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In Light of Eternity W/Michael Wallenmeyer

In Light of Eternity W/Michael Wallenmeyer

By Michael Wallenmeyer
This is a podcast where we will talk about things that really matter. Things that matter in light of eternity. We won't run from the challenging or controversial topics. No, in fact we are going to lean into them. Revival, discipleship, CRT, prayer, politics, book reviews, deconstructionism, mental health, the gospel, evangelism, sex, gender, the church, theology, etc. Hope you will join me!
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America And The Satanic Lullaby

In Light of Eternity W/Michael Wallenmeyer

Deconstruction: Losing Your Religion
Have you or someone you know talked about walking away from their Christian faith? Increasingly these days this process of reevaluating the faith that a person was brought up in is called "deconstruction." Is deconstruction always bad? The answer is no. There are some aspects of our faith that came more from the culture around us than it did from Scripture. What are some things that we need to know and consider as we think about deconstructing our faith? Glad you asked. I genuinely hope this episode of "Deconstruction: Losing Your Religion" is helpful. Please keep in mind, I am very open to questions or comments. I would love to hear back from you!
October 22, 2021
Interview with Pastor Tim LaFleur/discussing the spiritual revival that has taken place at Long Hollow Church
I have been keeping my eye on Long Hollow Church for some time now. We (staff and elders at New Life Church) have taken some cues from Long Hollow and implemented a Discipleship Pathway. The Discipleship Pathway is a simple process throughout the church that equips people to become mature disciple makers of Jesus Christ. So I am learning from Long Hollow. We have also been implementing D Groups. D Groups are geared to equip Christians to live as disciple makers. Then I started to hear about a powerful work of the Holy Spirit at Long Hollow. Hundreds of people being saved and baptized. So enough was enough. I recorded an "interview" with one of the pastors on staff at Long Hollow, Tim LaFleur. I strongly believe this will inspire you, encourage you, and lead you and your church to pray like you have never prayed before.
September 07, 2021
America And The Satanic Lullaby
I learned recently about some of the specific persecution that is going on in Afghanistan. Women being sold into sex trafficking. Christians are literally running for the mountains and living in caves. Yet, it might be shocking for you to learn that up until this point the church is growing like crazy in Afghanistan. And this is true in Iran as well. When we fix our gaze on what is going on here in America we see a disturbing apathy that characterizes far too many churches and Christians. A pastor living in the Middle East recently referred to America as being under the influence of a "satanic lullaby." What does that mean? Is it true? Let's talk about it!
August 30, 2021
Truths and Lies About Purity Culture
What is Purity Culture? Is abstinence and passé? Can a person be pure if they have lost their virginity? Are women responsible for men giving into lust? What's up with Joshua Harris? What good came from Purity Culture? What bad came from Purity Culture? Is there a place for shame? What in the world do we do with our shame? Hint, run to Jesus! Hope you enjoying listening to this podcast episode, "Truths And Lies About Purity Culture."
August 12, 2021
9 Things You Need To Know About Progressive Christianity
In our first episode we talked about CRT. In our second episode we are talking about Progressive Christianity. What is Progressive Christianity? Is it Biblical? Is it something fringe or is it becoming more prevalent in our culture and churches? Is the church a safe place to share our questions and doubts about our faith? Give it a listen and share with me your thoughts!
July 23, 2021
Is CRT compatible with Christianity?
What in the world is Critical Race Theory? You may think it has nothing to do with you, but you would be dead wrong. We need to know what CRT is and what the Bible has to say about it!
July 01, 2021
In Light Of Eternity TRAILER!
Hello! This is the trailer to my new podcast "In Light Of Eternity." What is this all about and why in the world should you listen? Well, listen to this trailer and find out!
June 25, 2021