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Man Over Matter

Man Over Matter

By MenzLeague
The purpose of the Man Over Matter podcast is to create a platform for Men’s Mental Health as we look to challenge social stigmas and reshape society’s views on what it means to be a man.
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Man Over Matter - EP 3 - Cary Kish "The "D" Word"

Man Over Matter

Man Over Matter - EP 10 - The "Dating Experience"
In today’s day and age, we are drowning in potential with new connections right at our fingertips, the temptation to dive headfirst into a pool of potential romances is hard to resist. However, studies are showing that a more measured approach to dating apps is actually better for your mental health. These online platforms are exponentially expanding the potential for both connections and rejections, with the latter negatively impacting self-esteem and increasing anxiety. Join the Menzleague boys as they discuss dating and specifically the dating apps and ghosting.
August 09, 2021
Man Over Matter - EP 9 - The Beach Bod Business (BBB)
Today’s episode is about our relationships with our bodies, and how that can translate into our mental health. Today the MenzLeague boys are diving into the Beach Bod Business otherwise known as working out for those aesthetically appealing body parts. Are we doing these things for ourselves, to be the best version of ourselves or are we doing it for others to be recognized as that sexy desired option to whomever we are attempting to appeal?
July 26, 2021
Man Over Matter - EP 8 - NoFap Day 37
Porn addiction refers to a person becoming emotionally dependent on pornography to the point that it interferes with their daily life, relationships, and ability to function. For this episode Fabian & Derek sit down with an old friend Gregg Farineau to discuss porn addiction and the NoFap challenge. 
July 05, 2021
Man Over Matter - EP 7 - Akash Asif
The Centre for Suicide Prevention has their “Buddy Up” campaign going on right now. Join the Man Over Matter hosts along with Akash Asif the Centre's general relations director as they look to have a powerful discussion around suicide and the buddy up campaign.
June 14, 2021
Man Over Matter - EP 6 - Dating The "Other D" Word
No Special Guest, no added effects Today's episode Derek and Fabian are talking about the "other D word" know as dating. What dating has looked like for us as 35-year-old men on this journey called life.
May 17, 2021
Man Over Matter - EP 5 - Randy Hollick - Beat Box Hero
Join the Menzleague boyz in a deep dive with a 2x Canadian National Beatbox competitor Randy Hollick aka Exzam who reached high levels competing in the art of beat boxing but also struggled with anxiety and panic attacks. 
May 03, 2021
Man Over Matter - EP 4 - Tyler Smith "Heart of Humboldt"
This episode the Man over Matter Boys sit down to chat with Tyler Smith from the Humboldt Broncos. Tyler is a survivor from that tragic accident on  and he shares his story and talks about mental health. 
April 10, 2021
Man Over Matter - EP 3 - Cary Kish "The "D" Word"
this episode is with Cary Kish a life coach, focused on helping people turn setbacks into comebacks. We discusses relationships and the big topic of Divorce. 
March 18, 2021
Man Over Matter - EP 1 - What Is MenzLeague
The founders of Menzleague and the Man over Matter podcast sit down and discuss the origin, the why and the foundation of what MenzLeague is. 
February 19, 2021
Man Over Matter - EP 2 - Zac Rinaldo "Blinders On"
The Man Over Matter boys interview Zac Rinaldo of the Calgary Flames. They discuss mental health and the challenges Zac has faced throughout his life including his journey to the NHL.
February 16, 2021