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Beautiful Little Moments Podcast

Beautiful Little Moments Podcast

By Tia Mason
Welcome to "Beautiful Little Moments Podcast"!

Spreading positivity, helpful information, resources, and more. Not afraid of hard conversations and growth. Stick around, you might learn something.
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Author's Corner: Savanna Malveaux

Beautiful Little Moments Podcast

Author's Corner: Savanna Malveaux

Beautiful Little Moments Podcast

Boss Lady Legal
Welcome to the mic a bonafied boss lady, Danielle. "I am a Florida native, originally from South Florida but now living in Atlanta, GA. I attended Florida State University from 2008-2012. I received my Juris Doctor degree from Florida A&M University College of Law in 2016, and am licensed to practice law in Florida. My legal experience is broad, ranging from family law and dependency, and residential and commercial real estate. In June 2020, I launched BossLady Legal, LLC, a boutique firm focused on entrepreneurship law, contracts, and intellectual property matters. The mission of my practice is to encourage, empower, and inspire business ownership. Although my firm services clients of all demographics, I am especially passionate about minority business ownership, and women in business. I am also the co-host of a podcast, The EmpowHERment Hour, that airs every other Wednesday on all major podcast platforms. My businesses have been featured in VoyageMIA Magazine, and I have been a panelist for seminars hosted by numerous organizations and Bar Associations. I also hold a certificate in Women's Entrepreneurship from Cornell University."
December 11, 2020
Know Tribe: A community school
T.R.I.B.E. is a community-based school focused on experimental learning to enrich the education of our students.  Its founder Percy A. Lamar III talks about growth and helping out our youth.
December 05, 2020
Dr. Holly Social Media: FB/IG @lifefirsttherapyllc @therapyloftcollective Dr. Holly Sawyer is a licensed therapist in Philadelphia at her solo practice Life First Therapy where she provides therapy to professional Black women who experience microaggressions in the workplace. She is also the CEO of the Therapy Loft Collective, a group practice where her team of therapists provides online therapy! Both practices offer therapy all over the state of Pennsylvania! Dr. Holly is the author of 'Get Your Mind Right, Get Your Money Right! The Mental Health Guide for Successful Entrepreneurs'. She's also a mental health public speaker and college educator! She's been featured on Philadelphia's Fox News 29, Psych Central, Bustle, Popsugar, and more.
November 27, 2020
Into a Creator's Mind
My name is Niahmu I go by the name of Niahmu the Raw Talent. I am a customizer who's been in this industry since 2015. I am originally a sketch artist based in Washington DC but I have found a way to take my art and talent and take it to a new level by giving personal art to people that is functional through sneakers, skateboards, and even decorative two dressers vases Etc.  My passion for my art is to share it with the world. I want my art to be something that gives people joy, gives people love, and just give them overall happiness. I want them to see my art as something they were both cherish and want to give to another as a gift. Since I began this journey I have seen ups and down learning lessons and it's crazy moments but overall I have never once look back and felt that I should quit what I'm doing because it is my passion, joy, and everything that brings me happiness outside of my loving family. Truly I am so appreciative for the talent I have and how my skills have grown thanks to God, it has put me on the path that shows me what I am capable of and what is yet to come. I am continuing my journey by going on YouTube and Instagram and showing to the world how I develop how I do my craft and how pieces are created. This is just beginning for me I hope everyone continues to enjoy my art not just purchased it but to truly enjoy what I create. I like to look at something like a canvas no matter what type of object it is visualize and mock-up my design and plan and then bring it to life I truly enjoy creating and looking at what I had done as possible. I didn't make a factory by request of another I made it with my two hands. 
November 20, 2020
Minding our black business
This episode picks off season 3 with my business partner and my newest endeavor. Just a little conversation on current affairs and the future for black bizz.
August 12, 2020
Author's Corner: Patrice Rivers
Meet 8 time author Patrice Rivers: Patrice Rivers wears many hats in the world of entrepreneurship. She is currently residing in Suffolk, VA where Virginia State University’s blue and orange bleeds through her veins graduating from the HBCU in May 2009 in Petersburg, VA. Patrice majored in Mass Communications where she had a minor in writing earning her Bachelors of Arts degree. She started writing at the tender age of only nine where creating short stories was more than just a hobby. Patrice has a very vivid and creative imagination when it comes to words. Poetry has and will always be her first love. Since she was 15, Patrice took a strong interest in writing poems. Throughout the years, writing poetry has always been a therapeutic way to expressing her true feelings. Patrice’s creativity took her all the way to publishing her first book of poetry in 2012 entitled “A Collection of God’s Word and Motivation” which is a great seller. The following year her second book of poetry was published in 2013 called “Lyrical Passion Tears from my Inkwell” where she encourages and captivates her reader’s attention through real situations and encouraging words. Patrice has published a total of eight books with two of them being children’s books about a little girl living with Sickle Cell Disease. As a survivor and person living with SCD herself, she wanted to create not only a children’s book, but a series that will serve as an educational tool for kids and adults as well in communities. Patrice is also the proud owner of That Riverz Girl Brand which consists of different facets such as Books, Published Articles, Interviews, Magazine, Services and You Tube channel. Her magazine Versafi Magazine is a platform for men and women of diversity that are business owners, entrepreneurs and authors. With this being her second magazine, Patrice plans to take Versafi to a higher level with diversity being a very important factor within her brand. She plans to write more books relating to her life as well as children and urban Christian books. She is very passionate about the writing community and wants to expand her writing services to a small writing boutique providing services to new authors, continuous authors, brands, business owners and entrepreneurs all over. This determined boss babe is nothing more than passionate, a goal digger, creative, professional and unique with her brand. She hopes to someday expand her brand to a wider audience in the world of business.
May 24, 2020
Author's Corner: Frances Dupree
A place where you will be empowered and inspired by the story of Frances Dupree. She is debuting her first nonfiction book, Marrying Outside of God’s Will. She is the CEO of the God’s Will Ministries with a mission to empower and influence young ladies to weather through the storms of marrying outside of God’s will. She is an epitome and walking testimony that restoration and redemption does exists.
April 17, 2020
Author's Corner: Barakah Smith
Barakah Smith is a new author coming out with her new title:Stranger in a Familiar Place. She grew up in a family of 7siblings and has lived in Iceland before settling in Georgia. An Alabama native, she lives in Georgia with her husband, two cats, and dog. Barnes and Noble Amazon
April 16, 2020
Author's Corner: Tyauna Bruce
Tyauna Bruce is an educator, entrepreneur, and learning coach who lives and works in Washington, D.C. who has been craving publication ever since she read If Beale Street Could Talk. Her dream is to make it to the same bookshelf as James Baldwin. Tyauna holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and Creative Writing from Loyola University, Baltimore, MD and a Master of Arts in Humanities from Marymount University in Arlington, VA. newly untitled (intentionally lowercase) is her first book of published poetry.   Twitter: @ItsWRiT1 Instagram Writer Page: @tyaunabruce Instagram Entrepreneur Page: @Bruce_Almytees Website:
March 30, 2020
Black Business Breakdown: Diva Reloaded
Diva Reloaded creates a digital platform for innovative individuals, partnerships, and organizations to share their project/story. That will uplift and inspire through the concept of "creative self-expression"of various forms. Helping build a social media presence, while instilling purpose to creators. With access to opportunity and resources. A person that's interested can contact and submit special projects via email, and company group page. -Founder/Creator Reina Stovall
March 02, 2020
Author's Corner: E.S. McMillan
E.S. McMillan is a self-proclaimed Superhero. She is a mom to 4 amazing boys. Married to one of her best friends and has plans to take the world by storm. E.S. was born in California, raised in New York, and now resides in Connecticut. E.S. is a lover of the written word and cannot remember a time when there was not a book in her hand or an open notebook close by, waiting to be filled with her stories. Author Links: Amazon ~ BookBub ~ Booksprout ~ Eden Books ~ Facebook ~ Facebook Fan Group ~ Goodreads ~ Instagram ~ Newsletter Sign Up ~ Pinterest ~ https://www.pinteresonysmcmillan/the-weekend-getaway-by-es-mcmillan/ Website ~
February 28, 2020
Author's Corner: Savanna Malveaux
Savanna Malveaux, born in Atlanta is a true southern Georgia peach. Her love for reading and writing was sparked in early childhood. While life got in the way, as it usually does, Savanna focused more on reading than writing. Her first novel idea was born out of necessity during a solo vacation after finishing all the books she brought along (long before e-readers were wildly popular). While this is her first foray into professional writing, she has written blogs, poems, and short stories throughout her life. Savanna hopes her vivid characters and intricate plots are relatable, inspiring, or both. Savanna Malveaux desires to live in a world where women's sensual empowerment is not frowned on by society; but, where it is celebrated! When she is not writing or working her 9-to-5, she continues to travel the globe enriched through her interactions with diverse cultures and people. ‪Our Time is erotica, focused on women's sexual freedom/empowerment. While dealing with her own baggage, Leah the main character, helps her clients fulfill their most intimate fantasies. Almost every chapter is a different fantasy. Spicy read, with a great story line.
February 26, 2020
Author's Corner: Jackie Boyd
Jackie Boyd was born in Columbia, SC and raised in a small town called Pomaria. After graduating high school and attending college, Jackie relocated to Charlotte, NC. There she became active with various outreach and volunteer programs. Jackie is a mother of two daughters; Jasmine and LaPorsha and a student studying medical billing and coding. She recently incorporated motivational speaking as part of her spiritual movement. She has found a divine purpose in inspiring others through her own personal tribulations. She began her journey by sharing her dreams of becoming an author with a few close friends, later she was encouraged her to start writing her first novel. As a result of the encouraging words, Jackie is an aspiring best selling author and poet. She is driven to empower others while she continues her therapeutic voyage throughout her writings and public speaking. Jackie believes in all things positive and she promotes self love to its highest level. She strives to be positive energy within any setting, while always adding value to the space and lives surrounding her. She believes humor and laughter is certainly refreshing to all souls. You can follow Jackie on Facebook (Melanated Words ) or Instagram (@melanated_words) The author will be releasing her first book this year entitled “Shattered Soul”
February 25, 2020
Expert's Interview: DJ DUIIK and Music Theory
" My name is Steven Lipscomb known as DJ DUIIK (Duke). I am 32 years old and I have been DJing for 5 years. Throughout my five years of experience, I have been fortunate to DJ in three different states;Virginia, North Carolina and Georgia. I DJ in Atlanta and in Washington D.C for the Pancakes and Booze Art show Also, I have performed for family reunions, masquerade parties, rooftop pool party in Washington D.C I have DJ for 6 weddings so far this year (5) in the VA area and one in NC. In August of this year, I was hired for the Jr. Nike Golf Event In Durham, NC at Duke University golf course. My last gig was at Dogtown Brewery for their NYE event!That’s just a few examples of the gigs I have had over the past year. If you have anymore questions, I will be happy to answer them and I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you! "
February 21, 2020
Brown Table Talk: Thank you, White Savior.
Today, we centered our discussion around the documentary Hello privilege, my name is Chelsea.
February 19, 2020
Author's Corner: JC Sykes
JC is an influential writer of multiple genre's. This award winning author is a native of St. Louis, Missouri, and the mother of three daughters and one son. The four of their initials make up her memoirs' title; A.R.R.A. pronounced(era). A talented artist of many trades including carpentry, JC enjoys making furniture. Giving back to her community through mentorship and life coaching serves her heart's purpose. This innovative wife and mother is the youngest of eleven children between both mother and father; including her deceased twin brother Chase. He died when the two were twenty five years old. JC began keeping a journal at nine years old. She is the embodiment of selflessness and determination. An intelligent, creative, and loving individual. It's said that one's mistakes sets the boundaries of where they end up in life. JC is not one to live by common expectations of society. She's a barrier breaker! Always striving to be better than yesterday, JC embraces self education as a mentor and leader. This home grown entrepreneur does it all! From construction to women's beauty; dedication, and a good attitude branded her the nickname, Kween among her peers. When this woman puts her mind to somthing there's nothing that can stop her.
February 17, 2020
Author's Corner: Azure Thompson
For Valentine's day we are sitting down with poet and author Azure Thompson.
February 14, 2020
Expert's Interview: Love and Sex and Healing: Aisha Bates (Explicit)
Listen to this one when the kids are gone! With Valentine's day being so close, we have Sex Expert Aisha on today helping us ... open up a bit. Aisha Bates sex therapist and doula since 2010 born and raised in East San Antonio Texas.
February 12, 2020
Author's Corner: Xan Tucker
Xan Tucker was born and raised in Arkansas. She currently resides in metro Atlanta. She attended THE University of Arkansas and University of Tennessee, Chattanooga. She is a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. She is one of seven siblings. She has been writing stories since she could write. Her love for writing was fostered by her mom’s love for creating short stories to read to her and her siblings on the weekends. She published her first work in 2017. Since then she has published a five book series and become an Emma Award Winning Author for her last book, Trusting Love. In addition to writing, she loves running, traveling the world, reading, cooking, mentoring and spending time with family and friends. Follow her on social media FB @authorxantucker IG @authorxantucker and subscribe to her newsletter via the website: All books can be purchased via Amazon & Kindle. You can contact her via email:
February 10, 2020
Author's Corner: Tommy Gobbs
Tommy Gibbs Author of The Prodigal Son published is 2014. Born in South East DC.
February 07, 2020
Author's Corner: Crown Shepherd
Crown Shepherd is an emerging fiction, picture book, and comic book writer. Her writing is a result of her surroundings and upbringing. She has always been deeply rooted in literature and writing, but it wasn’t until she found more writers that look like her that her writing soared. Those writers allowed her to dream and create by her own standards, and from a point of view of a black protagonist. As someone from an underrepresented community, Crown knows what it means to have representation feed your creativity. The stories she wants to share are aimed at giving a voice to the voiceless.
February 05, 2020
Author's Corner: Sunshyne Regal
Sunshyne Regal was born on the Southside of Chicago. As a young girl she loved to read books and write short stories. One of her favorite classes in school was in English. She took creative writing courses in college with dreams of one day writing her own book. In the summer of 2017, with the encouragement of her mother she decided to stop dreaming and start writing. She did this while working her regular job as a school bus driver and running her small business Sunshyne's Body Naturals. She was so desperate to prove to herself that she could do it, she wrote 90% of her book in Google Docs on her phone. Sunshyne Regal resides in Waukegan, IL with her husband of 20 years, six wonderful children and three grandchildren.
February 03, 2020
EP 9: Pour one out
We are talking about ancestors today; who are they, why are they important, how can we honor them.
October 07, 2019
EP 8: About your business
Talking with a professional event planner who also happens to be a dynamic black woman. Ins and outs of business and more.
September 30, 2019
EP 7: #DebtFreeCommunity
This episode is touching on how to become debt free especially under student loans.
September 16, 2019
EP 6: Questions from the triggered
This episode is an interview with a relationship expert. Your questions answered from a professional's point of view.
September 09, 2019
EP 5: In a child's mind
This episode we are speaking with a professional that works with special needs kids. How can we raise children with healthier minds? What can we do differently?
September 02, 2019
EP 4: What do you need from us? PT 1
This episode is an interview episode with one of my friends. A conversation to start some conversation around the black male perspective on mental health and more.
August 26, 2019
EP 3: Criss Cross Applesauce
Today we are scratching the surface with Yoga. Its more than just some cool looking poses.
August 19, 2019
EP 2: What you won't do..
Today we are talking about self care; what it is and isn't. Ways to practice self-care and why it's important.
August 12, 2019
EP 1: Squeeze a little Play-Doh
You'll learn what grounding is, why its important, how to implement it in everyday life and a guided meditation at the end.
August 05, 2019
TWB Podcast Trailer (old)
This episode is a sneak peek into what to expect from TWB Podcast.
July 12, 2019