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By Christopher Messina
Ultimate Enlightentainment. The messy times we live in are no accident. An entrepreneurial financier provides unvarnished clarity about the truth behind politicians' lies, while providing equal airtime to positive, creative people advancing our understanding and appreciation of the world. Christopher Messina is joined by a rotating cast of guests and co-hosts to dive deeply into the objective reality we inhabit, calling out those who distort truth for their own purposes, while encouraging people building positivity in their work and communities.
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Messy Times Endorses Unreservedly the Architecture Uprising!
For those normal humans who prefer to live in an aesthetically pleasing built environment, we're in luck! The #Arkitekturupproret is upon us! Strap in, strap up and fight the New Classical Fight! Michael Diamant joins us via an encrypted connection from his anti-Modernist bunker in Stockholm, whence he discourses on the horrendous violations of human rights committed on the daily by architectural malpractice. Tune in to find out why he created the awesome website New Traditional Architecture & Urbanism why he is on a mission to dismantle the dominance in Europe of horribly ugly buildings created by Modernists with shriveled souls and a thorough lack of aesthetic principles. It's a twisting, turning tale of social ostracism leading to bad design convictions resulting in the sheer horror of nasty looking buildings all around us. Next time you're at the raw bar buffet and turn a cold shoulder to a young architectural student, just think about the repercussions that social slight may bring. Join the Uprising! Demand objective aesthetics! Eschew relativism! Join us as we push for a return to objective beauty and the types of buildings people enjoy living in and around, rather than simply enduring. In addition to his website, you can find his gorgeous photographs and architectural ruminations across various platforms: Once you've gotten your dander up about #Modernism, may we suggest as a palate cleanser that you check out #CoinGeek's #Bitcoin 101 free course offering? Click here to get a solid handle on this whole Bitcoin Thing:
September 25, 2022
Satoshi Nakaloco Visits Messy Times to Bash BTC and Stump for Crypto Regulation
Lawyer, engineer and entrepreneur Bob Seeman dropped by the Messy Times studios to share his criticisms of Bitcoin as currently implemented.  Bob is a deep thinker as well as the author of Coinmen and an upcoming book written under his pseudonym Nakaloco.    Join us as we dive into the depths of relative versus absolute value, what constitutes an asset, how and if regulators ever add value and other enticing topics!  Brace for Category 4 Enlightentainment.    Once you've heard Nakaloco-san bash the living bejeebers out of BTC, might we suggest as a palate cleanser that you check out CoinGeek's Bitcoin 101 free course offering? Click here to get a clear handle on this whole Bitcoin Thing:
September 22, 2022
Do Cyber Buccaneers Require Letters of Marque?
Experienced attorney and cyber insurance expert Bruce De'Medici visits the Messy Times studios for a robust and highly Enlightentaining conversation about the cyber risk ecosystem. Bruce focuses on helping small and medium sized businesses grapple with a very hostile environment, which sees them buffeted on all sides by hackers, nation-states, insurance companies and their "own" - HAH! - government. Messy Times is pleased to announce an excellent new relationship with CoinGeek as our sponsor.  We suggest you check out their Bitcoin 101 free course offering, to help you get a clear handle on the entire swirling mass of noise mixed with information:
September 21, 2022
Kurt Wuckert Jr. Clarifies Bitcoin Even Further
We are delighted to have Kurt return to the studios to further untangle the general public's confusion about how Bitcoin actually works.  Join us to discover why environmentalists and power grid operators should love Bitcoin miners, what a SHA-256 hash is (you know you were afraid to ask), why a basic laptop used to get you 6 Bitcoins every 10 minutes and how all of this resembles little children hunting for Easter eggs in an overgrown lawn.
August 21, 2022
City of London Alderman Mainelli Suggests Messy Times Require Optimism
Messy Times is delighted to welcome Alderman Professor Michael Mainelli in the studio for a deep dive discussion about green bonds, carbon markets and separating substance from greenwashing fluff in the capital markets. It is not every day that we get to host a former City of London Aldermanic Sheriff for a dialogue about the perils of non-financial accounting and how "stakeholders" are trying to separate investors from their money in the name of very fuzzy concepts around "justice" expressed in variable and highly subjective ways. Join us as we kick around the sacred cows of ESG and global weather patterns, discuss why a dozen US Attorneys General are suing BlackRock for placing trendy political whims above their sole fiduciary duty to maximize client financial returns and even touch on how entire nations like Chile are either gambling irresponsibly with their citizens' wealth or are maximizing that wealth through sovereign bond market enforcement measures. Throughout it all, let's bear in mind that times this messy require stalwart optimism to steer a course through. Let's save the pessimism for better times! Send this to everyone you know who could use some #Enlightentainment and don't forget to subscribe! Michael will be returning, with a brand new, exciting role and more keen insights to share! You won't want to miss that!
August 16, 2022
Big Crypto Cancelled Greg Chew, Naturally Messy Times Invited Him On!
Free people using free markets is the only thing that has ever lifted people out of poverty.  From Irish mutual societies to the advanced Internet of Economics, tune in for a rollicking intellectual ride connecting LEGO kits to #DLT on the way to global prosperity free from the stifling rent-seeking of companies that COULD offer truly low-cost effective solutions, but choose not to by sustaining artificial barriers with high costs.  Greg Chew's company @QPQ Global has created the universally available buffet of technologies required for true frictionless #interoperability versus highly expensive #interconnectivity. Lots of interested parties who've raised billions of dollars in VC money love to tout the supposed virtues of interconnectivity.  Guess who might want to put pressure on someone to shut his yap about an extremely low-cost transaction model which gets closer to #Satoshi's original #Bitcoin vision than anyone else has yet done?  Come enjoy the discussion that is sure to get Your Glitteringly Enlightentaining Host banned from this year's crypto conference circuit!  On the way, you'll discover that Real Capitalism may be at hand for the first time in human history.
August 10, 2022
Kurt Wuckert Jr. Converts Messy Times Host into a Bitcoin Big Blocker
Messy Times is delighted that Bitcoin Historian Kurt Wuckert, Jr. dropped by the studios. Join us for a truly #Enlightentaining discussion.  Highlights include why Small Blockers are the Social Justice Warriors of Bitcoin, why Ludwig van Mises was the bomb and how money - O! The sweet crypto irony of it all! - distorted Satoshi's original vision into the hodge podge mess we're now trying to sort out.
August 04, 2022
Joshua Henslee Discusses Crypto's Messy Times and Positive Future
We are honored that @Joshua Henslee dropped by the @Messy Times studios for an in-depth conversation about blockchain, how Bitcoin (BTC) differs from Original Flavour Bitcoin (BSV), why massive numbers of "cryptocurrencies" share correlated characteristics with one market factor, how far these "new" markets have drifted from #Satoshi's original intent, and how real applications and real value will be created from the ashes of this first enthusiastic phase of goofiness.  Tune in for a blockchain-powered market explication that slaps as we append this block of #Enlightentainment to the immutable chain of startlingly fresh offerings.
August 01, 2022
Mining is essential to human life. Why don't more people understand that?
Experienced mining CEO Mark Saxon visits Messy Times to discuss the paradox at the heart of our industry.  Humanity's present and future depend critically on the materials we mine from the earth and the food we grow.  So why are so many investors reluctant to commit the capital required to grow this fundamental input to the success of society and a flourishing, environmentally healthy planet?
July 20, 2022
Kenneth Høegh, Head of Greenland Representation to the USA & Canada Visits Messy Times
We are delighted and honored to have Minister Høegh Kenneth Høeghvisit the Messy TimesMessy Times studios for a wide-ranging discussion. During a lively conversation, we cover current trade and investment policy for Greenland, the glorious tourism opportunities its natural and cultural wonders provide and of course, the topic near and dear to my heart, mining. We even touch on a bit of the intertwined history between Greenland and the United States going back to US Secretary of State Seward. Tune in - you'll get a whole new appreciation for the massive island nation sitting right off North America!
June 27, 2022
Craig Wright Discusses the Origins of Blockchain
Craig Wright, Chief Scientist at nChain, visited the Messy Times studios for a wide-ranging discussion around technical intellectual property, the origins of blockchain, Bitcoin, the myriad applications and potential confusion about the technology and a future comprised of one blockchain versus the current diverse portfolio of blockchains we have now.  We even mourn the loss of Little Britain and poke fun at the woke.
June 13, 2022
Facing History and Ourselves. Historical education and civic responsibility.
Maureen Tatsuko Loughnane is the Chicago Executive Director of the non-profit Facing History and Ourselves. I am delighted to welcome an old friend and college classmate as she shares Facing History's mission, its origins and the important role it plays in supporting our nation's middle and high school teachers in what is arguably the most important job in our society - preparing young minds to participate thoughtfully and responsibly in a society whose government is run by the people, for the people.  Before, during or after listening, take a minute to check out their website and make a donation.
May 23, 2022
Everyone loves Pandas! Especially those fueled by data, not bamboo.
Nick Hudson, Actuary and Man of θύμος visits us in the studio to discuss the genesis and driving force behind PANDA, the Pandemics Data and Analytics think tank he co-founded in 2020 to shine an objective analytical light on the enormous piles of nonsense shoveled at us daily since February 2020. Join us for a buoyantly Enlightentaining discussion, including such exciting tidbits as how the Upper West Side of Manhattan correlates to some slices of South African society and how much of the human biome is composed of viral DNA in the first place.
May 11, 2022
Conrad Wolfram Visits Messy Times to Discuss Improving Math Education
Wolfram Research will be familiar to many people for their advanced computation tools. Separately, in the public policy arena, Conrad Wolfram has founded https://computerbasedmath.organd written a book, The Maths Fix, all part of an effort to improve how we teach mathematics in our schools. If you are one of the people who find or found mathematics a challenging subject in school and are looking for improved ways of teaching this critical subject so that more people gain the practical skills for computational confidence, have a listen and take this discussion as a call to action. In schools, far too much emphasis is placed on the mechanics of math - working problems manually with pen and paper - rather than leaving the boring mechanics to computers, as we do in the real world. The conceptual, problem-solving abstraction is what children need to learn, not the mechanics. Engineers don't use slide rules anymore; why are we bashing kids with testing emphasizing speed of worked calculations? What does that have to do with preparing them for real life? We at Messy Times have long clamored for mathematical fluency in society, if only for improved civic health. Politicians love nothing more than an ignorant population. On a practical level, the last two years of insane, irrational treatment of formerly free people would have experienced far greater pushback had more people possessed a firmer grasp of statistics and probability. Focusing on the positive, campaigns for computational skills echo the campaigns for universal literacy in the early 19th century. As pure manual labor began to require advanced knowledge, it was no longer sufficient to swing an axe or a shovel - all levels of society required the basic ability to read and the advanced abilities to reason. Similarly, for people to succeed in today's economic and social advances, they require a broad-based computational "literacy." Current primary and secondary math curricula are failing to deliver that literacy, but working together, we can change that system to deliver better results for kids. Much as there were critics in the 1800s who laughed at the idea of universal literacy, there are those whose outdated idea of what constitutes "teaching math" restricts them from understanding that most of society can learn mathematical thinking in the context of using computers to do the mechanics of computation. One needn't know how to perform rigorous mathematical proofs to use a computer or manage an automated factory line.
April 20, 2022
Chris Messina Will Fix Orange County
How lucky can one State get? It's starting to appear that the Almighty has a particular preference for The Last Free State in America, Florida. A focused, clear-thinking, entrepreneurial patriot has decided to fix his patch of America by running for Mayor of Orange County.  Freedom-loving family man Chris Messina ( is campaigning to be the next Mayor of Orange County.  He dropped by the Messy Times studios in the county next door to talk about his background, his faith, his family, his disgust with petty totalitarianism and why good people of principle are called to true service in their communities, over and above the crop of parasites who live their lives as career politicians.
April 19, 2022
ArawakX is Creating a Shining Beacon of Capital Inclusion in The Bahamas
We at Messy Times love nothing more than great, driven people building businesses and developing communities on principles of free choice and rational markets. Founder, Chairman and CEO D'Arcy Rahming has deep experience to show that the only way to foster better economic and social development is through private capital growing the economic pie with more participants, rather than governmental zero-sum approaches to cutting up a pie that already exists.    ArawakX launched in August 2021 and will become the greatest offshore destination for capital inclusion and broadened capital markets. Technology makes it possible; D'Arcy and his team are making it happen.   #Enlightentaimnent doesn't get any better!  Listen to the whole discussion. You'll be glad you did and be a whole lot smarter at the end, or your money back. Get involved at
March 30, 2022
Psychiatrist-Diplomat Dr. Ken Dekleva Agrees Our Times are Messy!
We are honored to be joined by Dr. Kenneth Dekleva for a fascinating discussion spanning the role of physicians in the US diplomatic corps, the process of open source analytics as a tool to aid US government understanding of world leaders like Putin and how the art of analytical profiling contributes to critical decisions made - often in real time - about how America and its allies deal with opponents in global affairs. Tune in for a series of insights into a fascinating yet largely opaque component of US foreign policy. Ken and I first met at a superb national security conference organized by The Cipher Brief, the unique and excellent journal dedicated to national security. Check them out. Also, we're starting a crowdfunding campaign to buy Vladimir Putin a hunting shirt. His got torn off while he was wrestling bears.
March 20, 2022
Messy Times at the Brownstone Institute - A Study in Convergent Evolution
Jeffrey Tucker, Founder of the Brownstone Institute joins us for an in-depth conversation on issues of passing import, like societal cohesion, trust in authority figures, the remote possibility of honesty and dignity in any of the people perched atop our governmental structure. Y'know, the small stuff. Tune in! Enlightentainment does not get much more fundamental!
March 10, 2022
Orality, Literacy, Elite Fear of Physicality and Ambiguity -or- Why Is Johnny a Sober Virgin?
Thomas Harrington, Professor Emeritus of Hispanic Studies at Trinity College ( visits Messy Times for a rollicking discussion about the radical changes in American behavior over the last thirty years.   Is it weird that the most educationally overprocessed - in terms of years slogging through higher education - people in our society are susceptible to the obviously irrational dictates of power-hungry nitwits? Can a nation of illiterate, innumerate sheeple operate the American Experiment?  Does today's crop of risk-averse rule-followers meet the requirements for full participation in a governing structure created by rugged individualists with a serious reading habit? If you have only one hour for this entire year to be Enlightentained, this is that hour.   The background to this delightful dialogue is we've both published essays on  Check it out. 
March 08, 2022
When Crypto Sneezes Does the Dollar Catch COVID?
Ari Pine, veteran trader and Co-Founder of the crypto trading firm Digital Gamma braves the Messy Times studios for a Valentine's Day discussion. Until recently, people knew that money was stateless and currency was local; crypto enthusiasts have "discovered" this ancient fact and made it shiny new. Why does the USD seem immune to the forces of financial gravity? What's this whole crypto thing about anyway? How does one trade markets without guidance from traditional financial analysis? Are Americans fat and happy because the whole world is short dollars? Tune in to find out why it's really difficult to predict anything, including the future. Peak Enlightentainment is just a click play away! Messy Times is here all century - be sure to try the NFTs and don't forget to tip your server.
February 22, 2022
Messy Times Welcomes Larry Thompson, Chairman of Ledger X
Larry David did a great job hyping #FTX during the Super Bowl. Closer to the actual functioning of crypto derivatives markets, we welcome Larry Thompson, current Chairman of Ledger X LLC which was bought by FTX in October 2021. Join us for a thoughtful discussion ranging across Larry's impressive career on Wall Street, his transition from traditional finance to the digital markets, and what these new evolutionary market moves mean for broadening financial opportunity and freedom across national boundaries. #Crypto and the fundamental #blockchain technology underlying new financial markets are transforming not only the global capital markets, but driving opportunity for communities everywhere.
February 16, 2022
Combat Control: "First There" for Combat and Humanitarian Missions
Combat Control, one of the most important arms of US Special Operations Forces, remains opaque to most Americans. Despite being the crucial connection between ground and air forces to coordinate bombings and overall flight operations in a war theatre, they have not gotten the same amount of public fame as their counterparts in the Army Rangers or Navy SEALs. That relative anonymity is about to end, beginning with this episode of Messy Times. I am joined in the studio by two retired Combat Controllers, John Glowacki, now CEO of the Combat Control Foundation ( and Mike Lamonica, President of the Board of the Combat Control Association. I am blown away by the work this community does to provide assistance to those who have sacrificed enormously for our country and urge everyone to hop over to their website to donate as much as you can to support their mission. Tune in for a fascinating discussion ranging across the history of Combat Control Teams (CCT), its indispensable role in American battlefield dominance and the insanely difficult qualification process which after two intensive years graduates 15 Combat Controllers for every 100 highly qualified program entrants. In addition, we discuss the impressive life of Medal of Honor Recipient John Chapman, whose exemplary heroic action atop a remote mountain in Afghanistan must never be forgotten. His story is told in "Alone at Dawn: Medal of Honor Recipient John Chapman and the Untold Story of the World’s Deadliest Special Operations Force," currently being made into a major motion picture slated for release in 3Q23. When you buy the book (or anything else) from Amazon, you can elect CCF as your donation choice:
February 06, 2022
New York State Charter Schools Champion John Faso Visits Messy Times
We are delighted to have John Faso visit us for a discussion about foreign policy, charter schools and the political realities underlying elections.  John served in the 115th Congress from 2017-2019 representing the 19th Congressional District in upstate New York. Prior to his stint in Congress, he was in the New York State Legislature where his most important contribution - in Messy Times's opinion - was in championing New York's charter school legislation.  You can learn more about John's background and history here: 
February 02, 2022
Melissa Martz for Congress! She’s Fighting for You and the Constitution.
Melissa Martz, Candidate for the US House of Representatives, joins Messy Times for a refreshing dialogue about our lively and invaluable Constitution and how her sense of Justice outraged by recent developments has moved her to run for Congress.   Child sex trafficking, fentanyl overdoses, oppressive governmental overreach – she touches on it all and more!    Join us for a welcome and invigorating conversation and be sure to visit Melissa’s campaign website for more information about the candidate and how you can help her to preserve American Liberty.
February 02, 2022
China-US Financial Cold War: James Fok Visits Messy Times
We are delighted to have James Fok visit us to share insights from his deep experience in the global capital markets and more specifically at the coalface of integrating two different financial systems. One is the generally accepted set of rules evolved over centuries with origins in Western Europe, and the other is the newly powerful emergent economic power from Mainland Communist China. His excellent book Financial Cold War: A View of Sino-US Relations from the Financial Markets is written for a motivated general readership and is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to understand the powerful, if complex and hidden, dynamics driving this century’s Great Power Conflict.
January 26, 2022
Bird Talk! Jeremy Hyman on Avian Communication
Can birds lie? Do birds lie? What are they chattering about anyway? Do feathers make the bird? These questions and more may or may not be answered by evolutionary biologist Jeremy Hyman during his highly Enlightentaining turn on Messy Times. Tune in! And be sure to buy his book: Bird Talk: An Exploration of Avian Communication: Ballentine, Barbara, Hyman, Jeremy, Webster, Mike: 9781501753428: Books
January 24, 2022
Latin American Markets Are Going Through Huge Changes
Most people pay no attention to capital market structure, which is a wonky name for the ways in which a society interacting with regulators and governments creates the rules and practices for trading stocks, bonds, commodities and real estate.  We are delighted to begin a series of discussions on regional market structure issues and developments with David Alvarez, a long-time expert in global capital markets, with specific expertise in Latin America.  Pull up a chair!  We deliver pithy brilliance, sheer value for time spent!
January 19, 2022
Shouting CANARY! in a Crowded Coal Mine
We are joined in the Messy Times studio by Jim Thompson, one of the most knowledgeable experts on the global coal markets.  Our discussion ranges widely across the impacts to everyday Americans' quality of life and cost of living that arise from current fossil fuel "policies." Sit back, relax with a soothing beverage and tune in for a highly Enlightentaining discussion.  You'd better hope your local power utility has enough coal on hand to generate the electricity required for you to hear our complete episode.  There's a prize at the end you won't want to miss! 
January 14, 2022
Messy Times Welcomes 2022 with Heshy Tischler!
Messy Times is focused in 2022 on positivity.  It is easy to give everyone a sharp adrenaline burst of righteous rage by pointing out the details of myriad governmental failings.  But everyone else does that, which is partly why our levels of civility in engaging with others has been crumbling to dust.  Joining us for the first episode of 2022 is our old friend Heshy Tischler, who spends his time at the coalface of helping people fight off a hostile government in ways large and small.     Have a listen as we debate whether cultural change in government bureaucracies is possible.  It is certainly desirable to have, say, building inspectors offer helpful advice to make a building safer, rather than their current focus on writing violations to steal money from hardworking citizens.  What will it take to make that change happen?
January 07, 2022
Tear Jerker Child's Letter to "Santa Psaki" in the White House
A friend gave me a copy of a letter a local child wrote to Jen Psaki in the White House, thanking her for explaining why a treadmill is a luxury item that he does not need.  Pete Buttigieg if he ever returns from paternity leave should be proud of his many accomplishments.
December 15, 2021
CryptoDad Chris Giancarlo Issues Clarion Call for Monetary Freedom
We at Messy Times are such fierce advocates for freedom that we have already been canceled by Woke Tech. We are joined in our passion for free people exercising their free will in free markets by the Honorable former Chairman of the CFTC, J. Christopher Giancarlo. His wonderful book CryptoDad has just been released. Buy a copy - it's a brilliant handbook for non-specialists, which will help you fight the fight against government mandarins who want to control every aspect of your life, from what you say, what you do with your body, to what you are "allowed" to purchase. The Biden Unity Government shares a core goal of the Chinese Communist Party in wanting to micromanage every penny in "your" bank accounts; tune in to fight those powers. Get involved at the Digital Dollar Project.
November 06, 2021
Former Greenland Mines Minister Vittus Qujaukitsoq on Opportunities and Challenges Ahead
Former Minister Qujaukitsoq has deep experience in Greenland politics, having had portfolios including Mines, Labor, Finance and the Foreign Office. Now in private practice as a consultant, he joins Messy Times for a wide-ranging discussion touching on details around pending changes to the Minerals Act, the long and interesting history of dating-without-marriage between the United States and Greenland and a few other things besides! Tune in! Americans in particular don't get a lot of accurate news out of Greenland; this one interview will make you 500% more knowledgeable than you are now!
November 04, 2021
City of London Councilman Mark Wheatley on Brexit, Communists and Other Passing Fads
The Square Mile of Ancient Roman Londinium now serves as the United Kingdom's centre for financial services. Its freemen can drive their sheep over Tower Bridge without charge and when convicted of a capital offence, enjoy the privilege of being hanged with a silken rope rather than rough, savage hemp. Beyond enjoying and maintaining those ancient liberties, excellent City of London politicians like Mark are busy engaging the world post-Brexit and wrestling with the complexities of the Communists currently controlling China. Join us for a spirited and candid look into the views and actions of one of The City's Most Excellent Politicians.
November 02, 2021
Greenland is Open for Mining!
We at Messy Times love nothing more than delivering excellent news about wonderful people doing positive things for their communities.  We are delighted to host Allan Chemnitz, the President of Innovation South Greenland for a discussion about the economic and political development of Greenland, the bright prospects for business and clarifying some misconceptions about Greenland spread by irresponsible journalists who fail to check their sources.
October 28, 2021
Masks! OMG Masks! (We Won a Woke Big Tech Pulitzer Prize for This!)
Special update: You can only hear this here because the debate was taken down by some unaccountable YouTube censor sitting in its gender-fluid cubicle in Silicon Valley for "medical misinformation."  Yup!  We did it, folks!  We got CANCELED for having a reasoned debate! Mask mandates!  A topic no one is bored of by now!  Useful, reasonable tool slowing the spread of viral infection?  Pointless kabuki performance art designed by the Statist Left to stifle dissent?  Stopping a virus with a t-shirt mask is about as effective as stopping the rain with a chain link fence.  Whose Administration is full of crazier lying maniacs - Orange Man Bad or #Brandon?  Does the #Biden Unity Government give a damn about public health or are they too busy destroying every other aspect of the country, dissolving our borders, removing any source of affordable energy and taxing the bejesus out of the country to even pay attention anymore?  Oh, right, half of the daily destruction is related to idiotic vaccine and mask mandates!   Tune in for a robust debate! At Messy Times, we are keeping our promise to you by delivering the Ultimate in Enlightentainment!
October 21, 2021
Pete Buttigieg is Enjoying Paternity Leave While the Nation Grinds to a Halt
There are 60 container ships sitting idle off the California coast, due to Comrade Newsom's  freedom-quashing law banning truck drivers and others from running their own businesses, which dumb law's impact is magnified because of the insane and pointless Biden vaccine mandates. Supply chains across the nation are grinding to a halt. Inflation is skyrocketing as goods become scarce - in large part due to transportation and logistics problems all caused by the incompetence of the Biden Unity Government.   Pete #Buttigieg for those who don't know is the Secretary of #Transportation, despite having ZERO qualifications for the job. Adding to the fun of his complete inexperience and record of demonstrable incompetence in everything he's ever touched, Pete decided to GO ON PATERNITY LEAVE starting in August.  That's right, folks! During a massive TRANSPORTATION #CRISIS, he decided it was more important to cuddle his twins at home with his husband rather than do the job the American taxpayers are forced to compensate him for.
October 15, 2021
Bepi Pezzulli Elaborates on Our Very Messy Times
Messy Times is honored to have Bepi Pezzulli join us for a robust discussion on the lost cause of European freedom and the lines of battle drawn here in the United States over the same whiny Marxist nonsense that has sapped Europe of its former vigor. His clarion call for renewed Thatcherite policies and a strong educational emphasis on the virtues of entrepreneurship is refreshing.   #BepiPezzulli is the author of L'Altra Brexit and, among other roles, Secretary General of Italia Atlantica, a centrist think tank dedicated to foster strong trans-Atlantic relations. It promotes the principles of individual liberty, private property, limited government, free markets, fair international trade, devolution of powers, and defense of democracies.
October 11, 2021
Registered Nurses Explain the Reality of Virus Protocols
Rational Americans want real data about any vaccine's efficacy, its risks and whatever statistics are available, so each person can make decisions for themselves and their families about which vaccines to take.  The Biden Unity Government in its fervor to hide any of these facts from the American public has run roughshod over proven medical research processes and routinely trashes the rule of law and rational due process in its ideological mania.  Two RNs visit Messy Times to provide a frontline litany of insanity, stupidity and outright lies the Biden Unity Government is forcing on the public.  Not to ruin their brilliant comments, but three examples are illustrative of this ongoing madness. Firstly, if what we are all (rightly) concerned with is achieving a level of herd immunity to the Wuhan Virus, then what should matter is the percentage of the population with antibodies to the virus and its variants. That would mean TESTING people who had or thought they had the Wuhan Flu. Those people then would not need to take a vaccine shot or two, never mind the very popular (and profitable) booster shots they're now terrifying everyone into getting. But the Biden Unity Government is now threatening people's livelihoods and their employers' existence by mandating the shot, irrespective of one's antibody levels.  Secondly, N95 masks fitted properly by medical professionals are only effective for 30 minutes, after which they are too dirty and moist to do anything but INCREASE harm to the wearer. NONE of the goofy bits of fabric or any of the "N95" masks sold to the public are good for anything but increasing respiratory illnesses while never blocking one single virus body from getting into one's airways. Yet one can get arrested for walking through an airport without wearing this symbol of Personal Freedom Silenced. And we continue to allow our children - who are not at risk from the Wuhan Virus - to be muzzled by disease-causing masks for hours every day in school. Thirdly, since 1990, every single adverse reaction to a vaccine has been reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). This is a CDC public health initiative to capture statistics on the bad side effects vaccines can have, and crucially provides data on what percentage of people experience adverse effects from any given vaccine. The Biden Unity Government has now BANNED doctors and hospitals from entering adverse reactions to the Wuhan Vaccine, meaning President Biden deliberately does not want objective data to be even KNOWN never mind shared with you, the American public for whom His Lordship supposedly works.  Listen closely to this episode. Call "your" government officials and tell them to get stuffed with this nonsense or prepare to be out of a job at the next election. 
September 28, 2021
Five beers and two movies before bed are the START of your Fitness Journey!
We at Messy Times love highlighting people building businesses around positivity. With a country driven to artificial antagonism by a deeply corrupt media who long ago gave up reporting objective news, we are delighted to take a break from the incessant negativity to showcase innovative people working hard to create their own way in the world.  Austen Alexander joins host Christopher Messina to discuss his entrepreneurial path from pizza making, grass cutting and part-time car audio repair into a 7-year career in the Navy and now into a fitness-focused content business designed to help everyone at any fitness level to begin the journey to improved health and wellbeing.  Check out his website ( and range of physical challenge videos - and have a listen to find out why small, incremental steps will yield results when big, sweeping resolutions rarely do. 
September 22, 2021
Do the People of Californistan Want to Breathe Free or Remain Newsom's Slaves?
Newsom should be recalled today. Will he be? An exhortation ahead of the polls opening.  Good luck, Citizens of California in defeating the Californistan Comintern!
September 14, 2021
Terrified Professors Provide a Huge Opportunity!
Finally we can get some ideological balance in the ivory tower! The American Left have whipped themselves into a state of irrational fear over the Wuhan Virus, so many professors are quitting their jobs because they believe "teaching is not worth risking their lives." Yahoo!  Time for rational Americans with PhDs to flood universities with CVs!  The Left know how to seize an opportunity.  Rahm Emmanuel said to never let a crisis go to waste.  Well, here is a panic wholly manufactured by themselves, so it is time for rational Americans to take this rare opportunity of sudden Leftist academic resignation to right the massive ideological balance at our universities! The best part here is that there is no cloud, but there is a fantasy version of one which appears gray and ominous to "I follow the Science!" leftdroids, and for the rest of us, their preoccupation with this scary phantom is lined not with silver, but with gold, platinum and dysprosium oxide! Have fun getting a job in the real world, Professors!
September 09, 2021
Joe Naps and Kamala Cackles While Afghans are Murdered and Americans are Trapped
In contrast to everything else these idiots are doing, we are all going to be grateful for the rampant inflation heading our way like a billion ton freight train without brakes.  Tune in to find out why I cancelled my subscription to the Wall Street Journal. My heart breaks for the Afghan people who are going to lose their lives because they helped coalition forces try to create a better future for Afghanistan.
August 25, 2021
Messy Times 2, Handsy Andy Cuomo 0! May Celebrations Ring Out Across the Land!
Finally!  The absolute disgrace Governor Cuomo has resigned! Messy Times has been putting pressure on this clown from our very first recording and we are delighted to see our hard work has prevailed! Join us in dancing, music and bowls of wassail! The Wuhan Nursing Home Murderer, Economy Destroyer and Serial Gropist is exiting the Governor's Mansion!
August 10, 2021
Save New York and America! Heshy Tischler Returns to Messy Times!
In Heshy's third visit to the show, he discusses the malaise affecting everyday voters. Our glittering host Christopher Messina has been asking people across society to diagnose the ongoing decay of American society.   Heshy offers solid observations on the apathy and fear of average citizens just trying to live their lives (relatively) free of the jackboot of an aggressive and often illegally-operated government. How, for example, can the damned CDC (Centers for Disease Control) unilaterally DESTROY the rights of property owners to be paid rent for providing housing?  Join us for a gripping, timely and vital conversation! This governmental abuse is what happens when rational people fail to show up and VOTE!
August 06, 2021
The Next Governor of New York Rob Astorino Visits Messy Times
Rob Astorino is the next Governor of New York. Assuming, of course, that New Yorkers buck decades of habit and vote for a good candidate. Rob has proven that he can make government work - GASP! Wait for it... - on behalf of American taxpayers! He is stepping up to the plate to fix New York State, bringing with him the experience of telling everyone the last time he ran against Handsy Andy about how awful and corrupt New York's current Governor is.  That was BEFORE King Cuomo murdered thousands of elderly people by shoving Wuhan Virus laden old folks BACK into nursing homes. Rob fought the racist nonsense from the Obama Justice Department and HUD, and he will fix Albany for the first time since 1776.   Happy Independence Day!
July 03, 2021
Che Guevara; The American Left's Love Affair with Evil Murderers
What would you say to someone you saw in public wearing a tee shirt with Hitler's face on it? Wearing an image proudly of a psychotic, mass murdering sociopath would be a pretty extreme, anti-social act, we think all our listeners would agree. Then why on earth is it remotely acceptable for anyone to walk around wearing a Che Guevara tee shirt?  Why did Robert Redford and Benicio del Toro make a film celebrating an evil coward who murdered tens of thousands people while creating Castro's totalitarian regime, basing their script on the pens of Castro's propaganda department? Their dumb film is akin to making a film celebrating the life of Adolf Hitler, relying for source material only on Joseph Goebbels. The cowardly, craven, brutal mass murdering psychopath CREATED Castro's repressive totalitarian police state.  He had a hole cut in the wall of his office in the prison La Cabana so he could watch the daily firing squads murdering thousands of Cubans whose only "crime" was not bowing to the evil Che and the psychotic murdering despotic Castro brothers. This was a man who allowed a woman to come into his office to BEG for her teenage son's life. As she sat there, he smirked at her, called in a flunky and ordered the boy murdered immediately. He laughed at her screams and cries and had her thrown into the street.  In December 1964 Ernesto Guevara was CELEBRATED during a United Nations speech in which he declared the intention to keep murdering tens of thousands if "necessary" for "the Revolution." He was feted by the usual crop of idiot leftwing New Yorkers, while he was simultaneously arranging a mass bombing plot around New York City which had it not been interrupted would have made September 11, 2001 look like a firecracker had been set off.  Get a copy of Humberto Fontova's excellent 2007 book, "Exposing the Real Che Guevara and the Useful Idiots Who Idolize Him." Be sure to correct the next fool you see wearing a Che tee shirt - I'm talking to you, Carlos Santana - about the sociopath murderer they are celebrating. If we all work together, we can make it socially unacceptable to celebrate this murdering pig. Communists have always been evil despots. Most Americans used to know this basic fact. Somehow it got lost. Let's re-find it and make sure that fact doesn't get lost again. 
June 12, 2021
Tarpon Springs and Mattituck: Hotbeds of Abusive Governmental Overreach!
What do Tarpon Springs, Florida and Mattituck, New York have in common? Petty, abusive local politicians passing illegal, unconstitutional laws designed to harm individual business owners trying to feed their families.  In Tarpon Springs, local entrepreneurs Elijah and Ashley Durham opened up a food truck called SOL Burger to serve tasty gourmet burgers to a highly willing set of customers. They had an agreement to park on the private premises of a local brewery, and their business flourished. Brick and mortar restauranteurs in Tarpon Springs, rather than providing better service or better food, instead lobbied the Tarpon Springs city government, who then passed a law banning food trucks in the city limits. While this is appalling and abusive, what makes it all the more insane is that Florida's State Legislature just recently passed an economic liberty law, in part specifically prohibiting local governments from banning food trucks! So not only are the members of the Tarpon City Council mean-spirited and abusive in attacking the livelihood of a Tarpon Springs family, they decided to pass a law which their own attorneys should have advised them is illegal under the Florida State Constitution! In Mattituck, Long Island, the Brinkmann family who already operate three successful hardware stores, bought a vacant lot which they had been eyeing for a decade, in order to build a fourth hardware store under their brand name. For reasons unclear, the politicians in this small hamlet have gone to war against the Brinkmanns, first trying to break the property sale, then passing a ridiculous construction moratorium law which only would apply to them, then when court cases went against the town for this insane abuse of power, trying to claim the vacant lot suddenly had to become a local park.  In both cases, the Institute for Justice ( is representing the abused Americans who erroneously thought they live in a free country where this kind of petty, arbitrary governmental abuse cannot happen. Adam Griffin joins us to explain these cases as well as the many other areas in which the IJ is attacking an abusive government at all levels, and doing so on the behalf of us all. They are true legal heroes and when you're done listening, immediately log onto to donate in support of their work. Who knows? Someday the government may be coming for you. 
May 21, 2021
The Democrats Continue to "Follow the Science"
Following up from our earlier episode on 7 October 2020 (Follow the Science! Yes, Let's Do That. Open the Schools, Economy and, Well, Everything), we bring you a sad update. Sad, because we really wish we had been wrong in our diagnosis and predictions.  As we said in October 2020, everyone screeching "I follow the science!" really meant "I support draconian totalitarian dictatorship in violation of civil liberties with NO basis in actual scientific or statistical reasoning." From a marketing point of view, you can see why. The latter statement, while accurate, is a bit unwieldy, certainly not catchy and would be hard to screech in an irritating tone in one breath. Hence the cackling chorus of "I follow the science," which drove rational people who understand statistics wild with either rage or bafflement, depending on one's mood.  Once Orange Mad Bad was evicted from office, gosh it sure became inconvenient when the Head of the CDC hired by the Biden Unity Government came out and said all children should be in school immediately. The only good to come from THAT was that suddenly the irritating background cicada-like buzz of "I follow the science!" stopped on a dime. Whew. Blessed relief!  Nancy Pelosi has now decided - in keeping with the Democrat heads of teachers unions in blue states - that she is going to continue her asinine mask rules on the floor of the House. This is in contravention to CDC guidance on adults not having to wear masks indoors anymore. Is America going to wake up - or at least the roughly 50% who have been bamboozled by this nonsense? Here's hoping! Burn your masks.
May 20, 2021
Hamas Responds to Messy Times Praise of the Abraham Accords
The evil death cult Hamas seized control of the Gaza Strip in June of 2007 after fighting in the streets once they lost the election for governmental control. They have since that time brought terror to the community they supposedly "represent," and have destroyed any chance of economic growth by waging constant terror attacks on Israel. Hamas being the so very brave "fighters" that they are, choose to hide their missile batteries inside schools, hospitals, mosques and within residential districts. They do this because they WANT the Israelis to kill women and children when the Israelis are forced to respond to thousands of rockets being fired into Israel. We did a podcast on May 10th praising the Abraham Accords as a phenomenal step on the way to regional peace. On the same day, hours after our podcast aired, Hamas started firing rockets into Israel. It is our view - cutting through all the messy details - that while this ongoing conflict is awful for all involved, that this may actually be a case of it being darkest before the dawn. Hamas has fewer and fewer sympathizers as the older generation gives way to young people who are bored with this never-ending nonsense, so they are trying to revitalize interest in their "cause" by firing rockets into Israel which they HOPE will result in Israelis mistakenly injuring or killing children and women in the inevitable military operation which follows. We hope everyone in the region is not as stupid as many New Yorkers and Londoners marching in the streets "for Palestine," at least four Jew-Hating Democrat members of Congress and a couple of pampered supermodels, none of whom are in the actual line of fire on either side of the missile barrage.
May 17, 2021
Crazy Florida Woman Rebekah Jones Fabricated Lies - The Media Love Her!
Today in Gender Equity, Messy Times focuses on the wild tale of a completely criminal liar in Florida named Rebekah Jones. Liar Jones had a low-level job with the Florida Department of Health. All she had to do was take the data given to her about COVID in the State and put those data into pretty pictures on the DOH website. Instead of doing her job, she began to post fabulous lies on social media as if she were an authorized spokesperson for the DOH, to modify computer permissions to lock out her supervisor and created an entirely ALTERNATE set of data to try to publish her own fake numbers to the DOH website! When this and other bizarre behavior finally proved too much for even a public sector supervisor to put up with, she was canned on 18 May 2020. Being skilled in the art of the scam, she immediately claimed it was NOT due to her rank incompetence and failure to follow very simple orders. Nope! This nutcase claims the higher ups at DOH and the Governor himself pressured her to "change" the raw data to make Florida's results "look better." She has leveraged this pack of wild lies into hundreds of thousands of dollars from suckers on GoFundMe, has gotten lavish media attention and has a rabid horde of tinfoil-lined-mad-hatters taking a break from QAnon to champion her "cause." As a Florida resident, I am disappointed that she was hired in the first place. Her background check revealed facts that she did not bother to include in her job application. For example, Rebekah Jones had completed a pre-trial intervention program in Louisiana in 2018, thereby securing a “no conviction” record for “battery of a police officer,” and she had entered into a deferred-prosecution agreement with the State of Florida in 2017 after being charged with “criminal mischief.”  I like to believe that had she been hired for a more important job, the scarlet-colored neon red flags that flap around her zaniness would have prevented her being hired in the first place. Alas. Tune in for an entertaining tale of Florida Woman and her ongoing Wild Grift that the national Media have lapped up like fools. Her craziness has been evident to us for quite awhile now, but for a more comprehensive treatment of her insane trail of lies, mayhem, stalking and destruction, we urge you to read Charles W. Cooke's reporting on the topic in the 1 June 2021 issue of National Review, available now online.
May 13, 2021
Abraham Accords - Why Do the Media Ignore ACTUAL Middle East Peace?
President Trump's team catalyzed real, actual peace between Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Sudan, Morocco and Bahrain. Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait will likely follow suit soon. The Abraham Accords were signed on 13 August 2020, in an event that ACTUALLY deserves at the minimum a Nobel Peace Prize. There are direct flights between Tel Aviv and Abu Dhabi, flights full of tourists and businesspeople. Huge strides are being made on a daily basis to increase the direct, one-to-one relationships on the ground that always leads to more peace and prosperity. Why then is there relative silence on the topic from the Western media? You'd think they'd love to talk about peace in the Middle East. But, strangely, they don't seem to really care - surprise! - about the lives of the people suffering under evil dictatorships in the Palestinian Territories. Nope - the media join the bulk of the United Nations - hah! - and Jew-Haters around the world in perpetuating a set of terrible conditions pitting Israel against the rest of the world. Ignore these clowns as they make themselves more irrelevant on a daily basis. Peace has broken out. Business growth is booming in the region, ironically just as the United States seems prepared for Perpetual Stagnation under smothering taxes and a runaway Entitlement State ruled by an unaccountable Administrative Apparatus. 
May 10, 2021
A Young South African Discusses Her Country's Slow Motion Collapse
We are honored to be joined in the studio on Karl Marx's birthday by Kyra Tarr, a young South African journalist. She shares her keen insights into the current state of her nation's social dysfunction and provides some excellent color for those unfamiliar with the recent history of South African politics as to how a nation full of such promise under Nelson Mandela has slid so far so fast. Tune in for a riveting discussion! There is hope for us all yet, if the 20-somethings across the world can apply their enthusiasm, optimism and skills towards productive ends in free societies largely unburdened by invasive, smothering governments.  We can think of any number of youngsters - including in Congress - who would do well to change their behaviors and attitudes to be more in line with Kyra's comprehension of the inevitable misery created by Socialism and divisive identity politics. 
May 05, 2021
New York State Legislature Loves Jew-Hating Vandals
In one more bizarre lurch into societal chaos, the New York State Legislature changed bail rules in January 2020. There are some compelling arguments to reform the bail system but removing it entirely has proven to be disastrous. By tying judges' hands when it comes to setting bail terms - which are an excellent way to ensure that the alleged offender turns up for his or her court appearance - more truly dangerous people are arrested and instantly set free. One excellent judge - Louis Nock - decided that in the case of evil scumbag Jordan Burnette who went on an 11-day vandalism spree targeting synagogues, these stupid "bail reforms" made no sense, so he set bail at $20,000.  Two days later, another Judge - Tara Collins - released the fine, upstanding Jew-Hater Burnette from jail on his own recognizance.  We at Messy Times are sadly sure that we've not heard the last from Mr. Burnette. We're doubting the next news about his interactions with the broader society is going to be positive. We feel for all his victims in Riverdale and the broader Jewish community who now have a much clearer sense of how much their own State Legislature doesn't care about them in the slightest. 
May 03, 2021
Ottomans or Austro-Hungarians? Patrick L. Young joins us for a robust discussion on technology, freedom and markets!
World-renowned capital markets expert and original fintech visionary joins Messy Times for a wide ranging discussion anchored in human freedom, intelligent choice and the development of the human experience.  Patrick has taken a break from finishing his recent book Victory or Death and his weekly podcast IPO VID, to share with us his thoughts on the vagaries of global economic development.  Exchanges! Centralized bureaucracy! The stifling hand of the Administrative State versus the chaotic and delightful benefits to be had from distributed knowledge and - GASP! - an educated, thoughtful citizenry!   Plus Slartibartfast's rationale for setting some important things wrong. Tune in - politicians and the news media will lie to you. Your friends at Messy Times - and their illustrious guests - never will.
April 19, 2021
CBS's "60 Minutes" used to contain actual, objective news. How we long for those halcyon days.
We at Messy Times are baffled at what we endure on behalf of you, our wonderful listeners. We have volunteered to throw ourselves on the grenade of fake news and nonsensical propaganda so that you don't have to be exposed to these lies directly.  But we wonder why the media establishment both holds normal Americans in such contempt and why they think Americans are so stupid as to believe every single lie they tell. We had to respond to the appalling idiocy of whoever is in charge at CBS for the full hour of ridiculous lies told on April 5th's "60 Minutes" about Florida, the Last Free American State and its rational, steady and effective Governor Ron DeSantis. Join us for a brief but thorough rebuttal of the distortions and outright lies that CBS provided to you, the apparently too stupid to realize you're being lied to American public.
April 07, 2021
Bill O'Herron Discusses his Magisterial Work "Waking Up Marriage; Finding Truth in Your Partnership"
We are delighted to have Bill O'Herron, LCSW, join us for a spirited discussion ranging from one's connection to self, to how that better confrontation with one's primal reality enables better relationships with the people in our lives and how - stretching it a bit - society itself can either tear itself apart or take meaningful steps towards improvement. Meditation! Pootie Tang's greatest hits! The Tao of Dodging Plates! The higher apes' approach to reproduction! It's all here!  Join us for a spirited discussion sure to annoy as many as it delights!
April 04, 2021
Heshy Tischler Returns to Messy Times on February 18th
Our favorite New Yorker, Heshy Tischler joins us in the studio to talk in more depth about the horrendous King Cuomo, why New York has been infected for decades with Bad Ideas and why honorable Americans need to stand up to the blatant totalitarian nonsense all around us. Have a listen before we all get thrown in jail for sedition.  Go to to learn more about and to support New York's Last Hope.  
March 06, 2021
King Cuomo Lied, People Died but The Press Vilified Lifesaver Ron DeSantis
Was there ever a mythical age of Honest Journalism? Were H.L. Mencken and Mike Wallace truly the objective reporters of fact that we remember them to be? Today's press is pure fiction and they wonder why the vast majority of Americans call them Fake News. A phrase, by the way, which The Donald did not invent and examples of which go back centuries. Usually in relation to politics, curiously enough... Ron DeSantis calmly FOLLOWED THE ACTUAL SCIENCE so Floridians are now free citizens of the The Last Free American State while mostly Democrat Governors and Mayors continue to destroy children's lives and the economy for no reason at all, illegally and immorally enforcing house arrest on tens of millions of people who should be at work and school. Naturally, the media hates him.  Andrew Cuomo lied, lied, lied and committed Federal crimes by failing to report accurate COVID death statistics to the CDC. He won an Emmy and spent his time writing a book about how great he is. For the etymologically inclined, we invite you to ferret out your favorite historical examples of taradiddlers and ultracrepidarians and drop us a note about them.  The earliest confirmed example will win a Messy Times t-shirt made of the softest cotton and emblazoned with our logo. Make all the kids crazy with jealousy!  Until then, and more substantively, start paying attention to local politics and vote these clowns out of office. Let's restore Freedom. 
February 23, 2021
Game Stop and Reddit are NOT the Droids You're Looking For
Stonks! Money! Reddit! Short Selling! Stick it to The Man! Tune in while market professionals cut through the media cacophony to give it to you straight! 
February 08, 2021
Tulsi Gabbard warns against the Insane Witchhunt of Normal Americans
Tulsi Gabbard is a great American. You can visit her website to find out more about why we respect her commitment to America and her achievements.  Today, we are concerned watching the accelerating downward spiral of American politics. After hectoring us all for four years about how awful Orange Man Bad was and how he alone was causing domestic disharmony, the Biden Unity Government has committed to quadrupling down on the insane conspiracy theories about a massive White Supremacist Insurgency which is, well, everywhere if only one looks hard enough.  Or, actually, if one doesn't look at all, assumes its existence and gets the Media to scream about its supposed reality 24/7. Tulsi rightly expressed concern about the insane Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act of 2021 which the Democrats put forth. “Unlike after 9/11, the threat that reared its ugly head on January 6th is from domestic terror groups and extremists, often racially-motivated violent individuals,” Representative Brad Schneider (D., Ill.) said, showing that the Democrats have learnt NOTHING about America in the last four years.  Tulsi seems as concerned about this insane new threat to freedom as we are and opined that the proposed legislation could create “a very dangerous undermining of our civil liberties, our freedoms in our Constitution, and a targeting of almost half of the country.” The very fact that Democrats like Schneider see a serious "threat" in the actions of January 6th rather than a wake up call that millions of Americans are justifiably angry about further encroachments on personal liberty is part of the fuel stoking the partisan fires they want to divide us. Join us as we discuss a bit about the underlying causes of all this irrational hatred and why Tulsi Gabbard should be President right now.   
January 25, 2021
Messy Times a/k/a the Amanda Gorman Fan Club has some advice for President Biden
Amanda Gorman is a wonderful poet and every American should be proudly delighted that our nation produced her. Garth and Gaga were OK, too. The Co-Hosts of Messy Times, in keeping with our mandate to bring reason to the public square, wish Mr. Biden firstly nothing but splendid and robust good health for the next 48 months, secondly a successful term in office (at least related to the proper things an American President should do, which is a tiny fraction of what ALL politicians think those should be) and thirdly, offer practical advice for him should he truly mean that he wants to bring a greater sense of unity to a fractured nation. The vitriol has to stop. Mr. Biden as head of his Party (we assume and hope) must lead his party towards graciousness in victory. Enough with this nonsense about impeaching a former President who is not in an office from which he can be impeached, and equally enough with fanning the flames of this fantasy of a vast army of "White Supremacists" who are poised, POISED, I SAY!, to overthrow "the government." It is worth noting in the face of the media's unending stream of lies that the only rioting violence and damage done on Election Day was perpetuated in Portland by self-identified Antifa losers. You say you want to bring the nation together, Mr. President. Please show us that you mean it.
January 22, 2021
New York's Savior, Heshy Tischler, Shows Us the Right Way to Govern
America is in a very dark place, after four years of partisan screeching and lies, with apparently another four years of the same coming at us at an even higher volume and intensity. In the midst of the insane, unjust and entirely illogical economic shutdowns in New York, one man has stood steadfastly athwart the barricades, fighting the evil dictates of King Cuomo and Comrade De Blasio.  Once you've heard Heshy tell the boys at Messy Times what he's all about, you'll definitely want to help him get elected to the New York City Council. Have a listen to New York's lone voice of reason, compassion and sanity.
January 15, 2021
January 6th: The Coup That Wasn't is the Reminder We Need
We're hearing increasing screams of partisanship after the events of January 6th which is both predictable and a serious shame.  Messy Times is not going to be one more voice saying the obvious things about how bad this was or how good this was, depending on one's "news source" drug of choice. (Recorded the day after the Capital ruckus, we were as yet unaware of the death of Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick who subsequently died of his wounds.) Ignore the noise. Pay attention to who thinks they will benefit from greater discord and hatred of your fellow Americans. Now more than ever, if you want "the news" to START reporting objectively only fact-based accounts, and not 24/7 editorializing, vote with your fingers on the button. If EVERYONE turned off every channel every time the teeth-whitened teleprompter chatterers veered into opinion, the same market forces that currently profit from outrage will be forced to change their programming. It's up to you. We can point it out, but the market force demanding change is you.
January 13, 2021
The Capitol Invasion is further evidence that EVERYONE needs to take it down a notch
Americans have been pushed to the breaking point during 2020. There have been myriad examples of destructive behavior erupting from the very real pressures and frustrations many people feel. Join us as we provide some badly-needed clarity and objectivity which once again is NOT being provided by 99.95% of the media and political classes. If things are to get better without getting worse first, the path laid out by the Co-Hosts of Messy Times is the one best followed.
January 09, 2021
Low taxes are nice.... BUT Florida's fauna will KILL you if the Sun doesn't get you first!
Rational high-earners are fleeing high-tax States for sunnier climes. That makes sense. BUT beware of moving to Florida, which is indeed a rational capitalist Paradise. Crocodiles patrolling the beaches! Sharks bite thousands of people per day, no matter what the "statistics" say! There's no ozone so your face will melt off if you're caught outside without SPF 85+! The mosquitoes have apparently bred with the Osceola Turkey - the biggest one weighed in at 7 lbs! On the flip side, if you stay where you are, the politicians will imprison you at home while jacking up your taxes and supporting the clowns in Washington who are destroying the value of the dollar.  So... make sure you think it through!
January 06, 2021
Kurt Eichenwald - NY Times bestseller - calls for premeditated murder of random people
We at Messy Times wanted to start the New Year off on a positive note. We are trying to do so, but sadly the first major story that hit us in 2021 was the pure evil of a man named Kurt Eichenwald ( who on Twitter publicly declared his desire to "beat an antimasker to death." His "justification" for this murderous call to action is that someone in his family died of the Wuhan Virus, and rather than railing at G-d or Fate for the sad fact of a loved one contracting a fatal disease, he's decided that some other Americans whom he labels "antimaskers" are to blame. There is a serious problem in this country. Disturbingly large numbers of people politically opposed to Donald Trump have expressed insane levels or vitriol, calls for violence against political opponents and outright celebration of the misfortunes of others. This evil man Eichenwald not only thought it was OK to call for premeditated MURDER of ANYONE not wearing a silly mask, but he engaged in back and forth Twitter discussion on the topic without apology AND his statement of pure evil garnered 1,200 "likes" before Twitter finally removed his offensive posting. Join us as we discuss the implications of this corrosive evil in our society,  touch on why fools like Eichenwald are emboldened to spew such dangerous hate and provide some guidance as to how normal people can rely on objective data to avoid brimming with toxic, corrosive hatred as Kurt Eichenwald clearly does. 
January 04, 2021
Bitcoin! FOMO or FOBI? Messy Times gives it to you hard, fast and straight, no blockchain required!
Do you invest in cryptocurrencies? Are you the idiot who spent 12 Bitcoins on a pizza back when this whole nonsense was a glimmer in a few paranoid tech geeks' eyes? Do you listen to friends speak "knowingly" about Bitcoin and wonder whether they're full of hot air or actually secret quadrillionaires afraid you might be an IRS snitch? Join James and Christopher while they enlightentain you on all things crypto. Now in faster format - the same brilliance but in speed dating format! What's not to love?! You can even add this episode to a smart contract coming to a shady crypto exchange near you!
December 12, 2020
Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks and the Continuing Fight for Western Civilization
Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks passed away on 7 November 2020, may his memory be for a blessing. He  was one of the West's most articulate, thoughtful, brilliant and compassionate expositors of what it truly means to lead a good and just life. He was a profound thinker and beloved leader who gave hope to millions and suggested a way of looking at human existence and meaning which stands as a solid bulwark against the secularist trends which have been eating away corrosively at what used to be called Western civilization. Progressives have replaced religion with political affiliation. Sadly for them, politics as an overarching belief system is very weak tea in comparison to the rich traditions developed over millennia and inspired by an Almighty Creator. As a result, secularists find themselves in a constant state of rage, depending as they do on mundane political and economic issues for spiritual and moral sustenance. They're angry in the same way someone on perpetual diet is irretrievably irritable. Nothing but a truly nourishing full meal is ever going to sate one's desire for meaning. In contrast, truly religious people adhere strongly to community and live lives suffused with meaning. Politics is a much smaller part of their lives and insofar as politicians do nothing to abuse life, personal and religious liberty and moral values, they don't much pay attention at all to what the stuffed shirt teleprompter jockeys chatter about nonstop.  Join us as we discuss this great man's enduring legacy and how his thoughtful guidance can be an enduring tool for us all to navigate our way through these messy times. Lucky for all of those mourning the great Lord Sacks, his writings and lectures are available at  
November 23, 2020
Nice State ya got here. Sure would be a shame if I moved to it....
Millions of Americans are on the move. They are fleeing bankrupt states whose "leaders" encourage non-stop riots and mayhem in the streets while denying normal people the right to work, pray or study. Problem is, many of those people flee to well-run states and continue to vote the way they did before, which is what got those terribly-run states into the mess they're in in the first place. Join us as we help newcomers to rational states cope with the cognitive dissonance of discovering they've allowed themselves to be lied to for so many years. Acceptance of reality is the first step on the way to recovery. Messy Times is here to help! 
November 18, 2020
Prison Reform, Roadtrip Rules and the Disgrace of For-Profit Prisons.
The vast unfairness in our prison system has many roots. At the core, if we as a society want to levy just punishment for crimes committed while encouraging honest reentry into society of ex-cons, we need to restructure radically not only our approach to sentencing but also fix the multiple-jeopardy problems associated with cash fines on top of time served. Joins us while we clarify the issues holding many of our fellow citizens back and provide crystal clear proposals for rapid and effective remediation of one of the biggest headaches holding our society back from positive development and evolution. 
November 17, 2020
Kindergarten teachers don't reward bad behavior. Why did the American voter do just that?
Rational Americans for months watched in horror and dismay as Democrat governors and mayors allowed violent scum to run riot in vulnerable neighborhoods, attack police and destroy the businesses and lives of people that they are claiming to "represent." With a blatancy that Orwell would have been disgusted by, the complicit media establishment told Americans not to believe our damned lying eyes, but to believe that billions of dollars in property damage, attacks and murder by Leftist mobs were really "mostly peaceful protests." Rational Americans were never provided an explanation for what these rioting lunatics were "protesting," although the answer was clear: Orange Man Bad in the White House and the Rule of Law in general. Red State Americans had a delightful summer of freedom and saw their children go back to school this autumn while Blue State Americans continue to suffer the ridiculous totalitarian dictates with zero basis in medical reasoning. No school for kids in New York! Nope! Too dangerous! No praying anywhere! No Thanksgiving! But if you want to take a break from rioting to stand by the tens of thousands in the middle of Times Square to celebrate (prematurely) the advent of The Harris Regency, then by all means, go ahead. The worst part (thus far) of the 2020 Election has been that Leftists have taken away the lesson that rioting in the streets and threats of continuing disorder are actually effective and rewarded.  Pay attention, America. This was Lenin's prescription: sow discord, disarm the population, defund the police and implement mob rule in place of the Rule of Law.
November 15, 2020
The Election Happened; National Healing Must Wait Until 2024
We as a nation should uniformly strive for accuracy in our voting process. Great news is that record numbers of Americans voted. Better news is that Messy Times was right about the rational American repudiation of radical nonsense.  The final count and ultimate certification is yet to come, along with a couple of fun runoffs, which will define the shape of the Federal Government for the next two years.  Tune in for the purest, clearest and smartest coverage of this election and its implications! 
November 12, 2020
Messy Times Calls It! Trump Wins 42 States.
Lies, damned lies and statistics! We discuss the limitations of today's polling practices, put those into historical context, add some qualitative local flavor, stir in some cross-cultural observations and come to a clear conclusion about this Presidential Election. Tune in for the only objective source of data analytics and calm, cool, middle of the road brilliance. All you need in under 20 minutes; now you can go get some exercise instead of tuning into Fox News, Communist News Network and their fellow travelers in print, screen and interwebs. 
October 28, 2020
Trump Diplomacy Continues to Yield Results. Sudan Pays For Harboring Osama bin Laden, and Makes Peace with Israel
Out of the midst of apparent chaos, order is being created. Sudan which ten years ago was embroiled in a bitter civil war with what became South Sudan had long harbored terrorists with a fierce hatred of the West and Israel. Days ago in a deal brokered by the Trump Administration, Sudan's government lay aside decades of nursed grievances and set up a victims' compensation fund for the Al Qaeda bombings of the US Embassies in Tanzania and Kenya in 1998. $335 million was transferred to US controlled banks, as part of having international sanctions lifted. In addition, Khartoum has recognized the State of Israel, making it the third Arab country in the last few months to cease its simmering state of violence with the Jewish State. Join us as we discuss the rampant progress in the region and the growing power of the young people who have grown bored with their grandparents' hatreds and preoccupations. 
October 26, 2020
Huma's Laptop Sent Carlos Danger to Jail. Now Hunter's Laptop...! The Freedom to Think, Speak or Refuse to do Either!
Our beloved Co-Hosts discuss Hunter Biden's laptop, Rick James's views on cocaine and the complex questions raised about the First Amendment, information dissemination and what if anything qualifies as censorship.  Join James and Christopher for a feisty debate about the limitations or lack thereof of governmental authority and how clear the view is from Flyover Country. Welcome to the Hashtag-Free Zone! 
October 21, 2020
Rik Mehta Joins Messy Times to Relate How Cory Booker Backed Out on his Debate Promise
Rik Mehta is running against Cory Booker (D, Thebes) for his US Senate seat. The people of New Jersey are suffering through an economic crisis created by Governor Murphy, who is sitting on billions of dollars in relief money he refuses to distribute, all while prosecuting and persecuting honest, hardworking citizens who want to go back to work and send their kids to school. Cory Booker as a US Senator could and should encourage Gov. Murphy to disburse those FEDERAL funds, but he has not bothered to do so. Further, he takes his Senate seat for granted, acts as if it is his own personal platform from which he casually smears and insults excellent candidates for the Supreme Court, and in an election year thinks so little of his constituents that he agreed to a debate with Rik Mehta but for the last five weeks has ignored every call from the Mehta campaign to schedule that debate. Have a listen while Rik Mehta joins the hosts of Messy Times to discuss his serious policy proposals to improve New Jersey and American lives and liberties. From rational school choice, expanding freedom of economic opportunity and addressing the root causes of skyrocketing healthcare costs, Rik Mehta has a clear vision for improving our nation, a nation which he cherishes as the son of legal immigrants.
October 15, 2020
Protecting the Most Vulnerable: "I Wake Up Every Day and Sue the Government." Justin Pearson of the Institute for Justice Lives the Messy Times Dream.
Avid Messy Timers know that your gracious co-hosts love nothing so much as sound public policy which provides clear rules and a level playing field for all Americans to pursue their ambitions free of government meddling. Few things enrage those same co-hosts as much as when corporations pay lobbyists to get laws passed for the sole purpose of restricting competition. State licensing laws about haircutting licenses, for example, have led to heavily armed SWAT teams crashing into a storefront because they were looking for unlicensed barbers. That sort of nonsense has been happening in many States for years, all of it designed to protect vested interests and always with the horrible outcome of squashing people on the low end of the economic ladder from getting ahead. You don't need the drama and danger of a SWAT raid to have your life ruined. The Institute for Justice represents countless Americans who've been persecuted by these insane, unjustified and unjust laws that do nothing but harm hard-working individuals, like the young woman in Texas who set up a hair braiding business, only to be arrested in handcuffs and thrown in jail because she hadn't spent $25,000 and a year of her life in a full-time cosmetology school which - for the icing on the irony cake - does not even teach hair braiding.  Justin Pearson, the lead lawyer in IJ's Florida office joins Messy Times for a discussion of these abusive laws and what is being done to end them. There are often hundreds of licenses required in a given State. Learn what IJ is going in its fight for Constitutional order, and what you can do to stop these governmental abuses of formerly free Americans. 
October 13, 2020
Kamala Wants to Pack the Supreme Court, is Angry About Toilet Paper and Will Never Mention the Great Barrington Declaration Sign the Great Barrington Declaration. It's pretty great. Kamala and Joe have told us a lot of things by what they refuse to say: They won't commit to their Leftwing base's fanatic need to add Justices to the Supreme Court, changing it from the 9 Justices we've had for 150 years,  We're supposed to elect them and they'll tell us AFTER the election what their policy is! Last time we heard that was when Nancy Pelosi told Americans that we had to pass ObamaCare "so we could find out what's in it!" Do you remember that doctor you were going to be allowed to keep and the health plan you loved that you were also going to be allowed to keep? A distant memory, right? Cast your mind back... Call us at Messy Times stupid, but we think the voters should hear what your plans are BEFORE we vote for you. They're hoping enough people hate Orange Man Bad enough to overlook this blatant madness, because frustrated Marxists can never (honestly) convince enough Americans to vote for their nonsense, so rely on legislating from the bench. Mike Pence asked Kamala about the Green New Deal 11 times during their "debate" and she refused to answer, despite being one of the original co-sponsors of this woolly-headed idiocy in the Senate. They're going to retrofit your home or building whether you like it or not, take away your cars, ban air travel and make a cheeseburger cost $300.
October 09, 2020
Shutdown Politicians Are Lying Non-Stop. "Stimulus" is Nothing But Stealing From the Unborn.
So many boondoggles, lies and screams from the Swamp that it's hard to keep track. Not only do Nancy Pelosi and every other Shutdown Democrat not give one mosquito's fart in a hurricane about the average American thrown out of work, but when given the chance to deliver a useful piece of legislation to the President's desk for signature which would immediately start sending much needed checks to out of work Americans, Nancy Pelosi's Democrats will not deliver that relief for American workers.  She refuses to provide much needed help to struggling Americans. Her definition of "stimulus" includes releasing violent convicts from jail, already-broke States like New York and California getting bailed out of decades of bad choices, and, let's see, oh, right, people who are breaking the law by being in this country illegally also get some of that borrowed cheddar our great-grandchildren will have to pay off. Instead of feeding starving American children, Nancy wants to invoke the 25th Amendment which makes one wonder: If we are weeks away from an election all the Media assure us will usher in The Harris Regency, why is Nancy bothering to try to remove Trump at the 11th hour? Every American should sign the Great Barrington Declaration.  End these fascist, pointless shutdowns. Be free again. If everyone opened up their businesses, houses of worship and schools immediately, what would these fools drunk on power like Governors Whitmer, Newsom, Murphy and Cuomo DO about it? Enough of this nonsense. A free, functioning economy doesn't need to steal from the unborn. 
October 09, 2020
Follow the Science! Yes, Let's Do That. Open the Schools, Economy and, Well, Everything.
The grating new  mantra of some of our fellow citizens is "Follow the science." In this episode, we delve into the history of mantras, the ability of a seemingly simple sentence to take on a whole range of often insane meanings, and why the repeated abuse of a few simple words is both driving Americans apart and - when used correctly - is the key to our survival.
October 07, 2020
Art's Eternal Provocation. What Led Dr. Sean Morrison to Destroy a Neighbor's Statue of Christopher Columbus?
Plenty of art is designed to provoke a response. One might even suggest that the more impassioned a response a piece of art elicits, the more effective is the work. Judging by the mass destruction of public art this summer across American cities by spoiled brats in the throes of cancel culture, apparently today's youth are more sensitive to art's power than their elders are or were.  If given a thousand guesses as to what piece of art had been destroyed during 2020's Marxist Summer of Destruction and Inchoate Demands, your friends at Messy Times would never have come up with this example. On June 30th, 55-year-old Dr. Sean Morrison of Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York, stole and destroyed a bronze sculpture of Christopher Columbus, which was sitting in a niche in his co-op lobby, having been placed there by a neighbor and fellow co-op owner, John Cartafalsa, a 91-year-old WW2 veteran and retired attorney. The statue had been there for 30 years, so what drove Dr. Morrison to steal a neighbor's statue and destroy it? We'll find out on December 8th when he faces trial for petit larceny, but what he has said to date is the combination of George Floyd's death in May and seeing patients die of the Wuhan Virus made him angry at Christopher Columbus. We hope he is forced to explain to the rest of us who fail to see any connection between those three things what made him destroy an elderly WW2 veteran's statue, which had been given to him in 1957 when he graduated from law school by Sicilian family members. 
October 05, 2020
Political Professional Zara Rahim Hopes the President DIES from COVID; Sadly She's Not Alone
Continuing the bizarre dysfunction which has plagued this nation since the summer of 2016, upon the announcement that President Trump and his wife tested positive for COVID-19, numerous media figures and prominent Democrats publicly stated their joy at the news and further their hope that the President dies from his illness. Historians and psychologists will write dissertations for centuries to come about Trump Derangement Syndrome, but this new moral low the President's enemies have sunk to is appalling and destructive of the social compact.  Aside from the pure evil such comments represent, their source is all the more appalling. Zara Rahim is not some 21 year old intern drunk on too many hard ciders who tweeted something in the heat of the moment. She worked for both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. She was a Communications pro for Clinton. She and all the others who have expressed similarly repugnant views - including the Washington Post - should above all be delighted they live in America. In pretty much every other country, including democracies like Australia and the United Kingdom, they would be arrested for making public statements calling for the death of a national politician.  Like all spoiled brats who take this nation's freedoms for granted, Zara and her ilk won't even acknowledge how lucky they are to be able to spew such horrific bile without legal consequences. 
October 04, 2020
Justice Amy Coney Barrett, Confirmed 100-0 in Rational Times. In Messy Times....?
With the passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg - may her memory be for a blessing - there is an opening on the Supreme Court. President Trump has nominated a jurist of impeccable credentials, a woman who has earned the respect of all her legal peers irrespective of their political leanings.  In Normal Times, finding such a qualified judge to serve on our nation's highest court would be a cause for universal celebration. Alas, we find ourselves in Messy Times. Join us as we delve into the High SCOTUS Mysteries to help our listeners understand why on earth anyone would do anything but celebrate this woman's elevation to the Supreme Court.  Plus an added bonus feature! Millions of dollars of advice offered for FREE! And a jade pendant for those Senators who act now. 
September 30, 2020
The Battle for Joyce's Tavern: Messy Times, 1. New York State Liquor Authority, 0.
Messy Times is delighted to announce our first major public policy victory! In Episode 3 (Fight the Power!) we highlighted some American heroes standing up for what's right in these times of dictatorial overreach by the tinpot dictators in places like Albany, Sacramento and Trenton. One of those heroes is Claire O'Toole, owner of Joyce's Tavern in Staten Island, who felt the obnoxious mailed fist of the State slam down on her business for daring to stand up to the totalitarian Cuomo's arbitrary dictates.  Subsequent to the airing of that episode honoring her civic zeal and true American patriotic grit, the New York State Liquor Authority went scuttling backwards in fear and reversed their appalling decision to strip Joyce's of its liquor license.  Keep serving up the pints, Claire! We look forward to hosting a podcast from your tavern soon! 
September 29, 2020
Perfidious Oppression, Thy Name is Federal Election Commission!
Politicians throughout history have tried their very best to squelch speech critical of their lousy performance. Here in the United States, the political class has gotten clever about this, realizing Americans bristle at thought control, so they have dressed up violations of our First Amendment rights with phrases like "campaign finance reform" and that most vile of creations, the Speech & Thought Control Board. If they called it that, the populace might get restive, so they call it The Federal Election Commission. Bland in branding, violent to the spirit of free Americans, the FEC exists to violate our rights to free expression. In concert with the current crop of tinpot dictators, er, governors and mayors who are favoring one group's right to free association which denying it to others, the laws underpinning the FEC are designed to wring the free will from the American people. Don't let them bully you.
September 24, 2020
Toxicity at the Obama EPA. Beware When Perfectly Reasonable Laws Are Twisted into Tools of Oppression
We heard a respected pollster say that this election is Persona v. Policy, meaning many people apparently dislike Donald Trump's personality more than they like (or even pay attention to) his Policy and vice versa for his opponent, the scarily-ageing Joe Biden, about whose Policy they're a little fuzzy but are inclined to vote for his Persona. Every American should vote his or her convictions and we hope the number of eventual votes tallied is equal to or lesser than the total number of registered American voters. On the Policy front, we at Messy Times prefer a more thoughtful, restrained government, no matter who gets elected to which offices. We abhor those who abuse their powerful. Coming into the home stretch of this election, we felt it important to highlight some serious abuses of power by the Environmental Protection Agency under Obama. Are you not Enlightentained?!
September 24, 2020
Fight the Power! Heroes Who Stand Up for What's Right in Messy Times
Given the media's cynicism of "If it bleeds, it leads," which leads to an unending parade of negativity, we at Messy Times are committing air time to extol the virtues of excellent American citizens who are standing up against tyranny and who do wonderful things for us all in their daily lives. There's a whole lot more that ties us together than potentially divides us. Across America, far too many governors, mayors and politicians have decided that they've lost faith in the people. "15 days to slow the spread" is amazingly coming into its 7th month of economic, religious and school shutdowns. Whether they ever had a good reason to destroy the economy based on fear of this virus, there is definitely no continuing PUBLIC HEALTH excuse for this ongoing totalitarian destruction of lives and livelihoods. CDC's updated estimated infection fatality rates for The Rona, expressed as survival rates: 0-19 years of age : 99.997% 20-49 years : 99.98% 50 - 69 years : 99.5% 70+ years : 94.6%
September 24, 2020
UAE, Bahrain and Israel - A Triumph of Practical Diplomacy
Messy Times was created for situations just like this! The Trump Administration brokered one of the most significant new deals the world has seen in decades. The more Israel is integrated into normal diplomatic and commercial relationships with its neighbors, the more peace and prosperity will grow.  For busy Americans wondering why the Media is doing its best to ignore the massive importance of this deal, your favorite co-hosts break through the noise to give it to you straight.  The first major deal between Israel and its Arab neighbors in 26 years is worth a huge amount of attention and respect. 
September 21, 2020
Introducing Messy Times!
Ultimate Enlightentainment! Two entrepreneurial financiers provide unvarnished clarity about the truth behind politicians' lies. The messy times we live in are no accident. Co-Hosts Christopher Messina and James Langer explain who is lying to you, why they benefit and how to ignore the bread and circuses on offer.  In this introductory podcast, the compelling duo Langer & Messina bring some badly needed calm analysis to the current virus pandemic - which is unavoidable - and the insane government-caused economic and social destruction which was wholly avoidable.  Rational Americans are pulling the nation out of a terrifying tailspin by standing up to the ridiculous shutdowns and totalitarian dictates.  Join us in finding out why this panic is completely pointless and how to assess calmly the objective data about the virus that originated in Wuhan.
September 17, 2020