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Michael Lawson Speaks

Michael Lawson Speaks

By Michael Lawson Speaks
Author and Christian Motivational Speaker, sharing thoughts and insights on discovering your true worth and purpose and other topics to help "Inspire and Encourage"
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Genesis 2:4-25
Mankind is created
April 30, 2021
Genesis 2:1-3 Day 7 the Shabbat
The Shabbat, the Sabbath, the day of rest that is Holy
April 22, 2021
Genesis 1:24-31 Day 6
The crown jewel of God’s creation has arrived!!!
April 16, 2021
Genesis 1:20-23 Day 5
Sea creatures are birds are created, blessed and told to be fruitful and multiply
April 14, 2021
Genesis 1:14-19 Day 4
We have lights!! The sun and the moon and the stars
April 9, 2021
Genesis 1:9-13 Day 3
The first signs of life
April 7, 2021
Genesis 1:6-8 Day 2
We have come to day 2 of God’s creating but is this really the second day or something else?
April 3, 2021
Genesis 1:1-5 Day 1
Commentary of the book of Genesis for the beginner. I carefully walk through the first five verses also known as “One Day” or “Day One” בראשית ברא אלהים
March 31, 2021
Is This The End? (Episode #31)
The Coronavirus / COVID-19 has people acting in a frenzy causing all kinds of problems for our fellow man
March 14, 2020
Loss and Hope (Episode #30)
Loss is a part of life and yet there is only one hope in the midst of all this loss
February 25, 2020
A Father, A Dad (Episode #29)
Fathers are so critical to the family makeup and that’s why I hate seeing men destroying it because they are selfish
January 18, 2020
Who’s in Control? (Episode #28)
Taken from my book that is available on Amazon “The Periodic Table of Elements” I go a little deeper into this topic of control
January 15, 2020
The Ultimate Road Trip (Episode #27) Season 2
We plan our lives in the here and now yet for many of us have no provision for the thereafter
December 15, 2019
Honesty (Episode #26)
Let’s examine the number one character trait as defined by the author, the giver and sustainer of life who we must agree is the preeminent authority on the subject
November 26, 2019
The Great Omission (Episode #25)
The great commission isn’t a suggestion or even a cool idea for Christians, it’s a command and yet many aren’t leading others to Christ
November 19, 2019
The Two Sides (Episode #24)
I’m going to breakdown the design elements to living your best life now, the building blocks to living with purpose and making better choices. A precursor to my forthcoming book
October 3, 2019
The Periodic Table of Character Traits (Episode #23)
What does it mean to be elementally human? I wrote a book to answer this question called, “The Periodic Table of Character Traits - The Design Elements to Living your Best Life Now!” I took the periodic table of elements we learned in school and created one to understand you and me at the element level. The table is made of two types of characters, CORE and DESTRUCTIVE My book will be published soon through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing
August 27, 2019
Insecurities (Episode #22)
We are all insecure about something, to some degree, but why?
June 1, 2019
To Be Loved (Episode #21)
The desire to be loved can be so powerful that some of us spend our entire lives chasing after that thing we believe will fulfill us, love us back and accept us
May 16, 2019
Pleasure Addicted (Episode #20)
I wrote this short, special Easter episode one the plane to Arizona to visit family and friends with my wife. I hope you enjoy this short message and are encouraged by it to take action
April 20, 2019
An Analogy of Love (Episode #19)
I was inspired to write this episode as I was sitting on my couch thinking about the goodness of God and how much I miss my mom and just what she meant to me. This episode has a deeper meaning than just what is spoken. I hope you enjoy
April 16, 2019
The War Within (Episode #18)
Anchor • The War Within (Episode 18). What is it about the internal struggles we have when wanting to do what is right and good for us and yet don’t or just won’t? Podcoin
March 25, 2019
Time (Episode #17)
Have you ever just sat and thought about time? What is about time that’s so mesmerizing and frightening?
February 15, 2019
Who are You (Episode #16)
When asked the question, "Who are you?" Is your first response your name, followed by your title? This is a very important question because who you are or identify with has an impact on your view of the world around you and how you interact with that world
February 8, 2019
Decisions (Episode #15)
We all have decisions to make, ones that change us forever, and ones that just determine where we are going to eat. Either way, you are in control of it all and as such, are responsible for every decision you make, so choose your decisions wisely because in the end, you will only have yourself to blame for the outcome.
January 31, 2019
Journeys (Episode #14)
Some journeys are worth the process and some are not. This journey we call life is an amazing adventure and how we approach it is of utmost importance
January 24, 2019
To Live or Exist? (Episode #13)
Are you living or just existing? How do you know the difference?
January 11, 2019
Discover Your True Worth and Purpose (Episode #12)
Is becoming the best version of yourself possible? What does it mean to live your best life?
January 6, 2019
When Words Aren’t Enough (Episode #11)
What do we say when words aren’t enough? How do we express to that one person in our lives that means so much to us that we are nothing without them?
December 28, 2018
People are Trees (Episode #10)
Fruit trees produce fruit and people produce character. What kind of fruit are you producing?
December 23, 2018
Wish You Were Here (Episode #9)
This is a cathartic episode for me. We all face loss and deal with loss differently. How will you use your allotted 86,400 seconds today?
December 17, 2018
I Want to Live More Intentionally (Episode 8)
Thank you Facebook for reminding me of this past year. It woke me up to the stark reality that I haven’t been living with intentional purpose
December 12, 2018
I Hate Monday’s
I’m fascinated by those who hate Monday’s. I was in a situation that would change the way I looked at Monday’s forever
December 10, 2018
Welcome to my podcast
Let me introduce myself and my podcast “Michael Lawson Speaks”
December 5, 2018
Intentional Purpose
If you didn’t wake up today with intentional purpose, then what are you doing?
December 4, 2018
47,000 people committed suicide this past year. This is not a segment on that but on forgotten and buried dreams
November 29, 2018