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Meredith Library Lounge

Meredith Library Lounge

By Meredith Library
The official podcast of the Meredith Library in Meredith, NH. We cover a special topic each month as well as chat about library news!
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Book Groups!
We are back with a minisode to discuss the book groups available at the  Meredith Library and to update you on the current construction project!   Related Links:
April 2, 2021
FLASHBACK: Book Babble SF & Fantasy
A flashback to April 2020 to our "Book Babble" episode where Matthew, Linda, and Erin talk about Science Fiction and fantasy. "Book Babble" was the precursor and inspiration for this podcast! New episodes coming soon. We will periodically be posting the past episodes of the Book Babbles as well. 
March 26, 2021
Dungeons, Dragons, and Libraries
Meredith Library's first podcast episode! In this episode, we cover  tabletop or paper & pen RPGs. Matthew Gunby and Linda Hough of the  MPL are joined by guest Jim Knoll.     Related links/mentioned media:
February 26, 2021