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EST Research Snapshot Ep1

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By EvidSynthTeam
Welcome to this Research Snapshot series from the Evidence Synthesis Team, who are based within University of Exeter Medical School. We discuss recent projects, publications and all things evidence!
What are people’s views of the Nearest Relative provisions of the Mental Health Act? A rapid review
This podcast presents the findings of the latest review conducted by the Exeter HS&DR Evidence Synthesis Centre. The review focuses on the experiences of service users, carers and professionals of the 'Nearest Relative' provisions of the Mental Health Act. In this podcast, Liz Shaw (Systematic Reviewer) talks about why this review is important and what the existing evidence tells us. Our findings contributed towards the Independent Review of the Mental Health Act. To read our full report, please visit: Alternatively, you can visit our project webpage: If you’d like to hear more about other work being carried out within our team, please visit our website:
December 7, 2018
EST Research Snapshot Ep1
In the first episode of the series, Dr Michael Nunns gives an overview of the team’s recent paper, available here:
June 28, 2018
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