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By Michael R McCormick
We share a common vision to increase student voice, choice and well-being such that students can pursue their passions and attain their college and career aspirations. Guests will discuss their process for implementing change, lessons they’ve learned, a few failures along the way and their hopes for the future of education. Buckle up and be inspired to make changes in your school or district and join the EduRevolution movement.
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The Birth of the 21st Century Education Movement with Ken Kay
Ken Kay talks about his early days in Washington DC as an attorney and lobbyist.  Then, how he built early coalitions on internet use and worked with CEOs of tech company giants to democratize consumer technology use across the nation.  Hear how this work ultimately fueled his passion to begin thinking about technology use in schools and the shifts necessary in pedagogy to maximize the benefit for students.  Ken was the founding president of the Partnership for 21st Century Learning, the group that developed the 4C framework.  He later founded EdLeader21, a member network of superintendents, and helped guide the development of the Portrait of a Graduate.  Finally, Ken shares his gratitude list and his next adventure! EduRevolution website: Twitter: Guest Information Ken Kay
April 9, 2021
Laughin' and Jammin' with Jon Corippo
Jon and I spend time talking about the power of mindset shifts in educators and the impact that can have on their sense of contribution and wellbeing.  Moreover, the positive impact a mindset shift can have on pedagogy and increasing student engagement and outcomes. EduRevolution website: Twitter: Guest Information Jon Corippo
March 25, 2021
Rockin' with Sonny Magaña
Which phase of teaching or leading are you in?  Are you sitting around the campfire strumming the guitar or are you rockin' like icon Eddie Van Halen?  Listen as we explore the #T3 Framework and share a path to implementing Uncle Eddie's advice for innovation. EduRevolution website: Twitter: Guest Information Sonny Magaña
March 10, 2021
Jon Corippo and Sonny Magana
Jon Corippo and Sonny Magana kick off the inaugural episode of the EduRevolution Podcast! EduRevolution website: Twitter: Guest Information Jon Corippo Sonny Magana 
February 27, 2021
Introduction to EduRevolution
Get ready to join the EduRevolution movement!
February 11, 2021