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Thee Sunflower Girl Chronicles

Thee Sunflower Girl Chronicles

By Mernine Ameris
It's The Sunflower Girl Collective where we talk about all things tall, yellow, blooming and great. Every week, starting in June, writer Mernine Ameris and her roommates will discuss culture, social justice, womanism, LGBTQ issues, art, food & writing. We want to indulge and challenge the wheels of progression. There will also be poetry shows every TSGC Saloon Sunday. Get into it.
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Pop Smoke and 50 Cent: Different Serenades
It’s like 50 Cent put a lot of colorist hooks on Pop Smoke’s new album and I’m mad about it. Here’s me reading an article I wrote about it out loud
July 27, 2020
Anpre Dans Tanbou Lou.
"After the dance the drum is heavy" said in Haitian Creole, the language of the first free black republic, starting in 1801. America has always been a country in bondage. This weekend, there are white nationalists in my city, congregating at my Metro stop. In protest, these poems are tales of black resistance and power in a time of struggle, especially the impossible tales of a island like Haiti. #Resist #SaloonSundays
August 13, 2018