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MEUS In Focus

MEUS In Focus

By meustrasbourg
This podcast is an in-depth exploration of the many aspects of Model European Union Strasbourg, the oldest simulation of EU decision-making, delivered through personal interviews with organisers and alumni of the project. The second season is presented by the team of MEUS 2021 - with alternating hosts.

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S1E10: MEUS 2020 in Focus

MEUS In Focus

S2E6: From participant to organiser
In this last episode of this year's season of MEUS in Focus, we once again hear Director General Rhys and Organisers' Coordinator Andrea. This time, they talk about a very common path in MEUS: From Participant to Organiser. The MEUS Organising team consists of around 50 young people - and many of them have previously participated in the simulation. What are the steps to become an organiser? Why is it such a common path? Listed in and find out!
September 13, 2021
S2E5: A walk down memory lane - a TERP reunion
There is nothing that makes MEUS as special as our participants. In this episode, Kasia and Artemis, our Interpreters Coordinators at MEUS 2021 get together with some past interpreters at MEUS! They talk about their time at MEUS, how interpreting feels like, and how they feel about their experience looking back! Tune in to learn about their unique perspectives.
September 13, 2021
S2E4: Friends will be friends - the social aspect of MEUS
In this episode, our Director General, Tamara, and our Organisers' Coordinator, Andrea, discuss a very special topic: Friendships!  MEUS is the foundation of many, long lasting friendships, and some say even marriages!    How does this come about? How can a political simulation be the cause of such intense relationships?   Tamara and Andrea discuss how the structure of MEUS can help causing friendships and share their own experiences with it!
September 13, 2021
S2E3: Chairing is caring
In this episode, we talk about a very special topic: Chairing! A chair is the referee of the debate during MEUS - they take over the role of the president of each of the institutions we simulate. Our Chairs Coordinator, Yogam, and one of our Chairs, Gregor, will explain the special system of the Council presidency, how it plays out during Model European Union Strasbourg, and what makes chairing such a special task!
September 12, 2021
S2E2: Let's play devils advocate - debating at MEUS
At Model European Union Strasbourg we simulate real politics, and nothing is as important in politics as debating. But what is debating? What are the rules in debating, what skills are needed? In this episode of MEUS in Focus, Director General Rhys Nugent and Photographers Coordinator Joao Pedreda talk about Debating, and what it means in the context of MEUS. They both have plenty of experience in the topic, and prepared this podcast to share a bit of their knowledge with you!
September 12, 2021
S2E1: Interpreting at MEUS 2021 - a chat with Artemis and Kasia
In this episode of MEUS in Focus, the interpreters coordinators of MEUS 2021, Kasia and Artemis, talk about the intricacies of interpreting at Model European Union Strasbourg 2021. Interpreting is a key aspect of MEUS 2021, and as every year, we want to offer an opportunity for young interpreters to exercise their craft. Kasia and Artemis are both interpreters and have been interpreters in MEUS before - the perfect hosts for this episode!
September 12, 2021
S1E12: The Emissions Performance Standards Regulation in Focus
Cars, vans and the like. How to make them less environmentally-polluting? Selin, Giuliano and Jorinde, Content Officers at MEUS 2020, talk about the Sustainable Mobility topic that will be discussed in Strasbourg.
February 22, 2020
S1E11: The Online Sales Directive in Focus
What does the Commission propose to safeguard the rights of consumers in the Online Sales Directive? Štefan and Jorinde, Content Officers at MEUS 2020, talk about the E-Commerce topic that will be discussed in Strasbourg.
February 22, 2020
S1E10: MEUS 2020 in Focus
What else is new? Jimmy and Irina talk about what makes MEUS 2020 special and what participants can expect from their evenings in Strasbourg.
December 12, 2019
S1E09: The Origins of MEUS in Focus
How did MEUS start out? Jimmy interviews the inventor of the MEU concept, Ines, about the first years of the conference and how it has influenced her personal life in the long term.
December 12, 2019
S1E08: Journalism at MEUS in Focus
Is video killing the newspaper star? 2020 Participants Coordinator Rhys interviews Journalist Coordinator Lucile about what is changing for journalists at MEUS 2020 and what it will be like to report on the events in Strasbourg through video news segments.
December 12, 2019
S1E07: Organising MEUS in Focus
What does organising a youth conference in the European Parliament entail? 2020 Organisers Coordinator Julius talks with Participants Coordinator Rhys about the difference between participants and organisers, as well as the opportunities offered to alumni of the project.
December 12, 2019
S1E06: Interpreting at MEUS in Focus
How does interpreting work at a political simulation? 2020 Secretary Annika interviews Interpreters Coordinators Andrea and Artemis about the ins and outs of interpreting at MEUS.
December 12, 2019
S1E05: Topical Outsiders at MEUS in Focus
Do you have to study political science to be invited to MEUS? Jimmy interviews 2019 participant and 2020 organiser Maira about her experience as a student of environmental engineering at a political simulation like MEUS.
December 12, 2019
S1E04: Interest Representation at MEUS in Focus
How do advocates influence policy-makers? Irina interviews 2017 Lobbyist Coordinator and real-life lobbyist Claudia about what it takes to be a great Interest Representative at the simulation and her experience with EU lobbying in Brussels.
December 12, 2019
S1E03: The Content at MEUS in Focus
What will be discussed at MEUS 2020? Jimmy interviews 2020 Head of Content Michal about next year’s topics, EU skepticism and what makes MEUS a unique political simulation.
December 12, 2019
S1E02: The Three Stages of MEUS in Focus
What’s so special about MEUS? Irina interviews MEUS veteran and real-life MEP Assistant Max about his experience of being an MEP at the conference and how he then became an MEUS organiser and alumnus.
December 12, 2019
S1E01: “MEUS in Focus” in Focus
What is this podcast about? Your main hosts, Directors General of MEUS 2020 Jimmy and Irina, introduce the podcast “MEUS in Focus” and give an outlook on the contents of each episode.
December 12, 2019