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Funbone Local

Funbone Local

By Michael Fell
An improvised and edited sketch comedy podcast that follows the mystical “Funbone Local” train as it makes station stops to various insane locales.
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Funbone Local 1.5- The Peevis is Behind the Prostate
The train is making its ROUNDS this ep. We’re going to a dog pound in Cali, back to that radio station in Queens, to a Costco Checkout Line, and even to a Bar Mitzvah. There’s only one ep left this season so spread the good word!!
May 26, 2020
Funbone Local 1.4- The Great UK Baking Program
This one goes all over the place y’all! From the titular UK for a look into everyone’s favorite baking program, to a real wild wedding reception, to sighting of America’s Sweetheart in California, and a psychological survey being held at The City College of New York.
May 11, 2020
Funbone Local 1.3- Jim’s Sperm Bank
This one is a bit of a bottle episode. If that bottle was filled with...well. We’re all in quarantine folks and we thought there was no better time than this to release one of our wildest eps yet.
May 4, 2020
Funbone Local 1.2 - Banana Flavored Laughy Taffy
This week the train stops by LaGuardia International Airport, Frank’s Farmers Market, PS 135 (ft. “Cool” Steve), and LaGuardia again because who DOESN’T love that airport?!
April 1, 2020
Funbone Local 1.1 - The 8th Harry Potter Book
The introductory episode finds our train making station stops at a radio station in Queens, a nasty teen’s home, a nightclub, and the release of the highly anticipated 8th Harry Potter book. THE FUNBONE LOCAL is an improvised and edited sketch comedy podcast.
March 20, 2020