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MHG Podcast

MHG Podcast

By Bradley Marsh
It’s tough to talk about mental health. But there are many reasons gaming can have an effect, both positive and negative. This site takes a look at all aspects.
MHG Podcast | Freedom
Follow us on:- Twitter - Facebook - Youtube - Soundcloud - ______________________________________________ Well, it is finally here. The Mental Health Gaming Podcast. Snappy name right? The theme is based around freedom and the way it affects our brains in different ways. Bradley, Ben and Stu talk about the games they have been playing. Namely Injustice 2, GRID, Tetris 99 and Psikyo Shooting Stars Alpha and Bravo. Then it is a discussion on the illusion of freedom and why it isn't always the best thing to have. Especially when you struggle with your mental health. Finally we take a more in depth look at Not Tonight: Take Back Control Edition from Panic Barn and No More Robots. The post-brexit satire based on the mechanics of Papers Please. Time Stamps: * What have we been playing | 02:16 * Freedom - 23:23 * Not Tonight - 33:13
February 06, 2020