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Mets'd Up

Mets'd Up

By Marc Luino
Mets’d Up is here to provide you with compelling Mets content. Marc Luino (GiraffeNeckMarc) and James Schiano will deliver mild-mannered takes, positivity, and some humor directly to your eardrums all year long.
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Luis Rojas is GONE, Paul DePodesta Rumors, and how Valuable is Francisco Álvarez?
The boys are back from their quick hiatus with a jam-packed offseason episode! We start out with the news that Luis Rojas will not return to the Mets as manager. Sure, it happened a while ago but we haven't spoken since! Marc and James differ on who they would like to see as the next Mets manager and James breaks down what he thinks the modern baseball manager could look like. Really, this all comes down to our next President of Baseball Operations and GM, so we touch on that for a while and the CRAZY rumor that it could be Paul DePodesta. That discussion takes us to a conversation about where the Mets' roster stands and I have some bad's not great. We close the show with a fun poll about Álvarez posted last week by Anthony DiComo and some listener shoutouts. No games can't slow down the Mets'd Up Boys.
October 12, 2021
The 2021 Mets Season is Officially Over...Now What?
The season has finally, mercifully come to an end. We tie up the loose ends of this Braves series. James talks about how Tylor Megill can be used most effectively in 2022 while Marc reminisces on his guy, Jeurys Familia, in what was probably his last outing as a Met. The games were the games, they happened, Thor looked bad, Pete didn't get to 40, whatever. We ramble about baseball for a little while before sharing our plans for the off-season. Tune it!
October 4, 2021
Noah Syndergaard Came Back, Michael Conforto Cried, Pete Alonso Got Closer to 40 Home Runs, and the Mets Handled the Marlins
Ah, bittersweet, bittersweet. This was weirdly an eventful week for the Mets because...well...they all are. We started out talking about Thursday's game here because we were in attendance and it was fresh on our minds. We had a great day and met so many of our amazing listeners which was an incredible experience! On top of that, the Mets smacked the Marlins around and Michael Conforto got emotional in what might have been his last home game as a Met. Afterwards, we broke down the first three games of this series. James gave some unbelievable double-header facts as the Mets played their final twin-bill of the season. Noah Syndergaard pitched the 2nd game and his return gives us a lot to think about. Lastly, we close with the Mets' disappointing loss on Wednesday where Seth Lugo blew the lead and James broke down why Lugo has not looked quite right all year. Packed episode, almost to the finish line!
October 1, 2021
The Mets are DEAD, Noah Syndergaard's Strange Rehab, and Kyle Boddy Rumors
So awful, just terrible. The Mets were swept by the Brewers this weekend and did not even make it competitive. They couldn't hit, field, or pitch in a brutal display of apathetic baseball. Such a shame to have seen this team fall so hard and so fast. Javy and Lindor are still hitting, same with Nimmo, but that's it. Gary and Keith let their opinion be known this weekend and we discuss that for a little bit. Also, Noah Syndergaard's weird rehab, the Kyle Boddy rumors, and number retirements. Woo
September 27, 2021
Taijuan Walker is Gassed, Pete To 40 Homers, Red Sox Crush the Mets, and our Top 15 Mets' Prospects
You thought the Mets are dead? Well, they are really D E A D. We break down a listless series in Boston and dive into Marcus Stroman's rough outing, Taijuan Walker's struggles, and Pete's climb towards 40 home runs. Afterwards, we dive into our top 15 Mets prospects (24:14) starting with Francisco Álvarez all the way to some 17-year-olds I am sure you've never heard of. James brings the heat for this segment, you don't want to miss it! We close out with our Brewers preview (yikes) and then answer some of your questions on Twitter (1:02:05). We touch on the offseason, players we hope the Mets retain, and end with the type of question you guys shouldn't ask. Packed episode!
September 23, 2021
Brad Hand STINKS, Billy Beane Rumors, and the Mets Lose Two of Three to the Phillies
Lather, rinse, repeat. This Mets team cannot score any runs and their season has fallen by the wayside because of that tragic flaw. Zack Wheeler crushed us on Friday and Aaron Nola did it again on Saturday. Who could have ever seen that coming? Oh yeah, and Brad Hand found a way to botch an inning in each affair. Great series, just splendid. After dissecting the games, we talk about the increasing momentum of Billy Beane coming to the Mets and the litany of reports linking the two. Marc talks about what Bob Melvin could bring this bullpen while James talks about Beane's strengths and weaknesses before revealing a dark-horse candidate for the President of Baseball Operations who has not yet been publicized.
September 20, 2021
The Season is Over (Again), Luis Rojas is on the Hot Seat, Marcus Stroman is an Ace, and the Mets got Swept by the Cardinals
Bad series. Really bad series. One of the WORST series the Mets played all season. We break down every game and wallow in our sadness for the season probably finally being over. James breaks down Adam Wainwright and shares a hidden reason about how and why he is still able to pitch at such a high level. Marc let's Albert Almora have it and both of our patience with Luis Rojas is beginning to wear thin. One silver-lining, Marcus Stroman is a marvel and James describes how he has been so dominant and whether it can last through 2022 and beyond. More jokes this episode because we're sad. We're all just dust in the wind anyway.
September 16, 2021
Francisco Lindor is a Legend, the Subway Series was Awesome, the Yankees Love to Whistle, and the Mets are Back
Massive series this weekend. One of the most fun this season, no doubt about it. We break down all three games including Friday's wire-to-wire domination, Saturday's chaos, and Sunday's drama. James offers some reasons for optimism regarding Carlos Carrasco while Marc throws hate on the Yankees every chance he gets. Later, we gush over Francisco Lindor and hope everyone FINALLY realizes the type of player we have here. If you don't James' Bad Mets Take of the week revisits a June article from the Washington Post explaining why Francisco Lindor is worse than Chris Davis. No, really. The show ends with our Cardinals Preview and heaps of positivity. Lets go!
September 13, 2021
Edwin Diaz Blows Another Save, Luis Rojas is on the Hot Seat, Mets Season Might Be Over & Francisco Alvarez Interview
Well, that’s all folks. The Mets lost two of three to the Marlins and the season sure feels over. Marc definitely thinks so and tells you why right off the rip. We explain why the Mets are not on the same level as the best teams in baseball, how they can possibly get there, and who would maybe be around if they DO end up there. We yell, scream, rant, it’s a lot of fun so listen in. After the chaos, we FINALLY have the Francisco Alvarez interview ready to drop and you won’t want to miss it
September 10, 2021
Edwin Diaz Blows It, Francisco Lindor & Javy Baez are HOT and Mets Disappoint in Washington
Weird episode. Weird series. Five games are way too many to play against the same team and it showed with some sloppy baseball over the holiday weekend. The Mets lost two winnable games and we can't let that go. Also, James talks about a potentially important adjustment by Tylor Megill and Marc breaks down what is wrong with Jeff McNeil. Most importantly, Andrew Stevenson can legit kick rocks.
September 7, 2021
Javy Baez Apologizes, Zack Scott was Arrested, Mets Sweep Marlins, and Prospect Report
Wow, a positive episde! We have not had one of those in a WHILE. Marc was at Citi Field for the best game of the year on Tuesday and will tell you all about his day and the Mets comeback. What a freakin' win that was and it set the Mets up for a SWEEEEEEEP. In between all these fun breakdowns, we have to talk about Zack Scott's DUI. It is clear the Mets current front office regime is not the right mix of executives and we tell you who can be better. The show closes with a prospect report where James talks about 3 sleepers in the Mets system including a 17-year-old! Fun episode woohoo!
September 3, 2021
Javy Baez Boos Mets Fans, Sandy Alderson Calls Out Players, and Mets Win a Series
Wow. That's all I got. We talked about the games some. Then the Javy stuff. THEN we finished and came back because Sandy Alderson dropped a statement from the clouds. Get our reaction to the Mets latest fiasco here
August 30, 2021
Luis Rojas Made a Pitching Change, Francisco Lindor Returned, and the Mets are a Disaster
Things were fun for a few minutes this week until they weren't The Giants swept the Mets to mercifully end our NL West jaunt and we break down every game from Tuesday's ass-whopping, to Wednesday and Thursday's pain. Luis Rojas made what some might call an interesting decision during Wednesday's game and we tell you exactly what we think about it. Also, this week marked the return of our Prospect Report where James tells you about a few sleeper pitchers in the Mets' system. Lastly, our Nationals preview. Please win some games, for the love of GOD
August 27, 2021
Marcus Stroman is an Ace, Brandon Nimmo is Elite, and the Mets Lost Three Winnable Games Against the Dodgers
Tough series in Los Angles. We knew it would be tough, but man was it tough. We break down every game for you because that's what we do. Every single frustrating at-bat, decision, strike call, and missed opportunity. This Dodgers team is full of great, underappreciated players from top to bottom and James gets deep on exactly why their roster construction is so brilliant and how it gives them a leg up with in-season transactions. Of course, we pull some positives like the play of Pete Alonso, Carlos Carrasco, Marcus Stroman, and Brandon Nimmo. More so, we break down what contract negotiations will look like for those last two guys. After the games, we answer some of YOUR questions that were sent on Twitter. We discuss playing time for our fringe starters once Lindor is activated (sorry Dom Smith), what the Mets should do with Michael Conforto, whether or not we still have a shot in the division, and what the Mets' offseason might look like. James is positive, Marc is negative, and fun is had by all.
August 23, 2021
Steve Cohen Tweets, Ronny Mauricio Interview, and the Mets Salvage their Series with the Giants
These west coast games are downright BRUTAL. We take you through all three and get deep into the nitty-gritty because, well, a lot of really interesting things happened. James describes what makes the Giants so good and how they are better to strategize better than any other team in baseball while Marc takes shots at Gabe Kapler. We heap praise on Marcus Stroman and Tylor Megill because those two studs deserve our gratitude. Bad Take of the Week comes back because we have a lot to say about Tim Healey. What a nerd loser. We also talk about what Steve Cohen tweeted on Thursday because that was a huge deal. After the Giants recap, we have our interview with Ronny Mauricio. It was amazing to talk to such a talented prospect and he shares some insight into life in Brooklyn, his game, and what position he sees himself playing in the future. Lastly, we have our Dodgers preview and James tells everyone where to get the best sandwich in Brooklyn. This is a PACKED episode!
August 19, 2021
Luis Rojas Questionable Decision-Making, Taijuan Walker Almost Throws a No-Hitter & Mets get Swept by Dodgers
Yikes, rough series against the Dodgers. James was in the ballpark on Friday and had a whole lot to say about the lineup, laser pointer, atmosphere and result. We are also totally done with James McCann and tell you why. It wasn’t all bad though. The bullpen was great and Taijuan Walker stepped up, we just still can’t hit at all. Sunday was a joke. The Giants series may not be better
August 16, 2021
Pete Alonso Saves the Mets, Brandon Nimmo is on Fire, Jaylen Palmer Interview, Prospect Report, and the Mets Swept the Nationals
What a crazy series against the Nationals. There was SO MUCH to talk about between the rain, Rich Hill running, Brandon Nimmo hitting ropes, more rain, Edwin Diaz's heroics, more rain, Marcus Stroman's strong start, and Pete Alonso's HUGE home run. We break it down from beginning to end. Later, we bring on our first guest ever, Jaylen Palmer from the Cyclones! We talked to Jaylen in Brooklyn last week and he shared a little bit about himself, his game, and what it's like to be a minor leaguer. Afterward, we dive into our weekly Prospect Report and talk about the Mets' most exciting prospects. We close the show with a preview of the Dodgers Series and our honest expectations for the rest of the season. James also killed ANOTHER mosquito mid recording.
August 13, 2021
Michael Conforto is Broken, Javy Baez Might be Injured, Pete Alonso Said Something Positive, and the Mets are a Disaster
Yikes....if you thought the last episode was bad get ready for a whole new level. We scrapped our normal game-by-game format to just vent about the awful weekend in Mets Land. Marc ripped Michael Conforto, James ripped Dom Smith, and AJ Pollock was mentioned more than a few times for some reason. We really ask the question of whether or not this team has enough to make the Postseason and hope everyone can see just how important Francisco Lindor is/was to this team. We close out the show by answering some questions you guys tweeted at us, give a few fun shoutouts, and we take a quiz that a listener sent in.
August 9, 2021
The Javy Baez Experience is Fully Underway, Taijuan Walker is Shot, and the Mets Season is Spiraling FAST
Oh buddy, things are bad. We are having a bad time. This series in Miami went just about as bad as it could possibly have the Mets season is on the brink of falling apart. We break down every single game and try to find the few positives we can. James breaks down Tylor Megill's start and explains how he's continuing to evolve as a professional while singing Carlos Carrasco's praises. Marc complains about pitchers hitting, Michael Conforto, and yells about poop as we get into our Phillies Preview. Jokes were had, but everyone is very VERY scared about this weekend. Also, we teased a big surprise last episode and revealed the secret here (and all day Thursday on social media) so check it out!
August 6, 2021
Jacob deGrom is Out, Javy Baez is a Met, the Reds Let Us Have it, and Kumar Rocker is gone
Wow...we'll call this a 'Wilpon Week' because the vibes are down on the episode. We start out with a Trade Deadline recap. Javy Baez and Trevor Williams are Mets while Pete Crow-Armstrong is headed to Chicago. There were tons of strange and unexpected things that happened on deadline day and we break it all down for you. Then, the games. The guys were in attendance Friday and Sunday and might have just whole jinxed the team (really James is the jinx but you'll hear more about that). This series was so bad it broke our brains and you will listen to us try and figure out who the Mets played last weekend. No, really. After we rant about Anthony Banda, Geoff Hartleib, Michael Conforto, and Luis Rojas, we break down the Kumar Rocker situation. What went wrong here, and why WE think the Mets may have made the right call. The episode ends with our Marlins Preview and a teaser for potentially the FIRST EVER METS'D UP GUEST NEXT WEEK. Packed episode!
August 2, 2021
Mets Trade Deadline Predictions, Trouble with Kumar Rocker, Struggles with the Braves, and the Black Jerseys Return
The Mets had the most uneventful five game series off all-time with the Braves the week. We break down every game while simultaneously jumping back to the Trade Deadline. Kyle Muller and Austin Riley are officially Rat F*cks, Tylor Megill stayed hot, and Jeff McNeil has finally turned a corner. That's all great, but we cannot think about anything but WHO the Mets are going to get before Friday's deadline. We spend some talking about Kumar Rocker's contract dispute and whether we think a deal will actually get done with the 10th overall pick and just how we have gotten to this point. The episode closes with a preview of the Reds series and we are BEYOND excited for Carlos Carrasco and the black jerseys to return on Friday night!
July 30, 2021
Pete Alonso Mashes Dingers, Tylor Megill is a Horse, Trade Deadline Preview, and the Mets Take Down the Blue Jays
The Mets continue to prove why they are the most resilient team in baseball with a gutsy series victory over the Toronto Blue Jays. Pete Alonso is the hottest hitter alive and welcoming Steven Matz back to Queens the only way he knew how to. We chop it about Matz and the newest Met, Rich Hill aka 'Dick Mountain' before breaking down EVERY game during this series. Marc was at Citi Field on Friday and Saturday and has some fun tidbits to share about his weekend. Then, we have a FULL Trade Deadline preview and breakdown for the listeners. James and Marc have a draft of their top five targets for the Mets and a few of their choices will surprise you. The show ends with a preview of the upcoming Braves series and a few social media shoutouts. Listen up!
July 26, 2021
Marcus Stroman is a Legend, The Bats are Hot, Prospect Report, and the Mets Win a CRAZY Series in Cincinnati
Wheeewwwww, the Mets just wrapped up an absolutely insane series against the Reds. Monday night was one of the craziest baseball games either of us have ever seen and we broke the whole damn thing down. James, being a man formerly of Ohio, has a hilarious anecdote about Skyline Chili that you won't want to miss. We get into the rest of the series afterward, giving Marcus Stroman his due credit for stepping up on Wednesday and Luis Guillorme props for responding after a brutal game Monday. You will accidentally meet James' loud roommates later on, sorry about that, while we do our weekly prospect report and talk about some guys who could be on the move this week with the trade deadline rapidly approaching. We close the show with our Blue Jays preview and Marc shares some not-so-kind words about Steven Matz before James confuses himself tremendously while sharing his Blue Jay to Watch.
July 22, 2021
Jacob deGrom Injured, Francisco Lindor Injured & The Mets Get Embarrassed by the Pirates
The Mets played some of their worst baseball of the 2021 season which resulted in losing a series to the Pittsburgh Pirates who are one of the  worst teams in MLB. On top of horrible play, the Mets lose Francisco Lindor and Jacob deGrom to the IL. Marcus Stroman tries to fight the the  Pittsburgh Pirates John Negowski & Seth Lugo and Edwin Diaz blow a 6-0 lead. This series was pitiful but at least we won 1 game. GiraffeNeckMarc and James Schiano discuss their feelings on one of the worst series of the season for the New York Mets.
July 19, 2021
Pete Alonso DOMINATES Home Run Derby, Kumar Rocker Deep Dive, Prospect Report, and Mets Second Half Preview
Lots of odds and ends in this episode. The guys break down All-Star Week and gush over Pete Alonso's back-to-back championship performance in the HR Derby. James and Marc both have A LOT to say about how Major League Baseball is marketing their next generation of players before talking about our newest addition, Kumar Rocker. We get very deep on his accolades, potential, floor, ceiling, concerns, and ranking among Mets prospects. Then, we dive into our full weekly prospect report and a bit of a trade deadline primer as it pertains to the prospects discussed. Lastly, we get excited about the upcoming series with the Pirates and 2nd half in general. Packed episode!!
July 15, 2021
Kumar Rocker is a Met, Brandon Nimmo is an Electric Factory and the Mets Could Not Close their Series with the Pirates
The Mets had some very high highs and very low lows this weekend against the Pirates. We break down every game and close out the first half feeling fine about the squad. James was at three of the games this weekend and shares some stories from Citi including his run-in with a certain High School Musical Actress. Then, we give a little Homerun Derby Preview and get excited about Pete Alonso in Denver. This episode dropped a little late because we wanted to wait for the Mets draft pick and holy crap, we got Kumar Rocker! Marc breaks down the selection and tells Mets fans to get excited about the future stud. Happy All-Star Break!
July 12, 2021
Tylor Megill is a stud, Jeff McNeil is Clutch, MLB Draft Preview, and the Mets Take Two of Three from the Brewers
Ooooweeeeee did the Mets impress this week. Tylor Megill went toe to toe with Brandon Woodruff in one of the most impressive outings we've ever seen from a young Met and James explains how Megill is even BETTER than we thought after we discuss what exactly is going on with Francisco Lindor's bunting happen. Then, we give a little insight into a fun Tuesday night for the guys before breaking down another...interesting Jacob deGrom start. Game three of this series also happened. Lastly, we preview the Pirates series, James gives some insight into a Pittsburgh reliever to take note of while Marc gets DEEP into next week's MLB Draft and sheds light on some of the Mets' potential targets. James almost choked mid-episode, Robin Ventura was mentioned, and shenanigans were had.
July 8, 2021
Mets Win Subway Series, Brandon Nimmo is Elite, and Gerrit Cole is Washed
The New York Mets walked into the Bronx for the Subway Series and absolutely curb stomped the struggling New York Yankees. After a great win in game 1 the Mets smacked around Gerrit Cole and Aroldis Chapman for a comeback win in game 2 to take the Subway Series! Brandon Nimmo returns from the IL and shows how important he is to the offense. Pete Alonso and Dom Smith are getting hot and this Mets offense is starting to click on all cylinders as they get healthy. Marc & James also preview the upcoming Milwaukee Brewers series which will be super tough for the Mets!
July 5, 2021
The Bats are Silent, Jacob deGrom Gives Up Multiple Runs, and the Mets are Limping + Prospect Report
Oh boy, rough couple of days for the guys. The Braves humbled us and Marc and James have a lot to say about it. Marc tries to figure out why we can't hit (again) before James dispels the myth about us not being able to hit curveballs. Remember that game in Washington on Monday? We talked about that too. We end the show talking about potential roster moves, close the book on Dellin Betances, preview the Yankees series (gulp), and our weekly Prospect Report!
July 2, 2021
Jacob deGrom is Human, Walk-Off Madness, the Mets Can't Hit, and a Bittersweet Series with the Phillies
Little Mets'd Up Matinee while Marc is on the road! The Mets played a....weird series against the Phillies this weekend and we break down all four games. Marc thinks Taijuan Walker should be an All-Star and James explains how David Peterson has taken a step in the right direction. Next, we learned that Jacob deGrom is in fact a human being after all and that the Mets can win a close game without getting a true hit. Hits remain on the mind and we do everything we can to figure out just why this team can't break through offensively. The show closes with a preview for the week ahead and a general overview of where this team is at!
June 28, 2021
Jacob deGrom is Back, the Offense FINALLY Woke Up, Prospect Report, and the Mets Split with the Braves
So much has happened in just a few days. Guys went on the IL, guys came off the IL, guys didn't get hits, guys got hits, we break it all down right here. Ender Inciarte upsets James, Austin Riley upsets Marc, jokes are fun, laughs are plenty. We briefly touch on the sticky substance debacle going on as we dive into our Phillies (4th place team) preview. The episode ends with some more trade talk plus our Prospect Report before we get a little loopy and try out some accents. You don't want to miss it!
June 24, 2021
Francisco Lindor Had a Day, Nationals Handle the Mets, and Trade Deadline Preview
Sobering weekend for the Mets. We break down a tough weekend for the squad and play a little good cop-bad cop. Double-header week rages on with an upcoming series against the Braves that we HAVE to show up for. To our dismay, Jerad Eickhoff will be a part of it. Jokes are had, Marc claims he's going to run a whole mile, and then we get deep into some potential Mets trade targets. James talks about a few relievers no one has ever heard of, it's a real hoot.
June 21, 2021
Taijuan Walker is a stud, Luis Guillorme is our King, and the Mets Take Down the Cubs...but deGrom is Injured AGAIN
The Mets took 3 of 4 from the Cubs this week and we break down EVERY game. David Peterson got back on track and James explains how he did it while warning Mets fans to remain cautiously optimistic. The guys go wild over Taijuan Walker's DOMINANT start and give Guillorme his due for being the best baseball player of all time before trying to figure out exactly what is going on with Jacob deGrom. Marc then gets a little hot about Mets Twitter as we start to consider the trade deadline and we end the show with our weekly Prospect Report plus a little easter egg that you guys won't want to miss!
June 18, 2021
Jacob deGrom is the MVP, Marcus Stroman is the MIP, and the Mets Take Down the Padres
The Mets took a series from the Padres! Some fans apparently think the our 'demise is inevitable’ after Sunday and we tell you why that is not true. Dom Smith is in serious trouble though and we try to figure out why. Otherwise, Jacob deGrom does it all and Marcus Stroman continues to prove his worth. James continues to heap praise on Jeremy Hefner while Marc gushes over Billy 'Bombs' McKinney. We close with a Cubs preview and some positive words on the team as a whole. Woo positivity! Fun episode!!
June 14, 2021
Mets Split with Orioles, Something's Wrong with David Peterson, Padres Preview, and Farm Report
The Mets played two super boring games in Baltimore and we have mixed feelings. James digs deep on David Peterson to try and figure out what's going on with him and whether or not it's fixable while Marc soothes his anger by trashing Matt Harvey and giving thanks to Billy (Bombs) McKinney. Then, we preview the Padres series and share our excitement as Citi Field nears its grand reopening. We close out with our farm report spanning the entire system from Brooklyn to Syracuse and share who we are most excited about!
June 10, 2021
Jacob deGrom is a Living Legend, Francisco Lindor is Blazing Hot, and the Mets Split with the Padres
A lot to go over in this episode. The Mets split a series with one of the best teams in baseball and we break down all four games to let you know how they did it. Complaints about games one and two fades into joy talking about games three and four. We can't get over how amazing deGrom is or how excited we are than Lindor has FINALLY turned the corner. Marc also reacts live to the Yankees getting swept and has a rant for negative Mets fans far and wide. Get excited people! This team ROCKS!!!! 
June 7, 2021
Mets Take 2 from D-Backs, Jacob deGrom is not Human, David Peterson is, and Farm Report
The Mets won a series in Arizona, the guys dive into all three games. Jacob deGrom continues to shock us with his dominance and James dives into it. Next, there's a little fight about the 9th inning of Game 2 between Marc and himself. No Really. Everyone has a lot to say about Game 3, especially David Peterson (bad) and the bats (good). We close out with our Mets Prospect Report, something we'll be doing every week moving forward, and lamenting the insensitive comment made about Marcus Stroman and the issue's coverage.
June 3, 2021
Mets SWEEP the Braves (Yup) and Reinforcements are COMING!
The Mets completed a dominant one-game sweep of the Braves on Saturday to extend their lead in the NL East. We GUSH over this group and give plenty of credit where it's due. Afterward, we get into our series preview for the Diamondbacks and share fun stories about Madison Bumgarner: James tries out his Vin Scully impression, fun is had. Marc closes out the episode with a VERY important message for Mets fans, you don't want to miss it!
May 31, 2021
Mets take care of the Rockies, our Bullpen ROCKS and Marcus Stroman is AMAZIN, but We Still Need Help
Wheeeeew, what series against the Rockies. We dive into every single nook and cranny to figure out just HOW this team was able to beat anybody 3 times in a row. It was fun, but we are coming up on a massive series with the Braves. We preview that before trying to figure out just where this team could find reinforcements. James has an impassioned speech about prospects and Marc gives Brandon Drury an earful. Super fun episode!
May 28, 2021
Extra Inning Madness, Questionable Calls by Rojas, and the Mets Need Help
What a weird weekend in Miami. We're here to recap the whole series and offer some positives that...quickly turn to negatives. Will this be getting any better? Is ANYONE coming off the IL soon? How did James predict the Cody Poteet gem??? It's all here!
May 24, 2021
Tomas Nido is a KING, Pillar Broke his Face, and the Mets Take Two in Atlanta
What a crazy series with the Braves! It had some ups, some downs, some fun, some disappointment, and we tell you about all of it. Afterwards, we preview the Marlins' series and Marc is SHOCKED by James' 'Marlin to Watch'. We close out the show by getting deep into the Mets Farm System and tell you about some of our favorite prospects in the organization. Trying out some intro music too so tell us what you think!
May 20, 2021
Mets Got PANTSED by the Rays and Now Everyone is Injured
The Mets got swept in an awful weekend series down in Tampa. Marc and James break it down and try to pull some positives from it before figuring out who could possibly fill in for the team's injured stars. We close out the show reading a listener roast and answering one of your questions!
May 17, 2021
Mets Sweep the Orioles, Harvey Returns, and Mazeika Madness
7 in a row!!! Pat Mazeika leaves us speechless while Matt Harvey back in Citi gives each plenty to say. Stroman and Taijuan are ELITE and we talk about how those two along with the #BenchMob make us one of the scariest teams in baseball. We also tell some funny stories from the ballpark and preview our next series with the Rays.
May 13, 2021
Lindor & McNeil Fight? deGrom Injury & Mets SWEEP DBacks
Did Francisco Lindor & Jeff McNeil fight? What happened between those two? We also talk about the Jacob deGrom injury and what that could mean for the Mets future as well as the Mets sweep of the Arizona Diamondbacks! A lot of craziness in Mets world but it has resulted in a 5 game winning streak! We are excited about the way this team is starting to look!
May 10, 2021
Chili Davis Fired, Mets LOVE to Walk & Split with the Cardinals
The New York Mets fired hitting coach Chili Davis mid road trip in St. Louis, shook things up a little bit. Mets continue to be extremely patient at the plate but cant find that big hit and despite playing somewhat bad baseball, the New York Mets still split the series with the St. Louis Cardinals. Also a preview into the Arizona D-Backs series!
May 8, 2021
Jose Alvarado FIGHT, Who is Donnie Stevenson & Rhys Hoskins Hits a Double
The Mets vs Phillies series was one for the ages. Jose Alvarado woke up the sleeping Mets after taunting them profusely for seemingly no reason. We learned about a new hire in the Mets organization by the name of "Donnie Stevenson", who is this mystery man who has apparently fixed the Mets hitting. Of course we end it with the crazy roller coaster game 3 where Rhys Hoskins cried about ground rules at his own park and ended up hitting a meaningless double in the 9th to still lose the game and the series. LETS GO METS!
May 3, 2021
The Mets Simply Refuse to Hit Baseballs & Score Runs
The New York Mets bats are about as cold as they have ever been in our lifetime. It feels like nobody is hitting and we are constantly wasting good pitching. This series vs the Boston Red Sox did not go well. Marc & James share their thoughts on the abysmal series they just witnessed between the Mets & Red Sox and hope things turn around for the better!
April 29, 2021
Jacob deGrom is the GOAT, Stroman Struggles, Mets Still in 1st Place
Jacob deGrom has possibly the best performance of his career on Friday night against the Nationals, putting himself in the NL MVP conversation in this early season. He is the best pitcher in baseball and its not even close. Marcus Stroman struggled in game 2 but he has been so good all year long. Taijuan Walker and JD Davis picked up the Mets in game 3 with a solid win over the Nationals to secure 1st place in the NL East and a series win!
April 26, 2021
Mets Got Swept By The Cubs...
The Mets can't hit. The Mets can't field. The Mets can't beat the Cubs. We don't know what is going on and we need to vent. Safe to say Marc & James got a little hot in this episode!
April 23, 2021
Mets Pitching is Nasty. Mets Hitting is Ice Cold.
Marc and James talk about the Mets vs Rockies series in which the pitching carried us big time. The hitting has been about as cold as it was in Colorado this past weekend but it doesn't matter when you have Jacob deGrom and Marcus Stroman pitching incredibly well. Pete Alonso, Brandon Nimmo and even Edwin Diaz look really sharp and the Mets have a big series against the Cubs starting tomorrow!
April 19, 2021
Mets Get HOT, The Stro Show and Brandon Nimmo is NUTS
The New York Mets absolutely WAXED the Philadelphia Phillies this past series and won all 3 games. The offense is starting to heat up and we continue to get good pitching from our starters every night! Listen to Marc and James explain whats clicking for the Mets and how this is a good sign to come!
April 16, 2021
Conforto's Elbow, Taijuan's Debut and deGrom's Wasted Gem
Marc and James dive into the Mets vs Marlins series. Michael Conforto's elbow was about the only thing going right for him, Taijuan Walker looked really sharp & Jacob deGrom is being wasted. We discuss what is going wrong for the team and how they are able to make this season turn around.
April 12, 2021
Mets got OWNED by the Phillies but it can be FIXED
The New York Mets go 1-2 against the Philadelphia Phillies in their opening series to start the 2021 MLB Season. The Mets had a lot of things go wrong, a lot of weird problems but all of them can be fixed. Weird lineups, ineffective bullpen usage and management, sloppy play and a lack of hits with RISP, it was a tough series for the Mets. The Phillies were just better and beat the Mets. Disappointing start to the year but we have things to look forward too!
April 8, 2021
Mets vs Phillies Series Preview, Nationals Ruin Opening Day & Francisco Lindor is a Met for Life
We preview the new "Opening Day" series between the New York Mets & Philadelphia Phillies, we get very excited for real Mets baseball. The Nationals are good for nothing losers that ruined the Mets opening day. Francisco Lindor signs a record contract extension to stay with the New York Mets for the rest of his career!
April 5, 2021
Francisco Lindor Contract Negotiations are INTENSE
The drama surrounding Francisco Lindors contract extension have Marc and James riled up. They calm each other down by talking about Jacob deGrom and general opening day excitement. 
March 31, 2021
New York Mets Offseason & Spring Training RECAP
Introductions, getting to know Marc and James before lots of Mets talk. Offseason, prospects, Luis Guillorme (our king), bullpen, lineup, general concerns, and a look into the mind of Brian Monzo. It's baseball season and we have a lot to talk about!
March 21, 2021