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The Storyteller's Saga

The Storyteller's Saga

By Micah Campbell
Everyone has a story. Some have more than one. There are so many incredible writers and authors out there weaving tales of magic and mystery, of heartbreak and healing, of heroes and villians, of life and death every single day. But, what is their story? Who are they? How do they do it? Where did they start? What keeps them motivated? What is their inspiration? Where do they get their ideas?

The Storyteller's Saga is their story.

Join me each week as I make fast friends with some of the best and brightest writers and authors around!
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Author Betsey Kulakowski

The Storyteller's Saga

Author Andrea Couture
Memoirist Andrea Couture is on the show today and is talking all about her book, Embracing What Remains: A Memoir Andrea is a member of the AlzAuthors with the mission: “We are a community of authors sharing Alzheimer’s and dementia stories to light the way for others. This is a heavy story full of wave of tears, frustration, laughter, irony, and surprising joy. Andrea's Link! My Links!
January 26, 2022
Author C. D. McKenna
Chelsea McKenna in the house, y'all!!! So pumped for this one! Chelsea was amazing! This is the longest episode yet, but it felt like 5 minutes! Chelsea is the author of the upcoming debut novel The Blood of the Lion and she is absolutely brilliant! Do yourself a favor and don't miss this episode! Chelsea's Links! My Links!
January 19, 2022
Author Dan Saunders
I am ever so excited to introduce the special guest author for this episode! Dan’s writing journey was wrought from the pandemic when his sister, also a published author, encouraged him to begin writing while in lockdown. His first go was a novel titled Soul Capture, a mind-bending sci-fi story where upon death, one could have their soul uploaded to a 3d printed body and continue on. Directly following Soul Capture was Spice Traders, released in March of 2021. Dan is a musician, a guitar instructor, a gamer, and a foodie. He also enjoys a good bourbon. (I’ll have to see if I can get some recommendations from him) Not one to be pigeonholed into any one genre, Dan is currently working on a spy novel and has plans for time travel, steampunk, and horror novels. This guy has accomplished more during the COVID-19 pandemic than I have in my entire life and I think I hate him for it… Dan's Links! My Links!
December 29, 2021
Author Harriet Pearce
I am ever so excited to have Harriet Pearce on the show today in an old-school phone interview!!! She has written and published 3 books - Prisoner of War, Sunshine After the Rain, and Forget Me Not, as well as an eBook titled After the Storm. Her books are heavily influenced by true stories from real people and deal with such topics as mental health, PTSD, depression, and dementia. She is currently studying mental health and addiction at university and plans on following that up with a degree in counseling. Hailing from New Zealand, breaking barriers and mental health stigma, and writing some pretty heavy stuff… Harriet's Links! My Links!
December 22, 2021
Author Kate Finch
I am overjoyed to have with us today the author of the Rose from the Darkness Series. Rose from the Darkness, Rose from the Ashes, and Rose from the Fallen follows Rosemary Varias and her descent into awakening as she discovers that she has been turned by a mysterious vampire named Drake. All 3 books are available on Amazon and have outstanding reviews. She is currently working on a psychological thriller and a romance! She is a photographer, a wife, and a mother. We discuss anarchy, vampires, photography, and of course... writing! We also discover some shocking secrets that may even be UNFORGIVABLE!!!! Kate's Links! My Links!
December 15, 2021
Author Nic Winter
This week I am fortunate enough to have Nic Winter on the show! Nic is a delight and is currently finishing up the last bit of editing on her debut novel, A Season to Kill! Join us as we talk about mystery novels, Batman, and of course... Writing! Nic's Links! My Links!
December 08, 2021
Author R.S. Hamilton
My very special guest for this episode is R.S. Hamilton. R.S. studied Creative Writing at Bowling Green State University and just recently earned his Associate of Arts degree! R.S. is a first-time novelist and… drumroll, please… is actually preparing to release his first novel, The Stories of Evergreen this month on Black Friday, November 26th!!! For some reason the host and guest hyperlinks aren't working right now, so... 🔽🔽🔽 R.S. Hamilton's Links - My Links -
November 24, 2021
Author Amey Zeigler
Amey has received high praise and even won some awards for her novels August Blues, Baker’s Dozen, Summer of Sundaes, Swiss Mishap, and most recently The Casserole Dish, released September 5th of this year. Amey hails from just outside of Austin, Tx. with her husband and 3 children, but has also lived in France and Switzerland! Fun fact: She also has a home studio where she records audiobooks! Join us as we talk anxiety, post-partum, faith, "steamy-clean" romance, and of course... Writing! Amey's Links! My Links!
November 17, 2021
Author JB Caine
Today's special guest is author JB Caine! She is currently writing The Arcana series, with Book I, Rise of the Moon having been released in January and currently holding a 5-star rating on Amazon! Book II, Rush To Judgement is coming out next month! She is an English, Creative Writing, and Speech/Debate teacher and has become a great friend in the short time that I have been a part of the writing community. We had a blast talking about music, D&D, and of course... writing! JB Caine's Links! My Links! Music by TommyMutiu
November 10, 2021
Author Betsey Kulakowski
There was no question as to who I wanted to have on as the very first guest of the very first episode of The Storyteller’s Saga. She is the author of The Veritas Codex series: The Veritas Codex, The Jaguar Queen, and The Alien Accord. Book #4, The Monk’s Grimoire is slated for release after the first of the year and you better believe that I will be first in line for pre-order! Betsey Kulakowski in the house!!! Betsey's Links! My Links! Music
November 03, 2021
October 27, 2021
October 27, 2021