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The Master Plan

The Master Plan

By Michael Philipkosky
Sports Reinvented!
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Playoff Review, Packers, Bucs, Bills and Chiefs headed to their respective championships!
NFL playoffs is here! The SUPER BOWL IS Coming!
January 19, 2021
Is Nick Saban the greatest College Football Head Coach of All-Time? Find out today with Jack Morgan, Host of the Golden Hour!
Nick Saban A.K.A. the GOAT! Jack Morgan Host of the Golden Hour! 
January 11, 2021
NFL Playoffs is HERE! Talking everything from Bills to Bucs here today with Connor DeBiasi
I got the Bucs in the Super Bowl, how about you guys?
January 6, 2021
I'm sorry Justin Herbert
The Master Plan going into 2021 has made many changes, before the year is out I have to do one last thing, review my OROTY Justin Herbert. 
January 4, 2021
Christmas Game rout!
Merry Christmas everyone, hope you all enjoy!
December 27, 2020
Celtics Season Preview! With Kiernan Tellier
December 23, 2020
Is Randy Moss the Greatest Receiver of All-Time? Find out today!
Is Randy Moss the Greatest Receiver of All-Time? Find out today! Who's the best receiver in your mind, Jerry Rice, T.O., Megatron or someone else?
December 20, 2020
Elite Running Backs vs Great Quarterbacks, who's better to build a team around?
Find out today whether I'd take Michael Onwenu and Rex Burkhead over Austin Eckler and some random right tackle. 
December 13, 2020
Motor City Miscalculation! See ya later Patricia and Quinn!
What a week in Detriot, another year wasted of Matt Stafford's career. Not so new unfortunately to Detriot though with Megatron and Barry Sanders. 
December 7, 2020
This offseason, these teams need to... With Benny Gilligan
Patriots, Chargers, 49ers and Falcons up for discussion today. 
November 30, 2020
How 'bout them Cowboys! With Nick Cross
With a big Cowboys win in week 11, we look forward and backwards this season as the Cowboys try to make the playoffs!
November 26, 2020
Perhaps I've been too harsh...
New segment today visiting who I've been too harsh on in the NFL this season so far. 
November 23, 2020
Midseason Awards! Do you agree with my picks?
Midseason Awards, some are familiar, others are not. Do you agree with my picks, let me know either way!
November 15, 2020
World Series Review! Congratulations Dodgers!
Congratulations Dodgers, a pretty uneventful World Series for the most part. Find out my thoughts today!
November 8, 2020
MLB Playoffs Review and World Series Preview!
Who's going to win the World Series, check out my thoughts on the Rays vs the Dodgers. How did the playoffs turn out for the rest of the MLB, find out that today as well. 
October 20, 2020
NFL Week 5 Review, my thoughts on Dak Prescott, Alex Smith and more! Also Congratulations Lakers!
My predictions are coming true Lakers won the NBA Championship like I predicted, but is Lebron the GOAT?
October 15, 2020
Stanley Cup Finals Review, Congratulations Lightning. Also I was right!
Tune in for NHL content today!
October 7, 2020
It's time to hit the PANIC BUTTON. See which fans need to be worried about their teams future.
In today's episode find out which teams stink, and which teams I'm worried about going forward.  Subscribe for more content like this on The Master Plan
September 30, 2020
This season don't bet against Aaron Rodgers, if he keeps playing this way, I think the Packers are a deadly team.
September 27, 2020
Stanley Cup Preview episode.
Who's going to take the cup home the Lightning or Stars, find out my thoughts in today's episode!
September 20, 2020
Fantasy Football League Review with Connor Debiasi
Tune in for Fantasy football content!
September 16, 2020
Week 1 Season Preview, With Benny Gilligan
Tune in for week 1 analysis. 
September 9, 2020
Bruins vs Lightning Series Review + Season Review
Tune in for more Bruins content!
September 6, 2020
Patriots Season Preview. With Sam Federman
Tune in to find out where the Pats stand before the season starts. Power Hour on Sportscaster with Sam Federman
September 2, 2020
1000 Plays Thank You Episode!
Thanks to all who have contributed to the Master Plan, I hope to keep this going for a long time. I can't thank those who have done episodes and who listen enough for helping me make this possible! Power Hour with Sam Federman Boston Sports Mania with Andrew Roberts
August 30, 2020
The Tim Tebow Story. With Thomas Ladosci
Listen to the full story of Tim Tebow, a wasted talent. 
August 26, 2020
Congratulations Hurricanes. Bruins vs Hurricanes series review.
Bruins move on 4-1 against the Hurricanes and move on to the second round. 
August 23, 2020
NBA Playoff 1st Round Preview 2020! Find out who stands where in the first round in the bubble! With John Gigian
An in-depth analysis of the NBA first round, and a review of the bubble. 
August 19, 2020
MLB Update podcast, find out why the Red Sox stink. With Andrew Roberts
An update on the MLB season find out where teams stand today!
August 16, 2020
NFC West Quarterback Review and Predictions. With Benny Gilligan.
Part 8/8, the finale. All quarterbacks have been covered!!! Thanks to Benny for this series and I hope you all have enjoyed it. The new intro music is something I'm trying out, let me know what you guys think. It's from Baker Street and is also the intro music to the Dave Ramsey show. Thanks for all the support!
August 12, 2020
AFC West Quarterback Predictions and Review. With Benny Gilligan
Part 7/8, thanks for tuning in!!!
August 10, 2020
NFC East Review and Predictions. With Benny Gilligan
Tune in for part 6/8 of NFL Quarterbacks. 
August 5, 2020
NBA Awards and more!!! With Alton Jenkins
An in-depth discussion with Alton Jenkins regarding the NBA awards and more as, Alton returns to The Master Plan!
August 5, 2020
NBA Preview. With Benny Gilligan
Enjoy our thoughts on the NBA coming back!
July 29, 2020
AFC East QB Predictions for the 2020 season. With Benny Gilligan
Another episode looking at QB's!
July 26, 2020
AL and NL West Predictions for the 2020 MLB season!
Part 3/3 of MLB Preview, SEASON STARTS TOMORROW!!!
July 22, 2020
AL and NL Central Predictions for the 2020 MLB season! With Andrew Roberts
Tune in for part 2 featuring an analysis of both the AL and NL Central for this upcoming season!
July 19, 2020
MLB AL and NL East Predictions for the 60 game MLB season! With Andrew Roberts
A look at the AL and NL East teams going into this season! Link to Boston Sports Mania Blog->
July 15, 2020
MLB Struggles for the 2020 Season. With Thomas Ladocsi
Tune in for MLB struggles for starting this season!
July 12, 2020
NFC North Predictions for 2020. With Benny Gilligan
Another episode featuring Benny Gilligan. 
July 8, 2020
AFC North Quarterback Reflections and Predictions! With Benny Gilligan
Tune in once again to hear our thoughts on AFC North QB's. 
July 5, 2020
NBA Hall of Fame Class Review with Shad!
Find out our thoughts on the three Hall of Fame inductees from this past season, Kevin Garnett, Tim Duncan, and Kobe Bryant!
July 1, 2020
NFC South QB Predictions for next season!. With Benny Gilligan
Another episode going through NFC South QB's. 
June 28, 2020
Top 15 Tennis Players according to my index project.
Check out what I was talking about in this link!
June 21, 2020
AFC South QB Predictions for next season! With Benny Gilligan
Hear a spirited debate about Philip Rivers and the future of the Colts franchise. Also our opinions about Bill O'Brien and Tannehill as well. 
June 14, 2020
Top 5 Worst Owners in sports, no surprise who's at the top. With Thomas Ladocsi
Why these are the worst owners in sports today. 
May 31, 2020
Is Dak Prescott overated and overpaid. With Jackson Weinstien.
Cowboys fans, this is for you!
May 17, 2020
David Ortiz, Mr.Clutch. With Nate Icke
Is David Ortiz the clutches hitter of all time, find out today with Nate Icke. 
May 10, 2020
Should Julian Edelman be in the Hall of Fame? With Thomas Ladocsi
With Julian Edelman's career coming to an end soon, whether he'll be in the Hall of Fame becomes a big question. Find all about that in today's episode. 
May 3, 2020
Drew Brees. With Zac Sturza
All about Drew Brees today. 
April 26, 2020
Top 10 NBA Players All-Time, find out who's #1 today. With Brandon Lorber
Who's 1 who's 10 find out those and everyone else in between. 
April 19, 2020
The Browns: A Failure of an Organization. With Daanish Qureshi
Tune in today to find out my thoughts on the Browns!
April 15, 2020
2018 1st Round Draft Class Review. With Benny Gilligan
An in-depth look at the 2018 draft class!
April 11, 2020
Should Pete Rose be in the Hall of Fame? With Kyle Fink
An in-depth discussion on Pete Rose and whether he should be in the Hall of Fame. 
April 8, 2020
Lionel Messi, The GOAT? With Nick Warner.
All about Messi today with Nick Warner. 
April 1, 2020
Thank You Tom Brady! With Sam Federman
Thank you, Tom, for everything you've done. I hope to see your success grow!
March 20, 2020
NFL Free Agency Review pt. 1. With Connor DeBiasi
Free agency review
March 19, 2020
Jayson Tatum: Star of the Celtics? With Thomas Ladocsi
The second basketball episode, with expert Thomas Ladocsi.
March 17, 2020
Kirk Cousins: Trash or Treasure? Spoiler it's Treasure!!! With Daanish Qureshi
Another episode of the channel on Kirk Cousins and I know "You like that!". 
March 16, 2020
Roger Federer's Legacy of Greatness. With Benny Gilligan
To celebrate the 10th episode of the channel, today we are discussing Roger Federer.
March 15, 2020
2020 NFL Draft Predictions and Coronavirus Discussion. All of that today with Connor DeBiasi
Draft Predictions to lighten your mood!!! My Predictions Connor's Predictions
March 12, 2020
Astros Cheating Scandal: My thoughts on punishment and the bumbling buffoon Rob Manfred. With Matthew Hirsch
A Yankee fan and a Red Sox fan can only agree on so much, the cheating scandal happens to be one of those things. While I might be a little late to the party, today's discussion will be a review of what's happened, our opinions of what should have happened and what is yet to come. 
March 8, 2020
Why Sidney Crosby is the greatest player of this generation. Better than McDavid, Ovechkin and Kane, also why the NHL stinks at promoting.
This episode is all about Sidney Crosby and his achievements in the NHL and my opinions as to why he should be a HOF lock and considered as on of the greatest players of all time and the greatest of this generation. Also, the question of will he get another Stanley Cup is answered in the podcast. Thanks for listening. 
March 1, 2020
March Madness Preview: Why I love March Madness
One of the greatest sporting events in the world and the United States. 
February 23, 2020
Bowling: Could it actually be entertaining? Find out today, because today is all about my loves and hates of the PBA.
A sport not many are familiar with but one that deserves recognition. Go find out for yourself if bowling is fun to watch!
February 15, 2020
Should Eli Manning be in the Hall of Fame? With Jake Light
An in-depth discussion of whether Eli Manning should be in the hall of fame or not with a real New York Giants fan Jake Light. 
February 8, 2020
Kobe Bryant: A man gone far too soon. With Alton Jenkins
This episode delves into the death of NBA legend Kobe Bryant and what his death meant to me, Alton, and the sports world. Today's episode is in honor of Kobe Bryant. 
February 2, 2020
Jameis Winston: One of the Biggest Draft Busts of the Decade? With Connor DeBiasi
Find all about Jameis Winston on this episode of the Master Plan. 
January 27, 2020
Lamar Jackson MVP? Future in the League? All Lamar Jackson all episode!
This first episode will feature a in-depth analysis of the likely MVP of the league Lamar Jackson. 
January 19, 2020