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I believe

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By Michael Harris
Welcome to TalkingEnglish121 - Michael Harris. We believe that your future defines you, and we want to give you the tools to make it a success.
An interview with Oyin Orija - Aka Susan Smithers
With a Matter of law just over a week away now, I had the chance to speak to  Oyin Orija - Aka Susan Smithers.
July 16, 2019
An interview with Martin Sadd - RE A Matter of Law.
Martin Sadd comes to the play A Matter of Law with lots of life expereince and also acting, but not stage acting. This is a brief interview with him about his role as Trevor in the play.
July 13, 2019
We live in a multi-cultural world - with many races living in the same footprint. How do we cope with each other?
May 1, 2019
Comunity Theatre - A way to change your life.
This is an interview with a guy I know who for him Community theatre has transformed his life.  He has put his past behind him, and found new ways to express himself through the medium of Theatre and film.  He is an inspirtation to me, and I think you will love him too!
March 14, 2019
Be A Yes Person
How many times this week have you said NO? How many times is it because you are to scared to say Yes?
February 17, 2019
I believe
Do you ever say I can't? I know I do, but maybe if you believe in yourself you can!
February 12, 2019
Support Networks
We all need someone to lean on no matter how good we think we are. Who do you lean on?
February 9, 2019
Personal Qualities
Who we are is made up of lots of qualities, and if we can learn to appreciate those things, it can transform our life, and it takes just one step to get started.
February 9, 2019
The Past is Gone!
Have you ever failed? Have you ever made a mistake, do you live with the regrets of the past? Maybe it is time to forget the past. Your past does not define you your future does!
February 4, 2019
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