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Mettā Podcast

Mettā Podcast

By Mettā Nairobi
A podcast dedicated to bringing you live recordings from Mettā events.
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Episode 18: Women In Film
In this episode, we had online discussion powered by Hivos East Africa, with some of the foremost female filmmakers and professionals in Kenya. We delved into their various exploits as they shared what they learned over the years. During this session of Women In Film, we addressed some of the following topics (but not limited to): A look at the state of the film industry in Kenya – how it is as compared to other markets in Africa, what’s missing in the ecosystem and how we can fill that gap with other key stakeholders. The barriers/ challenges when it comes to making a film in Kenya. Kenyan filmmakers, the kinds of stories that we tell, and their impact on society. The current needs of filmmakers, and the bodies/ organizations trying to address those needs. Financing the creative arts & local film industry and what needs to be done to attract necessary capital for the sector. The future - what’s next for local filmmakers and the film industry as a whole. The speakers included: Judy Kibinge - Filmmaker, writer, producer & Founder of Docubox. Toni Kamau - Creative producer, director and founder of "We are not the machine". Wanjeri Gakuru - Writer, Freelance Journalist, essayist and filmmaker (Lusala). Sheila Munyiva - Actress and film director.
February 10, 2022
Episode 17: #Whats Good: Storytelling
I this episode we sat down with 3 storytellers and creative experts who tell stories through a variety of different media. Hear how they use different their different kinds of content to tell meaningful and engaging stories, how they create, what trends they’ve seen in the industry, what they've learned along the way, how tech is changing how they tell stories, the explosion of the content creation industry, and so much more. The panel was be made up of: Muthoni Maingi - Head of Digital Strategy at Oxfam International Trevor "TJ" aka The_Mentalyst - Photographer & Filmmaker Jacque Njeri - Art Director, at Snake Nation Dan Aceda - Singer-Songwriter This podcast was made with support from Hivos East Africa as part of the creative catalyst program.
July 08, 2021
Episode 16: #WhatsGood: Creative Ambition - Visual Artistry
The starting point for this conversation was instigated by the concept of examining hegemonic structures in the visual artistry field along vertical. The focus was on exploring innovative artists who are moving on the circular and have embedded their practice and process within the wholistic ecosystem of the art landscape. These artists are cultural shifters, notable for the important sociopolitical thematic work plus their valuable engagement with the community and the different platforms they have initiated and are part of on physical and digital space. The panel was made up of: Thom Ogonga. Artist, Writer, Curator, Founder, Editor/Producer of ‘Nairobi Contemporary, Wambui Kamiru Collymore Multi-Disciplinary Artist. Founder of Artspace Kenya. Naitiemu Nyanjom. Multi-Disciplinary Artist. Festival Manager, Art Director of Nairobi Design Week. And the conversation was moderated by Photographer and Creative Director, Barbara Minishi. This podcast was made with support from Hivos East Africa as part of the creative catalyst program.
June 15, 2021
Episode 15: Fashion In Flux
In this 4th and final episode of the Creative Podcast Series, we talked about creating in the midst of a crisis and the different kinds of constraints imposed on fashion designers. We wanted to highlight some of the different challenges faced by fashion creatives in this pandemic from disruption of supply chains, changing consumer habits, to the impact of COVID on their creativity. We also sought to understand from our speakers how covid forced them to think outside the box, the economic hurdles they faced, and some of the lessons they picked up along the way that others can learn from. The speakers included Collins Karanja, Founder and Creative Director at TUG (The Urban Gents Ltd), a brand that is centered on inclusivity, diversity, and creativity. Neema Nkatha: Founder, Ohana Swimwear a swimwear line that celebrates African heritage through the combination of bold colors, prints and latest fabrics. And Kawira Mirero: Founder &; Creative Director of Mambo Pambo Design Studio, a womenswear brand producing both Right To Wear and Made To Measure Fashion. The conversation was moderated by Ogake Mosomi founder and creative director of Ogake Bridal. This episode is brought to you by British Council East Africa, under the creative DNA program, which is a 12-month incubator implemented by Metta and the UK partner fashion scout. The program supported 11 fashion businesses through trainings, coaching, a fashion film feature, and seed grants in a bid to play a part in boosting the growth of the sustainable creative industry in the face of covid.
June 14, 2021
Episode 14: Delivering a blueprint of the circular fashion industry
The goal of the podcast was to dissect the dynamics of how to achieve circularity and its viability in the fashion business. The panelists included our Creative DNA participant, Lynda Nanu (Favoloso by Nanu) and Oliver Asike who is the creative director at 2ManySiblings, Thrift social Nairobi and Vitimbi. The session was moderated by Ogake Mosomi, founder, Ogake Bridal. The panelists discussed how they incorporated circular fashion within their businesses and actionable steps that fashion brands can take to participate in circular fashion in a bid to shift the local fashion industry from a linear to circular model.
April 20, 2021
Episode 13: Co-Creation Initiatives within the Creative Industry
In partnership with the Creative DNA program, we hosted the Co-Creation Initiatives live podcast recording. The goal of the podcast was to showcase the intrinsic dynamics of a sample real-life co-creation initiative powered within and outside the Creative DNA program. The discussion surrounded co-creation initiatives that the panelists have been part of. Such initiatives included the partnerships that took place in the program which were the Epica Jewellery-Ohana Swimwear collaboration and the Gentara Face Masks partnership.  The panelists included the following:  1. Sam Omindo, founder, Genteel Fashion and Grooming  2. Sharon Wendo, founder, Epica Jewellery  3. Barbara Minishi, photographer and creative director  4. Ogake Mosomi, founder, Ogake Bridal 
April 12, 2021
Episode 12: Women In Literature
Mettā in collaboration with Hivos East Africa is excited to bring you the #WomenIn Literature. In this episode, we sat down with 4 leading ladies in the literary space to listen to their stories & ideas about the literary scene in Kenya. They talked about what inspires them, how they navigated the publishing space when they 1st started out and why it's so difficult for new authors to get published and how they can overcome some of those challenges among other topics.
March 22, 2021
Episode 11: Creativity in Crisis Podcast
This episode is brought to you be the Creative DNA Program which was a 12 month incubation program, powered by the British Council Kenya, that sought to help 11 fashion businesses grow by tackling various growth stage challenges. In this episode, we discussed how creatives can create during a crisis such as the Covid-19 pandemic using the creation of WAUZINE— a 3 limited edition magazine that showcased Nairobi's fashion scene and the 11 fashion designers to the UK and beyond—as a reference.
March 10, 2021
Episode 10: #WhatsGood Creative Ambition - Sound
Mettā in collaboration with Hivos East Africa is excited to bring you the #WhatsGood Creative Ambition podcast series. In the second edition of the #WhatsGood Creative Ambition series, we looked into the music industry where we focused on two big questions: 1. Why are there so many broke artists in the music industry? 2. Is the music industry broke or disorganized? The reality is that a vast number of Kenyan musicians don't make much money from their craft, yet they are in it for the long haul.  In this event, we sought to look into what's working, what's not working or missing in the industry, and the way forward in terms of making money in the digital era. We will also talked about copyright which is not a popular topic but a fundamental component in income generation in the music industry. The rights in the music and the lyrics, the sound recordings, the performance, and published editions, merchandising, and other sources of money that flows through the music industry.
February 18, 2021
Episode 9: #WhatsGood Creative Ambition - Fashion
This episode is brought you to by Hivos, under The Resources of Open Mind project, which supports the global creative work and projects of artists, musicians, and media producers around the world. The project through its various initiatives aims at supporting a new generation of creative futurists, challenging the dominant narratives, status quo, and providing alternate narratives. In this inaugural edition of the #WhatsGood Creative Ambition, we shifted our eye to the fashion sector, to focus on the rift between the young/upcoming designers and the established/successful designers on differences in business practices, design, mentorship, personal branding amongst other issues. The speakers included Joel Meshack - Founder & Creative Director, Naivaa. Anyango Mpinga - Founder & Creative Director, Anyango Mpinga. Winnie Odande - Lead Stylist, Switch TV. The conversation was moderated by Connie Aluoch, an award-winning fashion stylist & lifestyle curator.
December 17, 2020
Episode 8: Women In Design
This episode is brought to you by Hivos East Africa, a development aid organization that provides financial support to organizations working in Africa, Latin America, and Asia. They advocate for and support knowledge sharing, in particular in the field of, social change, digital activism, and rural innovations. In this episode, of our #WomenIn series,  we discussed Challenging the idea of specialism, Doing design differently, the need for designers to be entrepreneurial, the challenges and opportunities of our digital age, and encouraging emerging designers. The speakers included: Wamuyu Ndegwa - interior and furniture designer, and founder of Tira Studio, Wangari Kamau - Founder of Umba Creations, Ruth Lelei - Founder and Creative Director of White Bull Company Limited, And Lulu Kitololo   was the moderator: Lulu is the Founder of Afri-love Fest 
November 30, 2020
Episode 7: Redesigning the Health Sector
This episode is brought to you by Amref Health Africa, the largest Africa based International NGO with programs in over 35 countries in Africa. In this episode, of the #WhatsGoodRedesigningSociety series, we discussed the current and anticipated shift in healthcare business models - in the COVID-19 era. The topics covered included: The impact of COVID-19 on healthcare business models. Reimagining the healthcare structure. Future predictions for the health sector. The speakers included: Dr. Waruguru Wanjau - Public Health Expert and Strategy Consultant at Dalberg. Dr. Patrick Gatonga - CEO, Jubilee Health Insurance. Dr. Emmanuel Amadi - Senior Medical Officer,  Ministry of Health, Kenya. Lewis Wanjohi - Co-founder and CEO, Tambua Health. The conversation was moderated by Rachel Jones who is a Senior Research & Design Manager at Jacaranda Health.
August 31, 2020
Episode 6: Startup Lobbying Part 2
The goal of this second episode of the 2-part startup lobbying series was to discuss the strategies startups can employ for aggregating and speaking in one voice to influence laws. We draw lessons from active associations like the Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA), Global Off-Grid and Lighting Association (GOGLA), and from the government. We recommend listening to Part 1 as a prelude to this episode. This episode is brought you to by HiiL Justice Accelerator, the world’s only accelerator that focuses on preventing and resolving justice problems. They help startups scale and grow by providing coaching, mentoring, and grants. The speakers included: 1. Florence Kimata - a Business Reform Specialist at the Ministry of East Africa Community. 2. Patrick Tonui - the East Africa Regional Representative at the Global Off-Grid Lighting Association (GOGLA) 3. Victor Ogalo - Head of Policy Research Analysis, and Public-Private Dialogue at Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA). The conversation was moderated by Eric Kariuki who is the Head of the HiiL Justice Accelerator East Africa.
July 16, 2020
Episode 5: Startup Lobbying Part 1
This episode is brought you to by HiiL Justice Accelerator, the world’s only accelerator that focuses on preventing and resolving justice problems. They help startups scale and grow by providing coaching, mentoring, and grants. In this episode, we discussed how startups can influence the law-making process - especially for laws that affect businesses in the county and national level. The goal of this first episode of the startup lobbying series was to discuss the importance of startups participating in the law-making process, and instigate a mindset shift from compliance to influencing government. The speakers included: Ali Hussein - CEO, Kipochi. Linda Bonyo - CEO, Lawyers Hub. Daniel Ngugi - Head of Legal and Administration, Twiga Foods. The conversation was moderated by Eric Kariuki, the head of HiiL Justice Accelerator East Africa.
July 08, 2020
Episode 4: How to Thrive Remotely
This episode was recorded during "The How to Thrive Remotely Webinar" where we discussed the intricacies of remote working. Some of the key topics we covered included: 1. Rules of Thumb in Remote Working. 2. Cybersecurity Implications of Working Remotely. 3. Online Collaboration Tools for Maximum Productivity. The speakers included: 1. Somet Kipchilat - a Partner Development Manager at Microsoft4Afrika. 2. Lynn Mugambi - a Software Engineer at Andela. 3. Dr. Bright Mawudor - the Head of Cyber Security at Internet Solutions of Kenya. The conversation was moderated by Kennedy Kirui who is the Co-Founder & CEO of Made By People.
May 19, 2020
Episode 3: The Stories of COVID-19
This episode was recorded during "The Stories of COVID-19" Webinar hosted by Baraza Media Lab. The webinar was a discussion on life at the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic, how the media can communicate better to the public about the situation, and what stories and important angles are being missed. The speakers included: 1. Dr. Mercy Korir - Medical Doctor and Journalist at KTN. 2. James Smart - Broadcast Journalist. 3. Dr. Michelle Musoga - Doctor at Mbagathi Hospital, the country's primary isolation unit. The conversation was moderated by Dr. Waruguru Wanjau who is a Public Health Expert.
April 28, 2020
Episode 2: Future of Work Part 2
In this episode, we discuss social protection for gig workers, the importance of trust-as-a-service in building successful gig platforms and predictions for the future workforce.  Speakers included: 1.  Akshay Shah- Executive Director, Silafrica. 2. Joan Kamau- Head of Sales, African Management Institute. 3. Paul Kasimu- Chief Human Resources Officer, Safaricom 4. Cezanne Maherali- Head of Policy, Uber East Africa The conversation was moderated by Doris Muigei who is the Country Director at Shortlist. Soundbites: "Working and learning will blend completely. I don’t think it will be sequential, where you first learn then you work then you go back to learn. Who takes the responsibility to provide that learning will most likely shift from educational institutions to workplaces. Because they are the only ones who can provide Just-In-Time learning whereas education systems will typically tend to lag a little bit behind." “The problem is not so much about finding that talent. It’s about trusting the talent. An app or a sharing platform isn’t really able to tell us who you can trust." "There should be more platforms developing trust-as-a-service such as UTU trust that have a database of gig workers who can be trusted with the work given."
April 14, 2020
Episode 1: Future of Work Part 1
In this episode, we hear from Paul Kasimu, Chief Human Resource Officer at Safaricom and Joan Kamau, Head of Sales at African Management Institute where they talked about talent development in light of the Future of Work. Soundbites: "Digital transformation is not about technology, it is about people. And what we’re missing for starters, is that even the way we view work, work is still seen as a place, not a space. "Out of the 73 universities we have, only 5 have fully functioning career offices." "The day we lost it was when we inverted the pyramid of how we develop our talent so every parent wanted each child to become a graduate. So it was more of supply led than demand-led and nobody asked what we need as an economy."
April 06, 2020
Welcome to the Mettā Podcast
Hello and welcome to the Mettā Podcast. A podcast dedicated to bringing you live recordings from Mettā events covering a wide range of multi-disciplinary topics converging at the intersection of innovation in the African continent. For more of these episodes, you can subscribe to our Mettā Podcast Channel on Google Podcast, Apple Podcast Spotify, or your favourite podcast platform of your choice. To stay in touch with us follow us on Twitter and Facebook @WeAreMettaNBO or email us at
March 31, 2020