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San Diego's African American Magazine which highlights and tell the stories of amazing black entrepreneurs, creatives, small business owners, and individuals.
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Mom(preneur) with Mariah Episode 3. Special Guest Kayla Farley

Black SD Magazine

Behind The Business Selling San Diego with Destiny Roxas
Black SD Magazine had the amazing opportunity to chat with Destiny Roxas. She is a realtor on a mission to help people of color understand how to navigate the homebuying experience properly. She leads each homebuyer through a process of education, compassion, and guidance because for her it is important you feel comfortable with the person who is helping you find your dream home.  Listen in as she gets down to business on the homebuyer process and get to know a little bit more about this amazingly talented and educated one who is selling one piece of San Diego at a time.  Look out for more as we are launching our new selling San Diego series with Destiny to keep homebuyers informed and up to date on the housing market.  Make sure you follow her at @destinyroxas
August 23, 2021
Behind The Business with Black Media Talent from CBS 8
Black SD Magazine had the amazing opportunity to chat with five black media talents from CBS 8. Get to know Keristen Holmes Heather Hope Lamonica Peters Karlene Chavis Brandon Lewis Each of them has their own amazing journey which brought them into the media. They have navigated the media waters and preserved by never giving up and keeping true to their mission and purpose in providing more Black Representation in Media.
July 01, 2021
Behind The Business with Loren Cobbs
We are back with another Behind The Business Episode with special guest Loren Cobbs. She is the founder of SD Melanin and Principal of the Crate Agency. This Maverick took San Diego by storm with her cultural curation company that produces signature events from Day Parties to Galas. Listen in as we spoke about why she started SD Melanin, her journey in entrepreneurship, and how she persevered through it all. She let us know why Juneteenth is a very special event for the company as it relates to the celebration and liberation of African Americans in the US. You can learn more about how they are celebrating Juneteenth by visiting
June 18, 2021
Mom(preneur) with Mariah Episode 3. Special Guest Kayla Farley
We’re talking the lifestyle of being a mama in business, the success, the struggles, and everything it consist of!
May 19, 2021
Entrepreneur Episode - Remember You are a Business!
This is about remembering you are a business and you have to show up as such. Take care of your business as a business and thinking like a business owner. 
March 05, 2021
Behind The Business with Buff Chick
Black SD Magazine had the amazing time catching up with Brothers Nick & Anthony on their business Buff Chick. They launched this business last year during the start of the Pandemic as a way to step into entrepreneurship. With just their mother's secret recipe and the love for seeing others enjoy the best Buffalo Chicken Dip in San Diego they continue to strive for greater heights.  Listen in as they talk about their journey and how growing up playing sports set a tone for disciple in their business. 
February 23, 2021
Behind The Business with The Hamlett Coffee Shop
The Hamlette Coffee Shop has made the news and local media as brother and sister Zachary and Shacole started a kickstarter to get their dream Coffee Shop off the ground and running. Tune in as you learn how the process has been for them with the opening of the coffee shop, their very first business ever. They embody the true spirit of entrepreneurship!
February 12, 2021
Behind The Business with Treci Smith
Black SD Magazine had the amazing opportunity to chat with Treci Smith on how she balances life as an entrepreneur, wife, and mother. She is a phenomenal woman who shows us that Black Women can do it all and even more! 
February 12, 2021
Black Love with Amir and Treci Smith
We are excited to introduce you all to the Black SD Magazine Black Love Podcast! Our first guests are Amir and Treci Smith who have been married for over 20 years. Listen in as they give advice on how they navigate being married, having full time careers, embarking on entrepreneurial endeavors, and raising four kids. It is about honesty, communication, love, and understanding. During the conversation Amir said that understanding what you are married to compared to understanding who you are married to will help you better understand how to interact with them on a deeper level.
January 19, 2021
Behind The Business with Steph J
Black SD Magazine had the amazing and entertaining time chatting with Steph J for our latest Behind The Business Episode. We had a great time talking about how it is as a Black woman running her own business and balancing a social and dating life.  She is one business owner who has plans to continue to grow and thrive Steph J Styles as a nationwide brand. San Diego might have been her start but it won't be the only city in the USA to be graced by her presence professionally.  She wants to set an example for her employees and community. Listen in as you learn her journey and become inspired by this strong, beautiful and phenomenal woman.
December 11, 2020
Behind The Business with Chef Quinnton Austin
Black SD Magazine had the pleasure to chat with the infamous Chef Quinnton Austin. He is the Executive Chef and Co-Owner of Louisiana Purchase in North Park. Louisiana Purchase has become an immediate go to when people want to have a nice night out on the town, date night with the girls, or craving authentic downhome Creole/Cajun food with an upscale flare.  Listen in as you become captivated by his journey and why he brings a sense of community to San Diego from his hometown of New Orleans. 
December 03, 2020
Black SD Magazine Lifestyle - Relationship Chat
Black SD Magazine is back with our second Lifestyle Podcast episode. We talked about relationships and the dynamics black women deal with when dating. We touched on topics such as black women being able to express themselves in relationships without being labeled angry, expectations men have, and how they navigate the world of dating.
November 16, 2020
Behind The Business - Come Through
Black SD Magazine had the amazing opportunity to chat with two of the founding members of Come Through here in San Diego. They blend entrepreneurship with everything from arts & culture to creatives. Come Through is an amazing organization working on bringing the BIPOC community many different avenues of self-expression by providing a safe space for creatives and cultural curators.  Listen as I learn more about why cultural diversity is important for them and their organization.
November 08, 2020
Behind The Business with Andre Reed
Black SD Magazine had the incredible time to sit and chat with NFL Hall of Famer Andre Reed. Many may know Andre Reed for his phenomenal career in Football, but they need to know his mission for encouraging and increasing literacy in the youth. He is accomplishing this mission with his Read with Reed 83 program under the operation and direction of The Andre Reed Foundation. The foundation was formed in 2010 by Andre as a means to help underprivileged children reach their full potential and become responsible contributors to their communities.
October 26, 2020
Mom(preneur) talk with Mariah - Women Bosses in Relationship
We sat down with Mariah again for another Mom(preneur) talk! This time we talked about women bosses in relationship and does that mean in terms of intimate to professional relationships. We spoke on areas in terms of balance, health, and nurturing relationships while accomplishing your dreams. 
October 15, 2020
Behind The Business with Cassandra Schaeg
Black SD Magazine had the amazing opportunity to sit down and chat with Cassandra Schaeg. She is the owner and operated of Sip, Wine and Beer in Escondido, CA. She created this wine bar company to give Black and Brown individuals a reason to explore and expand their palettes when it comes to Wines & Beers. Listen to her journey and how she continues to work diligently to change the narrative when it comes to the experience and education of fine wines for people. 
October 15, 2020
Black SD Magazine Lifestyle - Black Hair Care
Black SD Magazine is exploring the conversations in Black Culture and Lifestyle.  This Lifestyle Episode we talked about Black Haircare in terms of textures, maintenance, styles, products, and even what questions you need to ask your stylist before you sit in their chair.  Special Guest : Tiffany Williams & Jazmine Hill 
October 13, 2020
Behind The Business with Maya Madsen
Black SD Magazine had the exclusive pleasure to sit down and chat with Maya Madsen. She is the founder and owner of Maya's Cookies the #1 Black Owned Gourmet Vegan Cookie Company in the USA! Listen as I learned how she turned her joy of all things sweet into a business that delivers to all 50 states and including international to places like Guam and Puerto Rico. Maya went from baking in her home to farmer's markets to her own facility in the matter of 5 years.  This was her way of taking full control of her life, creating generational wealth for her family, and paying for her 3 sons to attend college. 
October 05, 2020
Behind The Business with Jazmine Hill
We got personal with Jazmine Hill who is a new entrepreneur with her own online boutique clothing store in San Diego, a full time student, worker, and a pageant contestant for Miss California representing the city of El Cajon.  Listen as we talk about what it takes to be an entrepreneur by starting with your WHY and WHO you are.  Learn why she believes women need to come together in business and why she is making it her mission to help become an inspiration to the next generation. 
September 17, 2020
Mom(preneur) talk with Mariah - Rebuilding The Confidence
Black SD Magazine and Mariah Darsha has teamed up for a 5 part podcast series centered around the Mom(preneur). We know black women and women in general are doing it all now a days. From being mothers to wives they juggle life and make it happen for themselves, their family and friends. The world may think it looks easy but these amazingly strong, talented, and beautiful Mom(preneurs) have their days where they need help, don't feel like themselves, and at times want to give up, but they DON'T. This episode is on how Mariah and other women can regain their confidence after changes in their life like childbirth and marriage. 
September 11, 2020
Business Brand Building 101
Branding is important for the entrepreneur early on in their stages of ideation, conception, and growth. This episode is on the essentials that are required when forming your business brand and how you communicate it to your target audience. 
September 08, 2020
Behind The Business with Black Queen Photography
I had the pleasure to sit down with Tcha the owner of Black Queen Photography at Hendo Studios to learn more about her business, entrepreneurial journey, and her craft.
September 07, 2020
Behind The Business with Hendo Studios
Behind The Business is a series of interviews and conversations Black SD Magazine has with local black owned business, entrepreneurs and creatives. We want you all to be able to get to know them on a deeper level beyond the business. 
August 21, 2020
The Importance of Pivoting as an Entrepreneur
Entrepreneurs will find times where they need to refocus and reevaluate their business and plan of action to stay ahead of the competition. 
May 22, 2020
Special Episode : The Entrepreneurial Burnout
The Entrepreneurial Burnout is something we all experience. We all learn how to navigate it and come out of it being better entrepreneurs!
May 19, 2020
Getting to Know your Customers
It's important to further the development of understanding who your customer is and what they want. 
May 07, 2020
Content Creation
It is important to have a schedule and differentiate your content from your competitors.
April 30, 2020
Staying Current During COVID-19
It's important for you as an Entrepreneur to stay current in your connection with your customers/audience/stakeholders, have a marketing strategy for staying educational, promotional, and storytelling, and having a plan for post the COVID-19.
April 28, 2020
The Importance of Strategy
As an Entrepreneur, you need to have a strategy. A strategy is all about thinking about the future, using the past to understand and the present to equip yourself with the proper tools and techniques to succeed. 
April 24, 2020
Understanding the Difference between Buyers vs. Consumers
As an entrepreneur, you will want to understand how to better develop services & producers for consumption while making sure your marketing/messaging strategy is effective. 
April 23, 2020
Being Authentic & Genuine as an Entrepreneur
Entrepreneurs need to continuously stay Authentic & Genuine as they grow and establish their business and brand. 
April 20, 2020
Thinking about your business and brand position
It's important to understand how your customers view you and what they expect!
April 18, 2020
Why campaigns are important!
Campaigns need to be managed, evaluated and reevaluated for the success of your business efforts!  
April 14, 2020
Measuring for Success
As an entrepreneur measuring the success of your efforts is important!! Remember it's only successful if it's measurable. 
April 13, 2020
Channel Activation for Success
This episode is all about activating different channels for you to engage with your audience, convert new customers, and test out new content. 
April 09, 2020
The Importance of The Audience
Audience understanding, engaging, and expanding are key successes for the entrepreneur. 
April 08, 2020
The importance of Storytelling for the Entrepreneur!
April 06, 2020