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Stop Winging It

Stop Winging It

By Michael Carver
We are all moved by great stories. In this podcast we interview people from all walks of life to better understand their journey, challenges and successes. What can we learn? Where can we look back and laugh--or cry? What can we pay forward to a new generation? We want to help people like you, by reminding you that you are not alone and there is undoubtedly someone who has or is facing what you are. In a world where it seems to be all about "me", we invite you to join us as we seek to strengthen the bonds that bring "us" together. We want to be your Wingman.
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Stop Winging It, Episode 1: Leaning into Adversity

Stop Winging It

Stop Winging It: Jim "Big Red" Wetrich: A serial entrepreneur and lifelong learner tells his story.
Every now and then we get the opportunity to learn from someone whose career accomplishments and transformative impact on those around him truly rises to another level.  Jim "Big Red" Wetrich is such a person.  Author, CEO, Speaker, Coach and much, much more, Jim shares his philosophy, challenges, motivations and personal revelations with us.  We walk through his career in Healthcare from Marketing Mgr. to President and then at the height of a successful career deciding to start over and build his own company and along the way taking the time to author a recent book on leadership called Stifled: Where Good Leaders Go Wrong.   His relational style is infectious as is his growth mindset and lifelong love affair with learning.  Jim is also a champion for mentors and great coaching as he discusses on the podcast.  Regardless of where you are in your business or career, the next half hour or so is worth a listen to glean a few pearls of wisdom from someone who has probably been in your shoes.
January 19, 2022
Stop Winging It: Ep. 3: Even the best have a coach.
Tim Mitrovich, CEO and President of Ten Capital Wealth Advisors talks about his journey from lawyer, to investment advisor to starting a successful firm with nearly $900M in assets under management.  What challenges did he face during different transition points?  What it took to finally find his "why", and the importance of having coaches and mentors in his life to keep him on track and making the next best decision.  His transparency is tangible and his message is applicable to anyone seeking to improve themselves professionally or personally.
December 15, 2021
Episode 2: Connecting your head and heart.
We take a deep dive this week on being intentional. Topics include: following up and following through. Earning the right to ask for anything. Being relational vs transactional. Working through the intersection of your gifts and desires and just figuring out how to be available for others and yourself. Professional or personal, this episode will speak to you.
December 01, 2021
Stop Winging It, Episode 1: Leaning into Adversity
This is our debut episode of Stop Winging It.  It's our next step in helping business owners, sales and management professionals across a myriad of industries who are looking for a true wingman. What better way to learn than from those who've gone before you who are eager to share their challenges and successes? It will be a podcast for those who are constantly learning and growing. We're excited for you to hear from our first business owner and how she had to lean into adversity.
November 17, 2021