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Mic The Gardener - Gardening Podcast

Mic The Gardener - Gardening Podcast

By Michael Palmer
Join professional gardener, podcaster & broadcaster, Mike Palmer, for lively discussions with gardening personalities and experts from the fantastic world of gardening. Look out for Mike's 'Plant Specials' including dahlias, roses & clematis with more to come. You can see & hear more from Mike in his beautiful garden at his popular Instagram account @mike_thegardener. Mike's podcast is sponsored by Natural Grower the supplier of plant-based products for organic & chemical free gardening and houseplants.
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Mic the Gardener - Gardening Podcast - Katie Rushworth

Mic The Gardener - Gardening Podcast

Mic the Gardener - Gardening Podcast - Weeds Special with Gareth Richards
In this week’s episode I chat to author Gareth Richards about his new RHS book ‘Weeds - The Beauty and Uses of 50 Vagabond Plants’. There can't be one of us who doesn't battle with at least a handful of weed varieties in our own gardens. In my own garden, it's hairy bittercress, couch grass and bindweed, and that, is quite enough, thank you very much. Like many of us, you'll find me hissing and cussing under my breath as I fight to extract them from my borders. However, Gareth's fascinating book has made me step back and look again at the weeds in my own garden. They've earned a new found respect and acknowledgement for the many uses they have, many of which, we're probably not aware of. Many weeds have medicinal properties, some can be eaten and, going back in time, some were even used as fabric! In this episode we chat about Gareth's role at the RHS, the book and how it came about. More specifically we chat about: How the 50 vagabond plants were selected What a weed is The difference between perennial and annual weeds Native and non-native weeds What 'first responders' are  The (perhaps) unknown and surprising properties of some weeds We also discuss the beautiful illustrations throughout the book and much more. This is a truly fascinating episode and Gareth's book is a must have for all gardeners, available through the RHS online shop and other outlets. As always, thank you for listening and if you don't already, please do follow/subscribe as there is still lots more to come.  And, if you listen via Apple Podcasts, please do leave a review. See you all next week.  Mike
October 25, 2021
Mic the Gardener - Gardening Podcast - Mark Lane
In this episode Mike chats to BBC TV Gardeners' World and BBC Breakfast presenter Mark Lane. This episode was originally due to be recorded in Marks own garden, but unfortunately the UK petrol crisis put paid to that and this episode was recorded via Zoom. Nonetheless, Mark talks passionately and descriptively about his own beautiful garden, describing the trees, shrubs, plants and features and how it's developed over the years. Mark also tells Mike about his career and how he first became a TV presenter for the BBC Chelsea Flower Show, which in turn led to his job as a popular presenter on Gardeners' World.  They also chat at length about Mark's award winning garden design practice and how he found himself designing gardens following a road traffic accident over 20 years ago. Following his accident, Mark naturally went through a period of grief and he talks to Mike about the turning point in this journey, when horticulture and gardening played a key part in his rehabilitation. In recent years Mark has also authored a book, Royal Gardens of the World and alongside artist Sharon Walters, was responsible for one of the popular ITV idents in between ITV television programmes. And finally, Mike chats to Mark about being a finalist in the National Diversity Celebrity of the Year award 2021. You can see and hear more from Mike through his popular Instagram account @mike_thegardener.  Thank you
October 18, 2021
Mic The Gardener - Gardening Podcast - Dry Shade Special
In this Dry Shade Special podcast episode, Mike dispels the common fear around planting in a dry, shady area.   Many gardeners, irrespective of their knowledge and experience, visibly quake at the knees at the mention of 'dry shade'.  So, in this episode recorded in his own back garden, Mike talks through the plants he has used to great effect to bring a dry shady border alive, year-round with trees, shrubs, perennials, grasses and spring flowering bulbs.   It probably goes without saying that a dry, shady border isn't going to hold the same magnificence and impact of a burgeoning, summer border in full sun.  However, the beauty of an edge of woodland shade planting with stunningly choreographed foliage plants, spring bulbs, deliciously scented shrubs, ferns and grasses carries its own gentler, quieter beauty.  As always, if you have any questions about this episode, and in particular a dry shady border of your own, please contact Mike through the podcast email address,  As promised, here is the plant listing discussed in today's episode, alongside some pictures of Mikes beautiful dry-shade border in his  Bournemouth garden on the south coast of the United Kingdom.  Plant list: There are many plants that will cope and thrive in dry shade. A little homework beforehand to check on how much shade specific plants can cope with is advisable.  The following list of plants are those which thrive in Mike's dry, shady border - See pictures here! Acers in variety, tree ferns (Dicksonia antartica), Skimmia japonica 'Rubella' / 'Fragrant Cloud' / 'Kew White', spotted laurel (Aucuba japonica), winter box (Sarcococca confuse, S. hookeriana), Mahonia 'Charity', climbing hydrangea (Hydrangea anomala subsp. petiolaris), hydrangeas in variety, hellebores in variety, pheasant grass (Anemanthele lessoniana (syn. Stipa arundinacea)), hakon grass (Hakonechloa), narcissus, snowdrops & tulips in variety, ferns in variety (incl Dryoptris affinis 'Cristata', Asplenium scolopendrium, Polystichum setiferum, Dryopteris erythrosora), epimediums in variety, heucheras in variety (incl Heuchera 'Obsidian', H. 'Marmalade', H. 'Fire Chief'), foxgloves (Digitialis purpurea), Podophyllum 'Spotty Dotty', astrantia in variety, hosta in variety, hardy geranium (incl Geranium phaeum 'Samobor', G. phaeum 'Album'), Persicaria 'Red Dragon', camellias in variety.  Thank you for listening to this episode, and please do FOLLOW/SUBSCRIBE and if you listen on Apple PodcastS, please do leave a REVIEW.
October 11, 2021
Mic The Gardener - Gardening Podcast - Naomi Slade
In this episode Mike chats to garden writer, designer and broadcaster (and in fact most things 'garden'), Naomi Slade, in her sunny, urban, Bristol garden. Naomi tells Mike how the garden has developed in the four years since she took it on. Despite being an urban garden it is home to a heavily laden pear tree, several ornamental crab apple trees, a pretty little greenhouse, a decked seating area, a compost bin and a lovely selection of shrubs and perennials. And, Mike also discovers that there isn't just the one Naomi Slade in the garden! Mike chats to Naomi about her career to date, including a punk inspired, gold medal and best in show winning garden that she designed called 'Never Mind the Hollyhocks'. And, of course, they chat about her career as a successful writer and journalist, including her collaboration with photographer Georgianna Lane for her best selling books.  You can find out more about Naomi's garden by reading her popular, fortnightly column in Garden News magazine. And for more information about Naomi Slade, head to her website where you can also purchase her books.  Naomi can also be found on Instagram and Twitter.  You can also follow Mike on his popular Instagram account @mike_thegardener.  Please don't forget to follow/subscribe as there is still lots more to come in Series 2. And, if you're new to the 'Mic the Gardener' podcast, why not head over and listen to some great interviews and plant specials from Series One.  See you next week!
October 4, 2021
Mic The Gardener - Gardening Podcast - Danny Clarke a.k.a. The Black Gardener
In this episode Mike chats to Danny Clarke, a.k.a. The Black Gardener. You'll know Danny from the BBC TV series 'The Instant Gardener' and most recently he has become part of the ever-popular ITV gardening makeover programme, 'Love Your Garden' alongside Alan Titchmarsh, Frances Tophill, David Dominey and previous podcast guest, Katie Rushworth (Series 1). Click here to listen to Mike chatting to Katie Rushworth.  Danny tells Mike about his childhood, his early career and how he moved into gardening and design. He also recounts how changing the name of his gardening business to 'The Black Gardener' led to an unbelievable change in the direction of his career.   During the chat, Mike & Danny also discuss: Diversity and inclusion within horticulture and how things need to change  Danny's Commemorative Garden for the Cheltenham & Gloucester Hospital charity Danny's involvement with Tayshan Hayden-Smith in their 'Grow2Know' project, birthed in the wake of the Grenfell Tower fire in June 2017, and Some really exiting things to come from Danny very soon! The interview was recorded in Kelsey Park, Beckenham, South London, a favourite park of Dannys, which teems with bird and wildlife. Some pictures of the park & Danny and I, taken on the day can be viewed here.  If you have any questions or comments about the podcast, do you contact Mike directly on the shows podcast email, or, contact Mike via his popular Instagram account @mike_thegardener.  Don't forget to follow/subscribe as there's lots more to come. And, if you listen via Apple Podcasts, please do leave a review as it helps others to find the podcast. Talking of which, do tell all your gardening friends, family and loved ones about the podcast.  Thanks for listening!
September 24, 2021
Mic The Gardener - Gardening Podcast - Anna Pavord
In this episode Mike chats to garden writing legend, Anna Pavord, author of the Gardening Bible, The Tulip.  Anna was the gardening correspondent for The Independent and author of a number of bestselling gardening & plant books. She is also an associate editor of Gardens Illustrated magazine and has also written for The Observer for over twenty years.  In this delightful interview, she chats to Mike by telephone from her West Dorset home about The Tulip, her writing and career as a successful, freelance journalist. In a sneaky preview, Anna tells us about her new book, 'The Seasonal Gardener', due for publication Spring 2022.  She also talks about her long friendship with Fergus Garret and her dear friend, the late Christopher Lloyd and shares some lovely stories about their friendship.  This is a truly enchanting chat with the most wonderfully engaging garden writer.  Please do follow/subscribe so you don't miss Mike's forthcoming weekly episodes.  And, if you wish to contact Mike to ask a question or comment on his podcast, you can use the podcast email address or contact him via his popular Instagram account @mike_thegardener. 
September 17, 2021
Mic The Gardener - Gardening Podcast - Ornamental Grasses Special with Neil Lucas
In this informative, fourth 'plant special' episode, Mike chats to leading ornamental grass expert and 13 Chelsea Gold Medal winner, Neil Lucas about ornamental grasses.  Recorded in the grounds of the stunning Knoll Gardens, near Wimborne, Dorset, UK, Neil talks to Mike about everything you could possibly need to know about growing ornamental grasses successfully. It's an Ornamental Grasses Podcast Masterclass which covers: How to grow grasses Grasses for specific locations including dry shade, wet, boggy areas and dry gravel gardens in sun & more Planting companions Pests & diseases Propagation The Knoll Gardens website is also a really useful resource for more information, including galleries, useful 'how to' videos and plant listings. You can also purchase a wide range of grasses and perennials directly through their website and Neil's best-selling book 'Designing with Grasses'.  You can also view Mike's stunning pictures of Knoll Gardens taken on the day of the recording by clicking here If you have any comments or questions about this episode, you can email Mike through the shows email address or message him directly on Instagram on his account @mike_thegardener. As always, please do follow/subscribe as there is so much more to come in the second series of the Mike the Gardener podcast. And, if you listen through Apple podcasts please leave a review as it helps others to find us.
September 10, 2021
Mic The Gardener - Gardening Podcast - British Flowers Rock (Ben Cross)
In this episode Mike chats to Ben Cross of Crosslands Flower Nursery, a family business growing and delivering British alstromeria nationwide all year round since 1936.  Ben is passionate about the importance of growing their beautiful alstroemerias in a sustainable way.  He regularly give talks about the importance of buying British grown flowers in order to reduce the carbon footprint when flowers are imported from across the world, packed with chemicals before ending up in our supermarkets, florists, garages and farm shops. An unbelievable 90% of the flowers we buy in the UK are imported!  His 'British Flowers Rock' campaign aims to highlight the importance of buying homegrown flowers ('Grown not Flown') and Mike is delighted to help Ben spread the message of this important issue.    Ben chats to Mike about the history, challenges and all aspects of running this successful 4th generation family run business.  They also chat about supermarket labelling, chemicals, how to grow alstromeria and much more.  See pictures of Crossland Flower Nursery alstroemerias here! Find out more about Ben's campaign and Crosslands Nursery follow him on Instagram & Facebook. And you can see and hear more from Mike by following him on his popular Instagram account @mike_thegardener.  If you have enjoyed this podcast, please don't forget to FOLLOW/SUBSCRIBE and if you listen to Mic the Gardener via Apple Podcasts please leave REVIEW.  Thank you.       
September 3, 2021
Mic The Gardener - Gardening Podcast - Michael Perry a.k.a. Mr Plant Geek
In this first episode of the second series, Mike chats to Michael Perry, a.k.a. Mr Plant Geek.  Michael is a TV presenter, speaker, podcaster and social media influencer (voted as Social Media Influencer of the Year 2020 by the Garden Media Guild). In this exciting episode, Mike chats to Michael in his glorious, sunny Suffolk-based garden about the garden itself, the design, the hard landscaping and quite a bit about the plants, of course! Also in this episode, Michael talks about why weeds are great in any garden, what his parents think of his garden and we also discuss his career to date including his TV work and being voted Social Media Influencer of the Year in 2020. Later in the episode, Michael tells about the phenomenally successful Plant Based Podcast, which he co-presents with Ellen Mary with Mike questioning him about his 'serious' side. To see pictures of Mr Plant Geek's garden, click here.  Thank you for listening, and if you've enjoyed this podcast, please FOLLOW/SUBSCRIBE and why not leave a REVIEW for Mike on Apple Podcasts.  You can see and hear more of Mike through his popular Instagram account @mike_thegardener. 
August 27, 2021
Mic The Gardener - Gardening Podcast - Series II Trailer
Yes the wait is almost over! Your host, Mike Palmer, returns with a brand-new, exciting series of the popular 'Mic the Gardener' podcast on Friday, 27th August, 0600 (BST).  Alongside the in-depth chats with fascinating garden presenters, journalists, designers and other gardening folk and the very popular plant profile episodes, Mike introduces a brand new feature, 'Up the Garden Path'. In these occasional episodes, Mike will take you 'Up the Garden Path' of some well-known personalities in the wonderful world of gardening.  So tune in from Friday 27th August when Mike will take you 'Up the Garden Path' of plant fanatic, presenter and social media sensation, Michael Perry, a.k.a. Mr Plant Geek.  Mike chats to Michael about his career to date and explores his beautiful new garden in Suffolk and of course, lots more! Thanks to all of you who have left wonderful reviews. And if you haven't already, why not pop over to Apple Podcast and leave a review for Mike.  You can follow Mike on his very popular Instagram account @mike_thegardener, where he shares his own garden through regular posts and live broadcasts (Mike's Sunday Stroll).  He will also be starting a new series of live, 'Mike Chats to...'with some fantastic new guests.  The 'Mic the Gardener' podcast is sponsored by Natural Grower. 
August 20, 2021
Thank You - I'll Be Back Soon!
I'd like to thank each and every one of you for listening to, subscribing to and following my new Mic the Gardener podcast; I've enjoyed every single moment of recording, editing and presenting it. So many of you have contacted me to let me know you have also enjoyed the first series and/or have left amazing reviews on Apple Podcasts. And the response to the Mic the Gardener podcast survey was unbelievable. All of your comments and observations have been read and I've already started to plan for Series 2 with some really great guests and features in the pipeline! I will be back in early September, relaxed and raring to go again! In the meantime, you can follow and message me on my Instagram account @mike_thegardener or email the podcast at; I love hearing from you with your questions, suggestions and ideas for future episodes. So have a great summer and look forward to being with you all very soon. Mike
July 12, 2021
Mic The Gardener - Gardening Podcast - Waterperry Gardens Special
In this final episode of the first series Mike visits the stunning Waterperry Gardens in Oxfordshire where he chats with Managing Director, Simon Buchanan, Head Gardener, Pat Havers and Fruit Consultant, Chris Lanczak.  Waterperry Gardens is steeped in history, most notably with the arrival of the redoubtable Beatrix Havergal, with her partner Avice Sanders in September 1932. Together, at Waterperry, they set up a Horticultural School for Ladies which ran successfully until 1971.  The heritage of the horticultural school remains at the core of what is done at Waterperry, with the sharing of staff knowledge with visitors and apprentices alike.  The gardens themselves are evidence of Beatrix' horticultural virtuosity, in particular, the classical herbaceous border which remains an object of admiration to visitors, by virtue of the current gardeners' continuing faithfulness to its original conception.  Mike chats to Managing Director Simon Buchanan about the history of Waterperry and his role in progressing the future of the gardens. He also chats to Pat Havers, Waterperry's Head Gardener, about her passion for Waterperry and gardening, how she started in the garden some twenty years ago and how they maintain the stunning herbaceous border and lots more. Later, Pat takes Mike to meet Fruit Consultant, Chris Lanczak who takes Mike behind the scenes of their in-house fruit production operation, explaining how everything works, how late frosts have affected some harvests and recalls some of his memories working under Beatrix Havergal.  Mike brings the very essence of Waterperry Gardens to this episode, in his first outside broadcast.  And if you like visiting gardens, then Waterperry Gardens is a definite addition to your garden visit 'wish-list'.     Links: Waterperry Gardens - Instagram / Website Pat Havers - Instagram / Twitter Sadly, this is the last episode of Series 1, but Mike will return with a new series later this year. Thank you for all of your lovely messages and support for this first series.  As always, if you wish to contact Mike, you can follow and contact him under his Instagram account (@mike_thegardener), or you can email him directly via the podcast email address,  Sound Recordist & Post Production - SoNiche Productions. 
June 25, 2021
Mic The Gardener - Gardening Podcast - Clematis Special with Raymond Evison
In this episode, the third in a series of 'plant special' podcasts, Mike chats to Clematis King, Raymond Evison, owner and founder of Raymond Evison Clematis.  Raymond has spent six decades searching for, breeding and developing the world's best clematis.  Born in 1944, Raymond started his horticultural career at the age of 15 in Shropshire and quickly became the director of his first company 'Treasures of Tenbury Ltd'. A brutal winter killed a third of his mother stock and he moved the clematis operations to Guernsey, in the sunny Channel Islands, near France, where he set up the 'Guernsey Clematis Nursery' in 1985, to take advantage of the milder climate and longer growing season. In this Clematis Special episode, Mike chats to Raymond who shares some invaluable hints, tips and advice about growing clematis. You'll learn what to look out for when you're buying clematis, how to plant them and everything you need to know about how to care for them. Raymond also provides some easy to follow instructions on how to prune clematis, a subject which some of us worry about needlessly. For the more adventurous maybe, some invaluable hints and tips on how to propagate clematis. And, amongst much more, you'll learn where the name for the popular Clematis 'Freckles' comes from. After this wonderful episode, I'm sure, like me, you'll be ready to buy more clematis for your green space. Raymond's stunning collection of clematis can be found at his website As always, if you wish to contact the show, you can email Mike at his email address or message him directly via his Instagram account @mike_thegardener.
June 13, 2021
Mic The Gardener - Gardening Podcast - Ellen Mary
In this exciting episode Mike chats to Ellen Mary. Ellen Mary is one busy lady who amongst many things is a social media influencer, gardening presenter, journalist, radio broadcaster, podcaster, one of the Top 5 Women Influencers in Horticulture (Grow Your Own magazine) and now an author, with her very first book 'The Joy of Gardening', published on 27 May 2021 by Goldfinch Publishing.  Ellen Mary chats to Mike about the book, how it came about and how she found the writing process in general. Mike and Ellen Mary also talk about the chart-topping 'Plant Based Podcast' which she co-presents with Michael Perry, a.k.a. Mr Plant Geek. Ellen Mary also chats about how she manages her extraordinarily busy workload and making hilarious Tik-Tok videos.  Later in this episode, Mike talks tulips, as he goes through your messages about the tulips you have grown the season, your favourite combos and where you buy your tulips from.  You can follow Mike on his successful Instagram account @mike_thegardener, and join him live every Sunday morning, 10am (GMT) when he takes us for a stroll around his Bournemouth garden and answers as many of your gardening questions as he can, live on air.  If you wish to contact Mike, you can do so through his Instagram account (@mike_thegardener) or through the podcast email  Thank you for listening to the 'Mic the Gardener' podcast, and please do follow and/or subscribe, and if you listen through Apple podcast, please do leave a review.
May 21, 2021
Mic The Gardener - Gardening Podcast - Roses Special with Michael Marriott
In this exciting, second 'plant special' podcast, Mike chats to world-leading rosarian, Michael Marriot, formerly of David Austin Roses, where he was an integral part of the team for 35 years. What Michael doesn't know about roses, frankly isn't worth knowing. Mike chats to Michael about everything you need to know about growing the best possible roses, including how to chose the best varieties, planting, pruning, feeding, watering and pests & diseases. He discusses some great practical and organic solutions whilst also dispeling some urban myths about growing roses along the way. Alongside his incredible knowledge and common-sense approach to looking after roses, he is also well-known for his rose garden design. As a garden designer, Michael is famed for his dense, romantic beds, whether planted purely with roses or mixed in with perennials. He has also designed many rose gardens and borders around the world.  Alongside private gardens, Michael has also designed gardens in the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, Queen Mary's Rose Garden in Regents Park, Hampton Court Palace, Wynyard Hall, Trentham Gardens and the David Austin garden near Osaka in Japan. In his work, Michael has travelled the globe, often sharing his expertise on the radio, television, and garden media publications and interviews. He has played a vital role in the development and popularisation of English roses and has an intimate knowledge of all of the 200+ English roses, bred and introduced by David Austin roses. So come and spend just under an hour with us and you’ll go away with the very best rose growing knowledge you could ever wish to have. You can follow Michael on his Instagram account and at his website And if you wish to contact Mike, you can contact him via his Instagram account or by his email 
April 30, 2021
Mic The Gardener - Gardening Podcast - Skinny Jean Gardener
In this episode Mike chats too Skinny Jean Gardener, Lee Connelly. Lee, one-time Blue Peter gardener, bestselling author of the 'How to get your Kids Gardening' book, successful podcaster with his Sunday Times Top 5 Podcast, the Skinny Jean Gardener podcast and spokesman and advocate for getting kids into gardening.  Lee chats about his inspirational initiative, the School Gardening Success Plan, which aims to give 30,000 UK primary schools the capacity to teach their children to Grow Your Own. He also talks about his journey into gardening, some interesting 'behind the scenes' facts about being a Blue Peter gardener, and lots more!  You can find Skinny Jean Gardener on Instagram and Twitter. Later in the episode, Mike thanks all of his listeners their support of his new podcast, which in just four months has attracted over 2.6 K listeners and regularly falls just outside of the Top 10 Apple UK Home and Garden podcast charts.  If you wish to contact Mike, email or message him directly via his popular Instagram account. 
April 16, 2021
Mic The Gardener - Gardening Podcast - Dahlia Special
Who doesn’t love a blooming good dahlia? In this special edition of the Mic the Gardener podcast, Mike chats to Farmer Gracy horticulturalist, Naomi Jones about everything you need to know to grow dazzling dahlias in your green space.  Every aspect is covered from what to do when you buy your dahlia tubers, what potting compost to use, how to start them into growth, watering, feeding, pest control and deadheading.  And, irrespective of whether you’re a dahlia newbie or a dahlia doyenne, there is a special 10% discount on all Farmer Gracy dahlia orders until midnight, 18th April 2021.  The Mic the Gardener podcast is sponsored by Natural Grower.
April 6, 2021
Mic The Gardener - Gardening Podcast - Sally Nex
In this episode Mike chats to gardener, garden writer and author, Sally Nex about her incredible new book 'How to Garden the Low Carbon Way'. Her new book is packed with brilliant, topical and practical tips to help us in our own green spaces. Which potting compost should we be using? What can we plant to lower our carbon footprint? Are there alternatives to synthetic fertilisers?  How can we cut out single-use plastics?  In this fascinating episode Sally chats to Mike about the book, her career as a gardener, writer and author and we learn a few things about Sally's previous career as a broadcast journalist and war correspondent for BBC News which she hasn't chatted about before!  You can follow Sally on her website and her Instagram account @sally.nex.  We also catch up with Otis Scadding, a local, professional gardener and best friend of Mike, who works in the beautiful Dorset area. Otis, has just moved into a new home and garden and chats to Mike about his plans for the garden and what he has done so far.  To see more of Otis' new garden you can follow him on his Instagram account @otisthegardener.  And you can follow Mike's progress in his garden on his Instagram account @mike_thegardener. Mike also has a LIVE(!) weekly Sunday Stroll around his garden every Sunday at 10am (GMT), so why not join him to see first hand what he's getting up to in his beautiful garden.  If you wish to contact Mike, you can email him at the podcast email or message him directly via his Instagram account Thanks so much for listening and please don't forget to SUBSCRIBE and if you are listening on Apple podcast, please leave a REVIEW. 
March 26, 2021
Mic the Gardener - Gardening Podcast - Katie Rushworth
Mike chats to television presenter, Katie Rushworth of ITV's highly popular garden makeover programme 'Love Your Garden' about making beautiful gardens in the rain, being a jobbing gardener and coarse fishing..., yes, coarse fishing!  They also talk about her own family garden makeovers (see Katie's Instagram for more information) and her very successful garden consultation business. You can find more information about this at Also in this episode, Mike takes us for a wander around his beautiful garden in Bournemouth, on the south-coast of England and tells us about some of the gardening jobs we can all be doing in our gardens and green spaces. You can find out more about Mike through his Instagram accounts, @mike_thegardener and @mic.thegardenerpodcast and his website And you can contact Mike through the podcast email And don't forget to SUBSCRIBE & FOLLOW and if you listen through Apple podcasts, please leave a REVIEW.  Thank you for listening. 
March 5, 2021
Mic The Gardener - Gardening Podcast - Simon Lycett
Mike talks to awarding winning royal florist extraordinaire, author and presenter Simon Lycett from 'Lycett Towers' in London - check out his website for the most beautiful displays to cheer you through the February Freeze.  Mike and Simon explore the stigma experienced identifying as a florist in an all-boys school. Get to the roots of what it is really like to be a florist in lockdown and find out more about plans for Series 2 of Full Bloom, flower friends!  As always Mike catches up with professional gardener, Otis Scadding, to discuss horticultural college, qualifications and the benefits of getting invaluable plant experience from working in a garden centre If you need a spot of romance, then you have all the flowers you need right here.  And you can join Mike on his weekly Sunday Strolls LIVE from his garden on his Instagram account to see what's blooming (or chilling!) in his space.  Thanks for listening and please do SUBSCRIBE and if you listen on Apple Podcasts please leave a review.  Mike 
February 12, 2021
Mic The Gardener - Gardening Podcast - Lia Leendertz
January 2021,  Lockdown 3 might be upon us in the UK but we are still tending the soil.  Mike meets The Almanac's author Lia Leendertz who warms our feet like a toasty fire with tales of meditation and the journey to being a writer. Dorset gardener Otis reveals a garden designers start-of-year regime.
January 22, 2021
Gardening New Year Resolutions 2021
In this most welcome New Year special, Mike grabs his unwitting producer Jo to chat through a selection of your 2021 gardening New Year’s resolutions. There are also some great resolutions from some of our friends in the celebrity gardening world. You’ll hear about the origin of the courgette challenge, dreams of ‘no dig’ and so much more.
January 22, 2021
Mic The Gardener - Gardening Podcast (pilot) - Tamsin Westhorpe
The first episode of an exciting new podcast from professional gardener and garden designer, Mike Palmer.   We join Mike from his beautiful garden in Bournemouth where he has spent most of 2020 sharing his gardening and garden design knowledge on his Instagram. In this pilot episode, Mike is joined by successful author, RHS judge, curator and gardener at Stockton Bury Gardens, Tamsin Westhorpe.   They discuss Tamsin’s very first jobs in horticulture, including being an interior landscaper and gardener for the Bournemouth Parks Department  Tamsin can be found on Instagram. Mike also chats to his best friend and professional gardener, Otis Scadding , who shares how gardening could just be the tonic we all need this winter and how gardening helps him live with anxiety and depression. As we approach the end of the year, Mike also encourages us all to consider and share our gardening new year resolutions.   If you wish to contact Mike you can email him at or on Instagram. This podcast has been made in association with audio producer Jo Tyler of Soniche Productions  Happy Christmas and New Year to all.  Mike 
December 23, 2020