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Sounds Tasty!

Sounds Tasty!

By Michael Dane
Whether you think broccoli is a superfood or just a cruciferous con, and whether you're a Juggalo or a Fanilow, we all gotta eat! So on every episode of Sounds Tasty, I'm gonna hash it out with special guests who know their way around food and music. Sounds tasty, right?
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There’s the Rub!
This time, we go rollin’ on the river with the executive chef for the Padelford Riverboat Cruises, John Cooper! We’ll talk about corned beef, ice sculpting, and the Grateful Dead, along with another wacky quiz!
April 21, 2022
Bibambap, With a Side of K-pop!
In this episode, I’m talking with John Gleason, founder of the restaurant ‘Bap and Chicken,’ and we’re doing a deep dive into a comforting rice bowl—plus, a BTS quiz!
April 03, 2022
In the Court of the Wonton King
This time, I mix it up with Chef and composer Ross Messier, and we talk about his obsession with The Doors and what goes into making the perfect wonton!
December 04, 2021
Bloody Marys and BLTs
What makes this country great? Dive bars, that’s what! We kick off this season with a visit to the Round Corner Tavern in Sacramento, California, and we’ll talk with cook Drian Perez about drunks and lumpias!
October 28, 2021
Sounds Like Comfort Food!
This time, I'm talking with Laurelann Porter about everything from lavender farms to tarot cards--it all takes place at the intersection of food and music!
August 04, 2021
That Sounds Offal!
This time on the show, I get the chance to talk with Peter Wilson about Scottish things! A little history, a lot of bagpipes, some festive haggis, and of course, whiskey!
July 28, 2021
This time, I talk with the people behind the Facebook page called ‘Cookbook Love,’ who are also the creators of the Kitchen Snark Coloring Book! Time to time travel!
July 09, 2021
I Want A Three-Way!
This time on the show, it’s a conversation with Cincinnati foodie Mark Borison, and we mix it up about everything from ‘chili’ to Childish Gambino!
June 12, 2021
In this episode, I talk with Jordan Zucker, who’s an actor, an author, a chef, and a feminist entrepreneur! We may not agree about everything, but w both hate cilantro!
May 17, 2021
This Time, On A Very Special Episode Of "Sounds Tasty!"
Lefse and Lutefisk. Okra and Chitlins. The Captain and Tennille. Only one of these was a chart-topping 70s music duo--find out which one, when I talk with proud Arkansawyer (and erstwhile Minnesotan) Drew Jansen!
April 25, 2021
Mashed Potatoes . . . and Groovy!
This time, I’m catching up with food entrepreneur and hip-hop harpist Jill Flomenhoft, and we’re talking about everything from Tchaikovsky to Boeuf Bourguignon!
April 17, 2021
Hair Metal — Does It Still Rock?
This time, I'm talking with comedian Johnny Taylor about Skid Row, Rimbaud, and hot buttered Cheetos!
April 02, 2021
All The World’s A Stage—Or Maybe It’s A Kitchen?
On this episode, I had the pleasure of talking with multi talented multi-hyphenate Sarah Beth Tanner from Chicago, and we talk about everything from sassy waitresses to Stephen Sondheim!
March 26, 2021
In this episode, I talk with the Orlando-based YouTube cooking sensation known as the Vegan Black Metal Chef, and we discuss how he got into metal music in the third grade, and how he became a vegan at least partly because his girlfriend at the time DIDN’T DIE!
March 26, 2021
Taquitos and Snake Balls
This time, I’m talking with private chef Dana Landis about Guatemala, paw paw, and the perfect playlist for a private party!
March 26, 2021
Dance, Music, Sex, Romance...and Tamales!
This time, I’m talking with chef and food writer Mecca Bos, about soul food and hip-hop!
March 26, 2021
You Say Madonna, I Say Paella!
I chat with Milwaukee’s Gregory León about growing up in Venezuela, his love of Spanish cuisine, and reinvention!
March 26, 2021
Fear of Baking feat. Bret Bannon
We chat with Minnesota chef and baker Bret Bannon about his musical theater background and his love of France, and I cover the musical gamut from Gregorian chant to free jazz!
March 26, 2021
“Sounds Tasty!”—with special guest Vito Giambalvo
In this episode of “Sounds Tasty!” We’ll chat with Vito Giambalvo, host of “Vito’s Italian Cucina” on YouTube. How is classic Italian cooking like blues music? Listen and find out!
March 25, 2021