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Mercury in the Eighth

Mercury in the Eighth

By Alexandria Rollet
Mercury in the Eighth isn't currently overtly definable. It is inspired by my work with Astrology and Human Design and how these two systems can help you in both life and business. However, it is more about building your business in alignment with your Higher Self. As more and more episodes get published, this description will be updated but for now, settle into a mix of solo and interview episodes, and allow them to help you navigate building your business in YOUR OWN WAY.
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Saturn Return Navigation with Alexandra Diamond
In this episode, Alexandria talks with Alexandra Diamond, a healing guide, Human Design reader, and CranioSacral Therapist. There's lots of talk in this episode about the Saturn Return, especially Alexandra's personal experience with her own. Other topics of conversation include: Mercury in Sagittarius Gate 11 - The Gate of Ideas The optimistic and explorative nature of Sagittarius  Hopes of the Pluto in Scorpio generation To connect with Alexandra Diamond: Saturn Passage -
August 6, 2021
Do you trust yourself?
In this episode, Alexandria gives a bit of a life update as well as poses the question, "Do you trust yourself?". Time stamps/Topics discussed: [00:00:00] - Basic life update. Moved from Missouri to Florida [00:03:09] - Where should I move to? [00:07:24] - Explanation of how this sudden move was prompted. [00:12:00] - Intro of the main topic/a build off from last episode [00:13:54] - Connection between Human Design and Astrology [00:15:30] - Excerpt from "Understanding Human Design" by Karen Curry Parker on Gate 10 [00:16:28] - Loving yourself enough to know when it's time to end things [00:17:53] - Seventh House in astrology [00:20:57] - Defined Identity (G) Center  [00:25:28] - The importance of trusting yourself to get yourself through anything [00:31:32] - Wrap Up If you'd like to connect, either leave me a message on Anchor, email me at, or DM me on IG
July 30, 2021
Being Responsible for your Self-Love with Mallory Leone
In this episode, Alexandria speaks with Mallory Leone of Four Corners Studio about her journey with taking more responsibility for herself and finding self-love. We also talk about: !!TRIGGER WARNING!! // Sexual abuse and the familial impact from that abuse  Mercury in Sagittarius, in the 11th house Looking into your ancestry to inform your spiritual practices How healing comes from within and not from gurus For show notes and a full transcript, go here: To connect with Mallory: Free Ritual Course: Instagram: Website:
July 16, 2021
My Experience as a Financial Rep
In this episode, Alexandria walks through her experience as a Financial Representative and briefly touches on her experience as a Financial Advisor's Assistant. This is a great listen for anyone who is a Projector, Manifestor, or Reflector who has been (or is currently) living as a Generator. This episode is more centered on personal experience but Alexandria shares the top mindset shifts she learned during that time and still uses today (as well as the ones she learned but DOESN'T use today). Money Alchemy Sessions Waitlist: Instagram:
July 9, 2021
UPDATE: Let's Talk Money
In this episode, Alexandria opens up about what's currently going on in her business and the hard pivot she's about to take. You'll hear about her own personal journey with her business, her realization that the work she's currently doing is "off", her career history, and a quick idea on how to find a career path within your birth chart. If you have been waiting to work with Alexandria on business, you might want to listen to this episode. Get in Touch: Instagram: Website: Tools Mentioned:  Kartra Podia Honeycomb Almanac Acuity Flodesk* (*Referral link. No extra charge to you, but I appreciate the kickback.)
May 14, 2021
Do you ACTUALLY want to burn it all down?
In this episode, you will find out why you might be feeling like it's time to burn your business to the ground, as well as what you might want to do instead of breaking out the blow-torch. After listening to this, if you are feeling like an Alignment Discovery Call would support you, you can book that here: To Connect with Alexandria: My website: Instagram: Pinterest: Email List:
April 9, 2021
Libra in the 10th // Space Within Conversation
In this episode, I'm speaking with Amanda Green. Tune in to hear about the following: What it's like to have your Mercury in Libra in the 10th house Distortion within the way we are interacting with each other, especially online The difference between having a strong opinion and forcing others to have the same opinion Performative activism Having sovereignty over what you share To Connect with Amanda: To Connect with Alexandria: My website: Instagram: Facebook: Pinterest: Your Invitation to Receive:
February 26, 2021
Taurus in the 9th // Making Spirituality Grounded
In this episode, I have Anna Ortiz-Aragon here to talk about the lived experience of having a Taurus Mercury in the 9th house. Anna is a soulful entrepreneur that works with her clients on finding alignment in their lives and businesses.  Topics discussed: Listening to the body, especially for healing What it's like to be a blunt communicator Not vibing with literary works like that of Shakespeare and Charlotte Bronte Being able to bring big ideas and spiritual concepts down to Earth A key difference between Taurus and Libra as Venus-ruled signs The work of Aristotle Why you want to strive for alignment Communication as a sacred art Being resourceful with what you have "The Soul of Money" by Lynne Twist Money as an amplifier Connect with Anna Connect with Me My website: Instagram: Facebook: Pinterest: Your Invitation to Receive:
February 12, 2021
Why "Launch before you're ready" is problematic
In this episode, Alexandria shares her bold opinions and views that are on the contrary to popular messaging that new business owners are consuming. All the while, she owns up to her own shortcomings in hopes that other entrepreneurs can learn from her mistakes. You can find Alexandria at: My website: Instagram: Facebook: Pinterest: Your Invitation to Receive:
January 22, 2021
Divinely Supported with Melina Charis
In this episode, Alexandria is having an in-depth conversation with Melina Charis, an energetic coach. (Oh yeah! This is the FIRST interview episode on this podcast!) Our main topic is that of Masculine and Feminine energies; the Divine and Distorted versions. We also discuss: What it's like to have your Mercury in Aries in the 4th house The regurgitating game in the coaching industry How Masculine and Feminine energies impact creation in business The shame that can be felt when being supported by your partner Connect with Melina: Book a session: Instagram: @melinacharis Own Your Magic podcast: Freebie: You can find me at: My website: Instagram: Facebook: Pinterest: Your Invitation to Receive:
January 8, 2021
Cleansing & Purifying for Energetic Clarity and Preparation
In this episode, I talk about one of the roles that this podcast is playing in my life and business. On a more collective level, I talk about the primary energetic that's been running and let you know how you can work with it at this time. If you've been feeling the need to clean things out, this should be a helpful listen for you. To connect with me: Business Harmonics Instagram Pinterest Your Invitation to Receive Mentions: Pilar Lesko:
December 11, 2020
Mercury in the Eighth // Revamped!
I'm coming back!!! In this trailer, you'll find out what you can expect going forward on this podcast. If you feel called to reach out, you may do so in the following ways: Email - Instagram - Pinterest - Website - Email List -
December 10, 2020
Mothering the Earth: A Guided Meditation
Today I'm bringing you my first guided meditation. This is not anything I've ever expected myself to create but during a morning journaling and meditation session, this meditation came to me through my open channels. In the wake of COVID-19, one of the things we desperately need right now is healing. This guided meditation will help you offer your own healing to the Earth. Please share this with all of your friends, all of the healers you know, or anyone else who enjoys meditation. The more healing energy we can put out into the world, the better. You can find me at: My website Instagram Facebook Pinterest
March 20, 2020
Energy of Feb. 10 - Feb. 16 // Mercury Retrograde in Pisces
In this episode, there's not a ton of other transits to talk about other than Mercury Retrograde. So we will take a deep dive into Mercury Retrograde and clear up a few misconceptions about what Retrograde periods mean.  Lexie will detail which area of your life Mercury Retrograde will impact the most so that you can be better prepared. If you're looking for the free download she mentioned, simply go HERE. To connect with me online: Instagram // Facebook // Pinterest
February 11, 2020
Energy of Feb. 3 - Feb. 9 // Leo Full Moon + Honoring Yourself
In this episode, Lexie talks about Mercury moving into Pisces, Mercury aspecting to Uranus in Taurus, Venus moving into Aries, and the Full Moon in Leo. I would love to hear your personal stories with how astrology expresses itself in your life!  Find me online: Instagram // Facebook // Pinterest
February 2, 2020
Energy of Jan. 27 - Feb. 2 // Managing Energy
On the podcast today: Monday 27th Venus conjunct Neptune This is great creative energy but there’s a chance for not seeing reality. If your life can handle it, follow the energetics of today and see what you can create. But if you need to get down to business, you’ll need plenty of checks and balances to double and triple check everything. Pisces Moon sextile Jupiter The modern ruler of this Moon (Neptune) is involved in the conjunction with Venus; and the traditional ruler of this Moon (Jupiter) creates a harmonious sextile with the Moon. This essentially means that the creative energy is expanded and stronger. But it also means that our emotions are expanded. Tuesday 28th Mars square Neptune With Mars representing action, we are encouraged to put action behind some of the creative developments that have occurred over the past week. The challenge here will be in knowing exactly how to apply that energy. Sagittarian Mars can be impulsive, while Piscean Neptune can cloud reality. Just pick an action and go for it instead of spinning your wheels. Wednesday 29th Aries Moon conjunct Chiron Strong emotions may run high today, especially as it pertains to any wounding you might already have regarding leadership, identity, and being “a lot to handle”. This day also serves as somewhat of a preview of the last 6 months of 2020 when Mars will remain in Aries, both in forward motion and retrograde motion. Saturday 1st Taurus Moon conjunct Uranus and square the Sun We’ve had quite a bit of Uranus action lately. Now we see the Taurus Moon create a conjunction with Uranus and a square to the Sun; almost an inverse of January 24th. On some level, this day may feel a bit uneasy as the Taurus Moon makes us feel the need to be solid, grounded, and direct, all the while Uranus wants to shake that up and the Sun wants us to shed light onto what needs to change. Sunday 2nd Venus sextile Pluto This energy is seductive and tantalizing. When we see Venus and Pluto make a harmonious contact, the connection lends itself to power through money and beauty. With Venus in Pisces, that beauty is a dreamy and ethereal quality to it. With Pluto in Capricorn, we see powerful energy that has an agenda for acquisition and success. A good way for a business owner to utilize this energy is to be seen and interact with people. You will be hard to resist as long as you are forthcoming with an explanation of how you will serve your client/customer. ------------------------------- Connect with Me! Instagram // Facebook // Pinterest
January 27, 2020
Energy of Jan. 20 - Jan. 26 // Aquarius + Being Unique
You'll hear more details about Aquarius season and the following aspects: Jan 23 - Sun square Uranus This transit packs a bit of a punch as it may address your identity and your need (or lack thereof) to be different. Uranus transits typically bring about some sudden changes or random insights. It is also the planet of uniqueness. When it interacts with the Sun, the “planet” associated with our identity and vitality, we can experience some challenges regarding how we stand out from the crowd. Jan 23 - Venus sextile Jupiter This is one of the luckiest days we will see of all  2020. With Venus in Pisces and Jupiter in Capricorn, we will have the gift of creative and spiritual growth. With it being a sextile, you will have to put in a little extra work to really make sure it’s working in your favor, but it’s worth the effort. Jan 24 - Aquarius New Moon + Square Uranus This is the first New Moon after we were impacted by a couple of eclipses. Because of this, it has elements of both a release (Full Moon energy) and setting intentions (New Moon energy). You’ll want to consider revising the goals and dreams you’ve already set for 2020 and beyond. We are almost a full month into the new decade and you’ve probably already discovered a new path lurking around the corner. With Uranus squaring the New Moon, it’s asking you to get a bit innovative, yet grounded, with those dreams for the future. Jan 25 - Mercury sextile Mars This is a good day to gain some momentum on all of those thoughts that Mercury in Aquarius has brought up for you. The Sagittarian Mars energy can feel a bit impulsive but where Mercury in Aquarius just wants to keep the dialogue open, Mars in Sagittarius wants to take action on that dialogue. Most likely, this action, will be more about the broad strokes. Jan 26 - Venus square Mars  There are two main things about this aspect that are important to address: relationship conflict and manifestation. This is a challenging aspect for connecting with others. The Piscean energy is a little more sensitive and really wants to create a harmonic environment for all, but Sagittarian Mars doesn’t quite understand this approach. With the impulsivity of Mars and Sag, there’s opportunity for unintentionally harmful action that cuts deep for the Piscean Venus. However, these two planets are manifestation planets. Venus has a more yin approach and Mars has a yang approach. Finding the balance between intuition and action will set you up for success with this aspect. To find me online: Instagram // Facebook // Pinterest
January 19, 2020
Energy of Jan. 13 - Jan. 19 // Saturn-Pluto & Sustainability
Saturn/Pluto/Sun/Mercury Conjunction - Jan 12/13 You might have been seeing some fear mongering around this aspect and I’d like to offer a little bit of relief - this energy has been building since 2018 when Saturn moved into Capricorn, so it is very likely that what comes out of this conjunction is not news to you. It is addressing the structures, systems, and foundations you have in place...or maybe the lack thereof. If you have a shaky foundation built in the area of life/business that Capricorn rules for you, this conjunction will push it over. But, if your foundation is solid and supportive of the true aligned direction you’re meant to go in, then you’ll have a helpful test proving to you that you are equipped with the tools necessary to proceed. So what happens if your structures crumble? Well, you GET to build them back up. Pluto brings about a purifying destructive quality. Yes, it will destroy things in its path that does not need to be there anymore, but the beauty is that now you can start from ground zero and build what actually needs to be there. This energy, like I said, has been building since 2018 and you’ll still feel it for all of 2020. It’s an opportunity to really put in the work that is necessary. If you have planets or your rising or midheaven between 18 degrees and 24 degrees of Aries, Capricorn, Cancer, or Libra, you’ll feel this more profoundly than most. Mercury moves into Aquarius - January 16th This will be the start of feeling some relief from all of the Capricorn energy that’s been at play for so long. The Aquarius energy being applied to our communication and our mind is priming us for an open dialogue, collaboration, forward thinking, and making goals for the future. So again, if you haven’t made your 2020 plans, the Universe is giving helpful energy to put in that brain power. Mercury square Uranus - January 18th Uranus is the change-agent in the sky. When it meets up with Mercury, we may feel random strokes of genius or intuitive hits. Squares are a bit challenging, and with the signs involved in this aspect (Mercury in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus), Mercury is challenging the status quo. However, this particular square may not feel as challenging as most because in Uranus’ eyes, getting some Aquarius energy is a blessing! Uranus really hates being in Taurus as Taurus does not want to create change...which is all Uranus wants to do!! The basis of today could be some radical new thinking that will pave the way for a long term solution.
January 13, 2020
Energy of Dec. 30, 2019 - Jan. 5th, 2020 // Clearing Energy
Astrology for December 30th, 2019 to January 5th, 2020 Sun Conjunct South Node - Dec 30th This is excellent clearing energy. Clean out your desk, delete old files (that you absolutely don’t need), sage everything, sweat out the toxins from the holiday, deal with some karmic shit that’s holding you back. Moon conjunct Neptune - Dec 31st The moon moved into Pisces on the 30th so if you’ve been feeling more emotional or transcendent than usual, the moon could be a good indicator. But Tuesday evening we will feel the moon interfacing with Neptune which can help with spiritual work of all kinds, creativity and imaginings. Not great for details or trying to have a grounded conversation. Please please please be mindful of your NYE celebrations. Pisces can get sucked into substance abuse like no other if mental health isn’t in check - this night, we will all be susceptible to it. Mercury conjunct Jupiter - January 2nd Great energy for big picture thinking, getting clear on your big vision for 2020, and having important conversations. This is Capricorn energy at its finest, so flow with it to help you craft plans, remove distractions, and get laser focused. Mars Moves into Sagittarius - January 3rd FINALLY!!! We have been at the mercy of Mars in Scorpio which really just adds salt to the Scorpio Mercury Retrograde wounds. With Mars in Sag, we could feel more excited about the new year and want to experience a new adventure. Mars trines Chiron - January 5th With the cooperative fire energy between Mars and Chiron, we might feel motivated to deal with the wounding we might have felt since Chiron has been in Aries. Or even helping other people with those wounds, too. Think about your journey with leadership, independence, and initiative. How has this been developing since February 2019? --------------------------------------------- You can always find me at: Instagram Facebook Pinterest Website
January 13, 2020
Mercury in the Eighth // Trailer
Tune in to hear exactly what this podcast is going to be about.  Links to find me: Instagram Facebook Pinterest Website
January 13, 2020