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Stop Winging It

Stop Winging It

By Michael Carver
Wingman Associates is a strategic business coaching firm. We come alongside small business owners to help them rediscover their passion while handling the daily challenges of their business. We utilize this podcast to interview small business owners and entrepreneurs to better understand their challenges and successes. We hope you enjoy these podcasts and if you are interested in being on or learning more, please reach out to us at
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Stop Winging It--Ep. 11. Ever come back from vacation, needing a vacation? That's Chris Schuler in a nutshell. He is a Small Business Owner and Entrepreneur who squeezes the most out of every day.
Chris is the kind of guy that almost makes you feel like you haven't done anything with your life, even if he's too humble to admit it.  He's been a Sales Manager in the TV industry, started and sold companies and still operates two today.  He's leading the way in the Ski Bike industry currently, but it's his compelling background and personal story that grabbed me.  A lifelong learner and doer, he's not a big fan of complacency as you'll hear.  But understanding how he met challenge after challenge while still finding a way to give back and learn from those around him, will be of interest to anyone who runs a business today, enjoys entrepreneurial challenges or is just a sales and marketing guy at heart and relishes the relational side of life.
April 27, 2022
Stop Winging It--Ep. 10. Restauranteur, proprietor and career builder of great cultures, Chris Olsen shares his journey and thoughts on why he loves Fondi, and his chosen profession.
"I get to talk to people and play with food," probably says it all about Chris Olsen, owner of Fondi restaurant in Gig Harbor, WA.  If you are a small business owner, restauranteur or aficionado of great food, you'll appreciate this story.  The work ethic involved, building a community and family culture and dealing successfully with Covid are all part of a wonderful tale of hard work and commitment.  As Chris says, we have guests, not customers and its attention to detail like that, which continues to make the difference in a very competitive space.  We hope you enjoy this conversation and come away with a few nuggets for your own business. 
April 13, 2022
Stop Winging It--Ep. 9: Nearly two decades of preparation, faith and holding on to a dream when no one believed in her. Listen to Karina Blasco talk about what it took to open her first store.
Karina Blasco is an entrepreneur and small business owner of a retail shop in Tacoma, called Only Oatmeal.  This is part of her story.  How she fought to keep a dream alive and just how long it took to realize her goals.  It's a wonderful account of persistence and grit in the face of adversity.  It's also a testimony to timing and what you can do if you refuse to let anyone tell you that it can't be done.  Maybe some of Karina's story resonates with you?  And as always, if you find yourself in need of some occasional or consistent strategic business coaching, that's what we do at Wingman Associates.  We meet you where you are and stick with you until the results you want are realized, like a true Wingman.  
March 30, 2022
Stop Winging It: Ep-8. What does it take to get your You Tube channel to 1.5M subscribers? A story of persistence and self-belief.
It's a new world and small business owners and entrepreneurs come in all forms.  This episode takes us to the world of You Tube, animation and in many ways, building the plane while you're flying it.  Stephen Carver (aka Sabre Spark on You Tube) relates his own history, challenges, failures and ultimate success in building an online You Tube business.  He discusses how important his own mentors/advisors have been and what it ultimately took to take the risk of committing to his passion full time.  There are great lessons for us all in this episode.
March 16, 2022
Stop Winging It: Ep 7--Work-Life balance from a recovering workaholic. You are more than what you do.
Peter Bourke, CEO, Entrepreneur and Sales Strategy expert joins us to talk about his journey.  He discusses his move from corporate America to starting his own firm and the reasons behind his success both professionally and personally.  If you find yourself in the category that WHAT YOU DO has, for whatever reason, become more important than WHO YOU ARE, then this podcast is for you.  Peter's story provides insight on how to spot this and some excellent tips on why and how to rectify such a situation.  He is bold, articulate, funny and his story is compelling.  The people we surround ourselves with has much to do with how much truth and transparency we allow into our lives.  How are you doing in this vital area?   We all need great advisors and experienced mentors, regardless of what we do.  If you find yourself in such a position, maybe consider reaching out to us here at Wingman Associates.  As a business coaching firm, we meet our clients where they are and determine what is needed to make the next best decision--for their business or career.
March 02, 2022
Stop Winging It: Ep 6--How do you combine building a Marketing firm, being a relentless Opportunist and life lessons from Pete Dye?
In this episode, Chris Wirthwein, former CEO of 5MetaCom, author and friend to Pete and Alice Dye talks about the challenges of building a successful marketing firm over 4 decades.  From failure to Hero Ball to actually running a successful marketing business, Chris walks us through some of his challenges, personally and professionally.  Along the way we hear how important his mentors were, his curious and opportunistic nature and even a personal story around the book he wrote with Pete and Alice Dye, the first family of golf and Patron Saints to Crooked Stick GC.  Chris is a wonderful storyteller, so settle in with us as we laugh and learn from someone who's been through the ups and downs of building a business.
February 16, 2022
Stop Winging It: Episode 5. Amy Brown Carver; From Second City to Screenplay to Movie, a story about never giving up.
Just how hard is it as a writer to break into Hollywood?  Take a ride with Amy and myself as we dig deep into what it has taken to just get one movie script sold.  It's courage, persistence, self-belief, humility, great coaching and constantly working on your craft, and that's on top of holding down a day job!!  Regardless of where you are professionally or personally, Amy reminds us that it's the consistent execution of the simple things and no small amount of desire and sheer stubbornness that pave the road to success.  Come laugh and learn with us for a few minutes as we share another wonderful story. 
February 02, 2022
Stop Winging It: Jim "Big Red" Wetrich: A serial entrepreneur and lifelong learner tells his story.
Every now and then we get the opportunity to learn from someone whose career accomplishments and transformative impact on those around him truly rises to another level.  Jim "Big Red" Wetrich is such a person.  Author, CEO, Speaker, Coach and much, much more, Jim shares his philosophy, challenges, motivations and personal revelations with us.  We walk through his career in Healthcare from Marketing Mgr. to President and then at the height of a successful career deciding to start over and build his own company and along the way taking the time to author a recent book on leadership called Stifled: Where Good Leaders Go Wrong.   His relational style is infectious as is his growth mindset and lifelong love affair with learning.  Jim is also a champion for mentors and great coaching as he discusses on the podcast.  Regardless of where you are in your business or career, the next half hour or so is worth a listen to glean a few pearls of wisdom from someone who has probably been in your shoes.
January 19, 2022
Stop Winging It: Ep. 3: Even the best have a coach.
Tim Mitrovich, CEO and President of Ten Capital Wealth Advisors talks about his journey from lawyer, to investment advisor to starting a successful firm with nearly $900M in assets under management.  What challenges did he face during different transition points?  What it took to finally find his "why", and the importance of having coaches and mentors in his life to keep him on track and making the next best decision.  His transparency is tangible and his message is applicable to anyone seeking to improve themselves professionally or personally.
December 15, 2021
Episode 2: Connecting your head and heart.
We take a deep dive this week on being intentional. Topics include: following up and following through. Earning the right to ask for anything. Being relational vs transactional. Working through the intersection of your gifts and desires and just figuring out how to be available for others and yourself. Professional or personal, this episode will speak to you.
December 01, 2021
Stop Winging It, Episode 1: Leaning into Adversity
This is our debut episode of Stop Winging It.  It's our next step in helping business owners, sales and management professionals across a myriad of industries who are looking for a true wingman. What better way to learn than from those who've gone before you who are eager to share their challenges and successes? It will be a podcast for those who are constantly learning and growing. We're excited for you to hear from our first business owner and how she had to lean into adversity.
November 17, 2021