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By Michael Warady
The SHOWCASE BROADCAST STUDIOS presents THE SHOWCASE Podcast gives businesses an opportunity to market their products or services to the world. If you want to show the world your business, we want to interview you. We give you the platform to SHOWCASE your business.

We DO NOT charge to be a guest on our podcast. This is our way of helping small to midsize businesses market their products and services without a fee attached.
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Reduce your Real Estate Taxes


Launch Your Business And Get To The Next Level In No Time!
People all over the world want to take control of their financial futures but don't know where or how to begin. They lack the access and connections to launch their business. David Carmell, CEO of STARTUP ROCKiT joins me in studio to give some great insight and guidance into how technology is helping make founders’ dreams come true. For more information, feel free to reach out to David Carmell at
November 28, 2021
What Is The Best Way To Control Your Inventory Costs?
We are all experiencing it! Inflation is here and some are saying it is here to stay! If your business is carrying inventory, you need to join me as I interview one of the most seasoned experts on Inventory Cost Planning! Sara Richardson, Director at Source Advisors will join me in studio to give some great insight into how your company can manage these increasing costs.
November 23, 2021
What is your business doing to retain and recruit employees during this era which has been termed by many as The Great Resignation? Christine Pietrowicz-Joanis, Area Manager at PuzzleHR joined me in studio to discuss the incredible challenge so many businesses are having - recruiting and retaining employees. Christine has great insight into what you can do to protect your business during this time. If you have additional questions or would like to speak with Christine, please contact her at
November 2, 2021
Remove Your Company Bottleneck!
CXOs are often pressed for their time, energy, and output.  The old paradigm often leaves executives overworked with an endless list of to-dos and slowing growth.  Using a proven framework, you can now reclaim your most valuable resource, time.  With a newfound freedom, you can focus on the highest value actions to your organization and improve your quality of life. Josh Tan, Founder of Alchemist Consulting joined me in studio to uncover the ways you can remove the bottle neck in your business. If you want to contact Josh to learn more about he can help your company, he can be reached at
October 20, 2021
Many entrepreneurs are fulfilling their dreams of building a business based on a product they built. Spending countless hours, and significant money on development, these ideas need to be protected. But so many questions come up about the best way to be protected. Jason Scherwith Carter DeLuca & Farrell joined me to share what a patent is, how it can protect you and what level of protection would be best. If you need support or have additional questions, you can reach Jason at
October 16, 2021
Success With A 4-Day Work Week!
It is increasingly clear. Returning to the workplace is not a “return to normal”. Employees have reassessed their values, and the data is unmistakable; the majority want to go forward to a new normal, one that offers greater flexibility in where and when they work.  Brian Gorman and Tony Carnesi with the Do-Be Associates join me live to share what this new normal is and how companies all over the world are adapting. For more information, contact Brian and Tony at or For a complimentary review of how the 4-Day  Work Week can be integrated to your business, visit them on-line at
October 7, 2021
New trends in cyber crime to be on the watch for. Additional steps to protect yourself and your employees.
There are new and creative ways to protect ourselves from cyber threats. Arthur Carp, CEO of Quantalytics joins me in studio again to give an update on some of the newer cyber threats and how to protect against those threats.
August 20, 2021
Strategies for Business Continuation - Business Protection
Lee Boss and Ross Karp joined me in studio for the final episode of our 3 part series focused on Strategies for Business Continuation. In this episode, we talk about ways to avoid disruption in your business should an event happen to your key personnel. Enjoy and if you have questions for either Ross or Lee, please feel free to e-mail them at or
June 2, 2021
Your Mental and Physical Health In Retirement
Ever since the idea of retiring from your job became an option in life, everyone focused on financial preparation. However, as it turns out, that is only 1/3 of the preparation needed! Dr. Pat Boulogne, author, speaker, influencer, coach and podcast guest joins me in studio to bring light into why it's important to build your mental and physical health in preparation for one of the biggest life  transitions!
May 29, 2021
Fulfill Your Better You
Being a better you is more than just a declaration! George Murray and Phil Connor, hosts of The Coffee with George & Phil Show will join me in studio to share some great points on: •Strategies to be a better version of yourself •Unstick yourself from being stuck at your job •Importance of a healthy mindset
May 24, 2021
Strategies for Business Continuation - Key Person Protection
Who is next in line? How do you prep them? How do you make sure they stick around to continue the business? These are the questions every business owner and C-Level Executive should be asking if they have not already done so.  In part 2 of this 3 part series, Lee Boss, CPA, MBA, CGMA, Managing Director & Chair of Mercadien's Private Company Services Group and Ross Karp, CLTC, Founder of 3P Insurance Services join me in studio to give insight, guidance and ideas on how to properly plan for selecting the next in line and how to keep them.  
May 20, 2021
Strategies for Business Continuation - Succession Planning
Many business have been able to survive tumultuous markets, supply issues, employee conflict and cash flow challenges. Business owners and C-Level Executives will fight to make sure their company survives each of these hurdles. On top, we've witnessed where company leaders will develop plans for how to handle these potentially unforeseen events. Where companies lose is when there is no planning for how it will continue when the next set of leaders take over.  Lee Boss, CPA, MBA, CGMA, Managing Director & Chair of Mercadien's Private Company Services Group and Ross Karp, CLTC, Founder of 3P Insurance Services join me in studio to give insight, guidance and ideas on how to build a successful plan for business continuation. This episode is the first in a 3 part series focused on answering one of the toughest questions in business, "What if...?"
May 13, 2021
Knowledge Is Power When It Comes To Cyber Security!
We are all aware of the importance of cyber security. Password protection is one level, but you need more! Now is the time to learn what we should be considering. Arthur Carp, Founder and CEO of Quantalytics, a leader in Network Security Solutions sheds light into where additional security solutions are needed.
May 2, 2021
Regenerate Your Mind, Body and Soul!
As we are pushing through 2021, it’s time to pause and rebalance your life! Dr. Pat Boulogne, DC, CCSP, AP, CFMP and author of “Why are you SICK, FAT, AND TIRED?” joins me in studio to give great insight into what you can do to bring success and smiles back into your life.
April 17, 2021
The Interviewer becomes the The Interviewee
This was such a fun broadcast! A friend of mine, Ross Karp with 3P Insurance Services, asked to interview me on Showcase, instead of me always being the one asking the questions. Ross asks some very thoughtful questions about my career and about the Credit and Incentives world. It was a bit stressful being in the hot seat at first, but I had a great time sharing. Enjoy!
March 20, 2021
The Future Of Artificial Intelligence
2021 is a year where Artificial Intelligence is being redefined and re-launched to the world. Noah John, co-founder and Kevin Jones of Autoscores join me in studio to deliver the evolution of Artificial Intelligence and what we can expect in the future. For more information, please contact Noah at or Kevin at
February 18, 2021
When Does Your Company Need A CFO?
Many businesses think they need a CFO, but can’t define what a CFO should provide or why they need one. Nelson Tepfer, founder of ProCFOPartners joined me in studio to give insight and guidance as to when it’s time to bring in a CFO and what you should expect of your CFO. For more information or to schedule a time to talk with Nelson, please contact him at
February 3, 2021
What You Need To Know For The New PPP
New PPP 1st and 2nd Draw Loans Are Now Available, but there are still a lot of questions surrounding requirements, eligibility and payback. Rollin Groseclose, Partner at Johnson Price Sprinkle joins me to bring the inside scoop on PPP. If you have additional questions, please contact Rollin at or (828) 254-2374
January 28, 2021
The GREATEST alternative to waiting for the next trade show
Since COVID, trade shows have become non-existent. This has had a significant impact on businesses who traditionally showcase their new lines of products and services at trade shows. Lanky Levy joins me in studio to showcase the Virtual Global Trade Show! Now a vendor can showcase their products and services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 365 days a year. When you are ready to showcase your company, you can reach Lanky at
January 22, 2021
Starting out 2021 the right way means the need to enhance quality customer service. Ray McKenzie, founder of StartingPoint is with me to share some ideas and strategies that will deliver top quality experiences. This episode was previously recorded on LInkedIN, YouTube and Twitter.
January 16, 2021
Welcome to 2021! New Year, New Investment Strategies For Your Portfolio
Let’s start out 2021 the right way! While the stock market had significant returns, diversification still is key to growing your portfolio for the long term. I’ve invited Andrew Hodges, CFA and Lenny Linskerto join me and share some strategies you may want to consider for your portfolio. For more information, please contact Andrew at or (646)-383-7757.
January 11, 2021
Do You Have The Right Protection Plan In Place?
As we close out 2020, more people recognize the importance of proper planning. Ross Karp, CLTC and founder of 3P Insurance Services joins me in studio to give some great insight into what you should consider for proper portfolio planning for the new year. If you have questions or would like to set up a time to talk with Ross, you can reach him at
December 30, 2020
Additional Insight into the PPP Program and Forgiveness
Still confused and uncertain on what is going on with the PPP Program and Forgiveness? Curious on what or if there is going to be another program? Lance Aligo, CPA with KRS CPAs joined me in studio to give some great information on what is going on with PPP. If you have additional questions or need some guidance or a review, feel free to contact Lance at (201) 655-7411 or
December 15, 2020
Optimizing your contracts with your providers
You probably assume that the service providers your company contracts with are keeping you up to speed with the best service and fee schedules. Unfortunately, that is not  the case! Mark Friedman, founder of Telergy is in studio to share his knowledge in how many company are paying significantly more for services than they should.  In fact, the figures can go into the hundreds of thousands.  As you are finalizing your year end planning, or you have to review contracts, you will definitely want to listen to this episode. We pack in a lot of valuable information on best practices. If you have additional questions, you can contact Mark at 312-736-8900 ext. 100. 
December 3, 2020
Updates on the 1031 Exchange market!
You heard him here a few months ago. I thought with year end planning, it would be worth having 1031 Rob back in studio to share some updates and insight into the 1031 Exchange and some holiday thoughts before the end of the year. If you have questions, reach out to Rob. You can reach Rob at Have a great holiday season.
December 1, 2020
Handling high school during COVID
I was curios what kids actually thought about high school and remote learning. That's why I've asked Rebecca Warady and Mikayla Pie to join me in studio to share some of their thoughts.  The bonus, was they made me laugh.
November 5, 2020
Bringing the business community together - buying, funding & scaling has never been easier!
Earlier this year, I had David Carmell in studio introducing DealRockit.  As we are coming to the end of 2020, many businesses are looking for the right resources to continue to fund their businesses. DealRockit brings everyone together in a digitized community. Please feel free to visit David at 
October 22, 2020
Reduce your Real Estate Taxes
If you own real estate, you've probably received, if not this year, then at some point in the past, a notice that your real estate taxes are increasing. If you are not sure why they are, or what you can do to reduce them, you will want to listen to this podcast. I've asked Sara Sorenson, an attorney in Georgia, USA, who works with her clients to help  them reduce their real estate taxes. If you have questions or would like to learn more about how Sara can help, please contact her at
October 12, 2020
Incentivizing your employees when they need it most!
With a remote workforce, it has been a challenge to keep teams focused and productive. Prior to COVID, incentive programs were offered to give additional motivation to employees. Programs like . Now is more important than ever to keep your employees focused on their jobs and incentivizing them is still a great way to help, however, now we have to be much more creative. Cokkie Eaker is in studio to share some new and creative incentives programs that will help keep your employees and teams motivated. If you need more information, please contact Cokkie at or (847) 682-7656.
October 5, 2020
1031 Exchanges - A Real Estate strategy worth knowing
Real estate investment over the past several years has been amazing. However, there may come a time when you are no longer interested in participating in the real estate market and want to cash out. Your options are limited if you want to defer the tax on the gain from the sale of your real estate. Rob Pecha, famously known as 1031 Rob, joins me in studio to share a strategy that allows real estate investors to defer their gains on the sale of real estate. Rob's groups specializes in the 1031 exchange market and is here to help us understand an alternative that most are not familiar with. If you need more information or would like to learn more, you can contact Rob at or (917) 833-5922.
September 14, 2020
Creating an edge for the CPA industry
Competition is healthy and fierce! Making sure to always have that edge on your side allows you to stay ahead of your competitors.  No one knows this better than Brian Amann, founder and CEO of CPAEdge. Brian was a founding partner at his former CPA Firm and recognized an opportunity to bring valuable guidance and strategies to other CPA Firms throughout the country.  Brian joins me in studio to share his thought of the CPA landscape and how to best build a stronger practice. For questions or to learn more about CPA Edge, please contact Brian at
September 8, 2020
BONUS EPISODE - Paper or Plastic
Have you ever been to the grocery store and get that end of shopping question - "Would you like paper or plastic?"  If you're like me, paper is the preferred bag because I always thought it is environmentally safe. After speaking with Greg Levy, Founder of Point 5 Packaging, I may actually switch my answer. If you have further questions for Greg, please feel free to reach out to him at or (847) 678-5016
August 6, 2020
Food Is Cleaner Now Than Before The Pandemic
I chose that title for this podcast, because after interviewing Greg Levy, Founder of Point 5 Packaging, I know it's true. Point 5 Packaging has been around for 10 years and has built a strong position as a leader in Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) systems (this is what keeps the food you buy fresh.)  Greg shares valuable insight into the shift in the food industry to meet the new demands within the food industry. I will say that if you are going to college in the coming months or know someone who is, Greg shares some refreshing insight into what the Universities are doing and steps they are taking in their approach to this challenge.   If you have questions or would like to learn more about MAP systems, please contact Greg Levy at or (847) 678-5016
July 28, 2020
What Should You Expect From Your Recruiter?
I've always felt it was a compliment to receive a call from a recruiter. Early in my career when a recruiter called me I took their call because that meant I have skills that another company wants... it's nice to be wanted. However, over the years, I've learned, that not all recruiters are the same. As it turns out, there are ones that talk a good talk, but they are not considering your best interest when discussing new opportunities. I've asked Scot Warady, Founder of 360 Technology Staffing Group (and my brother) to join me in studio to give valuable insight and advise when working with a recruiter.  Scot has been in the recruiting business for over 25 years and his experience and knowledge is invaluable. 360 Technology  Staffing Group focuses in helping candidates in the  technology industry leverage their experience to make their next move their best one.  If you have questions or would like to talk to Scot, you can reach him at 312-504-5495 or
July 20, 2020
Understanding the ins and outs of Negotiated Incentives
When your company expands their current facility or is planning to move, did you know there are incentives that may be available to you? Many are unaware of what is really available to them when they to go the county or state to find out if there are funds to motivate them to move into their community. Shelly Carmichael with Maxis Advisors is in studio to give some insight into how to best approach these projects. You may think that  receiving $25,000 to move to a new location is worth it, until you find out, that with the proper due diligence and research, you should be receiving $250,000.  
June 23, 2020
Increasing cash flow leveraging technology
As we are wrapping up second quarter, many companies are reviewing their financial positions and how to create cash flow for the second half of the year. Brad Gubler, Principal and a Founding Member of Ascendia Advisors joins us in studio to share some unique ideas and strategies that many businesses are not familiar with. If you have additional questions or would like to discuss ideas with Brad directly, please contact him at or (678) 427-9787.
June 17, 2020
Great cash flow idea through the 179D Energy Efficiency Deduction
A small part of the tax code has delivered great cash flow to businesses that are designing buildings for energy efficiency. Some people are familiar with it, but there is still quite a bit of confusion on the best approach to properly claim the 179D Energy Efficiency Deduction. Imran Syed, Director of Source Advisors 179D team joins me in  studio to give a great explanation on what 179D is and the best approach. He also shares some great case examples of the cash benefits. If you have questions or would like to discuss how you can benefit, please feel free to e-mail me at or 312.909.4045. 
June 11, 2020
Join us for our upcoming Webinar on Wednesday, May 13th at 11:00 EST
We know there are many questions about the economic relief available and how to quickly infuse cash flow. That's why SourceHOV Tax has teamed up with Synergi Partners to present a webinar on the available tax credits under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) and CARES Act, and also the lucrative Research & Development Tax Credits. Jeff Walker, Senior Vice President with Synergi Partners and Jordan Fazio, Technical Director with SourceHOV Tax will share their insight and case studies on how businesses can increase their cash flow through some lucrative incentive programs available.
May 8, 2020
Not So Obvious - Should I Stay Or Should I Go
In this final episode of our series "Not So Obvious", we have Shelly Carmichael with Maxis Advisors in studio to share how they were able to help a business decide on whether to expand in their current location or move to another. 
April 29, 2020
Special Short Series - Not So Obvious - Tax Free REIT Dividends
In the episode 2 of this short series, I've asked Chris Hitselberger, Managing Director of our Cost Segregation Practice to join in studio to share some insight into how to increase the tax free component of a REIT Dividend.
April 27, 2020
Special Short Series - Not So Obvious - R & D In the Mortgage Industry, Part 2
Since we launched the Not So Obvious - R & D In the Mortgage Industry, we had several listeners contact me with follow up questions. I asked Alex Pak back to the studio to answer some of the questions. 
April 23, 2020
Special Short Series - Not So Obvious - R & D In the Mortgage Industry
In the multiple conversations I have with the various technical experts I work with, there are many times when I have been enlightened with new information. I am launching this mini-series to introduce some of those ideas you may not have thought of regarding strategies for U.S. Businesses. The first episode is giving some insight and information into how the R & D Tax Credit may be available for Mortgage Companies. I hope you find it informational and beneficial. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact me at 
April 20, 2020
CARES Act - How The Commercial Real Estate Industry Will Benefit
The CARES Act was just passed on March 27, 2020. Brian Coddington and Charles Duncan join me in studio (virtual, in the interest of social distancing) to discuss the very complex parts of the CARES act specifically related to Commercial Real Estate, depreciation and related topics. If you have questions of would like to talk further with Brian and Charles, please e-mail me at Also, if you have any other topics you would like to hear, you can e-mail me and I will work on setting up an interview with an expert.
March 29, 2020
Adjusting to working from home during the Covid-19 pandemic
If you have never worked from home, or have had limited experience, there are definitely some things you should always do and not do! I've had a home office for the past 16 years, and have made a few mistakes along the way. I've asked my wife, Denise Warady, to join me in studio to talk about the challenges in working from home and give advise on how to best manage your day! 
March 20, 2020
Learning the value of Negotiated Incentives
United States companies are growing and are reinvesting into that growth. Many businesses look for additional resources to help support their growth, but are not familiar with what is potentially available. Shelly Carmichael, Senior Manager at Maxis Advisors join me in studio to share some insight on where there is additional funds available for businesses that are expanding and growing. 
March 15, 2020
Bringing Clarity In How To Handle Construction Interest Capitalization
Back in 1975, it was pretty easy to understand how to handle construction interest. Fast forward to 1986, and along came 263A changing the way to properly handle this interest. Now with the TCJA, small taxpayers are enjoying a blast from the past with new interest capitalization rules. . We brought in Brian Coddington, noted accounting methods consultant to our studio to give some insight and thought leadership in this area of the tax code. If you have additional questions, please feel free to reach out to me at 312.909.4045 or
March 3, 2020
Configure One is in studio sharing how they create efficiencies in the manufacturing process
Configure One has been helping manufacturers around the world become more efficient through their enterprise CPQ Software. Mick McDonnell, CEO of Configure One joins us in studio to share how manufacturing used to be and how much more efficient it is now through their CPQ Software. For our subscribers that are not as familiar with the manufacturing process, you can visit  To learn more about Configure One, you can visit them at
February 28, 2020
Cost Segregation - Stories of studies beyond the norm.
If you have ever bought a building, made improvements, or built a building, the idea of a Cost Segregation most likely came up. Recently we have had questions come up about ones that are not so obvious.  Most people already know about an apartment building, or a manufacturing facility. But what about a cost segregation on a golf course? Or even a working ranch? Chris Hitselberger, Managing Director of Source HOV Tax's Cost Segregation team joins us in studio to share some of those stories.  
February 16, 2020
Back up and Disaster Recovery - Episode 5
In this final episode of our 5 part series, Brad David and David Jones  of Iron Grid, Inc. discuss the importance of backing up your data. A copy of your data is no longer enough! They will share where it should be backed up and why it is important to be on the cloud.
February 1, 2020
Protecting against hackers and ransomware - Episode 4
In episode 4 of this 5 part series, David Jones and Brad David help give some additional clarity into what Intrusion Detection Systems are and "island hoping". 
January 19, 2020
Being smart about passwords
It seems like everything we touch needs to be password protected. On top of that, it can't be the same password you keep for ever. Eventually, there comes a point where you think to yourself, I'll just use an old password or use an easy one. This podcast, which is episode 3 in our 5 part series about protecting yourself online, Brad David and David Jones from Iron Grid share their insight and expertise into the importance of passwords. 
January 11, 2020
Protecting yourself against Phishing
In this episode, the second in our 5 part series, we have Brad David and David Jones from Iron Grid join us in studio to help give better insight into exactly what phishing is and how to avoid and protect yourself.
December 21, 2019
The right steps to protect against ransomware
Protecting ourselves against Ransonware has become a bigger and bigger challenge for many of us! We all try to take the right steps to prevent ransomware from happening, however, those people that are doing ransomware are becoming more innovative and creative in how they access our computers. This is episode 1 in a 5 part series in how to protect ourselves and our information from those trying to steel it. Brad David and David Jones from Iron Grid join us for this 5 part series and help us understand how hackers are gaining access to our information and what we can do to prevent it. 
November 25, 2019
Cyber security - how to protect yourself against hackers
We don't even know when hackers are looking at our personal information. The best way to protect ourselves is education.  We are taking a break from US Tax Incentives to host a series focused on Cyber security and protecting your information from hackers.  Brad David, CIO at Iron Grid is at the forefront of cyber security and is with us in studio for this 5 episode series. We will start launching the podcasts later this month. Make sure to subscribe so you are notified when they are launched.
November 5, 2019
Protect against Foreign Exchange Risk
GPS Capital Markets was founded by bringing the best minds from the top multi-national banking institutions together. Since that time, they have structured hundreds of billions in FX transactions and saved individual clients millions of dollars. They help clients enhance their financial positions and reduce their risk exposures. Dave Pierce, Managing Director of Global Hedging Products joins us in studio to deliver some insight and valuable information on how to best protect against foreign exchange risk. Dave is responsible for training and teaching new employees foreign exchange trading and hedging strategies. He is a specialist in vanilla and exotic structured options strategies, and developing unique and useful hedging strategies for clients. When developing strategies for clients, he takes into account their financial position, risk appetite, Hedge Accounting vs. non-hedge accounting issues. Dave has been published in numerous publications such as the Wall Street Journal, and CNBC. Also, actively involved in managing positions, inter-bank trading, and creating and modeling trends and forecasts both internally and externally.
August 23, 2019
United Kingdom Research & Development Tax Credit
As our clients continue to grow globally, they are asking what other tax incentives are available to them. I am excited to have Peter Corley from The MPA Group join us in the studio to talk about the R & D Tax Credit in the UK and how clients are benefiting from the credit.
August 5, 2019
A new idea to bring small businesses and investors together efficiently
We invited David Carmell, CEO of DealRockit into the studio to share how small businesses and investors can be matched. David invented DealRockit to accelerate interactions and transactions that create growth and exceptional outcomes.  DealRockit is the digital marketplace and membership community that's revolutionizing how the small business ecosystem (current and prospective small business buyers, sellers, owners, investors, aspirers, and providers) interact and transact worldwide. In today's fast-paced, ever changing business landscape, DealRockit makes it easy for individuals and enterprises alike to buy, sell, scale, and invest in small businesses and practices. 
June 3, 2019
U.S. Federal Research & Development Tax Credit
Companies are looking for the competitive advantage. The Federal Research & Development Tax Credit is one of the least utilized tax incentives available. Deb Roth, CPA and Managing Director of SourceHOV Tax's R & D Tax Credit group is in studio to give us some insight into the expansion of the credit and why it makes sense to look at it now more than ever.
May 27, 2019
Cost Segregation for an apartment building?
Does a Cost Segregation for an apartment building really make sense? I have been asked this question enough to know that it needs to be given the right attention. I have asked Charles Duncan, Director of Cost Segregation at SourceHOV Tax to join me in the studio to share his expertise related to this topic.
May 21, 2019
Hurricane Relief Tax Credit
The US Regions that have been impacted by hurricanes over the past several years have struggled to get their business back up and running. Lee Edenfield, Director of Synergi Partners joins us in the studio to share some insight on new tax incentives that will be available to those companies. 
May 18, 2019
LIFO - Inventory Tax Planning
If you are a business owner, CEO, CFO, President or someone who is interested maximizing cash flow through the various tax incentive programs available to a company, you will want to listen to this podcast. Sara Richardson, Director of the LIFO Department at SourceHOV Tax walks us through the exciting world of LIFO. 
April 29, 2019
How to determine land value
When you buy a building, many times a ball park percentage of the price is allocated to land. However, that is not the correct way to handle this. Chris HItselberger, Managing Director of Cost Segregation joins us in the studio to share how these activities should be handled. 
April 19, 2019
Learning where the cash is within your building
This episode takes us through some of the recent changes that have taken place within the Cost Segregation World. If you bought, constructed or renovated a building within the past 10 years, this information will give you great insight into how to maximize cash flow within the property. Our featured speaker is Chris Hitselberger, Managing Director of the Cost Segregation Team at SourceHOV Tax. Chris has over 25 years of deep technical experience in Cost Segregation and is recognized by his peers as a strong source of knowledge.
April 17, 2019
Incentives for the US Business - Podcast Intro
This episode gives an introduction to what we will be covering in our podcasts. Thank you for listening.
April 6, 2019