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LoveLetters Profiles

LoveLetters Profiles

By Mike and Barbara Farragher
The LoveLetters Profiles podcast is a playful yet enlightening conversation hosted by college sweethearts Mike and Barbara Farragher, who started LoveLetters Profiles to amplify online dating and career narratives to attract the love, career, and life you want. Achieving that starts with writing a love letter to yourself, and this spirited conversation will make you laugh, think, and go for it!
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Episode 15: Newlyweds Freddie and Jessica Maldonado
These entrepreneurial love birds didn’t let a pandemic stop them from finding love. Their story is inspiring!
June 5, 2021
Episode 14: Karyn Cusanelli
Karyn Cusanelli is a top real estate professional who shares how she roared back into the job market and offers tips on buying or selling a home in this hot real estate market.
May 29, 2021
Episode 13: Inspired Girl Jennifer Tuma-Young
Inspired Girl Enterprises Founder and CEO Jennifer Tuama-Young drops by to share her own inspiring story of grit and grace!
May 9, 2021
Career Tips with Will Hill
Will Hill, Monmouth University’s Director of Career Services, drops by with practical advice for the job hunters out there!
April 30, 2021
Minding Manners with Cheryl Walker-Robertson
We welcome protocol expert and business coach Cheryl Walker-Robertson to our podcast for insights on dating and business etiquette.
April 25, 2021
Episode 10: Marc Ensign
Author Marc Ensign talks about his “Be A D*ck” book as well as his fascinating journey that includes a stop on Broadway.
April 19, 2021
Episode 9: Coach Karen Glace
DreamBuilder Coach Karen Glace talks to us about designing and manifesting a life that’s in harmony with your soul’s purpose
April 11, 2021
Episode 8: Adapting Social’s John Vagueiro
John Vagueiro is the CEO of Adapting Social, a digital marketing agency built by Jersey grit and sweat.
March 21, 2021
Episode 7: Positively Sexy!
Barbara Blatz-Stone is a Positivity Coach and her younger sister Jennifer Wiessner is a Sex Therapist. A zesty conversation about love during lockdown!
March 14, 2021
Episode 6: In conversation with Lucie Luvidya
Lucie Luvidya is a popular dating coach who shares winning strategies to find that special someone.
March 7, 2021
This is Us - at 28
Co-hosts Mike and Barbara Farragher discuss their 28 year marriage on February 28th their wedding anniversary! #thegolden
February 27, 2021
Episode 4: Michelle Dickinson | Mental Health "Conversations That Matter"
TedX speaker, author, podcaster, and mental health strategist Michelle Dickinson has been an advocate for wellness in the workplace; her popular "Conversations That Matter" audio/video podcast broadcasts empowering messages of perserverance and triumph. She joins us to talk about picking up the pieces and creating your life in any circumstances.   Follow Michelle on Instagram
February 21, 2021
Episode 3: Lucy Keaveny | Transformational Relationship Coach
A lively transatlantic chat with UK transformational relationship, divorce, and breakup coach Lucy Keaveny. wwwLucy
February 7, 2021
Episode 2: Susan Allan
We speak to Susan Allan, who is called America’s leading Love, Marriage and Divorce Coach- a complicated title; because she offers all the tools and skills you need to create YOUR preferred outcome! Let’s listen and learn!
February 2, 2021
Meet the Hosts!
We’d like to introduce ourselves and welcome you to a podcast chock-full of inspiration and practical knowledge that you can use to attract the love, career, and life of your dreams! Meet the host of this podcast, Mike and Barbara Farragher
January 23, 2021