2022
* US Court of Appeals rules transgender agenda can be forced on schools, local governments, civic groups and private companies. * Boston Children's Hospital is "proud" to have the first childrens' transgender "health" program, including a full suite of surgical mutilations on children as young as 3. (What happened to the Hippocratic Oath that says "First, do no harm"?) * If you take these prescription drugs, stay away from this common fruit * Why Trump can legally be re-elected even if he is railroaded by a kangaroo court and put in jail * The story of the Ford Model T * A solid majority of parents want school choice: Funding goes with the student to the school the parents choose, private or government, not directly to the school * Biden orders taxpayers to build the wall! Around his multi-million $ beach mansion. "Anyone who gets rich in politics is a crook." -- Harry Truman * Democrats (no Republicans) vote to hire 87,000 new IRS agents -- and ZERO school security officers * As always, lots of laughs!!
August 22, 2022
Bill & Alison Mencarow Show 8-13-2022
* The New World Order agenda -- interview with Marc Morano of * The excuse for the Trump raid makes no sense * Corporate news media scripted by DNC * The world's worst golfer! * IRS agents must be ready to shoot to kill * Alison's grandfather Sam Walton * The Deep State wants civil war * News of the Weird * Why the 2nd Amendment is so important * And our usual fun and merriment!
August 16, 2022
Bill & Alison Mencarow Show 8-6-2022
* Unbelievable but true: Cannibalism now advocated because it fights "climate change" * Newly-released documents prove Gulf of Tonkin attack -- which was the excuse for the Vietnam War -- never happened * Talk about shameless: Biden halts food assistance for low-income kids unless schools affirm children's self-proclaimed "gender identity" * 1/3 of US voters think they may soon have to take up arms against the government! * Interview with Kinky and Marcie Friedman * Alison's family connection with Bonnie and Clyde * 51% of those who call themselves "very liberal" say the US government is corrupt and rigged * The left wants you to eat bugs to fight "climate change" * And our usual laughs!
August 07, 2022
Bill & Alison Mencarow Show 7-30-22
* Some 1,000 illegals have boarded planes using arrest warrants and deportation orders as ID -- and DID NOT GO THROUGH TSA SCREENING! * The worst commercial ever made. * Every US House Democrat voted to send oil from the US Strategic Oil Reserves to a Communist Chinese company in which Hunter Biden's company has $2 billion ownership. * And every House Democrat voted AGAINST condemning violence directed at churches and pro-life pregnancy centers. * FDA official admits the agency is essentially run by Big Pharma. * Congresswoman spends half a million $ on private security, but wants to defund the police. * Flight attendant fired by Southwest Airlines for expressing pro-life views wins in court! * USDA taking money from child nutrition programs and using it for get out the (Democrat) vote drives * What does Biden's Executive Order 14069 do? * And much more, including, as usual, lots of laughs!
August 01, 2022
Bill & Alison Mencarow Show 7-23-22
* The world's worst golfer!  * EXCLUSIVE: Biden's new campaign song revealed! More details to come...
July 28, 2022
Bill & Alison Mencarow Show 7-16-22
* How to prepare for the coming food shortages * The continuing Biden Crime Family Expose: He sells oil from our Strategic Reserves to a communist Chinese company in which his son Hunter's firm has a $1.7 billion stake. The drive-by media of course ignores it * Poll: Most people have no confidence in the US education system * What everyone needs to do at school board meetings * The story of our first wedding anniversary and the Super Bowl * Poll: Most Democrats believe the US Constitution is racist and sexist, should be thrown into the trash * Why a constitutional convention is a HORRIBLE idea * The most violent crowd reaction to a baseball game, ever! * The Biden Administration is transporting migrants to get abortions in the US -- a clear violation of federal law * Biden brags about the record number of immigrants he has brought to the US * Alison's evening with Al Capp * The pipe dream of electric vehicles was proven again this week in Texas * Biden rejects invite to visit US oil, gas operations, instead visits Saudi Arabia to beg for oil * Numerous pro-life groups vandalized, terrorist threats, encouraged by Democrat leaders * When Bill sang with the National Symphony Orchestra at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC to a packed audience!
July 17, 2022
Bill & Alison Mencarow Show 7-9-22
* Uvalde cop watched the shooter enter the school with a rifle * UN says world hunger is needed so poor people will work for elites * Our connection to the Jonestown mass suicide * Army orders men to shower with women * Girl says becoming transgender has permanently ruined her life * Biden sending oil to...CHINA! * 3 reasons we have mass shootings (and they have nothing to do with guns) * The worst football team in history And so much more!
July 10, 2022
Bill & Alison Mencarow Show 7-2-22
* Biden economic advisor admits high gas prices are necessary to usher in the New World Order (audio clip) * What King George did to the American colonists is a playbook for what Biden's caretakers are doing to the US * The most unusual baseball ladies day! * NY governor says facts don't matter when pushing new gun laws (audio clip) * Stats prove that concealed carry licensed gun owners are the most law-abiding demographic after the Amish * The political suicide of John Cornyn: First he sells out on gun control, now immigration * Why without the North the US would never have had slavery * Hilarious: UN says marijuana legalization accelerates climate change and much more, including lots of laughs!
July 04, 2022
Bill & Alison Mencarow Show 6-25-22
* What you may not know about the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision * The real story of when Bill and Alison were in the US Capitol illegally on Inauguration Day * What is The Great Replacement? * Biden says Constitutional amendments are not absolute -- that undermines the foundation of the US * And so much more!
June 26, 2022
Bill & Alison Mencarow Show 6-18-22
* Interview with monetary expert Franklin Sanders on central bank digital currency, the most dangerous threat to our freedoms ever -- and how you can protect yourself ( * Pizza Hut joins State Farm Insurance going woke (they have given us a another reason not to buy their awful pizza). Go woke, go broke. * Persuasive evidence that Billy the Kid lived in Texas until 1950 * The Michigan Attorney General wants "a drag queen in every school"! * Sen. John Cornyn (R., TX) roundly booed at the Texas GOP Convention, calls Texas Republicans a "mob" * The FBI says knives kill more people than "assault rifles" * A brand-new, unreleased song by Kinky Friedman exclusive to the Bill & Alison show And much more, including of course lots of laughs!
June 19, 2022
Bill & Alison Mencarow Show 6-11-22
* Clip of Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) saying that under President Brandon gasoline is so expensive it would “be cheaper to buy cocaine and just run everywhere.”  * The Sec. of Energy LAUGHS when asked what she is doing to lower gas prices * Pizza Hut is the latest company to go woke * Horrid complications from puberty blocking drugs * The truth about gun control laws * The Jan. 6 show trial is indistinguishable from show trials in communist countries  * California has the strictest gun laws and the highest number of mass shootings * The latest left lunacy: Reduce global warming by putting face masks on cows (not satire!) and a whole lot more!
June 11, 2022
Bill & Alison Mencarow Show 6-4-22
* Nancy Pelosi wants to impeach the pope * NASCAR goes woke * A Mao supporter is a Biden advisor * Why Democrats want high gas prices and inflation * Queen Elizabeth’s love of Texas * Baby formula shortage is caused by the government * Special guests: Rising music superstars Melissa Ann and George Bennett * News of the weird * And much more, including lots of laughs!
June 05, 2022
Bill & Alison Mencarow Show 5-28-22
* Boots on the ground report from a friend in Uvalde, TX * If we can send $40 billion to Ukraine, we can protect our children in government schools * State Farm goes woke: It's now Deep State Farm * The nail in the coffin of the Bush political dynasty * Why is Bill Gates the largest farmland owner in the US? * Republicans try their best to lose in November * Senile old man in DC with nukes says people should not own guns * The original purpose of the Second Amendment (not hunting, not even self-protection) * Get ready for "cake gender" -- not a joke. Legally protected in California * And our usual laugh-fest!
May 29, 2022
Bill & Alison Mencarow Show 5-21-22
* Armed Forces Day * Archbishop Bars Nancy Pelosi From Communion * $40 Billion US Aid To Ukraine Is Borrowed From China! * 8th Graders Sued By School District For Not Using "Prope" Pronouns * Mitch McConnell Prevented A Republican Senate Majority * Parents Bill Of Rights Passed In Several States * And Our Usual Laughs!
May 22, 2022
The Best of Bill & Alison
* The worst environmental disaster in American history -- caused by the government * FDA official admits they are paid off by Big Pharma to approve drugs, get lucrative jobs * How to beat inflation * And much more...including our usual laughter!
May 09, 2022
Bill & Alison Mencarow Show 5-7-22
* Poll with top track record says Trump would beat Biden by 14 points! * Majority of Hispanics want the southern border closed * 54% of Americans want abortion made illegal * What happens to you when you lose all sense of morality * Poll says most Republicans & many independents believe Washington Democrats are involved in child sex rings! * The left says don't call it "Mother's Day" because...fathers can be mothers...or something... * And our usual laughs and carryings-on
May 08, 2022
Bill & Alison Mencarow Show 4-30-22
* Texas hospitals have the right to kill you even if you are conscious and object * Breaking news about challenges to the Texas abortion heartbeat law * A Russian official demands the US give Alaska back to Russia (we're in favor if it is California) * Is inflation here to stay? * And much always, lots of laughs!
April 30, 2022
Bill & Alison Mencarow Show 4-23-22
* MSNBC host says controlling what you think is the media's job * Chris Wallace makes the worst career move of the century * A gasoline-powered Tesla? * 57% of Americans pay NO income tax * Alison's family history with Bonnie & Clyde (??!!) * And much more, including lots of laughs!
April 23, 2022
Bill & Alison Mencarow Show 4-16-22
* The worst environmental disaster in US history * Part 3 of our interview with Franklin Sanders on how to protect yourself and your family from inflation * The shocking things children are taught in some public and private schools -- in the teachers' own words! * Audio of FDA director caught on hidden microphone admitting Big Pharma pays to have drugs approved * And, as always, trivia, news of the weird, and lots of laughs!
April 17, 2022
Bill & Alison Mencarow Show 4-9-22
* Interview with Franklin Sanders ( on how to stay ahead of inflation * The transgender agenda is being pushed on pre-K children (those committing this child abuse should be in prison, and if and when they get out they should be registered as sex offenders for the rest of their lives) * Palm Springs is subsidizing people who claim to be trans * Former head of the Anglican church says becoming trans is "to enter a sacred journey of becoming whole" * Introducing North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson, a dynamic black conservative * And much more!
April 09, 2022
Bill & Alison Mencarow Show 4-2-22
* What this means: "All those who hate Me love death" (Prov. 8:36) * A fact about Tejano superstar Selena that will shock you! * Canadian pastor jailed for teaching the Bible; John MacArthur says "it's coming fast to the U.S." * What is the Mandela effect? * The BEST scrambled egg recipe from Food Channel star Alton Brown * Biden shrugs at high gas prices, says everything wrong in America is Putin's fault
April 04, 2022
Bill & Alison Mencarow Show 3-26-2022
* Update from our friend in Ukraine * Biden's Supreme Court nominee can't tell the difference between a man and a woman * Interview with Hearst financial columnist Michael Taylor on oil prices * Minnie Mouse wears Hillary-style pantsuit to "celebrate" Women's History Month -- is Mickey in a dress next? * Announcement of the latest Texas Wine Trail * The simple cause and cure of many illnesses in people over 60 * And lots of laughs!
March 26, 2022
Bill & Alison Mencarow Show 3-19-22
* US Consulate Under Siege 2 miles from US border * Pt. I of our interview with Franklin Sanders * Poll: If the US was invaded the majority of Democrats say they would flee * Exclusive report from Ukraine * Pfizer scientist says women should not get the Covid jab * The new Bigfoot hunting season * What happened to the signers of the Declaration of Independence? * A digital dollar means the end of freedom * The Jive Aces in the house * Texas history, Hill Country events and, as always, lots of laughs!
March 20, 2022
Bill & Alison Mencarow Show 3-12-22
* An exclusive phone interview from inside Ukraine * Psychiatrist Dr. Mark McDonald tells us why his clinical opinion is that Dr. Fauci is a sociopath * The majority of Democrats say if the US was invaded they would flee * Private schools are teaching the gay/transgender agenda and keeping it secret from parents * Plus product names that became hilarious when translated into other languages, and much more!
March 14, 2022
Bill & Alison Mencarow Show 3-5-22
* More interview with Mark McDonald, M.D., author of United States of Fear * Why inflation is much worse than the government claims. * Who the 5% are who say Biden is doing a great job. * Biden wants to send the Border Patrol to Ukraine! * 2/3rds of Democrats say protecting the Ukraine border more important than the US border. * The worst football game in history.
March 05, 2022
Bill & Alison Mencarow Show 2-26-22
A first-hand report on what is happening in Ukraine by our friend who lives in Kiev ("Kyiv"); The new Twitter CEO admits he hates white people and the First Amendment is out of date; Pfizer chief scientist says women of child-bearing age should never get the Covid jab (nobody should); Product names that became hilarious when translated into other languages; 17% of fires in the US are caused by electric vehicles! Hillary says elections won by Democrats are fair, but if Republicans win, they are rigged; The Ukraine war -- follow the money; What you may not know about Biden's Supreme Court nominee and who controls her; plus Texas history, local events, and lots of laughs!
February 27, 2022
Bill & Alison Mencarow Show 2-19-22
The biggest political scandal in centuries and why the media is covering it up (it's MUCH bigger than Watergate); Why the government inflation figure is a lie; 73% of Democrats believe teachers unions should have more authority over children than parents; Biden's caregivers want taxpayers to buy crack pipes for drug addicts (this is TRUE!); Why getting the Covid jab makes it MORE likely you will get Covid; Missouri County authorizes police to arrest federal agents if they violate the 2nd Amendment; plus Texas history, local events, and, as always, lots of laughs!
February 19, 2022
Bill & Alison Mencarow Show 2-12-22
Part I of our interview with Mark McDonald, M.D.; Things you probably don't know about Buddy Holly and the "day the music died": How and why our government murdered 10,000 Americans; The Texas Chicken Salad case; A Harvard professor knows less than a 5 year old; Dr. Fauci, the highest-paid federal employee makes more than his boss and more than the president of the US; Medical equipment company CEO says that those who refuse Covid jabs should be barred from hospital treatment; Clueless Joe Biden declares Glock handguns as "weapons of war"; plus local events and, as always, lots of laughs!
February 13, 2022
Bill & Alison Mencarow Show 2-5-2022
Why children should NEVER get the Covid jab; Rural Texas had some of the first telephones, and you won't believe how they worked! What you don't know about Krispy Kreme/Crispy Creme donuts; Who is profiting from the Chinese virus plandemic; 45%f of Democrats think non-vaxxed should be sent to internment camps, and 59% think they should be confined to their homes at all times! TSA (airport security) allows arrest warrants as IDs for illegals to board airplanes; U.K., Ireland and France EASING Covid restrictions; Salt Lake City UT Tribune says National Guard should force non-vaxxed to stay in their homes, and more.
February 05, 2022
Bill & Alison Mencarow Show 1-29-22
Audio of Biden when running for president saying we must not leave weapons behind in Afghanistan because "they will be used on your children and grandchildren and mine"; The left says there is gender discrimination among test crash dummies (not a joke); News for wine lovers; The most-decorated soldier in US history; A psychiatrist says Dr. Fauci is a sociopath; Bill gets a text about what to do with "the body" (??!!); Texas history; And as always, lots of laughs!
February 01, 2022
Bill & Alison Mencarow Show 1-22-22
Why the family of Martin Luther King Jr. thinks the FBI was involved in his assassination; A USA Today column advocating the abolition of parenthood; Canada makes it a federal crime to oppose homosexuality; The richest preacher in the US; plus Texas history, News of the Weird, local events and more!
January 22, 2022
Bill & Alison Mencarow Show 1-15-22
Concentration camps in the US; Existing presidential executive orders suspend the Constitution and Bill of Rights; Teachers unions don't want teachers to teach; Gov. Gavin Newson gets U-Haul salesman of the year; News of the Weird, and more, including Texas history and lots of laughs!
January 16, 2022
Bill & Alison Mencarow Show 1-8-22
Who was really behind what happened at the US Capitol on Jan. 6; Why Texas had the first all-women Supreme Court in the US; Inventor of mRNA jab ("vaccine") says young people should not get it, risk of dying from it greater than Covid; British study shows 93% of people who died after being jabbed were killed by the jab; Make-A-Wish Foundation denies wish for terminally ill 4 year old because he is not jabbed for Covid! LAPD: "Do not come to LA, crime is really, really out of control"; Texas history, and between the serious stories, as always, lots of laughs.
January 08, 2022
Bill & Alison Mencarow Show 1-1-22
Interview with visionary inventor Jay Schmuecker of Knives kill more people than rifles, including so-called "assault rifles"; A legislator introduces a bill to force men to get vasectomies; Bill talks about working for President Reagan; Alison dishes the dirt on a US Vice President she worked for; News of the Weird, and lots of laughs!
January 03, 2022
Bill & Alison Mencarow Show 12-18-21
Quiz: How many people have died from the Omicron variant? Answer: NONE! What the media and the FDA is not telling you about the abortion pill -- an exclusive interview with Lainie Johnson, Executive Director of the Pregnancy Resource Center; Cornell U shuts down over Omicron; The Fredonia Rebellion in Texas (not the Marx Brothers movie "Duck Soup," but perhaps they got the name Fredonia from it); The government brags about monitoring your phone texts! Kraft giving away $20 not to make cheesecake (??); The Salvation Army went woke, now it's going broke; instead, consider supporting and 
December 18, 2021
Bill & Alison Mencarow Show 12-11-21
Supreme Court pro-life victory; Catholic U displays painting of George Floyd as Christ in the chapel; Support for gun control lowest in years; Real estate scam exposed, Google trying to prevent you from finding out about it; Fox News' Molly Hemingway interviewed; We visit the site of our engagement; Never fly from Washington Dulles airport; local events and lots of laughs!
December 11, 2021
Bill & Alison Mencarow Show 12-4-21
Biden's caregivers plan to "fact-check" your personal phone texts!; Sen. Grassley stops universal background checks for all gun purchases (including all private sales); The story of Tomball, Texas, the only town in America that had free gas and water for residents -- and no cemetery; Why opening up the US oil reserves is a terrible idea; Interview with Joe Guzardo of Modal Mojo band; The meaning of the Menorah; The Village Idiot, and lots of laughs!
December 05, 2021
Bill & Alison Mencarow Show 11-27-21
Public school teachers recruiting kids into gay clubs and lying about it to parents; Amazon tracks everything about you; the real Lone Ranger was black! Biden says the best way to protect yourself in a hurricane get vaccinated (we have the audio to prove it); CDC admits there is no record of anyone who has had Covid transmitting it...England's chief medical officer says masks don't work...Biden says anyone who is president when 220,000 people supposedly died of Covid "shouldn't be president" -- Biden's death count in less than 1 year in office is almost DOUBLE that (will he take his own advice?); how to answer someone who asks for your proof of vax, and more.
November 27, 2021
Bill & Alison Mencarow Show 11-20-21
The ultimate goal of the COVID creators in their own words; UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson suggests feeding people to animals to "save the planet" (true!); Special guest Franklin Sanders ( on how to survive whatever the economy throws at you; FDA says they will release all info on the Pfizer Covid jab --  in 55 years! Two Texan Medal of Honor winners and what they did; Plus our usual antics.
November 20, 2021
Bill & Alison Mencarow Show 11-13-21
Hear Biden's Secretary of Energy LAUGH when asked what plans she has to lower gas prices, says the question is "hilarious"; the reason Biden's caregivers WANT gasoline to be unaffordable; interview with January Weise, Executive Director of Texas Hill Country wineries; the hidden costs of electric vehicles; the strange story of the founder of Pearl beer; NASCAR condemns the "Let's Go Brandon" chant and thus condemns most of their fan base; Congress just passed a bill to allow tracking of all vehicles to impose a mileage tax, and more.
November 14, 2021
Bill & Alison Mencarow Show 11-6-21
Wall Street funded Lenin and Hitler; US Army actively recruiting lesbians; a major problem with electric vehicles; Syndicated financial columnist Michael Taylor on the hidden costs to taxpayers of the 20-year Afghan war, and more.
November 06, 2021
Bill & Alison Mencarow Show 10-30-21
Exclusive interview with Mollie Hemingway, Fox News contributor and author of the new best-seller "RIGGED: HOW THE MEDIA, BIG TECH, AND THE DEMOCRATS SEIZED OUR ELECTIONS." Plus the real reason for the supply chain/empty shelves problem (it's wacko environmentalists); Alan Dershowitz goes full communist; safe deposit boxes aren't "safe," and our usual banter.
October 31, 2021
Bill & Alison Mencarow Show 10-16-21
An exclusive interview with Steven Doroghazi, former top attorney of the IRS in Washington, DC about some of his most unusual cases, and another interview with his wife Cynthia, who saw the destruction of part of the Pentagon on 9/11. Plus our usual antics.
October 20, 2021
Bill & Alison Mencarow Show 10-9-21
Knives kill more people than rifles, including so-called "assault rifles"; A legislator introduces a bill to force men to get vasectomies; Bill talks about working for President Reagan; Alison dishes the dirt on a US Vice President; News of the Weird, and lots of laughs!
October 10, 2021
Bill & Alison Mencarow Show 10-2-21
55% of people want Biden to resign! CDC admits 74% of COVID cases tracked are among the fully vaccinated; Russia now less authoritarian than the US; Texas' new baby heartbeat law; Why Democrats want to flood the country with illegals and don't want people to work; The Texas Wine Trail, and lots of laughs!
October 02, 2021
Bill & Alison Mencarow Show 9-25-21
The Fredericksburg, TX man who flew the first airplane -- 40 years before the Wright Brothers! The true financial costs of the Biden Afghanistan disaster:  Exclusive interview with author and financial columnist for the San Antonio Express-News and Houston Chronicle Michael Taylor (; What The Old Farmer's Almanac says winter will be like (80% accuracy over 200 years); Lee Greenwood booted from National Council on the Arts; Taliban opens US Army surplus store; Wall Street funded Lenin and Hitler; and as always, lots of laughs!
September 25, 2021
Bill & Alison Mencarow Show 9-18-21
The inventor of the test for COVID says Fauci is a liar and doesn't know what he's talking about!  Plus why the flu has "disappeared," News of the Weird, this week in history, local events, interview with January Weise, Executive Director of Texas Hill Country Wineries, and laughs along the way.
September 19, 2021
Interview With January Weise, Executive Director of Texas Hill Country Wineries
January talks about the amazing growth in number of wineries and quality of Texas wines and the Texas Wine Month, October, 2021.  You can visit up to 48 participating wineries all month for tastings for one low price, an incredible bargain!  For information go to
September 16, 2021
Bill & Alison Mencarow Show 9-11-21
A very special program commemorating the 20th anniversary of 9/11.  Includes accounts you will not hear elsewhere, told by friends of ours who were there.  Introduction by President Donald Trump.
September 13, 2021
Bill & Alison Mencarow Show 9-4-21
Covid concentration camps are coming, no trial, no due process -- official documents published by the CDC!  Old Farmers Almanac predicts a tough winter for Texas (and their 200 year track record of predicting the weather is 80% accurate); Biden's clownshow; News Of The Weird; Gov. Abbott plans to move Austin to California; plus LOTS of laughs.
September 05, 2021
Bill & Alison Mencarow Show 7-24-21
Our guest is Gary Kah.  Gary graduated Magna Cum Laude with three majors: Economics, Business Administration and German. His special focus was in the area of International Marketing and Economics., Gary became the Europe and Middle East Trade Specialist for the State of Indiana. In this capacity he traveled to more than 20 countries, working hand-in-hand with U.S. Embassies and top government officials in the area of export promotion. In the mid 1980’s, Gary uncovered information regarding the printing of a new U.S. currency. After some investigation, he found that many countries around the world had already begun issuing new currencies similar in design. Gary discovered that this coordinated effort was merely a stepping stone toward establishing a single, global unit of exchange–which was to be part of a coming one-world government. In 1987, Gary was invited to join the World Constitution and Parliament Association, one of the organizations involved at the forefront of promoting the world government agenda. During the next 4 years he obtained detailed documents which demonstrated that the push toward a one-world government was active and rapidly advancing. Some of these documents are reproduced in his books.  His website is
September 04, 2021
Bill & Alison Mencarow Show 5-15-21
The world's 1st serial killer; 1900 Galveston hurricane that took 8,000 lives; The CCP virus (Covid) injection could make you very sick or worse; What you don't know about electric cars; More chaos at the Mexican border; News Of The Weird; Are cats really afraid of the water? and lots of laughs!
September 03, 2021
Bill & Alison Mencarow Show 5-22-21
The agenda behind the pLandemic virus -- depopulation, as proven by the conspirators' own documents; What is in the Texas abortion law; The dangers of cryptocurrencies; What is the Truman Doctrine and why it creates "forever wars"; CDC admits survival rates of CCP virus (a.k.a. Covid) are almost 100 percent for every age; Electric cars are among the biggest polluters, and everything else we can fit into such a short time!
September 03, 2021
Bill & Alison Mencarow Show 5-29-21
The legacy of musician Jimmie Rodgers of Kerrville; Why children should never wear masks; Alison's personal connection to Bonnie and Clyde; Bill's experience with Elizabeth Taylor (what can be told on the radio, anyway); "Operation Wetback" -- the official government name! plus Texas trivia, News of the Weird, and lots of laughs!
September 02, 2021
Bill & Alison Mencarow Show 6-12-21
Interview with Lainie Johnson, Exec. Dir. of the Pregnancy Resource Center on abortion alternatives, the new abortion pill available on the internet with no prescription, plus Dr. Fauci quotes on why masks don't work, News of the Weird, Texas trivia and more, plus lots of laughts
September 02, 2021
Bill & Alison Mencarow Show 6-26-21
Our personal experience with the dumbest criminals, stories we know because we spent many years in Washington, DC as Congressional staff, Sam Walton -- Alison's grandfather! The black sheep of her family, an Oklahoma governor, liberal hypocrisy (is there any other?), Bill's black sheep in his family, Congressman Marion Zioncheck, plus lots of laughs!
September 02, 2021
Bill & Alison Mencarow Show 7-3-21
Interview with Cloud Mykals, author of "The Silent War:  Battles Are One, Minds And Lives Are Lost" on PTSD.
September 02, 2021
Bill & Alison Mencarow Show 7-10-21
Cactus Jack Garner, the history of Dr. Pepper, reparations, how to deal with door-to-door vax pushers, the reasons why some decline the CCP virus (Chinese Communist Party, a.k.a. COVID) jab, News of the Weird, George Floyd's rap sheet, why you might not want a Smart Thermostat, look up Wikipedia's definition of black, brown, Asian and white pride -- and lots of laughs along the way!
August 25, 2021
Bill & Alison Mencarow Show 7-31-21
A bit of Texas history, the week's Biggest Lie from politicians, Alison's family secret about an Oklahoma governor, the World War I museum, the lessons of WW I and the origins of World War II, illegal immigration, 6 reasons kids should wear masks (parody), and George Washington's $18,000 bar bill!
August 24, 2021
Bill & Alison Mencarow Show 8-7-21
A bit of Texas history, airports named for people who died in plane crashes (really??), Politicians' Lie of the Week and more things that may surprise you.  Plus an interview with combat veteran Cloud Mykals, author of "The Silent War:  Battles Are Won, Minds and Lives Are Lost" about PTSD:  About us:
August 23, 2021
Bill & Alison Mencarow Show 8-21-21
The latest on Afghanistan from a source deep in the State Dept...Because of the Afghanistan disaster, Bill calls for Biden's impeachment and conviction, and him, Harris and top officials tried for treason and mass murder...some inconvenient truths about the Chinese Communist Party (a.k.a. COVID) virus and the effectiveness of the shot and masks...and lots of laughs along the way!
August 21, 2021